Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sarah Palin, the view from Norway

About a month ago I brought an analysis from Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet about why the Norwegian media is so pro Obama.  One researcher explained that most Norwegians are Democrats and there's no reason to give an unbiased picture, as long as they report on the situation of the elections race and the candidate's position in the polls.

What's wrong with being biased?

Here's a list of some of the articles Dagbladet published about Sarah Palin.  Links are in Norwegian.

Palin marriage will be fantastic. 
Pregnant Palin daughter can save McCain.  If she gets married.

Is this Sarah Palin's secret lover?
Major American newspapers refuse to speak about him.
(based on the National Enquirer)

Here Sarah Palin is saved from 'witchcraft'
In service with controversial bishop

Palin employs friends and fires her enemies
New complaints about the Republican's idol

See, now everybody parodies Palin
But Palin parodied them also
(I couldn't find anything about that last one in the article)

Palin is a narrow-minded homophobic
Lohan about Hollywood's new target

Sarah Palin's email hacked
Private pictures, pregnant daughter's address and contact list put on the net.
(Dagbladet not only reports, but brings samples)

A frightening woman
Sorry, but I can't understand why the Republican's vice president, Sarah Palin,
is portrayed as a fresh breath of air in American politics

Tonight she can't read from scripts
Sarah Palin meets a news journalist for the first time since she became a vice presidential candidate

Palin has hated me since 1996
I looked around me and saw that everybody else was too afraid to speak

Absurd and terrifying that Palin can be president
Matt Damon believes McCain will die early

Palin asked for money to live at home
New scratch in the varnish for the vice presidential candidate

Feels "fucked over" by Palin
A soft-rock attack on the Republicans.

Hard to blame them, though.  The Norwegian newspapers simply copy from the American media.

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