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The German government has a list of at least 437 flights suspected of being operated by the CIA in German airspace, according to a German magazine. The weekly Der Spiegel said two planes alone accounted for 137 and 146 uses of airspace or landings in 2002 and 2003.

"Such planes could be used to transfer presumed terrorists and place them in secret locations," Der Spiegel said. ... A US rights group, the American Civil Liberties Union, said it was taking the CIA to court over what it said was the violation of both US and international law.

The highly secretive process is known as "extraordinary rendition" whereby intelligence agencies move and interrogate terrorism suspects outside the US, where they have no American legal protection.

Some individuals have claimed they were flown by the CIA to countries like Syria and Egypt, where they were tortured. The list of suspected CIA flights was handed over by German air traffic controllers at the request of the Left Party, Der Spiegel said in its latest edition to be published on Monday. It said the aircraft had made landings in Berlin, Frankfurt and the US airbase at Ramstein. However, the list has not shed any light on what the planes were carrying, the BBC's Tristana Moore in Berlin reports.
The "Left party" and the ACLU might as well be DIRECTLY acting on behalf of the jihadoterrorists. WHY DO THEY DO THIS? Because they hate everything the USA stands for, and they want us to lose - be "chastized", as they were able to do to us during the Vietnam War.


Five Palestinians, including a policeman, were killed and many were wounded, some seriously, on Saturday as members of two rival clans clashed in a fierce firefight in Gaza, local medics and witnesses said.

Palestinian security forces were having difficulty restoring calm and mediators and bystanders were also wounded as bullets and grenades flew in a neighborhood of the town of Beit Hanoun in north Gaza. It was a further example of lawlessness in the Gaza Strip, seen as a testing ground for future Palestinian statehood after Israel withdrew from the coastal territory last September following 38 years of military rule.

The motive for the clash which began on Friday was unclear, but medics said at least five of some 40 wounded were in critical condition as rival family members used assault rifles and rocket propelled grenades in the clash.
As the wise man said: "Okay; let's give them a country!" Sheesh. REALLY: If this is how they treat their fellow Gazans, fellow Palestinians, fellow Arabs, fellow Muslims, then how should we expect them to treat Israelis and Jews and Christians?

IOW: WAKE UP EVERYBODY; THESE FOLKS ARE ANIMALS! And NOBODY is safe from them! Certainly not Israel!

(This is NOT a racist comment; I am NOT saying the predilecton for violence by Gazans is genetic; they are animals/islamothugs because they are raised as - and taught to be - jihadoterrorists and islamofascists. The prevalence of genetic defects in Arabs is not related to Islam except in as much as many Arab Muslims have a preference for consanguinous/endogamous marriages. They can and should stop this practice for this - and many other - reasons.)


TEL CHAI BLOG: Islam: the pro-male religion -
Here's an interesting article from the English-language German website, Sign and Sight, that talks about how, in Muslim communities in Europe such as those in France and even in Germany, women in Muslim families are in danger and living in oppression, and how its the men who're chiefly, and solely, in charge of the rioting and vandalism that's been going on in such countries, even before that evening when two teenagers of Islamic backgrounds electrocuted themselves in a power substation in October in the Paris suburbs while hiding from police patrollers who weren't even chasing after them, and the rioters used that as an excuse.

Speaking of which, here's an interesting topic on an almost similar subject from Jihad/Dhimmi Watch, plus, some excerpts from Phyllis Chesler's book, The Death of Feminism.
The fact that the Muslims in Germany and France - and ALL OVER EUROPE - still oppress their women and still practice honor killings and still practice forced marriages and forced endogamous/consanguinous matrimony PROVES that the Muslims DO NOT WANT TO ASSIMILATE, and therefore that the argument that European racism is responsible for the "ghettoization" of the Muslims is UTTERLY FALSE!

The goal of the islamothugs is to take over territory in Europe and turn it into safe-havens for islamofascists and islamofascism.

If the islamothugs wanted to assimilate, then they'd stay in highschool until they graduated and wouldn't threaten to throw acid in the faces of women who won't wear the hijab, or murder their own daughters or sisters for "dishonoring" the family.

Nations with politicians in power who delude their people and appease the enemy -- (by saying that the fault lies with the givernment and that they need to be understanding of the islamothugs and lavish more welfare on them - folks like Zapotero and Villepin) -- have no hope of surviving as European nations and will slip deeper and deeper into dhimmitude until one day they have become full-fledged eurabian outposts, gradually becoming as Muslim as Turkey and Kosovo.



Greg Djerijian posted an attack on columnists and bloggers who are calling for regime change in Syria. He accuses us of being idiots who don't appreciate the chaos that might result, and argues that slowly moving on the diplomatic front "with the devils we know" is much safer. In this he agrees with JOSH MARSHALL, and that should be tip enough to clue all in that Greg is WRONG! Here's Greg's attack:
It's not shocking, of course, that there are many in the blogosphere who chant on about sacking Boy Assad without any serious regard for what ramifications would ensue should precipitous action to unseat him occur (the level of discourse could be summed up, perhaps, by 'just whack him dude', or slightly more developed variants thereto). After all, the vast majority of 'regime change now!' bloggers know little to nothing about the Middle East, as is painfully apparent from their incoherent ramblings, non-sensical fantasies, and manifest abject cluelessness. They read Mark Steyn, however, and get all excited and hot under the collar from their perches in New York and L.A. and Minnesota and belabor, if it weren't for the cowardice of men much weaker in resolve than they, how glorious a future awaits the region if only, say, we had the gumption to topple the House of Saud, Bashar, and, why not, mean Mubarak too (the better so that the Muslim Brotherhood rise to power more easily there!). ... But regime change is not necessarily the panacea on this front. Until we have a credible opposition there, one we feel would materially impact U.S. national interests in beneficial manner if it assumed power, we need to work with the devil we've got.
How shocking, Greg, that you should come out for the status-quo/stability and against regime change because regime change might lead to chaos! **sarcasm off.**

"Diplomatic" status-quoists like Greg are "apologists for tyrants." They discount the terrible price being paid NOW (and for the last several decades) by Syrians and Lebanese and Israelis because of the Batthist dictatorship and their police state.

It's NOT unlike the ravings from the Leftie-doves who argue that Iraqis were better off under Saddam and IGNORE the fact that 400 mass-graves have been uncovered in Iraq, each with more than 1000 MURDERED corpses.

An argument similar to Greg's argument was made in defense of the USSR and the Taliban and so many other tyrants I cannot list them! It was wrong them and it is wrong now. SURE: (As Clinton used to say): Change is difficult to accept, but it is important.

Have you no faith in Syrians, Gerg!? Do you think them uninterested in freedom? Do you think them unable to acheive freedom? It's racist, if you do. Sure: there's a price to pay. The Iraqis are paying it. All peoples always do in order to achieve freedom and democracy. As they say: "Freedom isn't free."

That's why I think we should be doing all we can to foment democratic revolution in Syria and Iran.

Will it create chaos? Probably. It's "creative destruction" and there's really no other way. I would only argue that the TIMING of this is important, and we can focus our efforts in a way to try to make these revolutions occur when we are best equipped to manage the inevitable chaos which will temporarily follow. It would be GREAT if Syrian Baathism was overthrown AFTER a final arrangement was achieved between Israel and the West Bank Arabs (an arrangement acceptable enough to allow other Arab nations to start diplomatic relations with Israel, and thus further isolate Syria and Iran).

It would be GREAT if the Iranian Mullah-archy was overthrown after that and after the North Korean situation was taken care of. But it may not be possible to manage those situations so perfectly as to guarantee that. In the meantime, we must keep our "regime change" policies in place against those three nations -- THE AXIS OF EVIL: Iran, Syria and North Korea, (and someday soon for Cuba, Zimbabwe and Venezuela, for good measure!).

And in regard to these dangerous and threatening tyrannies, Bush is pursuing a deft multi-level strategy which adeptly combines unilateral and multilateral diplomacy, as well as overt and covert miltary actions.

As you point out, we are pursuing Assad via the UN and the Harriri case. We pursue Iran via the EU-3+Russia and the secret Iranian nuke program. And we pursue Kimjongil via a regional mulitalteral diplomatic efforts. The aim of these efforts is ostensibly containment, but it is REALLY MORE THAN THAT. These three regimes are actively and offensively interfering with tha stability of the ENTIRE world! Syria and Iran are actively destablilizing Iraq and Israel. And NOKO is aiding them by helping them with their nukes and missiles - and by disatracting us, and forcing us to commit more miltary assets to the Korean peninsula.

If we and they stay on the path we are on now, then things will get worse; the Axis will get stronger, and then it will be MORE difficult to defeat them. And Iran - and maybe NOKO - will get nukes. So: The clock is ticking. The time for regime change comes BEFORE iran and NOKO get nukes, and that may come before it is MOST opportune, before we can best manage the chaos which might follow.

But that chaos is BETTER than lettying Syaria ruin Iraq and than letting iran go NUCLEAR!

If you would allow Iraq to fail and Iran to go nuclear you are a fool.

If Bush allows it, we are either doomed to dhimmitude, or a nuclear war.

YUP: I belive the jihado-extremists would certasinly use nukes. Folks who hijack jest and crash them inot skyscrapers and who stuff grenades in baby-dolls and take over schools and slaughter school-children and who commit gemocide against Shias in Basra and Hindus in India and Buddhists in Thailand WOULD CERTAINLY USE A NUKE.

That's what muts be avoided at all costs. That is WORSE than a chaotic Syria. And Syria's meddling in Iraq is a joint strategy with Iran which is INTENDED to distract our ability to stop Iran from getting nukes.

REMEMBER: A nuclear jihadoterrorist islamofascist Iran is the ultimate goal for our ENEMY, and IT'S OBVIOUS that Iran/Syria continue to sponsor attacks against Israel, Jordan, Iraq and Afghanistan, and that this is how they intend to BUY THE TIME THEY NEED to be able to continue with their nuke programs until their completion. Then they feel that they will hold all the cards they need - the TRUMP CARDS.

I think that democatic revolution in Syria and Iran would be the BEST way to stop them. Even if it did cause some chaos. Chaos will not ehlp them get nukes. It will hurt their nuke programs. And so it is preferable.

Maybe Greg and the status-quoists believe that a pre-emptive unilateral military strike against Iran's nuke assets (by the "Little Satan" or the "Big Satan") would be better!? I do not. I believe that regime change with some chaos is preferable to a pre-emptive military attack.

I think we are trying to foment revolution in Iran and Syria in such a way as it would happen AFTER Iraq's democracy is installed/stabilized and they have the LEAD role in their own defense -- which would be probable next wointer: the winterof 2006-7.

But this MIGHT be too late. So: what's the TIMELINE!? We must effectuate regime change before Iran gets nukes. We must assign a date to that eventuality and take all necessary measures to prevent it. CHIEF among these measures is being able to redploy miltary assets to contain Syria and Iran and Hizb'Allah (and their other jihadoterrorists stooges) in order to handle the wake of regime change (or - worst case scenario: to handle the counter-attack after we pre-emptively take down their nuke program with a MASSIVE missile attack).

IN MY OPINION: this was the chief reason Sharon decided he had to exit Gaza: he knew he needed to get ready for regime change in Syria and Iran by re-deploying IDF to protect the vast contiguous majority of Israel's people and land in the aftermath of a pre-emptive attack on Iran's nukes and/or regime chanmge in Syria.


UPDATE: MY PET JAWA writes THE WINDOW IS CLOSING, and points to an article about the Russian SAM-missile deal with Iran, (which I noted below). IOW: time is running out; we must prevent a nuclear Iran AT ALL COSTS - and that inlcudes regional chaos. As the man says: FASTER PLEASE!


Russia has agreed to sell antiaircraft missiles to Iran as part of a $1 billion arms deal that would significantly increase Moscow's military cooperation with Tehran, Russian news media reported Friday.
Pooty-toot is an ass, and we should start treating Russia as an adversary. REMEMBER: Pooty-toot sold SYRIA missiles, too. He's freakin' destabilizing us left and right!

I BLAME THE U.S. DEM/LEFT: They've been promoting the fiction that our military is "stretched-thin," and that it was a mistake to go into Iraq. THIS TALK HAS EMBOLDENED ALL OUR FOES - INCLUDING RUSSIA.


US civil rights groups says it is taking the CIA to court to stop the transportation of terror suspects to countries outside US legal authority. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) says the intelligence agency has broken both US and international law. It is acting for a man allegedly flown to a secret CIA prison in Afghanistan.
I think that the recent leaks had EVERYTHING to do with this case - JUST LIKE ABU GHRAIB which was leaked to the press by the defendants' lawyers after their blackmail of the Pentagon failed to get the Pentagon to drop charges. It was only AFTER the Pentagon told the defendants' lawyers they were going to prosecute, that the defendants lawyers gave the infamous personal photos of the sadistic degradation (which was NOT interrogational, but purely for the sick pleasure of the perps) to the MSM in order to slime the US military and the USA, and in an unpatriotic attempt to get their clients off - and help the enemy. A twofer for Leftists.

This is probably what happended the last few weeks: the plaintiff hired the ACLU and together they and their cohorts at the CIA threatened leaks, and when these threats failed to get them the settlement they wanted, they leaked.

Now - courtesy of the ACLU - we'll have a court case which will hurt us and help the enemy. MORE HERE.

Friday, December 02, 2005


POLIBLOGGER posted on an article by FRUITS AND VOTES. F&V suggested we expand the House of Representatives and make it more representative and responsive and districts more equal in population size by using "THE WYOMING RULE": Under the ‘Wyoming Rule,’ the standard Representative-to-population ratio would be that of the smallest entitled unit–i.e. currently Wyoming. (Poliblogger rans the numbers.) I AGREE: we need MORE Reps. But maybe not that many. Here're my thoughts:
(1) The US CENSUS was specifically designed to allow for the ORDERLY EXPANSION of the House so that districts would be equal in size, and the number of districts would expand as the population expanded.

(2) The problem is that since 1920, the number of districts has been frozen at 435. This was done by an ACT OF CONGRESS; it can be undone by an ACT OF CONGRESS, too. It doesn’t require a constitutional amendment.

(3) Since 1920, every decennial census has led MERELY TO RE-APPORTIONMENT: changes/shifts of Reps withing the 435. Some states get more Representatives other states get theirs reduced. Sometimes a state which has grown in population may have their number or Reps reduced because all states must have at least one Rep.

(4) The total number of Reps in the House could be and should be expanded - if not by the "Wyoming Plan" how about just increasing the number od reps in the House to a NICE ROUND NUMBER: 500 - by adding an additional 65 seats. (I think that 500 has a nice ring to it - especially for a nation of 50 states!) These could be/would be apportioned by population. Every ten years we dicide the population by 500 and distribute the seats accordingly.

(5) Average district size would be each smaller - and more representative, AS THE FOUNDERS ORIGINALLY PLANNED. More Reps would mean fewer committee assignments for each Rep and more constituent time. (Also, the advent and pervasiveness of hi-tech communications makes the management of a larger House less encumbering than in 1920, or since 1920. In fact, MANY national and state legislatures all over the world have many more mebers than we do and are larger than a mere 435. If they can mange it, then so can we.)

(6) As these 65 NEW SEATS would ALL BE OPEN SEATS, they’d be VERY competitive races at a time when most seats are NOT COMPETITIVE. That’s a good thing too. This would be A NEW BIRTH OF REPRESENTATION, which would NOT make government bigger, but make it MORE RESPONSIVE AND MORE REPRESENTATIVE.

ALSO: (7) This would change the ELECTORAL COLLEGE - making it even more reflective of the population.
I DARE A BRAVE CONGRESSMAN TO INTRODUCE THIS. It should get BI-PARTISAN SUPPORT, becasue open seats are VERY COMPETITIVE, and the GOP is VERY COMPETITIVE in the CITIES AND COUNTIES which have had the most growth.


Several Palestinian militants who either fled or were expelled by Israel have returned to Gaza via the recently re-opened Rafah border crossing. The entry of as many as 15 members of Hamas, including one of its founders, has angered Israel. Israeli Defence Minister Shaul Mofaz has warned his government will close two crossings it controls if militants continue to enter via Rafah. The crossings into Israel are vital for trade between Gaza and the West Bank. The Hamas members allowed to return via Rafah include one of the group's founders, Ahmed al-Malah, and Fadel Zahhar, a brother of Hamas leader in Gaza, Mahmoud Zahhar.



BBC: Newly-released US documents suggest the US escalated the war in Vietnam based on skewed intelligence.

I blame BusHitler and the neocon-likudnik-saudi-halliburton crime family.


Ten of our bravest, finest, truest, best died in Iraq today - killed when an IED went off while they were on patrol helping to make Iraq safe for democracy.

HOW WILL THE LEFT REACT? By calling for retreat.

How will the Right react? By calling for us to WHACK THE ENEMY HARDER!

Now, which side represents the best of what American has always stood for, the knees-shaking Dem/Left surrender monkeys, or the brave and resolute Right?

THE REAL ROOT OF MURTHA'S ANTI-WAR RIFF: pure 'n simple BS from disgruntled Army Brass

In addition to having to put up with leaks and disinformation and sabotage from the Arabists and status quoists in the CIA and at State, Bush has to contend with a constant stream of negative leaks from disgruntled Army Brass - via Murtha, for example. He is the mouth-piece for the old-time Brass who are disgruntled and want to cook Rummy's goose.

The reason they're disgruntled has NOTHING to do with Iraq and everything to do with Rumsfeld's aggressive re-engineering of the DoD - and his use of NEW methods of war-making, -- methods which are NOT traditional Army methods. Afghanistan and Iraq were won with NEW doctrines and methods which MANY in the Army don't like. ALSO: the last two Chiefs of the Joint Chiefs were AF and Marines - each for the first time. This pissed off a lot of Army generals, too.These useless old self-serving Army generals should FADE AWAY! Or at least get out of the way.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


BETSY'S PAGE has a GREAT post on Dem/Left leakers. RTWT! And of course their cohorts in CRIME are the PROFESSIONAL leakers at CIA and FBI and Department of State who think THEY should be running US policy and not the elected leaders of our nation.

For more on this angle (hat tip THE AMERICAN THINKER) click HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE. And HERE and HERE.

Here's an EXCERPT from one of those links - a column by James Hoagland of the Washington Post:
It is not surprising that your White House distrusts and/or despises the media, the CIA, the State Department's career officers, the United Nations and a host of other institutions that you could not control, but that you could not accept that you could not control. Like most paranoia, yours is not totally unfounded: People in those institutions were out to defy and/or get you.

But you and yours helped them accomplish the mission.

One lesson available in this story is that amateurs are no match for the CIA in disinformation campaigns. The spies are far better at operating in the shadows than you politicians will ever be. They have a license to dissemble.

The hidden management of [a] the criminal justice process and [of, (b)] the news media practiced by spooks in Wilson-Rove-Libbygate is nothing short of brilliant.

So you were right to fear the agency. Where else do you think the one-page crime report that triggered the investigation and then the pressure-building leaks disclosing its existence came from?

Fear probably caused you to keep the Clinton-appointed leadership in place at the CIA long after some of its top operatives mounted a rebellion against the White House, in part to shift attention from their failures to yours.

I know that George Tenet charmed you, and the rest of us. That's what spies and spymasters do, sir. You should have been taking that into account.
This column - by a long-time DC-hand, a centrist, a moderate - makes it CLEAR that many MANY "inside the Beltway folks" KNOW that there are RENEGADE elements in the CIA and FBI and at State who use leaks (and other nefarious methods) to try to HIJACK the elected adminstration and pursue THEIR OWN POLICIES! IT IS HORRIBLE BUT TRUE!

I think there's never any HOOPLA or HULLABALOO or HEADLINE about Dem/Left leaks because the MSM LIKES those leaks - and those leakers!

UPDATE: John Hinderaker of POWERLINE has a report on this at THE DAILY STANDARD. EXCERPT:
THE CIA'S WAR against the Bush administration is one of the great untold stories of the past three years. It is, perhaps, the agency's most successful covert action of recent times.
RTWT. Now.


Dr. Sanity has a brilliant post up analyzing the basic "anti-Iraq War" position of most leftists. IT IS A MUST READ!

Failure to appreciate the liberation of millions of men, women and children, who for the first time in generations have the potential to live their lives in freedom is an incredible denial of what the Left has always claimed to stand for (is "liberation of the oppressed" one of their memes?). The proponents of doom and gloom would maintain that it is Bush who is in denial (or people like me). How does one tell who is correct when both are claiming the other side is in denial?

I once saw a remarkable patient with arelatively rare neurological diagnosis. He had suffered a stroke and now did not acknowledge that the left side of his body was physically a part of him. It was an astonishing conversation our team had with him. "Is this your arm," the neurologist would ask him, pointing to the patient's left arm. "No, it's not mine," would be the reply. The neurologist would then take the man's arm and show him how it was connected with the rest of his body. The man would watch this, then shake his head and emphatically tell us, "No! I see that it is connected. Someone must have connected it when I wasn't looking. But it isn't my arm."

The evidence that it was his arm was before him. Because of physical damage to his brain, this gentleman was never able to be convinced that the arm on the left side of his body belonged to him. Likewise, in the case of psychological denial, the individual is also not swayed by repeated attempts to point out the obvious.
She then goes on to show the Left how the Iraq War is NOT at all what the Left claims - IN OTHER WORDS: how their arms are connected to their bodies!


As a former Lefty, I feel that the real reason most current Lefties are in DEEP denial is because their ENTIRE ideology has been UTTERLY discredited. They must put their finger in each and every hole in the dike, so-to-speak. And Iraq is just one little hole in the dike.

It's not only that - in spite of their RAVINGS and obvious mendacity - the Iraq War was and remains a just war, but that: welfare as we knew it was ended - successfully; the USSR fell; reaganism and Thatcherism produced growth and jobs and prosperity; free trade hasn't caused a giant sucking sound ANYWHERE; tax-cuts didn't bring on a great depression (contrary to the ravings of Krugman!); the population explosion did not cause mass starvation, etc. etc. etc. and so forth and so on.

For the Leftie holdouts, admitting they were wrong on ANY ONE of these issues threatens to bring down the ENTIRE obsolete edifice that is Leftism. And that's why I think their reactions are so wacky and extreme - as in BUSHITLER/ASHKKROFT/Blood for Oil, etc.

Their hysterical histrionics are so hyperbolic because they're not just defending one foreign policy position; they're defending their mistaken committment to Leftism.


Abbas suspended the priamry because there were violent interruptions of the primary in Gaza yesterday, and now thee are reports of rampant abuse and fraud.

I suspect that Abbas is REALLY doing this because he was afraid that convicted murderer and terrorist - now serving time in an Israeli prison, Marwan Barghouti - was going to win.

I have a sugeestion for Abbas. There's an easier way to certify a fraudulant election which guarantees you win: just hire JIMMY CARTER! He helped Chavez stay in power; he could do the same for you!




Islamofascist jihadoterrorists have suicide-bombed two Bangladesh cities killing and critically injuring dozens of innocent people. I guess because the jihadoterrorists attacked them because bengladeshis are Jews!? NOPE. Because they support Israel?! NOPE. Have troops in Iraq?! NOPE. Hmmmmmmm... could it be that the islamofascists are waging an offensive GLOBAL JIHAD - JUST LIKE THEY SAY THEY ARE!? YUP. Who will the jihadoterrorists have to blow up to get the Left to accept that this IS WW4 and make them realize that they must unambiguously join OUR side!? I shudder to think...


Ex-Powell aide is back again, criticizing the Bush Administration. TODAY... he's whining about detainee policy. WASHPOST/AP:
In an Associated Press interview, former Powell chief of staff Lawrence Wilkerson also said President Bush was "too aloof, too distant from the details" of postwar planning. Underlings exploited Bush's detachment and made poor decisions, Wilkerson said. ... Wilkerson blamed Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and like-minded aides. ...


... Wilkerson, who left government with Powell in January, said he is now somewhat estranged from his former boss. He worked for Powell for 16 years. Wilkerson became a surprise critic of the Iraq war-planning effort and other administration decisions this fall, and he has said his Powell did not put him up to it. ... On Iraq, Wilkerson said Powell ... was convinced by then-CIA Director George Tenet and others that the intelligence behind the push toward war was sound.

... Wilkerson also said he did not disclose to Bob Woodward that administration critic Joseph Wilson's wife worked for the CIA, joining the growing list of past and current Bush administration officials who have denied being the Washington Post reporter's source.

This is the FOURTH time in recent months that Wilkerson has gone out of his way to be critical of Bush. More HERE and HERE and HERE on those instances. Like Michael Scheuer, Joe Wilson, Cindy Sheehan, George Galloway, Jim Moran, David Duke, and Ray McGovern- Wilkerson blames the Iraq War on NEOCON efforts to protect Israel, and asserts that the war was not in America's interest. These days, when you scratch a dove you find an anti-Semite. (And often a wacky wacky anti-Semite who in addItion to believing that Bush is in Ariel Sharon's pocket, ALSO believes that Bush is a puppet of the House of Saud!) Their anti-Semitism proves that they really aren't pacifists or anti-war; but for the other side. They would ALL sacrifice Israel as Chamberlain did the Sudatenland. In a heartbeat. And of course, by calling for withdrawal from Iraq, they prove they would abandon Iraq the same way, too. Just as they did South Vietnam and the Contras. (More HERE.)

Monday, November 28, 2005


The European Union's top justice official has warned that any EU state found to have hosted a secret CIA jail could have its voting rights suspended. Franco Frattini said the consequences would be "extremely serious" if reports of such prisons turned out to be true. This comes amid an EU investigation into claims the US secret service ran clandestine jails in eastern Europe. In the case of Romania, a senior Euro MP has questioned whether its accession to the EU should go ahead as planned. The US has refused to confirm or deny the reports of secret jails, which surfaced in the US earlier this month.

This is further proof that the LEAKER of this info (someone at the CIA) and the PUBLISHER of the leak (Dana Priest and the Wash Post) - and the EU - are anti-American and anti-Victory. Of course, they just think they're anti-Bush, and think they know better than everyone else what's really in our national interest and the interest of the Free World.

The sad fact is: the ONLY people aided by the leak (and by threats such as this one) are the islamofascists. Which makes the leakers TRAITORS, and the EU(SSR) an ally of our enemy. The leakers and this EU clown are so anti-Bush that they'd rather help the enemy than help Bush defeat the enemy. Funny: Almost all of them - EVERYWHERE- are on the Left. Hmm...

More coverage HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.


YUP: that vaunted/feared/mythical "angry Arab Street" ERUPTED IN FLAMES... er um in Najaf, Iraq - and they're protesting against SADDAM! And they had more people show up then Cindy did in Crawford. If you don't count Cindy'd cheerleaders in the press! Which is why the pro-democracy anti-Saddam rally got less coverage in the MSM.


The Doctor is in.


"Dozens of war protesters packed up their tents and left their campsite in a field near President Bush's ranch Sunday, vowing to return during Easter for a third vigil if U.S. troops are still in Iraq. The weeklong protest, which coincided with Bush's Thanksgiving holiday visit to his ranch, drew about 200 people."
Weeklong TOTAL = 200 people. Today's finale = dozens. Wow: Some anti-war movement! This here little PRO-WAR blog you're reading got 100 times more traffic that in the same period.

MORE IMPORTANTLY: MORE IRAQIS WERE INJURED AND KILLED DEFENDING THEIR FLEDGLING DEMOCRACY DURING THE SAME PERIOD. God Bless Them All. They were patriots; Cindy and her gang of morale-busting enemy-appeasing anti-Semites are not.


WASH POST: The CIA now has its own bloggers.
In a bow to the rise of Internet-era secrets hidden in plain view, the agency has started hosting Web logs with the latest information on topics including North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il's public visit to a military installation (his 38th this year) and the Burmese media's silence on a ministry reshuffling. It even has a blog on blogs, dedicated to cracking the code of what useful information can be gleaned from the rapidly expanding milieu of online journals and weird electronic memorabilia warehoused on the Net.

The blogs are posted on an unclassified, government-wide Web site, part of a rechristened CIA office for monitoring, translating and analyzing publicly available information called the DNI Open Source Center. The center, which officially debuted this month under the aegis of the new director for national intelligence, marks the latest wave of reorganization to come out of the recommendations of several commissions that analyzed the failures of intelligence collection related to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

By adding the new center, "they've changed the strategic visibility," said Douglas Naquin, a CIA veteran named to direct the center. "All of a sudden open source is at the table." But, in an interview last week at CIA headquarters, he added that "managing the world's unclassified knowledge ... (is) much bigger than any one organization can do."
This outfit might help: The cumulative blogosphere has more info and is bigger and more talented and more knowledgeable than any one single organization. It might evolve into an out-sourced/open-sourced version of ABLE DANGER. Let's hope so...

BTW: an earlier press release form the NCI annoucing this re-organization DID NOT MENTION BLOGS.


Drilling deep into Antarctic ice, scientists have extended Earth's climate history by another 210,000 years. The new results, they say, drive home two key points: (1) Today's atmosphere holds concentrations of carbon dioxide significantly higher than at any time in the last 650,000 years; (2) The rise and fall in temperatures track the rise and fall in carbon-dioxide levels as tightly during this additional period as they have over the past 440,000 years.

The results add "another piece of information showing that the time scales on which humans have changed the composition of the atmosphere are extremely short compared to the natural time cycles of the climate system," notes Thomas Stocker, a researcher at the University of Bern in Switzerland and a member of the research team reporting the results. The most telling result, he adds, is the relationship between long-term CO2 trends and long-term temperature trends. Dr. Brook, with Oregon State University in Corvallis, explains that in these latest results,
the warm periods between glacial deep freezes are cooler than those over the past 440,000 years. Yet the virtual lockstep pattern as temperatures and CO2 levels rise and fall, seen in previous ice cores, holds even for these more-modest swings in global climate.

"It's really striking. The link between temperatures and greenhouse gases is tight," he says. ... in addition to carbon dioxide, the cores also contain information on methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, and nitrous oxide. In a separate study from the same cores, the rise and fall of methane also tracked closely with that of CO2 and temperatures. Both sets of results appear in Friday's edition of the journal Science. The triggers for the changes in gas concentrations remain a mystery, Brook acknowledges. They tend to lag the temperature record by some 800 to 1,000 years.

Some have argued that this gap rules out a connection between rising CO2 and the warming climate. But Brook explains that the gap most likely signals a "positive feedback" in the climate system. In short, warmth begets more CO2 in the atmosphere. This raises temperatures further, which leads to more CO2 released into the air. The shift between these glacial periods and warm "interglacial" periods has been linked to long-term changes in Earth's tilt as it orbits the sun.
CLIMATE CHANGES ARE REGULAR AND GO BACK AT LEAST 650,000 YEARS, AND ARE LINKED TO CHANGES IN THE EARTH'S ORBIT. And, er... um I don't want to rub it in but, there were NO SUVS around 650,000 years ago. SO... all you Left-wing enviro-nuts who think global warming is man-made and that will cause a HORRIFIC and AVOIDABLE enviromental catstrophe if we don't do something drastic - NOW! - should shut the ef up because this study proves once again that MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING IS ALL BUNK!

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Jacques Chirac's presidency hit a new low yesterday when a poll revealed that most voters think he now has little or no influence over events at home or abroad. Of those polled, 72 per cent regarded the influence of their president - who turns 73 tomorrow - over what happens in France as "weak". Two thirds said his clout on the world stage was feeble, while only 36 per cent thought he held any significant sway over European politics. Condemnation came from all age groups and corners of France. Women were slightly less critical.

The poll, conducted for Le Parisien newspaper by the CSA institute, was all the more humiliating in that the opinion of supporters of Mr Chirac's conservative ruling UMP party was scarcely more favourable than those of voters on the Left. Only 43 per cent of UMP voters thought he still had a leading role to play in France.
I predict that Chirac will resign between Christmas and New Years Day. He's probably trying right now to work out a deal with Villepin and the socialists for a blanket clemency arrangement so he won't be hauled off to jail for his innumerable crimes as mayor of Paris; (as president he has immunity from charges, but that evaporates the second he resigns). I'd say "WHO CARES, AND GOOD RIDDANCE!" as long as he exits TOUT SUITE! [NOTE" De Gaulle RESIGNED, so there is ample precedent and 'good company" for Chirac.]




Sunday reading (hat tip RCP):

Former USNEWS columnist John Leo (excerpt):
Can it be that many national reporters are so afflicted by Bush hatred that they can't let go long enough to report stories straight? Could be. Consider the entire backward-looking thrust of so much reportage, focusing sharply on what happened in 2002 and 2003, less on the stake we have in prevailing in Iraq. If we lose in Iraq, it will be the first great victory for global jihad, with tremendous consequences for the United States. Can the media get over their obsession with Bush and focus on that?
WSJ (excerpt):
We are winning, and winning decisively, in Iraq and the Middle East. We defeated Saddam Hussein's army in just a few weeks. None of the disasters that many feared would follow our invasion occurred. Our troops did not have to fight door to door to take Baghdad. The Iraqi oil fields were not set on fire. There was no civil war between the Sunnis and the Shiites. There was no grave humanitarian crisis.

Saddam Hussein was captured and is awaiting trial. His two murderous sons are dead. Most of the leading members of Saddam's regime have been captured or killed. After our easy military victory, we found ourselves inadequately prepared to defeat the terrorist insurgents, but now we are prevailing. Iraq has held free elections in which millions of people voted. A new, democratic constitution has been adopted that contains an extensive bill of rights. Discrimination on the basis of sex, religion or politics is banned. Soon the Iraqis will be electing their first parliament. An independent judiciary exists, almost all public schools are open...
Fareed Zakaria, Newsweek:
Panic Is Not the Solution - Many Democrats are understandably enraged over Iraq. But in responding in equally partisan fashion, they could well precipitate a tragedy. .... the paramount question right now should not be "What did we do about Iraq three years ago?" It should be "What should we do about Iraq today?" And on this topic, the administration has finally been providing some smart answers. ... Najaf and Mosul are now patrolled entirely by Iraqi Army forces. Even Kirkuk, which is politically sensitive, has fewer American troops in it than it did six months ago. This trend could accelerate, which would mean that three or four brigades could be withdrawn in the next year.
Hezbollah will keep trying to abduct Israeli soldiers to use them as bargaining chips to secure the release of prisoners from Israeli jails, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, the organization's secretary-general, said in Lebanon on Friday.

Nasrallah was speaking at a rally in memory of three of the group's fighters who were killed by the Israel Defense Forces last Monday. "It is our natural right to capture Israeli soldiers," Nasrallah said during the rally in the Hezbollah stronghold of south Beirut. "Indeed, it is our duty to do that." ... "It is not a shame, a crime or a terrorist act. It is our right and our duty which one day we might fulfill," he told thousands of supporters chanting "Death to Israel," and "Death to America."
The Washington Post reported Wednesday that Pentagon officials are talking about a reduction in the number of U.S. forces in Iraq early next year. Some would be kept on call in Kuwait. If political and security progress is made in Iraq, American troop levels could drop to fewer than 100,000, from the current 150,000-plus, by the end of 2006. The Post reported that the Pentagon has set a series of "decision points" to consider troop cuts next year.

Iraq will one day stand on its own. That process is under way. Some 200,000 Iraqi personnel have been trained by U.S. forces, including some 84,000 police officers. Iraq troops have been shouldering increasing responsibility in some areas, with U.S. forces playing a supporting role. The U.S. will leave when Iraqis are able to defend themselves against the terrorists who would sabotage the country's future. No one wants the troops there any longer than necessary.
What I find interesting about this selection is that many of the Bush critics admit that things are going okay there and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Even TIME magazine's Joe Klein is skeptical of the Left's "RUSH FOR THE EXIT": Joe Klein frames the debate this way: "
The most passionate discussions in Washington last week were about the past—whether the President intentionally misled the country into war—not the future. They are a waste of time. Two questions need to be addressed. Will an American withdrawal from Iraq create more or less stability in the Middle East? Will a withdrawal increase or decrease the threat of another terrorist attack at home? It does not matter whether you believe the war is right or wrong. If the answers to those questions are less stability and an empowered al-Qaida, we'd better think twice about slipping down this dangerous path."
I don't think Bush will take us down that dangerous path, the path which the Dem/Left Doves (who now control the party, again) would prefer - the path they took us down in 1975 when they abandoned the South Vietnamese government and the Vietnamese people. Thank God we have a president who won't abandon a fledgling democracy and a new ally. And thank God we have a president who will soon leverage our victory in Iraq into new victories over the islamothugs in Syria and Iran - and their jihadoterrorist stooges in southern Lebanon and Gaza and the West Bank, and in Kashmir, Indonesia, the Phillipines, Afghanistan, Jordan, etc. etc. etc. ... NO END BUT VICTORY!

WAKE UP CALL FOR PUTIN: Iran is training Chechen Jihadoterrorists

UK TELEGRAPH (hat tip Jihad Watch):
Iran is secretly training Chechen rebels in sophisticated terror techniques to enable them to carry out more effective attacks against Russian forces, the Sunday Telegraph can reveal. Teams of Chechen fighters are being trained at the Revolutionary Guards' Imam Ali training camp, located close to Tajrish Square in Teheran, according to Western intelligence reports.

In addition to receiving training in the latest terror techniques, the Chechen volunteers undergo ideological and political instruction by hardline Iranian mullahs at Qom. The disclosure that Iran is training Chechen rebels will not go down well in Moscow, which regards itself as a close ally of the Iranian regime. Russia has sided with Iran in the diplomatic stand-off over Teheran's controversial nuclear programme.
YO, POOTY-TOOT: It's long-passed time to wake up and smell the Jihad! Time to stop coddling Iran!


I had breakfast with a Leftie this morning. She knows my views so she tried to keep the conversation to non-political things - to avoid a confrontation. So, she brought up a new book she is reading about colonialization called 1491 - by a journalist, not a Meso-American historian or anthropologist.

I mention the author's credentials because I've had a life-long fascination with Meso-America; I selected my undergraduate school based on their Meso-American studies program -- Tulane University in New Orleans, home of the first institute devoted to studying the region: The Middle American Research Institute - founded in 1919 -- and I earned my undergraduate degree with a double major in Anthropology and Philosophy and a minor in History, and was a member of the History Honors Society. So the credentials of an author in this field is something I think is critical. And since the author of this book is NOT a credentialed historian, I was immediately skeptical. I WAS RIGHT O BE...

What this Leftie found so earth-shatteringly astounding and important about this book was that the author had related that the Meso-American peoples were REALLY subjugated because of their lack of immunity to European diseases, and that they were not literally conquered by the Spaniards

She was amazed to learn from reading this book that the Aztec "nation" has a huge population and well-developed agriculture and economy. That's true: In fact, Tenochtitlan (site of Mexico City) was a bigger city than any in all of Europe at the time.

She felt that the Conquistadors had vanquished a great culture and destroyed great temples and destroyed a great religion.

This is HOGWASH. I told her that. And that the Aztecs were in fact brought down by use of violence; they were literally CONQUERED by a superior Eurpoean military command which used superior technology and tactics and which successfully marshalled the forces of most of the other tribes which had previously been subjugated by the horrifically violent and brutal Aztecs. These other tribes were happy ally themselves to the Conquistadors because the Conquistadors would free them from the yoke of the Aztecs.

Also, the fact is that the "native religion" which this Leftie so thoroughly defended - as she so thoroughly attacked the West for destroying it - practiced massive human sacrifice, and genocide ROUTINELY. By destoying this religion the Conquisadors were LIBERATING the Meso-American peoples from a horrifyingly inhumane and superstitious creed. THAT'S A GOOD THING. And they were then converted to Christianity, and brought into the Roman Catholic Church. ALSO A GOOD THING.

The native peoples of Meso-America are VASTLY better off because they no longer worship the pagan gods of the Aztecs (et al) and no longer worship by ritually sacrificng thousands and thousands and thousands of their fellow human beings each year.

Naturally, when I said this to her she was INCENSED! HOW DARE I DEFEND THE DESTRUCTION OF A NATIVE CULTURE AND COLONIALIZATION! Of course she would react this way: post-modern Leftism prizes non-Western "indigenous-ness" above all else - EVEN IF THE INDIGENOUS CULTURE PRACTICES RITUAL GENOCIDE!

By the way: This VERY SAME LEFTIE (an intelligent woman, mind you - but one obviously indoctrinated by the Left) had two weeks earlier - at a dinner - cast a slur against the Roman Catholic Church by proffering that the RC Church wanted to force everyone who might be suffering a slow death due to incurable illness to stay on respirators and be force-fed
rather than to choose a natural death.

I countered her by saying that IN FACT, the Church had no such rules, that Catholics are permitted to refuse medical attention and food, and that in fact, Pope JPII had turned down both food and medical attention. She countered that Catholic Church has one set of rules for the priests and another for the stupid flock. At which point I told her that what she was saying was an ignorant bigotted slur. Which it is.
She was incensed.

Gosh golly gee whiz - it's really astounding: Liberals (post modern leftists) really have no idea how biggoted they are. They routinely say things like: Iraqis are not capable of democracy; and that blacks need affirmative action to get ahead; and that the Pope and devout Catholics are hypocritical dictators - and yet BECAUSE THEY ARE USUALLY AMONGST THEMSELVES, they are never called out on it.

Well, I USED TO BE a Lefty, and I'm often still in earshot of their biggoted blather AND I CALL THEM OUT ON IT. Whenever a lib says somethings biggoted, I tell them so. And when I do, I feel that I AM SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER.

Do they change? I dunno. But this "shock therapy" is, I believe, the first step. It can jolt them, make them question the belief system they have been carrying around the last few decades. Then they have a chance to discover that the liberal stuff they've been raised on is pure BS. That it's racist, isolationist, socialist BS which has NEVER liberated a single country or increased prosperity of a single nation.

On the contrary, Leftism has actually only spread: poverty - because it stifles creativity and the free excange of goods, services and ideas (domestically and internationally); and dependency on the State - by over regulating industries and markets, and by enforcing equal outcomes; and willful ignorance (through censorship).

AND ANOTHER THING: this whole experience reinforces in me the fact that the GWOT is a war fought on many fronts; some are abroad (in places like the Phillipines, Kashmir; Pakistan; Afghanistan; Iraq; Jordan; Lebanon; Israel; Morrocco; Algeria; Turkey; Georgia; Chechnya; Russia; Serbia; and Paris - to name just a few). But there is a domestic front, too: The GWOT is also fought on the home-front - by fighting the Leftists, the Fifth Column who seek to destroy the West from within.


I went to a party tonight in upstate NY. It was filled with old friends - Leftist/anti-Bush/anti-Iraq war old friends. Almost all of them believe that the Iraq War is going badly and that it was a huge blunder. They believe this because this is all they read in the NYTIMES and the New Yorker and see on CNN.

Based on my reading of their current mind-set (which shows no signs of changing - not now, and not in the last 30 years!), I predict that on the day when we have withdrawn our last combat troops from the democratic republic of Iraq (probably in the first half of 2007) that the Left and the MSM they still dominate, (and al Jazeera) - will declare that Bush and the neo-cons were DEFEATED and that this defeat was a good a well-deserved chastisement of "pax Americana."

The Left will declare that this was a defeat for the HAWKS and for interventionism and a victory for the DOVES and MULTI-LATERALISM, IN SPITE of the fact that we will probably leave behind the first fully functioning constitutional Islamic democracy in the Middle East, a democracy which can defend itself and will be defending itself from the ongoing assaults of islamoterrorists.

[ONE LEFTY PARTY-GOER - a talented artist (moving to PARIS!) said he felt that the USA shouldn't ever even try export democracy to Iraq because it's foreign to the Iraqi culture. He said this IGNORANT of the FACT that 40% of the Iraqis have been practicing democracy effectively for NINE YEARS.... THE KURDS! He said this without the slightest awareness that his utterance (an utterly common one from the Left) is SIMPLY RACIST, and that it bears a striking resemblance to KKK pronouncements that said that blacks were unfit for democracy, and with Nazi pronoucements that said that Slavs and Gypsys were unfit for membership in the Reich and that Jews were unfit for life. The post-modern concept that values are culture-specific and not universal has really entirely POISONED the Left.]

The Left argues that the USA is being utterly defeated in this "blunderous war" in spite of all the ancillary gains we've already made: the withdrawal of Syrian forces from Lebanon, the pacification of Kaddafy, the elections in the Palestinian territories, the liberalizaton of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.

I guess what I'm saying is that I am coming to believe that these folks of the Left are lost causes; after all these people still believe that we were defeated in Vietnam and that THAT defeat was good thing, too.

HOW CAN THEY BELIEVE ALL THIS BS? It's simple: They are habitually misinformed (because all they read is the NYTIMES and the New Yorker - media outlets whose star-reporters, Johnny Apple and Sy Hersh, reported that we were LOSING in Afghanistan and that we could never win!), and because they are "morally relativist cultural relativists" who think, if the USA only stopped policing/bullying the world that the thugs would just go away.

Which makes them as naive and as gullible as the folks who praised Chamberlain when he signed the Munich Agreement with "Herr Hitler."

In other words, the Left is inconvincible when it comes to the practiable goals and real achievements of the GWOT. This is why they're a perrenial Fifth Column, and why they cannot be counted on to support the USA and our allies in the coming tough times ahead.

AND BELIEVE ME: the toughest time are ahead. Just as in WW2 (and most other wars), the closer we get to the end-game the more desperate and brutal our enemies will become; the worst battles are ahead because the worst battles are the ones fought closest to victory. When we engage Syria and Iran and North Korea in end-game battles the Left will attack us in ways that make Cindy Sheehan and Michael Moore seem like Florence Nightingale and and Ernie Pyle.

In my humble opinion, Bush knows that in 2008 - out of fear or exhaustion, or out of plain old electoral cheating (ya know: dead-people voting!) - the Democrats MIGHT win the Congress and/or the White House. And because that is a POSSIBILITY, Bush knows that he has a moral duty to do whatever he can to win the GWOT BEFORE 2008. That's why I think that 2007-2008 will be pivotal years for the GWOT, and very VERY active. Brace yourselves.