Saturday, March 05, 2005


(AFP) -
The leaders of France, Russia, Germany and Spain are to meet in Paris March 18 for a working dinner designed to accommodate Russian President Vladimir Putin's wish to see a closer EU-Russia dialogue, French officials said Friday. It will be the first time such a meeting will take place, the officials from French President Jacques Chirac's office said. As well as Chirac and Putin, the dinner's guests will include German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.
More than any other nations on the world, these four nations now enable and appease the enemy; here are a FEW of their RECENT perfidious acts:
(1) France refuses to allow the UN or the EU to officially recognize that Hizballah is a terrorists group (thereby allowing them to continmue to raise money in Europe), and France recently gave all of ONE soldier to help train Iraqis; (2) Spain recently withheld information about a possible terrorists attack against the USA - and Grand Central Terminal in NY - for 5 months; (3) before the Iraq War, Germany and France twisted Turkey's arm in order to get Turkey to refuse to allow the USA to use its Turkish bases in the war; this prevented the USA military from entering Iraq from the north, and may be WHY the neojihadists and Baathists who were north and east of Baghdad were able to "fade away" and regroup; in other words, because of France and Germany and Turkey, the "insurgents" were given a route of escape, and this lead directly to the strength and persistence of their attacks against Iraqis and the coalition for the last year; (4) Russia is currently arming Syria with missiles and Iran with dual-use nuclear technology, and they're NOT helping us with North Korea at all.
These four appeaserati - Chirac, Schroeder, Zapatero and Putin - are NOT ALLIES; they are truly an AXIS OF TREACHERY. Replacing these four appeaserati with pro-democracy/libertarian leaders is as important to our eventual success in WW4 as getting rid of Assad and Khatami and Kim Jong Il.


(1) What Livingstone wrote in the Guradian, 0n 3/4/05: "Ariel Sharon, Israel's prime minister, is a war criminal who should be in prison not in office. Israel's own Kahan commission found that Sharon shared responsibility for the Sabra and Shatila [Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut] massacre."

Here is my response, and the FACTS:

1982: Sabra and Shatila Massacres

As discussed on the Palestine Facts topic page on Sabra and Shatila, on September 16, 1982 the Lebanese Christian Phalangist militia entered the Beruit refugee camps looking for PLO fighters. The Phalangist forces, allies of Israel and in an area controlled by the IDF, carried out a 62-hour rampage of rape and murder that left hundreds dead.

In 1983, an Israeli government commission of inquiry, known as the Kahane Commission, determined that Defense Minister Sharon was negligent and should have foreseen that permitting the Phalangist forces to enter the camps carried a potential for catastrophe. They charged that Sharon should have taken precautions against such a massacre. But the commission rejected the idea that Minister Sharon was directly responsible for the crime, an idea that was also rejected by the federal court in New York that heard Sharon's 1985 libel suit against Time magazine who repeated unfounded allegations about Sharon's role. Nonetheless, due to Israeli discomfort with the event, Sharon was forced to resign and face widespread public opprobrium that nearly ended his political career. The matter was therefore lawfully settled in Israeli and US courts with a reasonable conclusion and outcome.

For years, Mr. Sharon's political opponents, in Israel and abroad, along with a host of Arab leaders, have exploited Sabra and Shatila to score moral points against Israel -- even as Syria made an ally of
Elie Hobeika, the Phalangist personally responsible for carrying out the massacres. They continue to accuse Sharon of crimes for which he has already been cleared.



Only an anti-Semite - like Livingstone - would blame a Jew and an Israeli (like Sharon) for crimes committed by Christian Arabs against Muslim Arabs. Blaming Sharon for crimes committed by the Arab Christian Phalange (like those committed at Shatila) in Lebanon is like blaming Rumsfeld for crimes comnmitted by the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan. It's simply absurd. It's an absurd charge that reveals MORE about Livingstone than Sharon. It reveals that Livingstone is an anti-Semite.

(5) Yusuf al-Qaradawi [...] condemned the terrorists responsible for the 9/11 attacks but who advocates Palestinian suicide bombers against Israeli citizens as a "legitimate and recommended" means of deterring the Israeli "enemy." Livingstone agrees with - and has publicly praised Qardawi, and so implicitly agrees that neojihadist terror against Jews is okay. THAT'S ANTI-SEMITIC.

Livingstone has also FALSELY charged Israelis with ethnic-cleansing against Muslims and Arabs when the EXACT OPPOSITE is true. TAKE THE GAZA WITHDRAWAL AS AN EXAMPLE: Sharon is ethnically-cleansing Gaza of Jews - while 20% - THAT'S RIGHT TWENTY-EFFING PERCENT - of Israel's VOTING POPULATION is Arab Muslim!

Palestinian Arabs - like the "moderate" Abbas - want "Judenrein" in the West Bank too - by requiring that all Israeli/Jewish setlements be emptied as a condition to a settlement; therefore, IT IS THE ARABS WHO WANT ETHNIC-CLEANSING, NOT THE ISRAELIS!!!!

If these illustrate ethnic-cleansing by Jews against Muslims than Livingstone is Chief Rabbi of Lodz! Of course, Livingstone is NOT chief rabbi of anything; he is an abhorrent anti-Semite - like so many on the Left. Like Senator Byrd, Livingstone's recent tirade has exposed him for what he really is: a bigot.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Barry Lynn (of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State - and one of the Leftists who filed a brief in the "ANTI-TEN COMMANDMENTS" case before the SCOTUS) appeared on C-SPAN today.

Lynn said that, according to his reading of the first amendment - (which reads: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;) - "the government shall not own or operate or display religious symbols."


I guess that means that he and the ACLU will next sue the Department of Defense to remove all the crosses from Arlington National Cemetery!!!
Don't laugh - they'll probably get to it right after they remove the word GOD from our motto our money and our pledge!

WHY IS THIS ANTI-RELIGION EFFORT SUCH AN IMPORTANT PART OF THE LEFT'S AGENDA? Because the Left worships the State - and they want the State run by atheistic socialist intellectuals; therefore traditional religion - and priests and rabbis - are quite simply THE COMPETITION!

PS: Another thing Lynn said today: that "the Ten Commandments is a symbol of just one religion." I wonder which one that is!? The "Judeo-Christian" one?! The Jewish one!? The Protestant one!? The Catholic one!? The Lutheran one!? And so on... IT'S EFFING RIDICULOUS! The constitution says the government shall not establish a religion; it does not say that it may not express or reflect some religiousness or any relgiousity - and the fact that Congress opens each day with a prayer IS PROOF that this is so.

The atheistic socialist intellectual elites have been trying to destroy Western Civilization since they fomented the Counter-Culture Revolution in the 1960's; (I know: I was part of it!). They have the same aim now, only now they're trying to use the courts to accomplish what they could not accomplish by popular revolution.

The Left's basic anti-Western attitude is why they've had such a hard time joining in with Bush and attacking the neojihadists; in the neojihadists the Left saw a powerful ally in their long-standing effort to destroy America, and with America the West and Western traditions. It's also why they would rather align themselves with Third World dictators like Fidel and Chavez and Mugabe ( and Ho Chi Minh and Pol Pot and Mao before them) than with the capitalist/industrialized/God-fearing West: to the Left, cultural and economic colonialism are the "capital crimes" that the West committed against the Third World; they're the reason why the West deserves to die - as far as the Left is concerned.

Here's another illustration of this essentially anti-West attitude: a sign at a "pro-Ward Churchill" rally at UW proclaimed: "Capitalism = terrorism" - (hat tip PRESTOPUNDIT) and this is EXACTLY WHY Churchill argued that the victims of neojihadist terror on 9/11 were "little eichmanns."

Of course the premise of the Left-wing attack on Western Civilization and capitalism and industrialization is preposterous on its face. NEED PROOF!? Well, the First World's excellent wealth and health is a result of capitalism, trade and industrialization; Third World poverty and short life-spans are a result of their LACK OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, TRADE AND INDUSTRIALIZATION.

If the Left truly wanted people in the Third World to have more wealth and live longer healthier lives, then they'd advocate more globalization and more industrialization for the Third World, and not less consumption or less production in the West, in the First World.

The Left, though, remains opposed to capitalism and industrialization - it's basically why they are pro-KYOTO (which is a horrifying "anti-economic/anti-industrial growth" treaty which threatens global economic ruin).

But reality has VERY LITTLE to do with the Leftist agenda; Marxist orthodoxy has EVERYTHING to do with it. And, after all, Marx was anti-religion. And that's basically why Barry Lynn is too. It has NOTHING to do with the First Amendment, and everything to do with Marxist socialism. Take it from me: I used to be a Leftist. Before I saw the Light.

The Left knows that they could never get any Amercian legislature to ban religious symbols and references to the Creator from all government auspices, events, objects, etc. That's why they've taken the issue to the courts: this is the Left's last chance at inflicting their atheistic, anti-traditional, anti-West program on to all Americans, and if we can defeat them on this issue NOW, then it will be as big a blow to them as the Bush Doctrine has been to tyranny in the Middle East.

I am praying that the SCOTUS does the right thing!

UPDATE - 3/7: Welcome DISSECTING LEFT readers! (And if you're not one - YOU SHOULD BE - EVERYDAY!



Zapatero probably withheld the info deliberately. Probably because he and his pinko cohorts hoped that an attack by AL QAEDA against the USA between March 2004 and the election in Novemeber would tip the Amercian election to the socialistic Kerry juist as Atocha had tipped the Spanish election to the anti-war pinkos in Spain.

Socialist scum. Like the wise man once said about the Left: "They are not anti-war; they're on the other side."

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


The SCOTUS ruled to day that the death penalty may not be applied to anyone under age 18.

Just 17 years ago, in 1988, the SCOTUS said the age limit was 16 and over.

But then - way back in the 1980's 18 year olds could drink, too.

NOW... if you're under 18, you are a JUVENILE - an as of yet un-formed adult - and not allowed to drink booze (legally) and not fully responsible for your actions even if those actions include premeditated murder.

ARE 18 year olds more infantile now than then!?


What's happened is that a few Leftists on the SCOTUS have succeeded in making 18 year old people LESS responsible for themselves - which is of course at the HEART of the Leftists agenda: they don't want people to be responsible for themselves; they want the state to be responsible for you, instead.

Well, I say: If you're old enough to volunteer for the armed forces, and old enough to vote, then you are old enough to drink booze and to suffer the death penalty if a jury says you deserve it.

If the Left had their way, illegal juvenile aliens (even those convicted of felonies) would have the right to vote, but not to smoke or drink or die for committing murder. HOW EFFING WEIRD IS THAT!? Maybe the Left will RAISE the voting age!? Or do they think that voting requires less thought and responsibility than killing?!

There is NO consisitency or sense to the Left's position EXCEPT as part of a program to make people LESS responsible for themselves - and the State MORE POWERFUL; that is the ONLY context in which this decision makes sense. It's court-ordered nanny-statism at its worst, and - now that the GOP controls the White House and the Congress - it's the ONLY way the Left can stuff their Leftist agenda down our throats.

Which also means it's further proof that the GOP controlled Senate ought to abolish the Senate rule that requires cloture for court nominees, so the GOP can get a few non-Leftist jurists on the court - - jurists who won't legislate from the bench, or aggrandize the state as they infantilize the citizenry.


... on the road to serfdom, that is!

BBC: More than 5.2 million Germans were out of work in February, new figures show. The figure of 5.216 million people, or 12.6% of the working-age population, is the highest jobless rate in Europe's biggest economy since the 1930s.

WHY IS GERMANY DOING SO BADLY?! Well, Germany is a socialist economy with a socialist government - one allied to environmentalists. Their economy - and Continental Europe's - is doomed unless and until Germany - and France - elect Thatcherite/Reaganite governments which embrace Hayekian principles and cut taxes and reduce the size of government.


Monday, February 28, 2005


Funny: there're more Arabs protesting in Beirut against Assad and Syria than ever protested in any Arab street ANYWHERE against US "occupation" of Iraq. (Hat tip JOHN GIBSON of FOX NEWS.)


No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friend's or of thine own were: any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee. - John Donne

The "me generation" Left, and the anti-traditional counter-culture they fomented, used moral relativism to transform the old laissez faire bromide -"live and let die" - into the isolationist "let me live, and let them die." These Leftists believe that their own state should be their nanny - caring for them from the cradle to the grave - and that we have no business "muddling in the domestic affairs of other nations or cultures." To them it is arrogant, colonialist, and dangerous - because it causes "blowback."

Bush and the neocons are universalists who believe that personal liberty is an innate human right of all humans born anywhere and everywhere, and a basic universal human right which must not be limited by local culture or government - which are both temporal and relative.

Bush and the neocons believe that those of us who are free and rich and strong have a moral obligation to help our brothers and sisters whose basic universal human rights have been taken away from them; we must help them them get their innate rights back, AND we should help them form mutually consensual governments that recognize their rights - in other words - democracies. After all, the self-determination of nations can only be a product of democracy- tyrannies are not in any sense self-determined. And contrary to what the Old Left believes, self-determination can NEVER be "imposed;" rather it is tyranny which is imposed; democracy is the only way a free people can have a limited mutually-consensual self-government; democracy is the absence of imposition.

Bush's aggressive pro-human rights/pro-democracy policy is working - now, at a rate that is truly STUNNING. Georgia, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq - even in Arab Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, and so on... all becoming more democratic. Because of Bush's policies. Bush's bold polices have rung the bell of liberty and the toll resounds worldwide!

The pealing bell is also an alarm for the Left; it signals that the time has come for the Left to wake up, renounce their moral relativism, shed their isolationism and join the good fight.

If they do shed the vestiges of their failed ideology, they will find the experience very liberating!


This is a HUGE victory for Bush. It comes on the heels of other HUGE Bush victories: democracy in Afghanistan; democracy in Iraq; elections in Saudi Arabia; democracy emerging among the Arabs of the occupied territories; Libya's caving in on WMD; election reform in Egypt; and the democratic revolutions in Georgia and in Ukraine.

This is just more proof that the neojihadists and the Left and the euroweenies are on the WRONG side of history, and that Bush and the neocons are on the right side of history: humanity's long hard march toward ever more personal liberty and toward consensually formed and limited government has been and remains humanity's greatest mission.

Iran and Syria and Russia and North Korea and China remain that last great looming obstacles.

They are on notice.

Sunday, February 27, 2005


The neojihadist/baathist falange (Iran and Syria and al Qaeda and Hizballah and Hamas and IslamicJihad) are attempting to rollback democracy in Iraq by using terror.

They have attempted to forestall democracy and self-rule in Lebanon by assasinating Harriri. And by bombing a disco in Tel Aviv.

They will NOT likely stand idly by and watch the Palestinians become democratic - settlement of the Israeli-Arab conflict and establishment of a democratic sate of Plaestine would be a HUGE blow to the neojihadists and baathists.

As Afghanistan, and Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, and Abu Dhabi - and Mubarak and Qadafy and Lebanon and Arab Palestine each move closer to democracy - the neojiohadist/baathist falange becomes increasingly isolated and at more at risk of collapsing -- as if being painted into a corner, as if CORNERED. And cornered beasts are more likely to lash out - STUPIDLY, as the Hariri assassination and the Tel Aviv disco bombing prove.

SO WHAT'S NEXT? Well, certainly they might try to whack Mubarak AGAIN, but I think that the ripest target they have is ABBAS: he is critical to the success of the Israeli Arab detente.

Each day the Bush Doctrine seems more true and just and right and inevitable - and that means that each day Iran and Syria have less to lose.

That's why we should WHACK Assad's regime in Syria first. As I wrote: The longer we wait to more dangerous the cornered beast becomes... and the greater the likelihood that Assad or Iran will order something stupid, and horrible.

I pray I am wrong... I fear that I am right...


I guess that is something like a "charm offensive."

And to me - it's equally offensive!

Gestures like this are TOTAL BS PROPAGANDA! ESPECIALLY this one! WHY!? Well, do you think that Syria just happened to capture this half-brother in the last day or so? OF COURSE NOT! They have known about him (and let him FREELY OPERATE HIS TERROR-MACHINE in Syria) from the GET-GO, and CONVENIENTLY gave him to us in a BLATANT attempt to buy some time for themselves (now that the HARIRI assassination and the Tel Aviv disco bombing have blown up in their faces)!

WELL, I AM NOT BUYING THIS CYNCAL GESTURE! There're PLENTY MORE like Saddam's half-brother ALL OVER Syria, some who work for "insurgency groups" in Iraq, and others who work for "insurgency groups" like HAMAS and HIZBALLAH. THEY MUST ALL BE HANDED OVER! NOW!! Or we should target them and their assets with CRUISE MISSILES!

Actually, it is LONG PASSED TIME for an OPERATION DESERT FOX-type attack against Syrian Forces in Lebanon, and along Syria's Iraqi border. (Operation Desert Fox was the week-long missile attack against Saddam that was ordered by Clinton in 1998 - WITHOUT U.N. or Congressional or NATO approval - (and without the Left and the euroweenies complaining one iota!)

YUP: it's time to KILL the bad-guys; killing bad guys like Assad and Nasrallah is a GOOD thing: good for peace and freedom and democracy EVERYWHERE - and it's ESPECIALLY good for the emerging democracies in Iraq and Lebanon and in the occupied territories.


Regular readers know I have been VERY tough on Bush and Rice's performance on the recent European "charm offensive;" I found it simply OFFENSIVE!

And this speech was 1000% GREAT! I wish the ENTIRE trip had consisted of Bush delivering this kind of speech in Poland and in Denmark and in Italy and in Ukraine and in all the other nations that have stood WITH us, and that Bush IGNORED the pinko appeasers Chirac, Putin and Schroder.

Here's an excerpt:

In recent times, we have witnessed landmark events in the history of liberty, a Rose Revolution in Georgia, an Orange Revolution in Ukraine, and now, a Purple Revolution in Iraq. With their votes cast and counted, the Iraqi people now begin a great and historic journey. They will from a new government, draft a democratic constitution, and govern themselves as free people. They're putting the days of tyranny and terror behind them and building a free and peaceful society in the heart of the Middle East, and the world's free nations will support them in their struggle. (Applause.)

The terrorist insurgents know what's at stake. They know they have no future in a free Iraq. So they're trying desperately to undermine Iraq's progress and throw the country in chaos. They want to return to the day when Iraqis were governed by secret police and informers and fear. They will not succeed. The Iraqi people will not permit a minority of assassins to determine the destiny of their nation. We will fight to defend this freedom and we will prevail. (Applause.)

Victory in this struggle will not come easily or quickly, but we have reason to hope. Iraqis have demonstrated their courage and their determination to live in freedom, and that has inspired the world. It is the same determination we saw in Kiev's Independent Square, in Tbilisi's Freedom Square, and in this square almost 17 years ago. (Applause.)

Slovakia has taken great risks for freedom in Afghanistan and Iraq. You have proved yourself a trusted friend and a reliable ally. That is why I recently announced a new solidarity initiative for nations like Slovakia that are standing with America in the war on terror. We will help you to improve your military forces so we can strengthen our ability to work together in the cause of freedom. We're working with your government to make it easier for Slovaks to travel to the United States of America. (Applause.)

Hundreds of thousands of our citizens can trace their roots back to this country. Slovak immigrants helped build America and shape its character. We want to deepen the ties of friendship between our people, ties based on common values, a love of freedom, and shared belief in the dignity and matchless value of every human being. (Applause.)

The Velvet Generation that fought for these values is growing older. Many of the young students and workers who led freedom's struggle here now struggle to support families and their children. For some, the days of protest and revolution are a distant memory. Today, a new generation that never experienced oppression is coming of age. It is important to pass on to them the lessons of that period. They must learn that freedom is precious, and cannot be taken for granted; that evil is real, and must be confronted; that lasting prosperity requires freedom of speech, freedom to worship, freedom of association; and that to secure liberty at home, it must be defended abroad. (Applause.)

By your efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq and across the world, you are teaching young Slovaks these important lessons. And you're teaching the world an important lesson, as well: that the seeds of freedom do not sprout only where they are sown; carried by mighty winds, they cross borders and oceans and continents and take root in distant lands

Old Europeans must be held to account for their FAILURE to stand with us in Iraq - and to the core values of Western Civilization - or they should be ignored and denied our aid and the free safety of our military defense. In other words, Bush should've said to Putin, Schroder and Chirac: "Old Europe - join us on the front-lines of the Good Fight, or be damned!"