Thursday, December 24, 2020

Police and army capture murderer of Esther Horgen

The Israeli police arrested an Islamic suspect in the murder of the 52-year-old Esther Horgen in Reihan forest:
A suspect in the murder of Esther Horgen, who was killed in the northern West Bank in an alleged terrorist attack, was arrested in a joint operation by the Israel Police, the IDF, and the Border Police on Thursday.

Horgen, a woman in her 50s from the northern West Bank, was found dead in the Rehan Forest of the region while she was jogging.

The breakthrough in searches after the suspect came around 24 hours after the murder due to Shin Bet intelligence. Then, police and IDF elite units were called up to the Mevo Dotan base at the Menashe regional division base.

On Thursday, at around 12 p.m., intelligence units found out that the suspect is staying at his mother’s house in the village of Toura need Jenin.

The Yamam (Israel Police National Counter Terrorism Unit) then arrived at the scene and with assistance, and guidance of intelligence drones the suspect was located on a rooftop and later apprehended.

The paratroopers special unit came to the scene after the arrest, and arrested family members and others suspected of involvement in the murder.

The suspect is a 40-year-old Palestinian with a background in security-related activity. His political affiliation isn’t clear.

Before the attack on Tuesday, the suspect crossed the security barrier in the northern West Bank.

After the arrest, he was taken to interrogation by the Shin Bet.
There's a lot of cases where family members of these Islamofascists could be involved in some way or other, and are willing to conceal them after they commit murder. And if the culprit family's house is demolished as penalty later on, they'll deserve it.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Woman found murdered in Samarian Reihan forest

A terrible incident that very possibly involved jihadism was discovered in the Samarian Reihan forest:
Israel Police are investigating the cause of death of a woman in her 50s whose body was found early Monday morning in the Reihan Forest in the northern West Bank. The police and Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) are reportedly evaluating whether the murder might have been a terrorist attack.

"We wake up to a difficult and painful event in the northern Shomron," said MK Betzalel Smotrich upon hearing the news. "We send our condolences to the family of the 14th murdered woman [this year] and ask to embrace and strengthen the residents of Tal Menashe and the entire Shomron community.

"The security forces will, with God's help, get their hands on the perpetrators of this terrible attack and bring them justice," the MK concluded.

The woman, Esther Hurgan, was a resident of Tel Menashe, a town near the forest. Her body was found on the side of the road in the forest, marked by signs of violence, including to her head. Her family reported her missing on Sunday. She leaves behind her husband, Benyamin, and six children. Her youngest child celebrated his bar mitzvah just three months ago.
There's more, and it's clearer than ever from the barbarism described in the rest of the article that this was a jihadist assault on an innocent woman. The culprit must be found and should receive the death sentence.

Half-Jewish contestant at Miss France pageant attacked with anti-Semitism after revealing her father's Israeli

April Benayoum, a contestant at Miss France's current paegeant, faced antisemitic abuse after she revealed her father's nationality:
Anti-Semitism in France reared its ugly head over the weekend after a Jewish woman in the national beauty contest had to endure bullying on social media due to her background.

April Benayoum, a French woman who has Italian and Israeli roots
, won second place in the Miss France 2021 competition on Saturday, but that has not stopped racists and anti-Semites from launching incessant attacks on social media, including with anti-Semitic tweets.

Benayoum, who won Miss Provence before competing in the national contest, has described herself as Italian-Israeli because she was born to a Serbo-Croatian mother and an Israeli father.
Can anyone guess who the culprits are in the online abuse? It may not be all of them, but you can be sure some of them are adherents of the Religion of Peace, many of whom are doubtless anti-sex misogynists too. The Jerusalem Post says:
Leading French-Jewish groups, the Israeli Embassy in France, and numerous local politicians strongly condemned on Sunday this storm of antisemitic attack against the Miss France contestant.

The Representative Council of Jewish Institutions of France (Crif), the umbrella organization of France’s Jewish community, called the attacks on Benayoum “vile and unacceptable!”

“All occasions appear to be good for spreading hatred of Jews and Israel,” the group added, demanding that Twitter take responsibility for what had happened."

The International League Against Racism and Antisemitism (LICRA), demanded that the social media assailants face legal consequences for turning Twitter “into an antisemitic cesspool” and urged users to report antisemitic tweets.
Let's not forget this is the same social media network that allowed a former premiere of Malaysia to post messages condoning murder of French people. Food for thought: there should be a demand the company execs abandon their leftism, seeing how it's coloring their conduct, or lack thereof.
The Israeli Embassy in France also reacted, condemning "in the strongest possible terms the surge of antisemitic and anti-Zionist hatred on social networks last night,” pledgeding “full support” for Miss [Benayoum].

[...] The winner of the competition, Normandy’s Amandine Petit, was quick to offer support for her colleague saying on Sunday morning in an interview with French broadcaster BFM TV she was "extremely disappointing.”

The TV channel on which was broadcasted the event, TF1, also condemned on his Twitter account the antisemitic attack Miss Benayoum faced, reaffirming its strong support to the contestant.

[...] In a letter to Miss France Competition Director-General, Sylvie Tellier, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre Director for International Relations, Dr. Shimon Samuels, expressed outrage at the wave of Twitter attacks against April Benayoum, Miss Provence and first runner-up in Miss France 2021.

“There have been critiques of feminist organizations who consider beauty competitions as debasing to women, but this year - the Miss France centenary - will be remembered as a sick exercise in Jew-hatred,” said Samuels.
What's offensive about feminist organizations - the same kind who led to the dumbing down of the Miss America pageant a few years ago, is that they have none of the same concerns about racism, let alone actual sexism or misogyny, and if this happened in America, chances are they'd remain equally ignorant. It's a disgrace, and nobody should be funding such organizations because of that. For now, no matter what the ethnic background of Ms. Benayoum, all should stand behind her after what's happened.