Thursday, June 22, 2023

Sunday, June 18, 2023

Why is Ben Shapiro adding Islam to the mix here?

While discussing how LGBTQ ideology has replaced Judeo-Christian values as a "religion" in the USA, Ben Shapiro also brought something very problematic into the mix:
The Daily Wire co-founder added that people of faith, particularly Christians, Jews, and Muslims, all held some traditional values that starkly contrasted with the new values being pushed at schools and by corporations across the country.

“There is a common set of values shared by Jews and Christians and Muslims, actually,” Shapiro said. “And that set of values actually makes a difference in American public life. It’s why the notion that we should be posting ‘Pride’ progress flags in classrooms, but not the Ten Commandments is so absurd on its face.”

[...] “We have supplanted one religion for another religion, and the new religion is bad. It is a bad religion. It is a cultish religion that requires not just acceptance and tolerance, but destruction of the traditional forms of morality that used to undergird all of Western civilization,” Shapiro explained.
What he's telling here could easily describe the very religion that nearly resulted in the murder of Salman Rushdie. Yes, LGBTQ ideology is bad, but how isn't Islam just as bad an influence? Including Koranic verses calling for violence? Does Shapiro realize he's running the gauntlet of whitewashing the Religion of Peace? This is very irresponsible of him. How did we get to a point where all of a sudden, Islam's not considered a concern? Realists have known for a long time Islam was ostensibly against homosexual practice between adults, but knew that didn't make it acceptable, based on what the Koran contains about Jews and Christians, in example.

Shapiro might also want to consider the following report from Alberta, Canada, where it would appear LGBTQ ideologues have no opposition to Muslims protesting against their indoctrination:
Hundreds of parents, most of them Muslim, held a protest in front of city hall in Calgary, Alberta on Friday.

The protesters held signs reading “let kids be kids” and “school is not a place for political activism.”

According to The Counter Signal, chants of, “Leave our kids alone,” garnered responses from dozens of passing cars who honked in support.

According to the report on The Counter Signal, LGBT activists decided to refrain from creating a counter protest because, "It would be disrespectful to Muslims to show opposition to the protest."

“Any counter protest to the action at city hall will likely be used as ammunition for this hate group to paint queer folks as racist,” a source told The Counter Signal, who explained that the activists consulted with “queer Muslims.”
Whether or not they really consulted with homosexual Muslims, this is a strong clue that even in Canada, where horror stories have occurred as a result of all this awful garbage, LGBT movements have no serious interest in pushing their beliefs upon the Religion of Peace, and for all we know, it could've all been planned and choreographed for the sake of making Islam look good, right down how they carried picket signs like "let kids be kids". Interesting how the activists may have actually referred to Muslims as a "hate group", yet simultaneously didn't want to be called "racist" by the Islamists. Don't be shocked if the Canadian LGBT activists retract the "hate group" part soon, much like the Maryland Democrat who retracted her statement.

It's really too bad Shapiro's glossing over the badness of the Religion of Peace, and not recognizing how its "values" are incompatible with western values, or even those of far eastern countries like Japan and India, for example. Nobody should have to make a choice when it comes to LGBT ideology and Islam, yet Shapiro suggests he's actually willing to run the gauntlet of that, even if he ends up jeopardizing Jews' safety as a result.