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An Algerian recruting Muslims in France for jihad in Syria was thrown out:
France said it had deported on Thursday an Algerian national suspected of recruiting young French Muslims to join the Syrian civil war, the first such case since Paris unveiled a raft of policies to stop its citizens from becoming radicalized.

France, which has been a staunch opponent of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, has made clamping down on violent cells and self-radicalized operators planning attacks in the country a priority since a Toulouse-based al Qaeda-inspired gunman shot dead seven people in March 2012.

But with the Syrian conflict entering its fourth year, the government has come under criticism for failing to stop its nationals - some as young as 15 - from heading to Syria.

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said in a statement that a 37-year-old man who had been a resident in France since 1980 had been sent back to Algeria on Thursday morning.

The man had been close to radical Islamist groups implicated in the recruitment of individuals to join jihadist networks in Afghanistan and Syria, Cazeneuve said.

"This jihadist was arrested by Turkish authorities in a bus taking a group to Syria," he said. "Having been returned to French authorities by Turkey, he was ... immediately deported."

Cazeneuve unveiled some 20 measures in April that ranged from stripping people of French nationality along the lines of new British legislation introduced last year to prevent minors from leaving France without parental consent.
I'm glad they're taking up what Britain's thought of. Maybe they'll even improve upon it, because I'm honestly not sure how serious Britain is about following through. What if they succumb to legal challenges made by Muslim lawfarers in their courts?


A young lady in Afula was murdered, and police have acknowledged this was the work of the jihad machine:
A young Jewish woman whose body was found in northern Israel may have been killed by terrorists, police said.

Shelly Dadon, 20, who left her home in Afula on Thursday for a job interview in Migdal Ha’emek, was found dead in that city’s industrial zone later that day, Army Radio reported Friday.

A senior police officer told Radio Kol Rega, a regional station, that “detectives found evidence which led them to focus on nationalistic motives,” using police jargon for terrorist attacks. "This is a complex murder and we certainly do not rule out other leads," said the officer, Moshe Cohen, commander of the Police’s northern regional division.
I hope they're going to pursue this case seriously.

Thursday, May 01, 2014


The Subway business's chains in Britain are following the government and other dhimmis into the darkness by adopting sharia to their food development:
Sandwich chain Subway has defended changing the contents of some products in line with demands by Muslims for meat to comply with sharia law.

Sandwiches at 185 Subway outlets in Britain and Ireland no longer come with ham or bacon as the pig is regarded as unclean in Islam.

The pork has been replaced by turkey in a move the company hopes will avoid offending Muslim customers. Turkey is halal, or clean, to Muslims.

Subway outlets adopting the new policy will display a window sticker reading: "All meats are halah."

[...] "All halal Subway stores have numerous signs stating that they serve halal food. These are situated on the menu panels, nutritional information and in the front window of the store."

The US-based firm said it was responding to community requests. "The diverse multicultural population across the UK and Ireland means we have to balance the values of many religious communities with the overall aim of improving the health and welfare standards of animals," said a spokesperson.
So even in Ireland, it's become this bad. Yet another major business sacrifices morale for the sake of moneymaking at all costs. I haven't eaten at Subway in a long time (I don't think they even operate in Israel anymore), and maybe a boycott of their chains is in order now.


Israel HaYom's been fighting back against the shocking bill that would require it to be a paid newspaper, including a Facebook campaign that's gotten a lot of support. Not only that, even Alan Dershowitz has chimed in on their behalf, and makes points like this:
Newspapers must stand or fall on their ability to attract readers, advertisers and, if necessary, contributors. The heavy thumb of government support must be kept off the scale. This bill is simply a back-door way of providing financial support to newspapers that charge their readerships by prohibiting their competitors from obtaining a competitive advantage by not charging. Freedom of the press includes the right to break into an established market by subsidizing the cost of publication and to remain in the market by continuing that practice. It also protects the right of a business person to operate under a business model in which revenue is a function of advertising rather than of direct payment for the product. The government should have no right to tell the publisher of a newspaper how best to compete, how to maximize his political impact, how to earn a profit, how to increase circulation or how to run his or her business.
And indeed, a business owner cannot be forced to take money when that's not his intention. In fact, if need be, I'd suggest Sheldon Adelson take the matter to court to ensure his ability to prevent government interference.

The most alarming thing about this mess is how even right-wing politicians like Naftali Bennett would lend themselves to something that could prove a disaster for their own side in the future. Based on which, will he think wisely and back off this offensive maneuver of his?

Gonen Ginat's also spoken out against Yediot Achronot's owner Noni Mozes for engineering this mess on his part, and professor Aviad Hacohen's added his voice to the list of objectors to this bill whose right-wing supporters are only making themselves look bad, and could easily jeopardize their electoral chances. He says:
The bill currently being deliberated by the Knesset is particularly damaging because of its scope and because of the powers it grants the government. This is a law that is well beyond what is currently on the books. It is not just about news items that could occasionally be embargoed by the Israeli Military Censor, nor does it address libelous publications and potential remedies. We are talking about wide-scale, preemptive media blackouts.
In other words, they're doing the exact opposite of what most conservatives consider harmful - they're endorsing huge government. They'd do well to quit now, and also to apologize to the public they're disrespecting for their part in this offensive assault on free speech and business.


Well, it's happened: Brunei is now officially shrouded in blackness:
The sultan of oil-rich Brunei has announced the introduction of tough Islamic criminal punishments, pushing ahead with plans that have sparked international condemnation and rare domestic criticism of the fabulously wealthy ruler.

"With faith and gratitude to Allah the almighty, I declare that tomorrow, Thursday 1 May 2014, will see the enforcement of sharia law phase one, to be followed by the other phases," the absolute monarch said in a royal decree on Wednesday.

Plans for the sharia penalties – which will eventually include flogging, severing of limbs and death by stoning – triggered condemnation on social media sites in the tiny sultanate earlier this year.

Confusion has swirled around implementation of the punishments following the unexplained postponement of an expected 22 April start date that raised questions over whether the Muslim monarch was hesitating.

But 67-year-old Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah – one of the world's wealthiest men – said in his decree that the move was "a must" under Islam, dismissing "never-ending theories" that sharia punishments were cruel in comments clearly aimed at detractors.

"Theory states that Allah's law is cruel and unfair but Allah himself has said that his law is indeed fair," he said.
Reality states this, not "allah". Now, this tiny country that's rich from oil will become even tinier in terms of population, as the dissenting residents either try to flee elsewhere or perish at the hands of this savage. This is a pure disaster.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


A writer for the Daily Beast who may be Muslim named Dean Obeidallah has written a hit piece against the lady whose brother was murdered in the 9-11 jihad, because he despises her possible support for the documentary video to be screened at the memorial museum:
What’s behind the museum’s actions? A theory advanced by Gudaitis is that Debra Burlingame, one of the 11 members of the museum’s program board, which decides content, has espoused anti-Muslim views. As a result, according to Gudaitis’s theory, she may not be objective about content decisions and might be influencing museum officials in a negative way. (That view was also expressed by another person involved who requested anonymity.)

Burlingame is the sister of Charles Burlingame, the pilot of the American Airlines flight that crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11, killing all aboard. My research found that her past comments about Islam have been troubling, to say the least. In 2010, she issued a press release denouncing President Obama’s support of the “Ground Zero Mosque.” That place of worship, she claimed, would spread Sharia law across the United States, leading to the “subjugation of all free people, including secular Muslims who come to this country fleeing that medieval ideology, which destroys lives and crushes the human spirit.”

Burlingame also recently wrote a letter attacking the Liam Neeson film Non-Stop because the hijacker in the film is a military combat veteran and “worse, the flight’s quiet hero who comes to the aid of the protagonist, thereby saving the day, is a Muslim doctor.”

These are just a small sample of the type of statements Burlingame has made. I twice reached out to her for comment via the email address on her organization’s Web site. Her colleague did respond on Sunday, saying he would forward her my email, but she still has not answered me. I also asked the museum whether Burlingame had any input in “The Rise of Al Qaeda,” but officials did not respond to two requests for comment on the issue.
What if he didn't send her anything? His attack on her positions is offensive, and shows that there are vicious leftists and other people out there who hold very hateful views of the relatives of 9-11, and have no interest in positing a serious defense of Islam and the Koran. And the writer refuses to mention that the movie Burlingame took offense at depicts the relative of a 9-11 victim committing an act of terrorism while a Muslim character is depicted sympathetically all along. One of the commenters says:
Wow, I just read the link to Burlingame's former comments. You really botched this. Dishonest piece. I support the truth. Museum doing the right thing. It doesn't have a "Muslim problem." Muslims have a jihad problem. They need to stand up and be more vocal against the extremists in their midst.
And another says:
"Burlingame also recently wrote a letter attacking the Liam Neeson film Non-Stop because the hijacker in the film is a military combat veteran..." Obeidallah left out a critical piece. If you go to the link he provided, Burlingame wrote about not only the hijacking terrorist to be a military combat vet, but also a 9-11 family member. The former #2 now #1 Al Qaeda leader Zawahiri is an Egyptian doctor. Pretty warped inversion and very insensitive to the victims of 9-11 and their families to make a film reversing all the roles. There is no need to make a film that turns 9-11 family member into a terrorist hijacking a plane. They could have done a different story line that did not involve Muslims or 9-11 family members.
And Obeidallah's fine with all that? Disgraceful. I don't think Burlingame needs to answer such a horrific man with no respect for people like her. He owes an apology to 9-11 Families for his crude, disgusting insult to the memories of many fine people who perished in 2001 at the hands of jihad. And the video should be screened as it is at the 9-11 Memorial Museum.


If there's anyone in the political world who isn't fooled by Erdogan's alleged condolence for victims of Turkey's genocide during WW1, it's Armenia:
Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan brushed off Ankara's condolences, accusing Turkey of "utter denial" in failing to recognize the World War I mass killings of Armenians as genocide.

Up to 1.5 million people died in the massacre, and many consider it the first genocide of the 20th century. Armenia wants Turkey to recognize it as genocide, but Ankara has categorically rejected the term, insisting instead that up to 500,000 Armenians died as a result of fighting and starvation during World War I. [...]

Leading members of Armenia's diaspora have accused Erdogan of being more interested in seeking to derail recognition of the Armenian genocide than wanting cordial relations.
As noted before, it's pretty obvious Erdogan isn't interested in genuine recognition of the past sins committed by his Islamofascist predecessors, and doubled back on the signs he doesn't mean what he says. So Armenia's politicians and residents are right to be wary and reject Erdogan's double-talk.


Paul Weston, a political candidate in the UK, was arrested for quoting Winston Churchill:
A candidate in the European elections was arrested on suspicion of racial harrassment after quoting a passage about Islam, written by Winston Churchill, during a campaign speech.

Paul Weston, chairman of the party Liberty GB, made the address on the steps of Winchester Guildhall, in Hampshire on Saturday.

A member of the public took offence at the quote, taken from Churchill's The River War and called police.
Presumably a Muslim, and definitely somebody who counted on police complying with full eagerness to imprison somebody for a thoughtcrime.
The passage from the book, written by the wartime Prime Minister and first published in 1899, focuses on Churchill's observations about Islam while serving during the Anglo-Egyptian reconquest of the Sudan.

Mr Weston told his audience: 'Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.

'Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the faith: all know how to die but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it.

'No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith.'

Police officers arrested Mr Weston, mid-speech, for failing to comply with their request to move on under the powers of a dispersal order made against him.

He was further arrested on suspicion of religious or racial harrassment.
And they have nothing better to do but commit free speech advocate harrassment. This has long become the norm in Britain. I hope Weston gets elected to European parliament by people who recognize this atrocity for what it is, but who knows if they will?


Kerry said he sees Israel's future as apartheid, causing another justified outrage and uproar. Caroline Glick says what he did was an anti-semitic act:
Anti-Semitism is not a simple bigotry. It is a complex neurosis. It involves assigning malign intent to Jews where none exists on the one hand, and rejecting reason as a basis for understanding the world and operating within it on the other hand.

John Kerry’s recent use of the term “Apartheid” in reference to Israel’s future was an anti-Semitic act.

In remarks before the Trilateral Commission a few days after PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas signed a unity deal with the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror groups, Kerry said that if Israel doesn’t cut a deal with the Palestinians soon, it will either cease to be a Jewish state or it will become “an apartheid state.”

Leave aside the fact that Kerry’s scenarios are based on phony demographic data. As I demonstrate in my book The Israeli Solution: A One-State Plan for Peace in the Middle East, Israel will maintain a strong and growing Jewish majority in a “unitary state” that includes the territory within the 1949 armistice lines and Judea and Samaria. But even if Kerry’s fictional data were correct, the only “Apartheid state” that has any chance of emerging is the Palestinian state that Kerry claims Israel’s survival depends on. The Palestinians demand that the territory that would comprise their state must be ethnically cleansed of all Jewish presence before they will agree to accept sovereign responsibility for it.
Kerry's allegedly apologized, but it's no use, he's already proven himself too pathetic and unable to keep himself from making more tongue slips to really care. If he's really repentant, then he'll do what various others have called for and resign as state secretary.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Here's a report about someone in the Muslim community, of all places, who's running a Holocaust memorial center aimed at the local population, though as expected, it doesn't seem to get any visitors:
Khaled Kasab Mahameed, the Arab Israeli lawyer who founded an Arab Holocaust museum, said that for there to be a chance for peace, his compatriots need to learn about the terrible history.

“This is the first thing that is needed – to teach the Holocaust to Arabs. All the other things are less important, this is stronger than anything else that can be done, including actions by the army,” he said.

Mahameed is a Muslim lawyer from Umm el-Fahm.

He runs a Holocaust museum called the Arab Institute for Holocaust Research and Education out of his office in Nazareth.

Mahameed told The Jerusalem Post in an interview for Holocaust Remembrance Day that he lectures in the Israeli Arab sector as well as in the West Bank.

But, he adds, “nobody wants to come.”

The institute has raised the ire of fellow Arabs who ask him why he does not create an institute in the memory of Palestinian victims.
That's simple. As Newt Gingrich said, there's no such thing as a palestinian Arabic people, and they weren't victims during 1948 either. They were aggressors who couldn't come to terms with defeat by Israel.
It is necessary for Palestinians to understand how people in the West and Jewish Israelis view the Holocaust and how it affects their opinions about the peace process. However, the Palestinian side denies it, he said.

Asked if the Israeli government is interested in cooperating with him to teach Arabs about the Holocaust, Mahameed reacted dismissively, saying it had no interest in such an endeavor.
If he's being honest, then it's dismay the Israeli government's not investing in efforts to get local Arabs/Muslims to learn about the Holocaust for real.
Regarding the remarks by Palestinian President Mahoud Abbas on Sunday, in which he called the Holocaust “the most heinous crime” against humanity in modern times, Mahameed said it is because of his work that Palestinian politicians have begun to speak out in such a way about the Holocaust.

United Arab List-Ta’al MK Ahmed Tibi, gave a speech in 2010 in the Knesset on Holocaust Remembrance Day where he criticized those who deny the Holocaust and showed empathy for its victims. Then Knesset speaker Reuven Rivlin had said it was one of the best speeches ever in the Knesset.

Tibi told the Post that he participates in the Holocaust ceremony in the Knesset every year. “I definitely support and agree with what Abbas said and I scorn some of the reactions in Israel, including the unfair words of [Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu.”
I'm afraid Mahameed's being naive here, or maybe he's trying to take credit when there's nothing to help make it so. Abbas was only using a ploy to midlead the west, and so is Tibi. They should not be taken at face value.

Monday, April 28, 2014


A group of Haredis went to the Temple Mount, setting a good example for a change, and were sadly harassed by the Muslim conquestors:
A group of ultra-Orthodox children, accompanied by a number of adults and two policemen, were harassed by Muslim worshipers on the Temple Mount on Thursday.

The group, comprised of 20 children and 30 adults, visited the Temple Mount, the compound in which the al-Aqsa Mosque is situated, during the visiting hours allotted to non-Muslim visitors, including Jews.

Some of the children were infants. Israeli security forces instructed the adults in the group to take the children inside first. Only four adults were allowed to accompany them.

As soon as they walked up the stairs leading into the compound, the children and adults were heckled by a mob of Muslim men and veiled women. The Muslim worshipers shouted at the group and threw a shoe towards the children, according to Yisrael Fertig, one of the adults accompanying the group.

In footage taken by Fertig during the incident, Muslim worshipers can be seen shouting angrily, gesturing and attempting to reach the ultra-Orthodox group while the children cower and cry in fear, with only Israeli border policemen standing between the two groups and preventing a further escalation. The group was then escorted by security forces out of the compound.

In an interview with the Walla news site Thursday, Fertig said the group, which had come to the Old City from Bnei Brak and ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods in Jerusalem on an organized tour funded by the Haliba organization, had done nothing to provoke the worshipers.

He also called on Israeli security forces to respond more forcefully to threats to the security of civilians at the site, without fearing Jordan’s reaction.
Jordan should not be allowed to dictate any Israeli policy regarding the Temple Mount. This was a very clear show of hatred by the Muslims, yet also a very pathetic demonstration of security by the police, who owe an apology to the group for failing to offer adequate protection.

Update: here's a writer for INN who says poor policing policy is what fuels violence on the Temple Mount.


Censorship in the Islamic world, as seen in the House of Saud:
Saudi Arabia is studying ways to regulate locally-produced YouTube content, including the possibility of requiring government-issued licenses for some users, said an official on Sunday.

Riyadh Najm, the president of The General Authority for Audiovisual Media, said his agency is still trying to figure out which type of YouTube content-producers would be affected and how the government agency would apply new regulations.

"We do not have a clear way yet implement to this," Najm told The Associated Press. "It is not clear who will be asked of this... it is all under study."

YouTube's parent company, Google, said it had no comment on the matter.

The kingdom has taken other steps recently to regulate online media, ordering dozens of Internet news outlets to stop operating for not having the required licenses.

Najm says the aim of studying new regulations is to find ways to better manage the explosion of YouTube content coming out of the kingdom and to ensure users respect the country's conservative Muslim norms. He says his agency, which operates under the Ministry of Culture and Information, is not seeking to stifle online creativity or expression.
Yawn. They are, and won't admit it under the taqqiya approach. Forcing internet sites to get a license to operate is exactly how they're choking off free speech in that horrendous country.
Najm explained that there are "widely accepted" norms in Saudi society against insulting another person or groups of people. Public criticism of the king, for example, is strictly prohibited.

More than a dozen Saudis in the past weeks have posted video statements on YouTube sharply criticizing the royal family and demanding change. At least three of those who appeared in videos have since been arrested, along with seven others connected to the videos, security officials have told the AP.

More recently a Saudi sports journalist was sentenced to three months prison and 50 lashes for defaming presidents of two Saudi soccer clubs on Twitter. He was also banned from Twitter for three months, according to local Saudi state media reports.
It's clear that floggings for even the most trivial of matters are still prevalent in Saudi Arabia, and that's not likely to stop soon.


Anat Livne spoke about the new plans to educate younger children about the Holocaust:
The educational challenge is explaining to the children that we, the adults, also cannot truly comprehend what happened. How do we do this without bruising the child's spirit? How can we use this subject to empower the children instead of depressing and exasperating them?

The way to do it is to speak to them in accordance with their emotional and mental developmental stage. They can learn about children similar to them, but who had to face dramatic hardships. This is how it has been done for 20 years already at "Yad Layeled" at the Ghetto Fighters' House Museum on Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot. The language employed is geared towards children: There is an interactive exhibit to stimulate the senses; the personal story from children's point of view is at the center of the experience; motifs of resourcefulness, coping and rescue are highlighted; children who without preparation were forced to assume adult roles -- becoming responsible for their brothers and sisters or for providing a living for their family. They are introduced to children who were alone but discovered within themselves the strength to persevere. There is a circular room, in the middle of which is a colorful and well-lit exhibit dedicated to the teacher Janusz Korczak -- an island of light in a sea of darkness. Not all of the adults shunned their duties.
While it's a terrifying subject, of course it is vital the younger generations learn about it as much as older ones, and there are ways to work on and run the learning programs. Here's another article on the issue, and one about the memorial service yesterday.


Catholic Online notes that as sharia becomes the dictation of Brunei, Christian practices will be forbidden:
Merely attempting to promote the faith could carry a punishment of five years in prison and a $20,000 fine. With so many Catholics in the country, including 30,000 Filipinos, someone will run afoul of the law.

Baptisms will also be banned.

Schools will only be allowed to teach Islam. No other religion will be discussed and exposing children to other religions can result in harsh penalties.

Sharia law also allows for stoning of those accused of adultery, as well as forced amputations for thieves and other offenders.

The law will be a challenge because the Sultan of Brunei as well as the royal family and others of the upper class, who have gained incredible wealth from oil deals with the West, enjoy lavish lifestyles that includes alcohol-fueled parties and gambling. These will have to be curtailed and kept well-behind closed doors.

Christians will likely be driven underground.
Interesting that the sultan and his family live that kind of luxury, which'll probably still be afforded them, even if in private. But the site's right, that it looks very dark for Christians, and Jews will surely be forbidden to practice their customs in the country too.


As the UK legal system incorporates sharia, they proceed to offer training for lawyers:
High street lawyers are being offered formal training in Islamic Sharia Law by the professional body which represents solicitors, The Sunday Telegraph can disclose.

A new training course being run by the Law Society this summer is described as an “introduction to Islamic Sharia law for small firms”.

Critics said the fact that the Law Society was offering training in Sharia law created the “perception” that it was now “a legal discipline”.

[...] The Sharia Law event at the Law Society’s headquarters on Chancery Lane, central London on June 24 has already sold out.
Indeed they have, and what kind of people attended?
There is increasing concern about by the use of Sharia Law in communities in the UK – last week a campaign called ShariaWatch was launched to monitor its spread.

There were unsubstantiated claims at its launch in the House of Lords that MPs and peers were afraid to speak out about Sharia Law because of the fear of reprisals.

Baroness Cox, a campaigning cross-bench peer who hosted the launch, said the Law Society’s encouragement for Sharia law was “disturbing”.

She said: “While every citizen in this country is free to practice their religion, it is deeply disturbing that an organisation as prestigious as the Law Society appears to be encouraging the implementation of Sharia Law.”

Islamic law was “often inherently discriminatory against women”, including in the way women were treated in divorce and inheritance cases, she said.

Lady Cox added: “Muslim women have claimed they feel ‘betrayed’ by Britain: they came here to escape Sharia law and they find the situation worse here than in the countries they came from.”
If there's any fear of reprisals, the blame can be laid at the feet of any UK politician who condones this monstrosity, for leading to such a situation where you've got potentially violent maniacs in sheep's clothing lurking around corners. And Cox is right, the UK's made women under Islam feel less safe than in the countries they were originally from.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


But the Miami Herald/McClatchy appears to be, though they do note that the prime minister's reminded everyone of the new pact Abbas made with Hamas:
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday issued a statement calling the Holocaust “the most heinous crime” against humanity in modern times and expressing sympathy with families of the victims.

The statement, on the eve of Israel’s observance of Holocaust Remembrance Day, was the first of its kind by a Palestinian leader, and appeared to be part of an effort to reach out to Israelis following a reconciliation deal reached last week between Abbas’s Fatah movement and the militant Islamist group Hamas that prompted Israel to suspend U.S.-brokered peace talks.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismissed Abbas’ declarations, saying that they were meant to “placate international public opinion” after the Palestinian leader had made a pact with Hamas, a group that “denies the Holocaust while trying to create another Holocaust by destroying the state of Israel.”

[...] Hamas spokesmen have drawn a distinction between the positions of the group, which refuses to recognize Israel or renounce violence, and the negotiations with Israel, conducted by Abbas on behalf of the PLO.
If Hamas doesn't recognize Israel, then neither does the PLO, and their embrace is a recognition of what the Hamas stands for. So Abbas's condemnation of the Holocaust is nothing but taqqiya.

Update: Netanyahu also ideally compared Iran's nuclear menace to the nazi menace.