Friday, April 15, 2016


Former INS agent Michael Cutler wrote about the Muslim no-go zones plaguing much of Europe, and how even the USA has some neighborhoods where foreign interlopers are shielded, enabling terrorists to operate.


The dhimmitude continues apace in Germany as their lawmakers keep up the capitulations to the invaders (Hat tip: Jihad Watch):
GERMANY has announced plans to ban images of scantily-clad women in adverts in response to the sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

German Justice Minister Heiko Maas said the move to ban ads which “reduce women or men to sexual objects” is an attempt to create a “modern gender image”.

The proposal, if introduced later this year, would see courts decide on what qualifies as sexist.

The plan has been called political correctness gone mad by its critics, who said it was the first step towards a “nanny state”.

It comes following a controversy over claims made by a senior politician that some schools and canteens in Germany are ‘banning’ the serving of pork to avoid offending Muslim migrants.

Free Democratic Party (FPD) leader Christian Lindner said: “His plans to ban nudity and sexual advertising are completely narrow-minded.

“To demand the veiling of women or taming of men, is something known among radical Islamic religious leaders, but not from the German minister of justice.”

The move comes a day after the first case related to a string of sexual assaults and muggings against women across on New Year’s Eve went to trial [...]
I wouldn't be shocked if the Nazis ever practiced anything similar; let's recall their own collaborations with Islamists, of course. "Modern gender image" is just more offensively censorious mentality that does nothing to solve the real issues. It's just a move back to socialism, which they sadly never abandoned.

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Truth Revolt recently pointed to a video exposing anti-Israeli brainwashing in American high schools, with materials that were funded by Islamic regimes. According to Charles Jacobs:
The video also shows that Saudi, Palestinian, and other Arab-funded teaching materials have been inserted into the curriculum, much of it containing anti-Israel bias.
Anybody who thinks Saudi Arabia couldn't possibly still be a danger would be proven wrong by the findings here, which have sadly had their negative effect on students. It'll take ages to repair the brain damage the teachers at these schools are mainly responsible for, as they accepted the propaganda without question.


Here's an example of vicious "laws" being meted out against non-Muslims in one of the sickest Islamic regimes:
An elderly Christian woman has been caned in Indonesia, the first time a Sharia law punishment has been meted out to a non-Muslim.

The 60-year-old, who was convicted of selling alcohol, was whipped nearly 30 times with a rattan cane, before a crowd of hundreds, in Aceh province on Tuesday, according to reports.

A couple who had been found guilty of adultery received 100 lashes at the same time.

Aceh is the only province in Indonesia that applies Sharia law, with public canings, often in front of huge crowds, commonplace.
I wouldn't be too sure Aceh's the only place in that horrible island country doing that. They're probably applying it to many other areas even as we speak. There's no need to be friends with such an awful place, so long as they stick with that mentality.

Sunday, April 10, 2016


The terrorists who attacked in Belgium had first thought of committing another murderous attack in France, but changed plans as the hunt got nearer:
The March 22 Brussels terror attacks, which killed 32 people, followed a last-minute scramble by terrorists after the arrest of Salah Abdeslam four days earlier persuaded them to ditch plans for a fresh strike in France, Belgian authorities said Sunday.

Officials painted a picture of some chaotic preparations for the attack, as authorities closed in on some of the suspects, which included some rudimentary missteps by the terrorists.

In one case, said two officials with knowledge of the investigations, Khalid el-Bakraoui, the suicide bomber who killed 16 people at Maelbeek metro station, took the metro several stops in the wrong direction, had to switch platforms and then headed back to Maelbeek where he detonated his device.

That mistake cost the terrorists dearly, one of the officials said. Mr. Bakraoui was caught on camera at the Pétillon metro station, where he crossed platforms, briefly talking to a man who police have since been searching for.

On Saturday, federal prosecutors said they had identified that man as Osama K, a Swedish-born suspect who had fought in Syria. They charged the man, who a U.S. official has said is Osama Krayem, with terrorist murders, saying he was the second attacker at the Maelbeek station.

[...] Belgian authorities issued a wanted notice in late November for Mr. Abrini. He was seen in a surveillance video with Paris suspect Mr. Abdeslam at a gas station north of the French capital two days before the attacks there. At the time, Mr. Abrini was driving one of the cars that was used two days later in the attacks.

Mr. Abrini was charged Saturday with being a lead member of a terror group and committing terrorist murders over the Paris attacks. On Sunday morning, authorities said he was now facing similar charges in the Brussels attacks.
The terrorists who were captured should all receive the death sentence. On which note, any European countries that abolished the death penalty should reinstate it.