Saturday, March 16, 2019

Punk Teenager Cracks Egg on Head of Australian Senator Who Blamed New Zealand Attack on Muslim Immigration (VIDEO)

See, "Young Punk Cracks Egg on Head of Australia Senator Fraser Anning."

This is all stupid, I'll tell you.

But, the kid deserves a beating. You don't assault someone without expecting to be taken down.

At Chicks on the Right, "VIDEO: Controversial Australian Senator Slaps Teen Across the Face After Stupid Prank Gone Wrong."

Actually, the prank didn't "go wrong." It went exactly as planned, which included the young punk using his smart for to capture the attack on video and perhaps later create a viral video.

Claire Lehman's supposed to some hip conservative intellectual of the dark web, or something. She's a pansy-assed bleeding heart, if her tweets over this incident are any clue.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

State Department no longer calls Judea/Samaria/Gaza "occupied territory"

A positive development at the US State Department, as they've removed the negative descriptions of Israel and the Golan Heights from their Human Rights Practices reports:
The US State Department has erased the word “occupation” from its description of the Golan Heights and the Palestinian territories in its annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, which it published on Wednesday.

Last year, it referred to the areas as “occupied” by Israel; now, it speaks of them as under Israeli “control.”

The change began gradually two years ago, when the State Department replaced the country designation of “Israel and the occupied territories” with “Israel, Golan Heights, West Bank and Gaza.”

Within the 2017 report itself, however, the State Department last year still used the word “occupation” but much more sparingly. In 2016, the report referred to the occupied territories, and in 2017 it spoke of the Palestinian territories.

This year, the 2018 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices made no mention of the word “occupation” at all.

Israel captured the Golan Heights from Syria during the Six-Day War and annexed it in 1981. The United States and the international community have never recognized that act. Since the Six-Day War, Israel has never annexed the West Bank, and it withdrew from Gaza in 2005.

Right-wing politicians have pressured Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to apply Israeli sovereignty to the West Bank, which they refer to as Judea and Samaria.

The shift on the Golan comes as US Republican Senator Lindsey Graham promised Netanyahu that he would work to sway the Trump administration to recognize Israeli sovereignty on the Golan Heights.
Graham deservces considerable credit for his own efforts in getting Israel's sovereignty recognized. As for the paper itself, they may deserve a demerit for saying "captured" instead of "RE-captured", ditto for acting as though calling Judea/Samaria what they were in Israeli history wasn't so.
ISRAELI POLITICIANS took the linguistic shift as an affirmative nod from the Trump administration on the acceptance of the Golan as part of sovereign Israel and support for the annexation of the West Bank.

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein said, “The nation has long been with the Golan, now [US President Donald] Trump is also. Thank you, President Trump, for another important step on the path of truth and justice – for the Golan Heights and for Judea and Samaria. The next step: the application of sovereignty [in Judea and Samaria]!” Edelstein said.

MK Bezalel Smotrich (Bayit Yehudi) called on Netanyahu to take action, explaining that the State Department shift in language provided a “window of opportunity” for such a step.

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely (Likud) thanked Israel’s “great friend” the United States, which “continues to stand for historical truth.

“The fact that the term ‘occupied territory’ is absent from an official [US] State Department document is an important step for Israel’s foreign relations and the future of the [West Bank] settlements,” Hotovely said.

She credited both Netanyahu and the Foreign Ministry for the State Department’s linguistic shift.

“I welcome the move. I’m confident that in the future, other countries will also stand by Israel,” Hotovely said.

Yesha Council foreign envoy and Efrat Council head Oded Revivi said it was a “welcome and courageous act by the US administration that has consistently resisted the standard international consensus when it diverged with reality, just like the US government’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.”

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich, director of international law at the Jerusalem-based Kohelet Policy Forum said, “This is a massive change in how America relates to the conflict. It is coming to understand that while Israel and the Palestinians have a dispute, international law does not provide the answers to that dispute. The report, also for the first time, expresses skepticism at the claims and submissions of anti-Israel groups, whose poorly documented allegations have previously been accepted as gospel.”
Now this is what one calls success in seeking recognition for historical facts. Probably the only person who could possible loath it is somebody like former ambassador Martin Indyk, formerly of both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama's staffs, who said it "belongs to Syria", all because leftists like him say so. The man is still an utter disgrace who clearly doesn't recognize the Trump administration either. Guess Indyk remains one very vindictive member of the Democrats who can't appreciate a positive step being done. No matter. Graham, on the other hand, is a fine man who's doing a lot of good on his part, and has. This is very good for Israel in foreign relations.

Saturday, March 09, 2019

Gaza Muslims continue their rocket fire

As Israeli elections draw near, the Hamas is stirring up more trouble in Gaza:
Israeli aircrafts attacked several Hamas military targets in the Gaza Strip on Friday night, hours after a projectile was fired towards southern Israel, the IDF said.

The IDF Spokesperson's Office said that IDF fighter planes and aircraft attacked a number of terrorist targets in the military compound of the Hamas terrorist organization in the southern Gaza Strip, as well as underground infrastructures in the northern Gaza Strip.

The army said jets struck a Hamas military compound in southern Gaza and underground infrastructure in the north. According to reports the targets included a naval facility near Sudaniya, a naval facility in Khan Younis, and two other sites in Zeytoun and Tuffah in Gaza City.

There were no reports of casualties.

The strike was “carried out in response to the launching of a rocket into Israel earlier this evening, as well as the terrorist attacks from the Gaza Strip including [the launching of] balloons and attempts to damage security infrastructures in recent days,” the military said in a statement.

“The IDF views with great severity any attempt to harm Israeli civilians and will continue to act vigorously against these terrorist acts,” the statement continued adding that Hamas “bears responsibility for everything that is happening in and out of the Gaza Strip.”

The rocket launch and retaliatory strike came after a day of intense clashes between IDF forces and some roughly 8,000 Palestinian protesters marking the 50th week of the Great Return March protests.

The protests began on March 30th and has seen hundreds of thousands of Gazans violently demonstrating along the security fence with Israel demanding an end to the 12-year long grinding blockade of the coastal enclave.
If they continue to preach jihadism, that's precisely the point why there needs to be a blockade. It's clear they want to open the gates of hell, and this can't be ignored.

The left's hypocrisy and double-standards on sexual harassment

Ruthie Blum wrote about the hypocrisy and double-standards in reaction to Nava Jacobs' allegation of sexual harrassment by Benny Gantz when they were teens in the 70s, all of which would've been far different if the accused figure had been a right-winger.

Friday, March 08, 2019

Democrats fail miserably on antisemitism

Jonathan Tobin sums it up well about where the Democrats are headed with the vile Ilhan Omar, which is nowhere fast:
Back in November, I wrote that the election of radicals like Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York), Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Michigan) wouldn't have much impact on the U.S.-Israel relationship. I reasoned that the trio of newly elected radicals would be backbenchers without power or influence, while the Democratic leadership of the House remained solidly pro-Israel and friends of the Jewish community.

But as the events of the last week have shown, I was wrong about that, especially in thinking that Democrats would speak out specifically against anti-Semitism if a member of their caucus acted as Omar has done.

Yet now that it has happened, I wouldn't be surprised if their faithful Jewish Democratic supporters simply shrug it off.

The Democratic Party as a whole is shifting to the left. But with the bulk of Democrats, especially officeholders, still reliably pro-Israel, there could be no comparison between it and Britain's Labour Party, which under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn has been captured by anti-Semitic radicals.

But while the Democrats are not yet the moral equivalent of Labour, there can no longer be any doubt that AOC, Omar and Tlaib are far from powerless. Indeed, they have not only intimidated the Democratic leadership but also demonstrated their ability to rally much of the party, including leading presidential candidates, around the cause of defending Omar from facing any consequences for her anti-Semitic hate. This feat calls into question not only the future of a bipartisan consensus on behalf of Israel but also the future of the Democratic Party as a political home for centrist Americans.
See, this is exactly the problem. The party as it now stands, is literally allowing itself to be brought to its knees from a moral perspective by these creeps. And it won't be a shock if their Jewish electorate puts up with this too, seeing how they've sold out to Islam. The Democrats are going way downhill, dragged down by their willingness to associate with such reprehensible personalities.

Thursday, March 07, 2019

Why is Gantz suing Israel Hayom but not other papers who reported about the sexual harrassment allegations?

Benny Gantz could've let the whole scandal be buried and moved on, but instead, it appears he's going the bully tactic route and suing Israel Hayom in what looks more like a politically motivated act than a quest for justice:
Chairman of the Blue and White Party, Benny Gantz, said on Thursday that he is suing newspaper Israel Hayom for NIS 1 million for "a series of false reports concerning fictitious accusations made by Nava Jacobs about him on Facebook."

The letter of intent to sue, which was publicized on Thursday morning, alleged that Israel Hayom acted with "blatant journalistic negligence, without conducting minimal mandatory examinations and a lack of good faith."

According to the letter, "the false reports were made with intent and lack of good faith."

In the letter, Gantz went on to say that reports were intended to hurt him politically, since Israel Hayom "is acting in the service of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu," and in the framework of Netanyahu's election campaign.

"Israel Hayom decided to take every means to promote the political interest of Mr. Netanyahu," Gantz said in the letter.

Gantz clarified in his claim that he intends to donate any amount that will be awarded in his favor in this claim for a public purpose, such as the Association of Centers for Victims of Sexual Assault.
As if that makes him any more innocent than Bill Cosby, who donated to similar outfits before the truth came out about him 5 years ago. I'm sorry, but this is little more than vindictive litigation, and what's strange here is that he's targeting one specific paper, despite the fact they weren't even the first one to write about the allegations; it was Yediot Achronot that was, and even Haaretz did too. Don't they count? This doesn't sound even the least bit altruistic of Gantz; it just sounds like like he's being selective in whom he targets, without doing anything genuine to prove his innocence. Also, Israel Hayom spoke with his party to ask if they could comment, so I don't see what his problem is. From what he says in his "letter", it sounds more like he has a problem with any source that dares support his political rival, Netanyahu.

Until now, the press had largely dropped the subject, and now, Gantz is bringing it up again, which is surely not a good idea, because then, people will take notice and start wondering. It's clear he hates the paper because it's more outspoken than the other, left-leaning papers, and is just seeking to silence them for having the guts to tackle serious issues. His conduct is shameful, and unbecoming of a politician no matter what side of the spectrum they're on.

Friday, March 01, 2019

Second allegation of sexual misconduct made against Gantz

Israel Hayom received a confirmation report of another allegation made against prime ministerial candidate Benny Gantz that he'd acted sexually perverse, alluded to in one of the earlier news articles:
The new accusation comes from a man who attended the Kfar Hayarok boarding school in central Israel some 42 years ago. The man said that when his sister arrived, Gantz, who was also a student there, exposed himself before her.

The accuser said that apart from his sister, other family members witnessed what Gantz and his friends were doing.

"I remember this vividly. Gantz and his friends both took off their clothes in front of the girls and laughed while they did that," the man says. "This act of mischief truly scarred me. Gantz was a senior at the time, and he kept acting like this." The man said that it was important to reveal this despite the decades that have passed "because the public needs to know what happened."
So this man was acting perverted in his teen/young adult years? This sounds as horrific as it does. If he's elected, it'll only be disastrous for Israel's reputation to have a man who acted like a creep towards young girls in office.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Did Benny Gantz really do something so disgusting when he was 17-18 years old?

An alarming report's come up, with Yediot Achronot the first one to publish it in print, that Benny Gantz sexually harassed a girl at a boarding school in the Sharon district when she was 14, and he was 3-4 years older, in the mid-70s:
Nava Jacobs, who left Israel in 1982, first made her claims against Gantz in December, saying the alleged harassment took place while the two were attending HaKfar HaYarok youth village and boarding school in Ramat HaSharon, around 1976.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Jacobs repeated her allegations. "I was a teen in the midst of adolescence, a young girl at HaKfar HaYarok," she wrote about the incident. "I was innocent, and I still didn't understand the things that were going on at the youth village, and certainly not what the things that were happening between boys and girls."

"It happened one day at the cowshed, where I most loved to be, among the animals," she wrote. "Benny Gantz burst inside, coming toward me, and he had a very scary look in his eyes. He was a big man, among the oldest at the village. He came close to me with a terrifying look, opened his pants, and exposed his penis in a way that made me feel I was in danger."

She went on to write that "I froze, and even if I wanted to escaped, he blocked the way. He stood there and laughed and had a terrifying look on his face, like a predator. I was lucky his friend showed up and pulled him away from me."

"I stayed at the cowshed stunned, crying and humiliated," Jacobs wrote. "For many years later, I remembered the scary eyes, which put terror into me as he looked at me. He ruined my life. This was my first encounter with sexuality, and he acted like a pervert."
Could this have happened? From a psychological perspective, let's ponder that a lot of victims of even harassment itself can feel scared and ashamed to tell about it for years after, as even some of Bill Cosby's victims were. So who knows, did he humiliate the woman at the time?

Some of the press are now trying to take Gantz's side in a very non-altruistic way. But Haaretz said:
[...] Jacobs said a male friend of Gantz had told her that Gantz had also exposed himself to the friend’s sister, who was 7 years old at the time.
And the Jerusalem Post said:
Judith Yehezkely, a former reporter for Israel Radio and Yediot Aharonot and a good friend of Jacobs, told the Post that Jacobs called her and told her the story about Gantz before posting on Facebook. Yehezkely said she cautioned Jacobs that there would be backlash, but said that her friend decided to go forward anyway.

She described Jacobs as “trustworthy” and “believable,” and a person dealing with a “very difficult situation. She is a good friend of mine,” Yehezkely said, “and she can be trusted.”
So who knows? Could this be true? If so, it also reminds me of another army official turned politician, Yizhak Mordechai, who worked to undermine Israel in the late 90s and was later accused of sexual abuse. It also reminds me of disgraced actor Stephen Collins, who was discovered to have committed at least 3 felonious acts, including one similar to what Gantz is accused of, and this came to light a few weeks before Cosby was exposed for his offenses. You have to wonder, how many perverts have been bred in leftist society? And how many more will be discovered post-Weinstein?

Monday, February 25, 2019

Naftali Bennett is a disgrace, and appears to be working with Gantz and Lapid against Netanyahu

I was often suspicious of whether the politician who now heads "The New Right" was really a responsible man. Now, he's attacking the Likud and Netanyahu after all the hard work they did to provide Israel with better status:
Officials in the Likud party reacted angrily to New Right party chairman Naftali Bennett's statements on the Trump Administration's upcoming peace plan Monday.

Bennett said that "the day after the elections, the Americans will push the Netanyahu-Lapid-Ganz government to allow the establishment of a Palestinian state on Route 6 and the division of Jerusalem, and Netanyahu will have to sell it [to Israel]."
I can't believe this. Here, Netanyahu sought to have Jerusalem's legitimacy recognized through moving the US and other embassies there, which also helps to keep it united, Trump closed the PLO's offices in Washington, and this is how Bennett thanks them? Of course, let's remember that this was the same fishy man whose party tried to damage Israel HaYom about 5 years ago, and later lost seats in the Knesset at least partly as a result. To think there were times when I tried to be favorable to Bennett, and now, I can only say he's demonstrated he wasn't worth the effort. Especially if he's pulling this angering tactic for the sake of Gantz and Lapid:
"When Bennett and Shaked founded the New Right, hey said they did so in order to attract votes from Lapid and Gantz in order to enlarge the right-wing bloc and that they would not [criticize the right]. Now they are making false accusations against the Likud in order to attract votes from the Likud. This will lead to a government led by Gantz and Lapid, whose party will be larger than the Likud," the Likud party said in response.

"While representatives of the New Right held talks with Lapid-Ganz to join them after the elections, Prime Minister Netanyahu made it clear unequivocally that he would form a right-wing government. Netanyahu guarded the land of Israel and the State of Israel against the hostile Obama Administration, and he will continue to do so with the sympathetic Trump Administration."
Very fascinating. So Bennett - and Shaked - are making shady deals with Gantz-Lapid to work with them? This is stupefying.

And after reading this news, I'm starting to wonder if Caroline Glick realizes she's in with questionable company that could make her look ridiculous if she doesn't protest. I think she'll have to either demand they cut this out and apologize, or she'll withdraw from their list. Bennett should be ashamed of himself for the way he's acting at a time when unity is needed, and so too should Shaked.

Update: Netanyahu's been trying to reach a truce with Bennett, however, I'm not sure the latter's learned his lesson yet.

Ehud Barak tried to influence state attorney in trumped up case against Netanyahu

It turns out the former prime minister Ehud Barak, still apparently trying to be a bad influence as a leftist, tried intimidating the state attorney over the petty case against Benjamin Netanyahu:
Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak attacked Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit on Saturday, claiming he was whitewashing criminal investigations of the Netanyahu family.

"Mandelblit is inclined not to file an indictment against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu based on Case 2000, contrary to the position of senior Justice Ministry officials, although the decision could still change," Channel 13 news reported on Friday.

If Mandelblit tries to close Case 2000 – which involves an alleged quid pro quo agreement between Netanyahu and Yediot Aharonot publisher Arnon Mozes – contrary to the recommendation of the State Attorney’s Office and police investigators, Barak said, “[and] if the High Court does not intervene, a state commission of inquiry will be required.”

The former prime minister also called Mandelblit “unworthy,” “a disgrace,” and concluded by calling upon the attorney-general to “come to [his] senses.”

Barak has publicly attacked Mandelblit since the Harpaz Affair, which went on for more than four years. That case was an alleged 2010 plot by Boaz Harpaz to illegally undermine then-defense minister Barak’s choice of Yoav Galant to succeed Gabi Ashkenazi as IDF chief of staff, as part of a battle between Barak and Ashkenazi that allegedly involved spying and spreading misinformation about the other.

The Likud filed a complaint Saturday night against Barak for disruption of legal proceedings, claiming his comments were a clear attempt at extortion.
What's particularly laughable is the allegations Netanyahu tried to assist Mozes in shutting down Israel HaYom, a paper that happens to support Netanyahu and also thought the allegations were ridiculous, and Barak actually upholds those too, despite how flimsy they are. And what are the chances Barak was involved in spying and misinformation? Well now something serious has come up, and Barak would do well to take responsibility, apologize, and remove himself from all proceedings altogether.

And that's not all the meddling Barak's done. There's also his involvement in getting Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid to join together for the election campaign:
Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak and his staff could be behind a campaign that urged the center-left parties to unite and run on a joint ticket in the April 9 election, according to a document revealed by Channel 13 on Saturday evening.

The campaign slogan was "Bli ichud, hakol avud," a play on words that can mean either "Without unity, all is lost" or "Without unity, the vote is lost."

The document, which was signed by Barak confidant attorney Oshi Elmaliach – who also oversaw the nonprofit group National Responsibility, which was behind the campaign – states that "With the announcement by Benny Gantz, Yair Lapid, Bogi [Moshe] Ya'alon, Gabi Ashkenazi, and others that they will be running on a single list, we hereby inform you that a very successful campaign has come to an end and [that] we are ceasing all activity.

"Generally speaking and as required by laws on party funding … continued activity following the announcement by most actors that they are running together could lead to needless restrictions on party funding. Our mission is complete and ended the moment a major merger was created on the Center-Left," the document states.

Barak's staff issued a response to the Channel 13 report: "In the past two and a half years, Barak has worked extensively, sometimes alone, to bring together a fighting opposition. In recent months, Barak has done a lot of work to achieve mergers on the Center-Left.
It's clear Barak's seeking revenge against the right-wing for achieving successes he failed to obtain, and wants to damage Israel's stability as he did years before. This is very disturbing, and indicates that, at 70 years of age or so, he's decided to make this his idea of a "mission".

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Benny Gantz insults English speakers, insinuating they're not good enough

The leftist former IDF general has just formed a joint list with Yair Lapid's party, and now, in his latest reprehensible statement, Gantz did a ludicrous attack on prime minister Netanyahu by attacking his English-educated background:
“In a month and a half, we will all choose between a ruler who has English from Boston, heavy makeup, and luxury suits – and an Israeli leadership which is real, caring, authentic and not phony,” Israel Resilience Party leader Benny Gantz said in a speech Tuesday night.

Leave aside the fact that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s English is from spending most of his childhood in the suburbs of Philadelphia, and not Boston.

What are all the other Israelis from Boston, Philadelphia, New York, London, Johannesburg or Melbourne supposed to think?

Regardless of what Gantz intended, that remark, as well as him saying that Netanyahu was busy in America “to improve your English and practice it at luxurious cocktail parties” while Gantz “lay in muddy foxholes with my soldiers on frozen winter nights,” makes it sound like there’s something inherently wrong with having spent time in America.

It could easily be understood that Gantz is delegitimizing English-speaking immigrants as phonies who can’t be leaders of Israel.

This criticism took off on social media, where Likud MK Yehudah Glick, New Right candidate Caroline Glick (no relation) and others said they saw Gantz’s comment in the same light.

Of course, it’s quite easy to prove Gantz wrong. Like Netanyahu, former prime minister Golda Meir spent most of her childhood in the US. Her English was from Milwaukee. First Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Herzog’s English was from Leeds. Legendary Israeli diplomat Abba Eban’s English was from Cape Town. Haim Weizmann only moved to the UK as an adult, but he was a university professor there for decades before becoming Israel’s first president.

As Netanyahu said in his statement responding to Gantz: “My English was a first-class tool in the war for our public diplomacy that helped me greatly in bringing our foreign relations to unprecedented heights.”

Gantz himself has a record in the US. He has a Master’s Degree from the National Defense University, and it’s highly likely that he went to some fancy cocktail parties
when he was Israel’s military attaché to the US for four years.
So what's the big idea Gantz has to make such an offensive attack on English-speaking immigrants, myself included? This would be equally offensive if he'd said the same thing about French/Portuguese/Italian immigrants.
For a party that constantly says “there is no Right and there is no Left,” as their jingle goes, they are behaving astoundingly like the Left did after the establishment of the state. This harkens back to Labor forebear Mapai’s attitude towards new immigrants, especially those from the Middle East, many of whom still remember the condescension and hold a grudge against the Left for it.

This is a dangerous tactic. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be getting much attention, in contrast to Gantz minimizing Netanyahu’s military record.

English-speaking immigrants deserve respect. Many of us left good lives abroad purely out of ideology and love of Israel, in order to help develop and build this country and to be part of its future. We’re not asking for an award or special thanks. But there’s no reason to imply that we’re lesser because some of us may talk differently or appreciate a nice suit and a well-made cocktail.
Well now it should get some attention, as should Gantz's obscuring of Netanyahu's own military record. Something the prime minister already responded to:
“Benny Gantz, shame on you,” Netanyahu said in the Hebrew-language video, which mostly echoed a written statement released by his office immediately after Gantz’s speech.

“You are attacking me, a soldier and officer in [special forces unit] Sayeret Matkal, who commanded many operations behind enemy lines, who was wounded in the [1972] operation to rescue the hostages of the Sabena plane, who almost lost my life in a shootout in the Suez Canal, who risked my life time after time for our state, which you want to endanger with unilateral withdrawals and support for the dangerous Iran nuclear deal,” he continued.

“And what else are you attacking me for? The English I speak, the English which has been a central tool in our public diplomacy war and which greatly helped me improve our foreign relations to an all-time record,” Netanyahu added.

“I want to thank my brothers in arms from Sayeret Matkal, across the political spectrum, who came out against those outrageous remarks and stood up for the truth,” he said.

“Citizens of Israel, in the upcoming elections you will also be required to make a stand and choose between a weak left-wing government headed by Benny Gantz and a strong right-wing government headed by me,” he concluded.
On this note, Netanyahu's not the only one who pointed out Gantz's serious weaknesses. Even independent candidate Orly Levy-Abekasis came out against Gantz, stating he's just a tool:
Gesher party chairwoman MK Orly Levy-Abekasis announced Wednesday evening that her Gesher party will run independently for the next Knesset.

"Since the signing of those agreements anchored by signed documents, a strange flurry has begun in the Israel Resilience party, including the dissemination of disinformation and deliberate media briefings, a sort of hide-and-seek game as though there were no discussions between us, as if there were no agreements and summaries or commitments, while the chairman, to my amazement, shuts his mouth and remains silent,” Levy-Abekasis said of negotiations with Benny Gantz.

"It is amazing how quickly the new politicians have adopted old and rejected tricks that the public has long grown tired of. How disappointing to discover that specifically the one who heralded a new and clean politics failed his first test - the test of reliability. It is a pity that the man they expected to run Israel emerges as a man run by others,” she said.

"Inexperience brought the man to even come to me today and ask me to give him an extension until he concludes his deal with Lapid. I have no other words to describe this behavior but strange and delusional. In light of the situation, I have come to the conclusion that I won’t take part in the misleading of the public, and therefore Gesher will run independently and will succeed," Levy-Abekasis concluded.
Here's some more:
Levy-Abekasis said negotiations fell apart despite her having reached written agreements with Gantz that included Israel Resilience’s adoption of Gesher’s socioeconomic platform as one of the alliance’s main campaign planks, as well as which spots on a unified list her party members would receive.

“To our amazement, since [reaching] these agreements… a bizarre scampering around started in Israel Resilience, accompanied by the spreading of disinformation and biased briefings to the media, a sort of game of hide-and-seek as if there hadn’t been discussions between us,” she said in a statement.

Levy-Abekasis issued stinging criticism of Gantz himself, saying he had failed the “credibility test” and calling his behavior “weird and hallucinatory.”

“It is unfortunately to discover that the man who was expected to manage Israel turns out to be managed by others,” she said.
He's also very startlingly unoriginal in his statements, and that's just one of the things that makes him so dangerous. Levy-Abekasis deserves some credit for calling out Gantz for his grave mistakes too. These are some of the main reasons why it'll be a terrible thing if Gantz wins the election, and even Lapid's bound to be a bad lot at this point, just why, if he too ends up serving as a premier on rotation, he could also be bad for Israel.

National Union will include Otzma Yehudit on their Knesset list

Okay, it looks like at least 2 other political movements will join with the National Union for this election, starting with this one:
The Jewish Home party's central committee approved Wednesday evening the unification agreement with the Otzma Yehudit faction.

The approval came at the end of a tense meeting which included calls against committee members and Knesset candidates.

Prime Minister Netanyahu later called to congratulate Jewish Home Chairman Rabbi Rafi Peretz.
And former Shas member Eli Yishai's party will also join:
Talks towards a united right-wing ticket bringing together four smaller factions continue Wednesday, with Yahad chairman and former Interior Minister Eli Yishai expected to receive the sixth spot on a joint ticket.
If this is so, then that's good too. Unity is vital at this time.

Friday, February 08, 2019

Dearbornistan's mayor wants no mention of Henry Ford's antisemitism

The mayor of Dearborn in Michigan, the bastion of notorious antisemitic car manufacturer Henry Ford, doesn't want an article about the creepy mogul's antisemitism and nazi-backing published there because even Muslims condone his record:
Dearborn was also the hometown of Henry Ford, the auto industrialist whose factories attracted Arab immigrants to Dearborn in the 1920s. “Palestinian Muslims arrived in the second decade of the 20th century, attracted by the prospect of work on the assembly lines that produced Ford’s revolutionary Model ‘T’,” according to a report in the National. While Ford was heralding the arrival of Arab immigrants to this country to work in his factory, he was also widely spreading his virulent anti-Semitic blood libel.

However, the mayor of Dearborn today, John B. O’Reilly, Jr. (pictured above), wants to sugarcoat the unpleasant part of Ford’s biography dealing with his many anti-Semitic writings and pronouncements. Mayor O’Reilly decided to ban the distribution of a city-financed historical journal containing an unflattering article about Henry Ford’s record of anti-Semitism that the mayor deemed to be too much of a "distraction" for Dearborn’s “diverse” population. He also severed the city’s ties with the editor of the publication and long-time Dearborn resident, Bill McGraw, who had written the article to educate Dearborn residents today regarding their hometown hero Ford’s “dark sides.”

Mr. McGraw’s article ran afoul of the mayor’s politically correct speech code. “It was thought that by presenting information from 100 years ago that included hateful messages — without a compelling reason directly linked to events in Dearborn today — this edition of The Historian could become a distraction from our continuing messages of inclusion and respect,” Mayor O’Reilly said in a statement issued last Friday. Although Mr. McGraw’s article can still be read online, Mayor O’Reilly’s moves to block the distribution of Mr. McGraw’s article and to sever the city’s ties with him were punitive acts that most likely violated the First Amendment.

The mayor claimed that Ford’s anti-Semitic views were old news, no longer relevant to today’s "diverse" Dearborn population. The exact opposite is true. Ford’s writings are just as popular with some white nationalist extremists today as when they inspired Adolf Hitler. Ford’s writings also appeal to Jew-hating Islamists. His hate speech against the Jews’ aspirations for a state of their own in the Holy Land has a sympathetic audience amongst Dearborn’s current Arab-American and Muslim population.
And this is why I can't bring myself to buy Ford products (or even the now defunct Mercury brand), and consider it a disgrace the Lincoln luxury brand was bought and owned by them early on. Ford may be long gone, but the grisly legacy he formed continues, as does the devil worship he spawned with his influence.
It is time for Mayor O’Reilly to eat some crow again. He should either reverse his decision regarding Bill McGraw’s article on Henry Ford’s anti-Semitism and reinstate Mr. McGraw, as officials with the Dearborn Historical Commission have urged, or he should resign his office. Henry Ford’s brand of anti-Semitism has no expiration date. To deliberately whitewash Ford's anti-Semitic history is to say that exposing anti-Semitism no longer matters. But it does matter more than ever, including most especially in Dearborn.
And a good way to protest, depending how Ford motors handles its business today, is to boycott their products. I never found Mustangs very appealing anyway; they always seemed so dull in comparison to Chevy Corvettes and Dodge Vipers.

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Gantz's defense of a bad step hinders him

Amnon Lord says that when Benny Gantz defended and whitewashed Ariel Sharon's atrocity from 2005, he just exposed who he really is:
Gantz's comments on the 2005 Disengagement Plan show us who he really is. He doesn't think there are any lessons to be learned from the unilateral uprooting of settlements in the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria.

He apparently thinks the plan was so good that Israel should do more of the same and to hell with the consequences this could have on Israel's national security and diplomatic standing. [...]

Gantz's interview with Israeli celebrities Shlomo Artzi and Hanoch Daum shows that he wants to be at the heart of the Israeli mainstream and to harp on the nostalgia associated with Artzi and his songs.

Gantz has stepped into a minefield without having a map to guide him. In fact, a party headed by Artzi and Daum would have been much more appealing than Gantz's Israel Resilience Party.

Advocating a second disengagement plan was a misstep. It shows that despite his denials, he sees eye-to-eye with the ideological leaders of the Left, including former Prime Minister Ehud Barak.

Gantz was a remote-controlled candidate until that interview. Everything was staged and scripted down to the finest of details. He even knew what questions he would get from the handpicked crowd. He even had the answers prepared in advance.

Artzi and Daum are good people but they cannot be programmed. As their interview shows, even a shallow rut in the ground can cause an unfit paratrooper a sprained ankle.
It's important to remember that the PLO's been stripped of their office in the USA, and the Trump administration stopped funding them, and that doesn't exactly help the platform Gantz wants to run on. So far, if there's any bad entity who's been supporting Gantz, it's the PLO:
With peace talks frozen for years, Gantz's comments were welcomed by the Palestinians, who have been boycotting the Trump administration since its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Nabil Abu Rudeineh, a spokesman for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, praised "the signs coming from Gantz about settlements," calling them a step in the right direction should he win the election and prove "willing and ready" for peace.

"It's encouraging if he succeeds and he sticks to this opinion," Rdeneh told reporters.
This is telling too. What next, will Gantz attack the most positive of US policies? It wouldn't be shocking if he did. One more reason why he has to be opposed.

An Israeli-Arab woman was murdered in Turkey

Here's an example of Israeli Arabs falling victim to Muslim honor murders over in Turkey:
Siwar Keblawi, 20, from Umm al-Fahm in the Lower Galilee, has been killed in Izmit, Turkey, the Foreign Ministry confirmed on Thursday.

Turkish media reported that the body of Keblawi, a student who had been living in Izmit for the last few months and was enrolled in a local university, was found on Wednesday night outside the building in which she was staying, adding that her neighbors claimed she had been thrown from the balcony. According to a report by Haaretz, police are investigating the suspicion that she was murdered.

The young woman’s father and brother were arrested on suspicion of being involved in her murder.

However, Turkish authorities reported that she had jumped from the third-floor balcony to escape her father and brother after a fight broke out between them.

After surviving the fall, it’s alleged that she was then murdered by the pair. Local media reported that she had been strangled to death.
What are the odds the Turkish police will let the two monsters off the hook? Tragically, the chances are very high that's what'll happen, as anybody who studies the conduct of Islam carefully knows. And this being Turkey where it took place, their hostility to Israel could easily play a part in any exoneration of the perpetrators that's bound to happen.

Grenoble closing jihad-preaching mosque

Here's one positive step being made over in France, with the Grenoble council shutting a mosque that was preaching jihadism (via Jihad Watch):
Fearing potential terrorist attacks, the south-eastern city of Grenoble will temporarily close a mosque in which imams were allegedly calling for “armed jihad.” Over 400 worshippers attended the mosque each day.

The Al-Kawthar mosque, located in a populous Rue des Trembles district of Grenoble, has become fertile soil for disseminating “ideas and theories that provoke violence, hatred and discrimination,” the local prefecture said. It claimed the imam legitimized “armed jihad… Sharia and discrimination against women.”

The imam’s sermons allegedly stirred up hatred towards those practicing other religions. It is thought that over 400 Muslims attended the Al-Kawthar each day, according to French media.

The mosque will now be shut for six weeks and its assets will be frozen. To do so, Grenoble authorities invoked a specific French law which deals with prevention of terrorist attacks and threats to national security.

The city, which is home to over 162,000 residents, accommodates 20 mosques, including the Al-Kawthar, according to a local Muslim-oriented website.

Last year, it emerged that mosques in Aix-en-Provence, Sartrouville and Marseille were also closed for preaching radical Islamism. The move came after a string of terrorist attacks sent shockwaves across France, leaving multiple people killed and injured.

Grenoble itself witnessed a terrorist attack in 2015, when a man was found beheaded at a local factory and an Islamist flag was seen flying over the facility. A 35-year-old man, Yassin Salhi, was arrested in the manhunt that followed. It later transpired that the victim of the attack was his boss.

In 2016, French authorities closed around 20 mosques considered to be spreading violent extremism.
All mosques in the city should be shut down to prevent more terrorism.

Benny Gantz lets more of the mask slip

The politician who's become the media darling because of his leftism regurgitates old, dangerous cliches:
Israel Resilience Party chairman and former IDF chief of staff Benny Gantz said Israel must find a solution to the settlement crisis.

“We are not looking to control anyone else,” Gantz said in his first interview since announcing his candidacy for prime minister.

Speaking with the Hebrew daily Yediot Aharonot in an article published Wednesday, Gantz said, “We must find a way that does not require us to exercise control over other people.”
Which implies he wants to separate Arabs from Jews, plain and simple. It gets worse:
When asked if he would solve the settlement problem through means similar to the 2005 Disengagement from the Gaza Strip, Gantz praised that unilateral move.

“The Disengagement was carried out with a lot of political consideration,” he said. “All sides had a lot at stake and the state managed to do it without tearing the country apart. It was done legally, carried out by the State of Israel and the IDF, and even though it was very painful for the settlers, it was handled well,” he said.

“We must take the lessons of the Disengagement and implement them in other arenas.”
There were only bad "lessons" in an act carried out by a man who turned out to be a monster - Ariel Sharon, including how it was done most brutally, without any consideration for the people expelled from Gaza, or even the disaster that followed as the Hamas used this to launch rockets at Israeli targets. Now, Gantz is basically saying he's willing to do the same as Sharon did, and enable further disaster for Israel. He's probably even willing to divide Jerusalem for the sake of his futile beliefs. That's what makes Gantz dangerous, aside from how he's far from having any experience as a diplomat.

And that's why the right-wing had better make sure they're united for this election, because to have a repeat of the 1992 election disaster could easily make it possible for such an awful man to come to power, at a time when Iran's also a serious threat with their nuclear weapons.

Update: Dror Eydar, who was appointed Israel's ambassador to Italy, makes another case for why right-wing unity is important.

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Political parties and public alike on the right must do everything they can to avoid a repeat of the 1992 election

With the Israeli election underway, it's strongly advised for anyone who cares about the country to make sure they're not making the mistake of throwing away votes over parties whose electoral chances are very uncertain. Especially since the threshold wasn't lowered, so far as I know. As Ariel Kahana notes, this is what it was like in 1992:
That year, no fewer than six parties were vying for right-wing votes, both religious and secular: Rafael Eitan's Tzomet; Tehiya, led by Yuval Neeman; Moledet under Rehavam Ze'evi; the National Religious Party; and the parties of Rabbis Eliezer Mizrahi (Geulat Yisrael) and Levinger (Torah Ve'eretz Yisrael), who planned to take votes from the NRP.

At the time, some warned that votes would be wasted and Knesset seats lost, but the party leaders didn't heed their warnings. Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir wasn't good enough for them and they started splitting ideological hairs. Certain that the Right would win, the parties stayed in the election until the end, which led to disastrous results. Tehiya, Mizrahi, and Levinger failed to reach the minimum electoral threshold, which cost the Right precious seats and led to the establishment of a left-wing government and – two years later – the return of PLO founder Yasser Arafat.

It's been 27 years, and it looks as if the national camp, particularly the wing that is more to the Right than the Likud, is on the same path. In 2019, we're also seeing six parties jockeying for position in the small sector to the Right of the mother party: Education Minister Naftali Bennett and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked's New Right; Habayit Hayehudi under Rafi Peretz; the National Union under MK Bezalel Smotrich; Zehut and Otzma Yehudit, led by far-right activists Moshe Feiglin and Baruch Marzel, respectively; and former Shas leader Eli Yishai's Yachad party. Every one of these party leaders is convinced that he can draw enough support to make it into the even though the minimum electoral threshold (3.25%) is higher now than it used to be, and it takes about 150,000 votes to reach it.

This situation will undoubtedly lead to a loss of votes on the Right. Even if some of these parties were to merge, it wouldn't be enough, because too many players are crowded onto too small a field. In the 2015 election, Yishai and Marzel ran together but didn't make it over the minimum threshold, which led to the Right losing at least four seats. This time, with more parties competing in the exact same sector, it will be even more complicated to arrange a joint ticket.
Well that's why I'm honestly angry that Moshe Feiglin, who said some very distasteful things in the past, is now crowding the field with his own new party, probably so he can deliberately harm the right. Considering he never actually attacked the left-wing parties in past campaigns, that's one more reason why he's not qualified and doesn't deserve to be in the Knesset.

What's really disturbing now is if polls mean anything, and Benny Gantz, the new darling of the left, could take over from where Labor leaves off, and what if he does manage to unite some leftist parties into one? It could be bad.

Former Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat said:
Barkat responded to the poll results: "Now, as the Left is uniting and posing a threat, we must put together a strong team that will strengthen Likud and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and thwart attempts by Benny Gantz and the Left to topple the right-wing government."
And it's entirely possible the left will try to unite, so the right had better make sure they don't make mistakes by running separately, and do some mergers to help the cause of Israel. This is serious business, and it would do everyone a lot of good if they'd prove their capability of remaining united for the election.

Thursday, January 24, 2019


Why do people blame Trump for the government shutdown?

Pelosi is the one who shut down the government.

The total budget is $4.4 TRILLION.

Pelosi shut down the government because she does not want to give Trump $5 Billion for a Border Wall.

5,000,000,000 /4,400,000,000,000 = .0011%

Or, in other words,


To put that into perspective. The average annual household income in the United States is $59,039.

59,039 divided by .0011 = $64.94 

or, in other words, the equivalent of $1.24 per week.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Saladin Ahmed and his anti-Jewish/Israeli rhetoric, and eyebrow-raising revelations about Sana Amanat's family background

Here's some horrific tweets I found by awful novelist/comics scripter Ahmed, who has no business being in entertainment or writing for Marvel if this is how he's going to act, from the past 5 years:

Now this is definitely horrific what Ahmed is saying, and makes him as bad as Ardian Syaf, who got fired from Marvel 2 years ago for his own anti-semitic, anti-Israeli writings (and inserting subliminal messages into his art). It's very much like a blood libel a Swedish paper wrote against the IDF, and another example of a blood libel carried over from the Muslim world. And what kind of hypocrisy is that to attack Evangelicals when Ahmed's doing just that against Israel? Makes me wonder what he thinks of Gal Gadot too.

Yeah, sure he's a Saudi Arabia basher. I don't buy that moral equivalence for a second. Besides the Israel-bashing, the US-bashing is also offensive. Jeff Dunetz wrote about some of the tactics Ahmed was resorting to, which date back a long way.

Ah, so now he's even siding with Israel-basher Marc Lamont Hill, who doesn't deserve his job at Temple University either, and is attacking Santorum over a thoughtcrime for defending Israel.

All that aside, if this is how Ahmed's going to behave, then C.B. Cebulski and company should be ashamed of themselves for turning a blind eye to his own reprehensible conduct, which, it goes without saying, is insulting to the memory of Stan Lee, the son of Romanian-Jewish immigrants to the US. Indeed, why is Ahmed still employed at Marvel (where he'll be taking over the Muslim Ms. Marvel book from G. Willow Wilson), or any comics company for that matter? Did they just get rid of Syaf because a foreigner was seen as more convenient for distancing themselves from? Well, it's very cheap, and their failure to ensure dismissals of offensive contributors won't be token only speaks volumes.

Besides the horrific conduct of Ahmed, whose novels I won't be buying, there's even some eyebrow-raising information about Sana Amanat's background. For starters, look at this information from Montville Township:
Hamida Mahmood Amanat introduced her daughter, Sana Amanat, and said her daughter spearheaded the effort to empower women and minorities in an industry dominated by men.

Amanat is Marvel Comics’ Director of Content and Character Development, and oversees Marvel’s continued efforts to expand its library of characters across the company’s various platforms across the globe, according to the event’s program booklet.[...]
And according to World Net Daily, in their coverage of a federal investigation of Huma Abedin's family for fraud, it shows that the Amanats are related to the Abedins:
Abedin’s relatives were major donors to the Clinton Foundation. And Abedin drew a salary from the Clinton Foundation, while at the same time working for the government.

Records show that her first cousin, Omar Amanat, is under federal indictment for cheating investors in Kit Digital Inc. of millions of dollars between 2009 and 2012, forcing the tech start-up to go bankrupt in 2013. He has been placed under house arrest as he awaits trial, which is scheduled for Oct. 2. [...]

In fact, Omar Amanat’s parents, Sharif and Hamida Amanat, once hosted Huma Abedin’s parents, Syed and Saleha Abedin, at their New Jersey home when Huma’s ailing father had to move back temporarily from Saudi Arabia to undergo a kidney transplant. The Amanats helped the couple continue publishing their Saudi-based journal promoting Shariah law from the U.S. In fact, Omar’s mother, Hamida Amanat, has contributed articles to the journal.

“Dr. Sharif Amanat and his precious wife Hamida created an environment so congenial and supportive that without it it would have been impossible to function effectively,” a recovering Syed Abedin wrote in a 1991 issue of his “Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs Journal.” “I have no words to thank them.”
Now this is certainly eyebrow-raising. So the parents of Sana Amanat are more or less related to the Abedins. Which suggests we have quite a propaganda movement here making inroads into political and entertainment mediums, denigrating products they didn't create, and pushing their vicious leftist propaganda into all these items at a whim. These, tragically, are the kind of people we have running the store today at Marvel, and don't be shocked if any contributors to DC now aren't far behind.

Above all, Marvel, DC and other publishers shouldn't be employing these kind of disrespectful propagandists who have no gratitude for the Jewish founders and beginners of the medium like Lee, Kirby, Siegel, Shuster and others. But tragically, it's clear for now they have no intention of letting them go or distancing themselves from such reprehensible writers and executives, and that's why it'll only precipitate the demise of the Big Two for starters.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Israel will have to invade Iran in order to put an end to their tyranny

There's statements being made now that Israel will have to do what it takes to really defeat Iran's autocracy:
Israel needs to prepare for the possibility that its battle to keep Iran from entrenching itself militarily in Syria may have to be expanded to Lebanon or to Iran directly.

That is one of the recommendations that appeared in the Institute for National Security Studies Strategic Assessment for Israel 2018-2019, which was released and rolled out by the Tel Aviv-based think tank at a ceremony at the President’s Residence on Wednesday.

“Israel maintains a very strong basic deterrent against security challenges that are below the threshold of war,” according to the report. “At the same time, most of the fronts facing Israel are very volatile: Syria, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip. In all three, despite the existence of mutual deterrence between the sides, there is a potential for escalation toward a broad confrontation and a general war, more than one front at a time.”

According to the report, the most serious threat facing Israel in 2019 would be an all-out war in the north – the First Northern War – that would include Iran, Hezbollah and Syria. Such a confrontation would also likely spill over to the south, and Israel would additionally find itself battling terrorist organizations from the Gaza Strip.

This “whole case” scenario, according to the report, “is a possibility that Israel must be prepared for.”

That “whole case” scenario is also the worst-case scenario.
Given they've got such a huge a nuclear arsenal, that's the biggest reason now why they have to be invaded in order to put an end to their regime and dictatorship. So the government/military had better start making serious decisions, because there is serious danger out there, and it's time to put an end to it.

Jewish-American survivor of 9-11 was murdered in Kenya terrorist attack

A horrible tragedy took place in Kenya, as a Jewish-American who'd survived al Qaeda's jihadist attack on the WTC in 2001 was among several murdered in another Islamic jihad attack at a hotel (via The Algemeiner):
An American Jewish consultant and at least 13 other people were killed when terrorists stormed a luxury hotel complex in Nairobi on Tuesday.

The U.S. State Department confirmed the death of Jason Spindler, who was at a business meeting in the offices of I-Dev International, his investment consulting firm, when he was fatally shot. Eleven Kenyans and one British citizen were also reported as among those killed.

The Jewish community in Nairobi is assisting the Spindler family in the repatriation of Spindler’s body back to the United States.

The Somali Islamic jihadist organization Al-Shabab, reportedly linked to Al-Qaeda, has taken responsibility for the attack, which took place at the Dusit D2 hotel complex just after 3 p.m. The terrorists detonated a bomb in the parking lot and then a suicide bomber exploded in the lobby.
World Israel News says:
The Somali Islamist terror group that carried out Tuesday’s attack on a hotel complex in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi has issued a fresh statement declaring that the atrocity was directed against “Zionist Jews.”

The assault claimed the lives of 14 people, including U.S. citizen Jason Spindler — a survivor of the Sept. 11, 2001 Al-Qaeda atrocity in New York.

On Tuesday night, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta announced that security forces had regained control of the complex, with all the terrorists “eliminated” in the process.

Wednesday’s statement from the Somalia-based Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen (more commonly known as “Al-Shabaab”), an affiliate of Al-Qaeda, stated that it had carried out the Nairobi attack as “a response to the witless remarks of U.S. President Donald Trump and his declaration of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) as the capital of Israel.”

The statement accused Trump of having granted “the Zionist Jews the approval to desecrate the sanctity of one of Islam’s holiest sites with their filth and vile policies of ethnic cleansing without considering the suffering of the millions of Muslims languishing under the throes of the Zionist occupation for decades.”

Headlined “Jerusalem Will Never Be Judaized,” the statement was published on Al-Shabaab’s channel on the social media platform Telegram, and subsequently translated by the Washington, D.C.-based Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI). Al-Shabaab claimed to have killed more than 50 “unbelievers” in Nairobi, adding that the attack was carried out “in accordance with the guidelines of Ayman al-Zawahiri in targeting Western and Zionist interests worldwide and in support of our Muslim families in Palestine.”
So here again we have a terrorist cell committing attacks built on lies, and blaming Jews even for their actions even against non-Jews. Such monsters cannot be awarded, and must be hunted down, and barred from every practicing Islam again.

Monday, January 07, 2019

Oklahoma jihadist will be given death sentence

The Federalist reports that the ISIS sympathizer who violently decapitated a mother working at a food processing factory in Moore, Oklahoma, will finally be put to death for his crime:
This fall, the U.S. Supreme Court essentially cemented the execution of America’s least known Islamic terrorist. Jihadist convert Alton Nolen is now set to be put to death in Oklahoma, likely by nitrogen gas inhalation.

The Supreme Court’s October 1, 2018 rejection of Nolen’s final death penalty appeal went unremarked upon by news media so, partly as a result, I missed it. But the Nolen case is very much worth remembering, along with all terror attacks that occur on U.S. soil, if not just for the victims and their survivors but for lessons that can and must be learned.

The September 24, 2014 attack in Oklahoma is somewhat notable in the annals of many officially uncalled terrorist strikes in that Nolen emulated a favorite ISIS death tactic no doubt learned online: he fully beheaded a co-worker—the beloved wife, mother, and grandmother Colleen Hufford—inside the Moore, Oklahoma food processing plant where they both worked. Shouting “Alluah Akbar” throughout the attack, Nolen used the same oversized butcher knife on the neck of a second co-worker, Tracy Johnson, when the company’s chief operations officer, a reserve law enforcement officer named Mark Vaughn, burst in with an AR-15 rifle. He shot and wounded Nolen as Nolen disengaged from his second victim and charged at him with the bloody knife.

Such an attack must generate a particular horror in its witnesses and, when Nolen is finally put to death, one should keep in mind what Hufford must have experienced in her last moments.
Nolen fully deserves to be executed for what he did to that poor woman. And it's shameful that the Obama administration refused to call the tragedy what it was - a terrorist attack. Similarly, it's shameful the press all but ignored the latest developments, in their effort to avoid serious issues. The Trump administration would do well to hold a memorial for the victim, to show that these innocents will not be forgotten after the terrible incidents that took place.