Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Israel government releases an initial report on Hamas' sexual violence

The Israeli government's released a special report investigating the sexual violence committed by the Hamas on October 7, 2023:
Israel released an initial report Wednesday into sexual violence committed by Hamas during the October 7 terror attack.

The report, compiled by the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel (ARCCI), was carefully compiled from eyewitness testimonies and the available forensic evidence. As Breitbart News reported in November, accusations of rape, sexual assault, and other acts of sexual violence were initially difficult to compile because Israeli authorities were focused on stopping the Hamas attack.

However, in the weeks that followed, eyewitnesses began to come forward and to describe sexual violence, much of it deeply sadistic, against both women and men, both during the October 7 attack and against Israeli hostages held by Hamas in Gaza.
What follows in the descriptions is severely graphic, and anybody who overlooks that is not suited to work in political positions, that's for sure. As has been noted, it will be difficult to determine how many of these horrors were committed, but already, it most definitely looks repulsively severe.

Monday, February 19, 2024

An imam in Belgium recited antisemitic verses from the koran at the parliament

In Belgium, which is already long its own hellhole of Islamofascism, an imam at the parliament incited against Israel:
An Imam at the Belgian parliament last week began reciting a verse from the Quran that explicitly calls on Muslims to kill and take Jews captive.

The Quran excerpt is verse 33:26 from the Al-Ahzab Surah (chapter). It translates to, “And He brought down those from the People of the Book who supported the enemy alliance from their own strongholds, and cast horror into their hearts. You ‘believers’ killed some, and took others captive.”

Within the Quran, Jews are referred to as the “People of the Book.”

The event on Tuesday was not organized by the parliament, but rather at the initiative of Hasan Koyuncu, a member of parliament within the socialist party and vice president of the Francophone Parliament in Brussels, along with the Friends Of Brussels Association.

Performance led to widespread condemnations

MP Theo Francken, critical of the organizer of the event, posted on X, formerly Twitter, "This man invited that imam. He is deputy speaker of parliament. Can he stay that way?"

MP Darya Safai recalled her own detention in Tehran, "With the same chants as here in the Brussels parliament, we woke up every morning in the prison of the ayatollahs, were required to pray in our cell with the same words, and at the same time several Iranians were hanged to set an example to others. I managed to escape that prison alive, unlike many others, and it shocks me even more to hear the same thing here in Belgium, 24 years later, in the heart of Western democracy."

Secretary of State of the Brussels Capital region Nawal Ben Hamou left the event during the incident.
Well this is truly disgraceful, but from what I've known about Belgium over the years, it may not be shocking this could occur in such an establishment. If anything, it makes clear the socialist movement is a serious danger, based on their willingness to align with the Religion of Peace, and for all we know, they may even soon convert to it in the near future.

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Unlike ordinary families in Minnesota, Muslim families are allowed to reject LGBT curriculum in schools

Here's another example of how, in far-left states like Minnesota, Muslim families are allowed to opt out of lessons about LGBT ideology, in contrast to non-Muslims:
A Minneapolis area school district says it will let families opt out of LGBT curriculum materials after several Muslim families threatened to sue.

[...] Somali Muslim families had threatened to sue the district, alleging that not allowing families to opt out potentially violates the Constitution and state law.

On November 2, the families’ attorneys sent the district a letter explaining Islamic teachings around gender and sexuality and outlining the timeline of parents’ complaints about the LGBT books.

Some of the families’ elementary school children had been exposed to LGBT characters in picture books, which caused “significant confusion and distress,” the families’ letter said.
All concerned about LGBT ideology indoctrination would do well to consider that this is really only a win for Islamists, not for Judeo-Christians, who can find it much harder to oppose this horrific stuff. Both Islam and LGBT ideologies are hurtful to women, and that surely has something to do with how this was all approached by the left. And no doubt, after the October 7, 2023 Hamas bloodbath in Israel, a lot of the pro-LGBT ideologues who may have wanted Islamists to accept their trash have now changed course completely, since the Religion of Peace truly is a favored ideology of theirs too in the long run.

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Former Dutch premier who supported antisemitism and Hamas dies of euthanasia

Dries van Agt, one of the worst antisemitic politicians in the Netherlands, and his wife, have both died by ways of euthanasia:
Dries Van Agt, who served as prime minister of the Netherlands from 1977 to 1982, and whom Dutch watchdog groups condemned in recent years as an antisemite, chose to die last Monday with the assistance of a doctor, along with his wife. He was 93.

The double-euthanasia was announced on Sunday, by Van Agt’s organization Rights Forum, which he founded to oppose what the group calls “blind support for Israel” in the Netherlands’ public and political discourse.

[...] Van Agt made the Israeli-Palestinian conflict a major area of interest later in his life and was condemned on several occasions by Jewish and other organizations as an antisemite. Van Agt defended Hamas as well as individual terrorists several times.

In 2008, the former prime minister spoke at a rally featuring a televised address by a Hamas official. As a justice minister in the 1970s, Van Agt cited his "Aryan" roots in explaining his plan to pardon four Nazi war criminals due to health reasons.

In 2022, the former prime minister said that settlers in the West Bank had poisoned a three-year-old Palestinian girl, a charge that B'Tselem, the leading Israeli organization devoted to documenting alleged human rights violations, said it was not aware of. CIDI, the Netherlands' main antisemitism watchdog, called the accusation a blood libel. The Central Jewish Board of the Netherlands declared Van Agt an antisemite in 2017.

The Rights Forum, which Van Agt founded in 2009, lobbies Dutch politicians and representatives to challenge Israeli policy in the UN and International Criminal Court, alleging “violations of international law and human rights in Israel and Palestine,” and naming international law and human rights as its “explicit and consistent reference framework” as an organization. The group accuses Israel of “violat[ing] the fundamental rights of millions of Palestinians in often extremely violent ways, generation after generation.”

The organization has come under criticism from pro-Israel groups such as NGO Monitor, in particular for a pattern of rejecting allegations or definitions of antisemitism that the group deems politicized: in 2023, the group accused the Dutch ambassador to Israel of “going too far” when he called a shooting attack, in which a 21-year-old resident of East Jerusalem killed seven people and wounded two more, antisemitic.
Gee, if this man was going to go out of his way to condone blood libels and support terrorists, it's hard to feel sorry he decided to end his life as he did. But, he's made sure to leave behind a venomous legacy and movement that's carrying on his repulsive practices, and they're sure to cause only so much more damage for years to come.

Monday, February 12, 2024

IDF rescues 2 hostages in Gaza's Rafah neighborhood

The IDF has thankfully and successfully rescued 2 men who were held hostage by Hamas in Gaza:
Two Israeli hostages Louis Har, 70, Fernando Simon Marman, 60, were rescued at around 2 a.m. on Monday from the second floor of a building in the center of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip by the Israel police’s Yamam anti-terror unit, Israel Defense Forces and the Shin Bet internal security agency. The men were flown by helicopter to the Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan, where they are in good condition. One soldier was slightly injured during the rescue.

Har’s son-in-law Idan Bejerano, said that he and his wife met with his father-in-law briefly before he was taken for medical examinations.

“We were called at 3:30 a.m. and jumped out of our beds in joy. We were told, ‘We have them in our hands,’ and instructed to get to the hospital. It took us nearly an hour to get there, and I am not sure my wife was breathing at all during that time. This is a great relief,” he said.

Asked about their condition, Bejerano replied, “They are both in bed in the hospital. Whether they are healthy in spirit, in body, is still hard to know, but they look whole. It seems they had the strength of spirit of these 128 days to remain strong and come back to us.”

The men were kidnapped from Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak on Oct. 7, when terrorists from Gaza murdered 1,200 people, wounded thousands and took 253 hostage in a murderous rampage near the Gaza border. Marman and Har were taken captive along with Marman’s sisters Clara, 62, and Gabriela Leimberg, 59; and Gabriela’s daughter, Miam Leimberg, 17. They were visiting Har at the kibbutz for the Simchat Torah holiday weekend. The five were hiding in their sealed room during the attack before they were taken hostage. The women were freed as part of an earlier hostage release.
This is very fortunate, but only a small part so far in rescuing any more hostages who're hopefully still alive. For now, we must thank God these 2 men were saved from the awful situation they were in, and now reunited with their families. Let's hope they'll be able to recuperate as best as possible along with their families.

Thursday, February 08, 2024

Argentinian president visits Israel, will move embassy to Jerusalem

Argentinian president Javier Milei, an impressive supporting of Israel, has paid a visit with plenty of good things to tell:
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met on Wednesday at his office in Jerusalem with Argentine President Javier Milei, who has promised to move his country’s embassy to the capital and designate Hamas a terrorist group.

“I’m delighted to welcome you, President Milei, and your delegation, to Israel. You’re a great friend of the Jewish state. We are delighted with your decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move your diplomatic post there, and also, of course, an embassy,”
began Netanyahu.

“We share the desire for prosperity, security and peace. We know that the greatest challenge to peace in our area, but also in yours, is Iran. And we appreciate the cooperation that we are doing with you in security and diplomacy.

“Your stalwart support for Israel in so many forms is deeply, deeply appreciated. Welcome to Jerusalem. Welcome, friend,” added the premier.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog hosted Milei at his official residence on Tuesday evening and presented him with a Hebrew Bible in appreciation of his firm support for the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

“The people of Israel have immense warmth and friendship with Argentina, and your visit here exemplifies the unique relationship that we have with Argentina, and the fact that we have so many Israelis whose family originated from Argentina,” said Herzog.

“You have shown your love and affection, both for the Jewish people and the nation-state of the Jewish people, the State of Israel, and we thank you wholeheartedly for this,” he added.

Said Milei: “I have been committed since day one to making sure that my first diplomatic visit as president would be to the State of Israel. Here I am, keeping my promise now.”
Milei also visited Yad Vashem, and certainly has proven an excellent example of a leader. And, he's also paid a visit to Nir Oz, the kibbutz that was hardest hit by the Hamas bloodbath on October 7, 2023:
President Javier Milei of Argentina expressed his solidarity with Israel against Hamas terror Thursday, as he toured the ruins of Kibbutz Nir Oz with President Isaac Herzog of Israel.

Milei visited the burned-out homes and bloodstained bedrooms of Nir Oz, one of the hardest-hit communities attacked by Hamas on October 7, where a quarter of the residents were either murdered or kidnapped. Several of the victims were Argentinian.

Milei met survivors from the community, including Ophelia Roitman, 77, who was abducted and later released in a hostage deal. Roitman had been a teacher at a Jewish school in Argentina before immigrating to Israel.

He also paid a special visit to the home of the Bibas family, who are Argentinian-Israeli. They were kidnapped on October 7, including one-year-old Kfir Bibas, the youngest hostage, who recently is thought to have celebrated his first birthday, in captivity.

Irit Lahav, one of the survivors of the attack on the kibbutz, who accompanied Milei during his visit, told Breitbart News that he had cried at several stops along the way, deeply moved by what he had seen.

Later, after walking throughout the community for nearly two hours, Milei addressed journalists.

With explosions resounding in the background from ongoing battles in Gaza nearby, the Argentinian president shared his deep feelings of sorrow at seeing the devastation around him — as well as his commitment to supporting Israel, and the cause of freedom in general.

Milei said that the terror attack represented pure antisemitism similar to the Nazis, and that the free world had to stand against it.
Milei's done the right thing to visit the sites of the tragedy, and we must hope he can help improve the sad situation the world's now fallen into.

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

The ICJ is a tool for evil, as is the government of South Africa

Joseph Klein looks at how the Intl. Court of Justice has become the tool of anti-Israeli activists, here being primarily the South Africa government:
The International Court of Justice (ICJ) decided in its January 26th provisional ruling to move forward with a peculiar case that South Africa brought against Israel, alleging that Israel has been committing genocide against Palestinians living in Gaza. South Africa claimed that it was simply enforcing rights protected by the international Genocide Convention to which both countries are signatories.

The ICJ is enabling South Africa to weaponize against the Jewish State of Israel the Genocide Convention, which was enacted in 1948 when the genocide of Jews by the Nazis during the Holocaust was still fresh in peoples’ minds. To hurl an accusation of genocide against Israel, where at least one of the nearly 150,000 Holocaust survivors still living in Israel was killed during Hamas’s October 7th attack, is obscene.

Hamas initiated the war with Israel when it invaded Israel on October 7th and went on a genocidal rampage against Israeli civilians
. Israel’s military operations in Gaza following that attack are a legitimate exercise of Israel’s inherent right of self-defense, which is recognized in Article 51 of the United Nations Charter when “an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations.”

The ICJ deferred making a final judgment on the merits of South Africa’s genocide claims, which could take months or even years to decide. However, the ICJ issued provisional orders to take immediate effect, which are prejudicial to Israel’s inherent sovereign right of self-defense. Fortunately, the ICJ has no mechanism to enforce its ruling, although technically it is legally binding. Nevertheless, the ICJ’s decision that South Africa has presented a plausible case of genocide against Israel will put increased pressure on Israel to quickly wind down its military operations in Gaza.
To make matters worse, South Africa's government has practically celebrated evil:
A mere ten days after the October 7th attack, South Africa’s Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor had a phone call with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh. The Jewish News Syndicate reported Hamas’s claim that Pandor had called to congratulate Hamas for the success of its October 7th rampage.

Last December, just weeks after Hamas’s horrific October 7th genocidal attack, senior Hamas officials visited South Africa to participate in the Fifth Global Convention of Solidarity with Palestine.

South Africa is not an objective party benevolently seeking to protect a group of people from genocide, as it has falsely portrayed itself to the ICJ. The South African government is advocating for a savage terrorist group, whose founding genocidal mission, repeated by its leaders on multiple occasions, is to destroy the Jewish State of Israel and kill as many Jews as possible.
The actions of the South Africa government are repulsive, and are equally hostile to other countries that suffered Islamic terrorist attacks. One can only wonder what their position is on al Qaeda's September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center in the USA.

The behavior of the South Africa government could also explain why business is collapsing there, and citizens are even emigrating:
A new white paper from payroll services group Playroll, in partnership with tech and developer jobs marketplace OfferZen and executive recruitment firm Aims International, shows that South Africa’s skills crisis runs deeper than industry-specific shortages portray.

The group’s research found that close to 80% of all business leaders it surveyed consider the emigration of skills one of the critical risk factors facing their organisations.

This comes at a time when emigration appears to be accelerating, it said.

Playroll noted that over 900,000 South Africans have already left the country – a number that was most recently published by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs’ 2020 International Migrant Stock report in 2022.

According to the UN report, by the end of 2020, 914,901 South Africans were living in other countries and territories, up from 786,554 in 2015.

Worryingly, three times as many people emigrated from South Africa between 2015 and 2020 – over 128,000 people – than between 2010 and 2015 (43,000 people), the data showed.

The UK has the most migrant stock from South Africa, with almost a quarter of a million residents listing RSA as their birth country. This is followed by Australia, the USA and New Zealand.

Playroll said that the problems around the emigration of critical skills run deeper than even these numbers show because, increasingly, young people are the ones leaving.

The group noted that those aged between 25 and 40 are the most likely to leave the country – and possibly more concerningly, over half of South Africa’s graduates have the potential to emigrate in the future.

Senior employees are also more likely to relocate, probably because they have the financial means to do so, it said.

[...] According to Simonetta Giuricich, Chief Operating Officer for Playroll, remote work arrangements that were fuelled by Covid-19 means that many skilled South Africans are not available for local employment because they can access high-paying work opportunities with international companies while still staying in the country.

For example, the group’s research showed that an alarming number of local software developers are working for overseas companies while still being based in South Africa. It estimated that 40% of the 120,000 developers in the country are working remotely for foreign companies.

So even though emigration may be slowing down in certain sectors, this doesn’t necessarily mean good news for local businesses.

Giuricich said that the loss of employees to emigration not only creates immediate gaps in the skills and qualifications required by an organisation but could also lead to entrenched competitive challenges in the longer term.
One can only wonder if the South Africa government's become so obsessed with backing evil, they've practically ignored the crisis facing their business industry, to say nothing of how folks are emigrating because clearly, business prospects in South Africa aren't what they could be. Let's hope most of those who've emigrated are people with common sense, and they'd be the ones more deserving of the country than those current running the government into the ground. South Africa's tragically made themselves look very, very bad, mainly based on their associations with jihadists.

Friday, January 26, 2024

Holocaust survivor explains how the Hamas bloodbath is much worse

A 90-year-old Holocaust survivor says the Hamas bloodbath on October 7, 2023 is worse in many ways, because of the savagery involved:
In the run-up to International Holocaust Day, Arutz Sheva - Israel National News spoke with Miriam Schlisser, the heroine of the children's book 'Papusha', on her feelings since the heinous October 7th massacre.

She believes that what the Hamas terrorists did on the morning of October 7th was even more atrocious and horrific than the Holocaust.

"The murderous Germans were intelligent and gentle. Yona, my husband, carried his brother on the Death March. They would walk at night and rest during the day. He weighed thirty kilos and carried another thirty kilos. If he had put him down, the Germans would not have beaten him, but fired a bullet through him and left him on the side of the road, where someone would collect him and transfer him to a mass grave."

On the other hand, Miriam says, the Hamas terrorists "got their hands dirty, cut off the head of a soldier and sold it. This is sadism. This is worse than the Holocaust," she says and recounts that when her brother found himself in Birkenau without any family members with him, he asked a Polish Jew where his parents were, and this person pointed towards the chimney. "They didn't shoot them. They poisoned them with gas and then pushed them into the crematorium to be burned. But they didn't get their hands dirty like the Hamas. To open a pregnant woman's stomach and take out the fetus is not something done by any human being."
She's got a vital point. While what the National Socialists did was abominable, anybody who'd commit graphic gore is taking mass murder to a whole new level. The Hamas has thus made themselves into the National Socialists of the 21st century, as has anybody who supports their barbarism. Of course, a century before that, there was also a massacre in Hebron in 1929, which preceded what happened on October 7, 2023. And that too must be pondered.

Monday, January 22, 2024

Jewish community girls' basketball team in San Francisco gave Muslim team advantage in case involving transsexual player

A most decidedly galling case occurred where a Jewish girls' basketball team in Frisco let a Muslim girls' team get the advantage by not playing against a team with a male transsexual player included:
Here we go again with one of these utterly despicable stories.

The girls’ basketball team of San Francisco Waldorf High School is currently on a five-game win streak, largely owed to their captain and superstar player, Henry Hanlon.

San Francisco Waldorf squared off Thursday against Jewish Community, with the former forcing a dominating 54-22 victory. Hanlon led the team in scoring — and the entire game at that — with 24 points. Hanlon also scored a third of Waldorf’s points, and this is the fourth-straight game this feat has been accomplished by the transgender athlete.

Hanlon, a male, has competed in girls’ sports for the last three years
, according to ICONS and Reduxx, per OutKick. In addition to basketball, the junior also competes in soccer and volleyball and, with the latter, Hanlon led the school to a CIF North Coast Championship last season.

In basketball, Hanlon is ranked No. 4 in scoring in the North Coast Section of California with an average of 20.8 points-per-game and, as you’re about to see, the transgender athlete completely towers over his female teammates.

Earlier in January, Averroes — an Islamic college preparatory high school — refused to play against Hanlon because of his transgender status, as well as declining to share any locker room facilities, according to Breitbart and Reduxx.
No doubt, the Muslim team will suffer no consequence for refusing to play against the creep, or refusing to share a locker/dressing room with him. It's decidedly atrocious that the Jewish team by contrast refused to refrain from playing against a team with such a despicable person taking part. As a result, they made the Muslim team look like the better. And that's very sad.

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Virtually every school and mosque in Gaza has weapons around

While the IDF operates in Khan Yunis, they found what they've practically discovered everywhere and anywhere else in Gaza:
Guided by precise intelligence, the forces conducted a targeted raid on terror infrastructure where dozens of rocket launchers, explosive devices and intelligence documents were located. The rocket launchers were dismantled.

The IDF emphasized, "There is no area without a tunnel shaft, no school or mosque without weapons."
All these years since Yitzhak Rabin/Shimon Peres/Ariel Sharon enabled these horrors to build up, and now, look at what astonishing damage that enabled by extension. Thankfully, the IDF is now destroying much of it.

Monday, January 15, 2024

Chechnya taking in Muslims from Gaza

Well, this is most intriguing. The autocrat of a region circa Russia that's Muslim-majority is taking in Mohammedans from the Gaza strip:
Chechen dictator Ramzan Kadyrov announced this week that his majority-Muslim Russian republic will construct a "Palestinian village" for refugees from the Gaza Strip.

Kadyrov, a close associate of Russian President Vladimir Putin, laid the cornerstone for the establishment of the village that will accommodate the refugees
. The hamlet will be built in Chechnya's capital Grozny, in the vicinity of schools and kindergartens, and will include five residential buildings with 35 apartments each with a total living space of roughly 45,000 square feet.

Family members of refugees who do not hold Russian citizenship received a passport and citizenship upon arrival. Kadyrov also announced that each family will receive 100,000 rubles (1,100$) in financial assistance.

According to Russian-born Israeli social activist Alex Tenzer, about 1,124 refugees have arrived in Russia from Gaza so far since the start of the war, with most of them settling in Muslim-majority areas, such as Chechnya and Dagestan.

The first group of refugees has already been taken in by Chechnya, which has announced that it is ready to take in about 250 more refugees. Kadyrov himself met with some of them, and said that 30 refugees have already been accepted for employment in the health sector, while the rest are now taking courses to learn the Russian language.

Last month, Canada announced that it intends to ease the criteria for accepting relatives of Canadian citizens and residents living in Gaza. However, Canada made it clear that the exit from Gaza depends on Israel's approval, and warned that leaving the area could be dangerous. According to Canadian Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister Mark Miller, hundreds of people will be able to resettle in the country under the program.
Whatever one thinks of Canada, they're certainly less lucky. As is the public in Russia proper, recalling it may have been reported there's some Muslims who went directly there as well. One can only wonder if Putin's preparing a poison "gift" for the Russian populace for after he's gone.

This news does give an idea of what European and other countries who're more realist might want to encourage their own Muslim populations to do, and move to places like Chechnya and Dagestan instead. And who knows, that might be just what'll happen in the future. If the Gazan Muslims move to those areas in the meantime, it's quite fine. We do not need any of the worst Islamic-influenced bigots dwelling here, as Ron deSantis would surely agree.

Here's more on this news at the Jerusalem Post and Jewish Press.

Friday, January 12, 2024

Antisemites taunt Jewish man describing murders of family members by Hamas at San Francisco meeting

San Francisco continues to prove it's one of the most repulsive places you could ever be in California:
Footage of a Jewish man sharing his experiences of antisemitism at a committee hearing Tuesday has gone viral.

You may have seen the videos of a group of masked up San Francisco residents dancing and celebrating the passage of a resolution calling for a sustained ceasefire in Gaza. No, this vote did nothing in terms of actually contributing toward a ceasefire. But it did bring out some of the most racist people the Bay Area has to offer.

One Jewish man, seen in a clip shared by the Jewish Community Relations Council, described to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors committee how five members of his immediate family were murdered at Kibbutz Be’eri by Hamas terrorists Oct. 7, 2023.

“Two of those family, this is my first cousins, were taken hostage, Noga and Shiri Weiss, and they were released as part of that second day of the releases of hostages,” the man told the crowd.

“And I can tell you that this resolution does one thing. It fuels antisemitism and hatred, as exemplified in this room right now,” he continued, as a group of ugly monsters taunted and jeered the man behind him.

The crowd grew louder as the man described the blatant racism around him.

“I have never, since I moved to San Francisco, seen this kind of hatred against a minority group. Ever,”
he noted. “A public demonstration of hate against a minority group.”

[...] “My kids and I do not feel safe in San Francisco,” concluding with a statement on how the resolution is going to make America and the world a far more dangerous place for the Jewish people.
The city's already been circling the drain in the past few years very fast. And recently, pro-Islamist hoodlums vandalized a Christmas tree in SF's Union Square. So as horrible as it is to see what the poor man went through, it's no longer a shock. And I will not set foot in such a cesspool as SF's become, even if I were paid to visit there.

Saturday, January 06, 2024

2 Mohammeds raped woman in Brooklyn

A horrifying case of Islamic sexual violence occurred at a business in Brooklyn, with the worst part being that the Islamofascists were armed with a knife:
A 25-year-old man accused of wielding a knife while his accomplice allegedly raped a female worker inside a Brooklyn business nearly two weeks ago has been arrested in connection to the horrifying crime, cops said.

Mohammed Alwi, 25, of Canarsie, was nabbed Wednesday in connection to the attack on a 49-year-old woman around 6 p.m. Dec. 23 inside an unnamed business near 9th Avenue and 59th Street in Borough Park, authorities said.

While Alwi’s partner-in-crime Mohammed Izzeddin, 22, sexually assaulted the worker, Alwi displayed a knife to keep two other people inside the business “under control,” police said.

He was charged with rape, robbery, sexual abuse, unlawful imprisonment, forcible touching, menacing, assault and harassment, authorities said.

His arraignment was pending Thursday afternoon.

The traumatized victim told PIX 11 days after the attack that she hasn’t been able to sleep since the startling crime.

“I had not rested for 24 hours — not at all, on any day since because I could not calm down, and now I am slowly adjusting. I think I may see a psychiatrist next,” the woman told the network.
The mother of one of the culprits came from Syria. And now, what was seen in places like Europe is taking place on USA soil, and is sure to get far worse soon enough. As Front Page notes:
As the Koran states in Sura 4:24 states, “And forbidden to you are wedded wives of other people except those who have fallen in your hands.” That applies to captured Israelis and Chinese workers.
There was also a terrible incident on New Year's Eve where a 3rd Mohammed ran over pedestrians and 2 police officials. The disastrous way NYC is run under Democrats these days has enabled these horrific crimes to occur.

Friday, January 05, 2024

Thursday, January 04, 2024

Hamas exploits children for terrorist acts

The IDF destroyed tunnels leading to al-Shifa hospital in Gaza, and also noted that Hamas is using child soldiers for their evil deeds too:
The Israel Defense Forces said Wednesday that it had completed demolishing a Hamas tunnel network to Gaza City’s Shifa Hospital, while the military continued to focus operations on the enclave’s central and southern areas.

Meanwhile, the Israeli military accused Hamas of using child soldiers, including to deliver explosive devices and to “assess the damage” on battlefields and report it to Hamas gunmen.

[...] Further proof of Hamas’s entrenchment in Gazan society was presented to international media outlets Wednesday.

In a briefing, the IDF showed reporters footage recovered from the Gaza Strip showing what it says is the Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror groups indoctrinating young people into their terrorist ideology.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad have for years openly run and promoted summer camps in the Gaza Strip where children undergo military training.

The IDF said at the summer camps, children learn to fire weapons, use tunnels, fight against tanks, and kidnap soldiers as part of early training for the terror groups’ military wings.

Citing intelligence, the IDF said “a large number of minors are active” in Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

“Even during the war, the Hamas terror organization uses minors for various tasks, for example sending children for the purposes of conveying messages and ammunition,”
the IDF said.

The IDF said the interrogation of a Hamas commander revealed that the terror group had used children to deliver explosive devices under the guise of bags of vegetables.

It also said children had been sent by terror groups to battlefields in Gaza after an attack “to assess the damage and report it to the terrorists who are hiding in shelters.”
To indoctrinate and exploit children for jihadism is another unspeakable evil the Hamas organization has committed. Of course, the children themselves, if taken into custody, must be given psychological counseling and deprogrammed. This is another horrific revelation made during the war against the 2nd most evil terror organization after the PLO.

Friday, December 22, 2023

Whoever owns the Empire State Building sold out to Qatar

Robert Spencer at Front Page points to how the management at NYC's Empire State Building is celebrating Qatar National Day, and what makes this bad is that it's a country that's bankrolled Islamic terrorism just as much as Iran, and just as disturbing is that Qatar's got a huge ownership in the veteran NYC tower:
Who loves Hamas? After Hamas jihadis murdered 1,200 Israelis on Oct. 7, growing numbers of leftists do. Can we now add the Empire State Building to the list?

The iconic New York landmark announced on X Sunday: “Tonight from midnight until sunrise, we will shine in burgundy and white to celebrate Qatar National Day.” Back in 2016, Qatar shelled out $622 million to buy 9.9 percent of the Empire State Building, and so if the building’s managers wants to honor one their principal shareholders, that’s their business. The timing in this case, however, is particularly ghastly, and raises questions about the propriety of having not-quite-friendly states owning a piece of American landmarks.

It was just over two months ago, on Oct. 7, that Hamas leaders including its top leaders Ismail Haniyeh and Khaled Mashal and others, were caught on video happily watching news of the Hamas massacres in Israel, and then prostrating themselves in prayers of gratitude to Allah for the killing of Jews. They were in a plush office in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

Hamas’ “Political Bureau,” as opposed to its military, i.e. terrorist, wing, has been located in Doha since 2012. Haniyeh and Mashal live not in Gaza, but in sumptuous digs in Doha. Reuters reported that “a bipartisan group of 113 U.S. lawmakers on Oct. 16 sent a letter to President Joe Biden asking him to put pressure on countries who support Hamas, including Qatar. They asked that Qatar, a major non-NATO U.S. ally and a channel for U.S. dialogue with the Taliban since a U.S. pullout from Afghanistan, to expel Hamas leadership. ‘The country’s links to Hamas…are simply unacceptable,’ the letter said.”

It is emblematic of the Biden regime’s America-Last leadership that the principal response to that letter appears to be the lighting of the Empire State Building in Qatar’s colors for its national day. What’s more, Qatar never should have been allowed to buy a piece of the Empire State Building in the first place. Investigative journalist Daniel Greenfield reminds us of what the 9/11 Commission Report said about Qatar’s role in the 9/11 jihad attacks. The Commission noted that one of the key masterminds of the attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, like Haniyeh and Mashal, lived in Qatar.
What makes this chilling is that it undermines the ability to combat Islamisation effectively, and if Qatar's bought into the Empire State Building's ownership, there can be no doubt they've invested in plenty more notable properties and locations around the USA, and other parts of the globe. It's disgraceful how various businesses care so much more about moneymaking at all costs, they're virtually willing to throw all common sense to the winds by doing deals with enemy countries. Which in cases like these are going to end up becoming very costly. Those who care must stop doing deals with enemy countries like Qatar.

Friday, December 15, 2023

After October 7, some leftists hopefully changed their view of Muslims

In this Wash. Free Beacon article, they interview a leftist "peace activist" who appears to have changed after her experience with the jihadists from Gaza who also invaded her household on October 7:
Irit Lahav, 57, was a peace activist who believed in the decency of the Palestinian people. Then, on Oct. 7, ordinary Gazans joined in a terrorist attack that left more than one in four of her neighbors in Kibbutz Nir Oz dead or abducted.

For many members of Nir Oz and other Israelis, the atrocities of Oct. 7—and particularly the broad participation of the Gazan public in the day—destroyed their faith in coexistence with the Palestinians.

Lahav, a manager at a travel company, long participated in peace demonstrations. In recent years, she volunteered for an Israeli charity called Road to Recovery, driving Palestinian children from the border of the Gaza Strip, less than two miles from her home, to Israeli hospitals for life-saving medical care.

"We thought that Palestinians are good people. All they want is peace and prosperity," Lahav told the Washington Free Beacon in an interview from a hotel in this Red Sea resort city where she and most of her community were temporarily relocated. "It's just that Hamas is forcing them to be in this aggressive situation."

When terrorists first shook the door of her safe room on Oct. 7, Lahav was sure that she and her 22-year-old daughter were about to be killed. But a makeshift lock she had fashioned out of an oar and a vacuum cleaner thwarted three separate break-in attempts. The women lay in the darkened room for about 10 hours listening to sounds of automatic gunfire and grenade explosions. At one point, they heard a group of teenagers robbing their house.

Later, Lahav learned from other Nir Oz survivors that Gazan women and children as young as 10 years old had followed Hamas terrorists into the kibbutz, looting, helping the armed terrorists, and apparently enjoying themselves.

"Basically it was sort of an invasion of a community," Lahav said. "That's why for me, I cannot say this was a Hamas action. No, for me, this was a Palestinian action. A whole community had come to our kibbutz, took our things, stole stuff, killed people, and kidnapped others."

"Am I thinking about myself being foolish until now?" Lahav added. "Maybe. But more is that I'm disappointed in them, that they're so cruel, have no values, really lost their human values."

During Israel's ongoing war to destroy Hamas, 40 of the hostages taken from Nir Oz have been released, while 30 remain in Gaza. Several other hostages have been declared dead in recent weeks, bringing the total number of people killed from Nir Oz to 46.
While it's good to know she's changed her mind about what people like her still call a "palestinian people", it remains to be seen if any of these presumably no-longer-peace-activists recognize that Islam played a very horrific major role in the bloodbath of October 7. And what would Lahav say if "settlers" of background more religious than hers were the victims? Lahav should publicly renounce all associations with anyone who until now supported Islamic savages. And she'd do well to consider how many women in Europe, in example, have fallen victim to Islamofascism as well. Many on the left now owe a serious apology.

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Turkish MP dies after delivering anti-Israeli tirade

Looks like a most antisemitic member of Turkey's pseudo-parliament paid for his vulgar screeds big time:
Turkish lawmaker Hasan Bitmez of the hardline Islamist Saadet Party (SP) died in the hospital on Thursday, two days after he collapsed during a fiery tirade against Israel at the Turkish National Assembly.

Bitmez, 54, collapsed at the climax of a 22-minute speech on Tuesday in which he criticized the government of Islamist President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his AKP Party for not taking a strong enough stance against Israel in the Gaza war.

[...] The parliament was reportedly debating the national budget at the time of his remarks. It is not clear from Turkish media reports if Bitmez’s anti-Israel attack was germane to the budgetary considerations at hand.
For many of these Islamofascists, nothing is ever enough. But here's one scumbag who sure wound up potentially facing the Lord's wrath due to his offensive tirade.

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

More news coverage of the horror of sexual violence Hamas inflicted on October 7

Here's another report (via Front Page), repulsive as can be, about the sexual violence the Hamas committed along with graphic gore on October 7 this year:
Israeli investigators probing the fallout of the brutal October 7 attacks have found evidence that men as well as women suffered sexual violence and rape at the hands of Hamas and Islamic Jihad attackers, activists have claimed.

Yael Sherer, a spokeswoman for Israel's Survivors of Sexual Violence advocacy group, said there was physical evidence as well as eyewitness accounts of sexual violence perpetrated against both sexes amid the attacks.

'There was sexual violence and rape in these communities in the south of Israel... we have a few living survivors - not a lot - of both genders. It didn't only happen to women, it happened to men as well,' she told BBC Radio 4.

'Aside from finding bodies of people who were murdered, a lot of the bodies were mutilated... terrorists made sure to disgrace these people and dishonor them,' she added.

It comes as Israeli police opened up the biggest investigation into sexual violence and crimes against women ever in the nation.

The leader of the investigation, Shelly Harush, said: 'It's clear now that sexual crimes were part of the planning and the purpose was to terrify and humiliate people.'

Police have collected thousands of statements, photographs and video clips that have been called unbearable to watch from a mother's perspective and include 'girls whose pelvises were broken they had been raped so much'.
The irony in this is that those Hamas jihadists who raped men were bound to be homosexual. In which case, there's definitely a contradiction when it comes to homosexuality and Islam. Is that why some of the most antisemitic LGBT ideologues aren't against the Religion of Peace?

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Joe Sacco's anti-Israel graphic novel is going back to press

The UK Guardian, a very bad MSM outlet themselves, published a puff piece about Joe Sacco's GN titled "Palestine", which was intended as anti-Israel propaganda, and is now seeing new print, clearly for the sake of obscuring the Hamas' savagery on October 7, and pandering to the crowd of creeps supporting them:
An acclaimed nonfiction graphic novel about Gaza, which pioneered the medium of “comics journalism”, has been rushed back into print after surging demand since the fresh outbreak of the conflict two months ago.

Palestine, by Joe Sacco, was originally released in comic book form by the American publisher Fantagraphics 30 years ago, then published as a single volume by the company, and by Jonathan Cape in the UK in 2003.

It was created by Sacco, a Maltese American journalist and cartoonist from Portland, Oregon, as a record of his own journeys around Gaza in 1991, and has since then won a clutch of awards and been included on university courses as a primer for the whole conflict. Edward Said, the Palestinian American academic and critic, said in his introduction to the book: “With the exception of one or two novelists and poets, no one has ever rendered this terrible state of affairs better than Joe Sacco.”

Gary Groth, the co-founder of Fantagraphics, said that after the Hamas attack on Israel on 7 October and the subsequent bombing of Gaza demand for the book had soared.

He said, “We blew out of our inventory of several thousand copies quickly and are reprinting now. Retailers and wholesalers began ordering the book in far greater quantities than in the recent past, which indicates that every element down the chain – consumers and retailers – are expressing demand for it.”
Well, this is certainly telling about Groth to boot, the same disgrace and shame who did a sugarcoated interview with Maurice Sendak years ago. Of course, one must also wonder where any and all comic retailers stand on a subject involving Stan Lee, Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, Jack Kirby, Joe Simon, Will Eisner and Gil Kane's Israeli brethren. If any are seeking to capitalize on the tragedy that struck many Jewish women and children in particular, that's offensive in the extreme, and they have no business associating even remotely with the creations of famous Jewish artists. Sacco, along with the article writer, makes clear he remains sympathetic to followers of Islam, and shows no sign of horror over what followers of the Religion of Peace in Gaza did to innocent and defenseless women and children. That's what really makes this Guardian article repulsive. Unshockingly, they didn't even see fit to mention that Edward Said falsified his history. None of which matters to Sacco, sadly, nor to Groth. I absolutely do not want to buy from Fantagraphics if this is the kind of graphic novels they're going to market.

And Sacco's GN didn't so much pioneer comics journalism as it did propaganda, and exploiting the medium for that specific goal. It's sickening to think how many GNs of this sort came down the pike in the past 2 decades that did more harm than good for the comics medium's image overall regarding political issues.

Monday, December 11, 2023

Anti-Zionism Is Antisemitism

To read the MSM newspapers is to realize just how out of touch mainstream outlets are to the ideological fanaticism that is the base of 9 out of 10 journalists' worldview.

Anti-Zionists are antisemites. Hands down. This is not a new debate. Give Hamas the means and they'll annihilate Israel without second thought, carrying out the wet dreams of leftists worldwide. 

It's sick and disgusting, and I'm tired of it.

FWIW, at NYT, "Is Anti-Zionism Always Antisemitic? A Fraught Question for the Moment":

From the halls of Congress to America’s streets and universities, a once largely academic issue has roiled national discourse, inciting accusations of bigotry and countercharges of bullying.

The brutal shedding of Jewish blood on Oct. 7, followed by Israel’s relentless military assault on Gaza, has brought a fraught question to the fore in a moment of surging bigotry and domestic political gamesmanship: Is anti-Zionism by definition antisemitism?

The question deeply divided congressional Democrats last week when Republican leaders, seeking to drive a wedge between American Jews and the political party that three-quarters of them call their own, put it to a vote in the House. It has shaken the country’s campuses and reverberated in its city streets, where pro-Palestinian protesters bellow chants calling for Palestine to be free from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.

It surfaced in Wednesday’s Republican presidential debate, when Nikki Haley, the former South Carolina governor, said, “If you don’t think Israel has a right to exist, that is antisemitic.” The following night, lighting the national menorah behind the White House, Vice President Kamala Harris’s husband, Doug Emhoff, who is Jewish, warned, “When Jews are targeted because of their beliefs or identity, and when Israel is singled out because of anti-Jewish hatred, that is antisemitism.”

Zionism as a concept was once clearly understood: the belief that Jews, who have endured persecution for millenniums, needed refuge and self-determination in the land of their ancestors. The word still evokes joyful pride among many Jews in the state of Israel, which was established 75 years ago and repeatedly defended itself against attacks from Arab neighbors that aimed to annihilate it.

If anti-Zionism a century ago meant opposing the international effort to set up a Jewish state in what was then a British-controlled territory called Palestine, it now suggests the elimination of Israel as the sovereign homeland of the Jews. That, many Jews in Israel and the diaspora say, is indistinguishable from hatred of Jews generally, or antisemitism.

Yet some critics of Israel say they equate Zionism with a continuing project of expanding the Jewish state. That effort animates an Israeli government bent on settling ever more parts of the West Bank that some Israelis, as well as the United States and other Western powers, had proposed as a separate state for the Palestinian people. Expanding those settlements, to Israel’s critics, conjures images of “settler colonialists” and apartheid-style oppressors.

So for some Jews, the answer to the question is obvious. Of course anti-Zionism is antisemitism, they say: Around half the world’s Jews live in Israel, and destroying it, or ending its status as a refuge where they are assured of governing themselves, would imperil a people who have faced annihilation time and again.

“There is no debate,” said Jonathan Greenblatt, the chief executive of the Anti-Defamation League, which has been defining and monitoring antisemitism since 1913. “Anti-Zionism is predicated on one concept, the denial of rights to one people.”

Many Palestinians and their allies recoil just as fiercely: The equating of opposition to a Jewish state on once-Arab land — or opposition to its expansion — with bigotry is to silence their national aspirations, muffle political dissent and denigrate 75 years of their suffering.

Laila el-Haddad, a Palestinian activist and author, called it “a chilling attempt to punish and silence voices critical of Israeli policies.”

But perhaps nowhere is the question more fraught than among Jews themselves. Younger, left-leaning Jews, steeped in the cause of antiracism and terms like “settler colonialism,” are increasingly searching for a Jewish identity centered more on religious values like the pursuit of justice and repairing the world than on collective nationalism tied to the land of Israel.

Many older liberal Jews have also struggled with the Israeli government’s lurch to the far right, but they see Israel as the centerpiece and guarantor of continued Jewish existence in an ever more secular world.

“We’re living in an increasingly post-religious age, and any Jewish community that walks away from the Jewish people, and its most articulate expression of our times — the Jewish state, the state of Israel — is walking away from their own future,” said Ammiel Hirsch, the senior rabbi of Stephen Wise Free Synagogue in Manhattan and the founder of Amplify Israel, which seeks to emphasize the Jewish state in Jewish worship.

For Republicans, the issue is simple and convenient. The raising of anti-Zionism in the debate over antisemitism amid the Israel-Hamas war pushes aside the presence of white-nationalist bigots on the fringes of the Republican coalition — like Nick Fuentes, the avowed neo-Nazi who dined with Kanye West and former President Donald J. Trump last year — and instead forces Democrats to defend the pro-Hamas demonstrators on their own coalition’s fringes.

So on Tuesday, when G.O.P. leaders led by Representative David Kustoff of Tennessee, one of the House’s two Jewish Republicans, put to a vote a resolution condemning all forms of antisemitism and flatly stated “that anti-Zionism is antisemitism,” the 216 Republicans who voted yes included two who have been accused of antisemitism and white-nationalist flirtations, Representatives Paul Gosar of Arizona and Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia. (The one Republican who voted no, Representative Thomas Massie of Kentucky, has now been labeled antisemitic by the White House.)

For the broader Democratic community, by contrast, the debate has been wrenching, pitting allies against one another, splintering more conservative Jewish Democrats who absolutely believe anti-Zionism is antisemitic from progressive Democrats, especially Democrats of color, who argue just as strongly for the latitude to criticize Israel, and leaving a huge middle unwilling to draw bright lines.

Thirteen Democrats voted no, including Israel’s fiercest critics in Congress, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York. Ninety-five voted yes, but 92 Democrats voted “present,” among them prominent Jews like Jerrold Nadler of New York, Jamie Raskin of Maryland and Jan Schakowsky of Illinois.

Saturday, December 09, 2023

6 teenagers in France convicted for roles in Islamist murder of Samuel Paty

Six teenagers have been convicted for the role they played in the jihadist murder of the teacher Samuel Paty, all because he wanted to discuss the monster known as Muhammed:
A French juvenile court on Friday convicted six teenagers for their roles in the 2020 beheading of a teacher by an Islamic extremist, an attack that shocked the country and shone a light on the real-world dangers of online hate speech.

Samuel Paty, a history and geography teacher, was killed near his school after showing his class cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad during a debate on free expression. Attacker Abdoullakh Anzorov, a young Chechen who had become radicalized, was killed by police.

The court found five of the defendants, who were 14 and 15 at the time of the attack, guilty of involvement in staking out the teacher and identifying him for the attacker. The sixth defendant, 13 at the time, was found guilty of lying about the classroom debate in comments that aggravated online anger against the teacher.
But here's the bad news:
One was given a six-month prison term but allowed to serve under house arrest with an electronic bracelet. The others were given special suspended sentences of between two and three years requiring them to stay in school or jobs. The sentences included special educative follow-up measures that also involved their families.

Lawyers for Paty’s family decried the sentences as too lenient. [...]
And they're correct. They should be tried as adults, if they weren't, and in any event, this marks another judicial embarrassment where the establishment is trying to dodge serious responsibility.