Thursday, December 24, 2020

Police and army capture murderer of Esther Horgen

The Israeli police arrested an Islamic suspect in the murder of the 52-year-old Esther Horgen in Reihan forest:
A suspect in the murder of Esther Horgen, who was killed in the northern West Bank in an alleged terrorist attack, was arrested in a joint operation by the Israel Police, the IDF, and the Border Police on Thursday.

Horgen, a woman in her 50s from the northern West Bank, was found dead in the Rehan Forest of the region while she was jogging.

The breakthrough in searches after the suspect came around 24 hours after the murder due to Shin Bet intelligence. Then, police and IDF elite units were called up to the Mevo Dotan base at the Menashe regional division base.

On Thursday, at around 12 p.m., intelligence units found out that the suspect is staying at his mother’s house in the village of Toura need Jenin.

The Yamam (Israel Police National Counter Terrorism Unit) then arrived at the scene and with assistance, and guidance of intelligence drones the suspect was located on a rooftop and later apprehended.

The paratroopers special unit came to the scene after the arrest, and arrested family members and others suspected of involvement in the murder.

The suspect is a 40-year-old Palestinian with a background in security-related activity. His political affiliation isn’t clear.

Before the attack on Tuesday, the suspect crossed the security barrier in the northern West Bank.

After the arrest, he was taken to interrogation by the Shin Bet.
There's a lot of cases where family members of these Islamofascists could be involved in some way or other, and are willing to conceal them after they commit murder. And if the culprit family's house is demolished as penalty later on, they'll deserve it.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Woman found murdered in Samarian Reihan forest

A terrible incident that very possibly involved jihadism was discovered in the Samarian Reihan forest:
Israel Police are investigating the cause of death of a woman in her 50s whose body was found early Monday morning in the Reihan Forest in the northern West Bank. The police and Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) are reportedly evaluating whether the murder might have been a terrorist attack.

"We wake up to a difficult and painful event in the northern Shomron," said MK Betzalel Smotrich upon hearing the news. "We send our condolences to the family of the 14th murdered woman [this year] and ask to embrace and strengthen the residents of Tal Menashe and the entire Shomron community.

"The security forces will, with God's help, get their hands on the perpetrators of this terrible attack and bring them justice," the MK concluded.

The woman, Esther Hurgan, was a resident of Tel Menashe, a town near the forest. Her body was found on the side of the road in the forest, marked by signs of violence, including to her head. Her family reported her missing on Sunday. She leaves behind her husband, Benyamin, and six children. Her youngest child celebrated his bar mitzvah just three months ago.
There's more, and it's clearer than ever from the barbarism described in the rest of the article that this was a jihadist assault on an innocent woman. The culprit must be found and should receive the death sentence.

Half-Jewish contestant at Miss France pageant attacked with anti-Semitism after revealing her father's Israeli

April Benayoum, a contestant at Miss France's current paegeant, faced antisemitic abuse after she revealed her father's nationality:
Anti-Semitism in France reared its ugly head over the weekend after a Jewish woman in the national beauty contest had to endure bullying on social media due to her background.

April Benayoum, a French woman who has Italian and Israeli roots
, won second place in the Miss France 2021 competition on Saturday, but that has not stopped racists and anti-Semites from launching incessant attacks on social media, including with anti-Semitic tweets.

Benayoum, who won Miss Provence before competing in the national contest, has described herself as Italian-Israeli because she was born to a Serbo-Croatian mother and an Israeli father.
Can anyone guess who the culprits are in the online abuse? It may not be all of them, but you can be sure some of them are adherents of the Religion of Peace, many of whom are doubtless anti-sex misogynists too. The Jerusalem Post says:
Leading French-Jewish groups, the Israeli Embassy in France, and numerous local politicians strongly condemned on Sunday this storm of antisemitic attack against the Miss France contestant.

The Representative Council of Jewish Institutions of France (Crif), the umbrella organization of France’s Jewish community, called the attacks on Benayoum “vile and unacceptable!”

“All occasions appear to be good for spreading hatred of Jews and Israel,” the group added, demanding that Twitter take responsibility for what had happened."

The International League Against Racism and Antisemitism (LICRA), demanded that the social media assailants face legal consequences for turning Twitter “into an antisemitic cesspool” and urged users to report antisemitic tweets.
Let's not forget this is the same social media network that allowed a former premiere of Malaysia to post messages condoning murder of French people. Food for thought: there should be a demand the company execs abandon their leftism, seeing how it's coloring their conduct, or lack thereof.
The Israeli Embassy in France also reacted, condemning "in the strongest possible terms the surge of antisemitic and anti-Zionist hatred on social networks last night,” pledgeding “full support” for Miss [Benayoum].

[...] The winner of the competition, Normandy’s Amandine Petit, was quick to offer support for her colleague saying on Sunday morning in an interview with French broadcaster BFM TV she was "extremely disappointing.”

The TV channel on which was broadcasted the event, TF1, also condemned on his Twitter account the antisemitic attack Miss Benayoum faced, reaffirming its strong support to the contestant.

[...] In a letter to Miss France Competition Director-General, Sylvie Tellier, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre Director for International Relations, Dr. Shimon Samuels, expressed outrage at the wave of Twitter attacks against April Benayoum, Miss Provence and first runner-up in Miss France 2021.

“There have been critiques of feminist organizations who consider beauty competitions as debasing to women, but this year - the Miss France centenary - will be remembered as a sick exercise in Jew-hatred,” said Samuels.
What's offensive about feminist organizations - the same kind who led to the dumbing down of the Miss America pageant a few years ago, is that they have none of the same concerns about racism, let alone actual sexism or misogyny, and if this happened in America, chances are they'd remain equally ignorant. It's a disgrace, and nobody should be funding such organizations because of that. For now, no matter what the ethnic background of Ms. Benayoum, all should stand behind her after what's happened.

Friday, December 18, 2020

Legislation passed to prevent FGM

The Senate has passed legislation to stop Female Genital Mutilation, and now it's going to Donald Trump's desk:
The Senate on Wednesday passed the Stop FGM Act that will give federal law enforcement greater tools to prosecute those who perpetrate the act, and HR 1600 is now headed to President Donald Trump’s desk.

The United States has long opposed the practice, which takes place both domestically and internationally.
One of the most important people to oppose the mainly Islamic practice is survivor Ayaan Hirsi Ali: One has to wonder, of course, where feminist movements are when it comes to subjects like this, and come to think of it, even N.O.W? Their silence can be quite telling so long as they continue with it.

It's good Congress addressed this issue, and better when Trump puts his stamp of approval on the legislation.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Trump holds a Hanukkah party at the White House

President Donald Trump's held a Hanukkah party at the White House, in another positive display of friendship there:
President Donald Trump attended a Hanukkah celebration at the White House on Wednesday, where he said he would still win the 2020 election.

“Let me just wish everybody a happy Hanukkah, and to about three of you here a merry Christmas,” the president joked to laughter from the crowd of around 100 mostly yarmulke-wearing Jewish leaders.

He then went on to address the election.

With the help of “certain very important people, if they have wisdom and if they have courage, we are going to win this election,” he said, in an apparent reference to the Supreme Court justices.
On which note, let's hope for a Hanukkah miracle. We'll definitely need it.

And since we're on the subject, thanks to Trump, a full normalization of relations was reached between Israel and Morocco. Something even the BBC's reporting. And that's good news too.

Tuesday, December 01, 2020

The Hamas leader in Gaza just got an illness he deserves

Another terrorist chief has just been infected with Coronavirus, in the Gaza strip:
Hamas's Gaza leader, Yahya Sinwar, has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, a spokesman for the Islamist terrorist group, which runs the territory, said on Tuesday.

[...] Sinwar, a former head of Hamas's security apparatus, became the organization's Gaza leader in 2017, six years after he was freed in a prisoner swap with Israel.

Gaza has logged nearly 21,000 coronavirus cases and 111 deaths.
He and all others harboring evil positions asked for it. They may not be clear about what's actually happening there beyond this news, but if he's in serious pain, that too is another something he deserves, along with if he goes to face the highest court.

Nir Barkat: illegal PLO construction in Areas B to C must stop

Former Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat took a tour of the Amichai district, and got to see a very serious issue to be dealt with:
The Likud Zion and Jerusalem Forum hosted a tour of Amichai and area localities by Likud member and former Jerusalem Mayor MK Nir Barkat.

Barkat closely monitored the PA takeover of Area C and other areas and said for the first time that Israel could not abandon the area to the Palestinians.

"Symmetry should be applied in the open areas in both Area C and Area B. If we cannot build in the open area, the Palestinians cannot either," he declared.
I'm glad he's gone to see what's taking place, and he is too. The PLO's illegal activities cannot be allowed to continue.

Monday, November 30, 2020

Saudi prince with sordid record buying into ownership of Japanese video game company

If this news on IGN is correct, it appears a once well regarded video game publisher is selling out to Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman:
The crown prince of Saudi Arabia - through his youth-focused MiSK charity - has purchased 33.3% of SNK, the developer behind King of Fighters, Samurai Shodown, Metal Slug and more. MiSK has announced its intent to buy a total of 51% of shares, and take majority ownership.

It's a move that's already causing controversy, given that the crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, has previously been directly implicated in the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, accused of sending an assassination hit squad into Canada, and is the de facto leader of a country repeatedly lambasted for multiple human rights abuses.

The 33.3% of SNK shares were bought for approximately $216 million, valuing the full company at around £648 million.
Aside from concerns that they could censor and obliterate whatever past players found appealing about their games for the sake of the Religion of Peace's beliefs, what's mainly offensive is the lack of moral compass on display here from SNK company executives themselves, permitting a man with such a repellent record of abuses to buy into their company...and potentially sell out to him altogether. If you care about the products of a company like SNK, you'll have to boycott them now in order to send a message. Demand that they buy back the stock they sold, among other things, and not sell ownership to such a monster and his still totalitarian Islamic regime. This is definitely a terrible day for anybody who liked to play King of Fighters, among other computer games made by SNK, in the past.

Saturday, November 28, 2020


Cross-posted here, "Thanksgiving Pardon for Retired United States Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn."

Leftists destroyed this man's life as a political vendetta. He was convicted on a "process" crime with no substantial underlying linkage to the allegations of electoral collusion with the Russians. 

Now he's received a presidential pardon, but how does someone rebuild one's life --- a life of patriotism and exemplary national service --- after a diabolical ideological smear campaign like this?

Thank goodness for President Trump. 

Background at NPR, "Trump Pardons Michael Flynn, Who Pleaded Guilty to Lying About Russia Contact, and at NYT (with fear and trepidation, lol), "Trump’s Pardon of Flynn Signals Prospect of a Wave in His Final Weeks in Office." 

And for the analysis, see Grim's Hall, "Michael Flynn Pardoned":

In a particularly grueling miscarriage of justice, retired general Michael Flynn had to be pardoned for a crime of which he was innocent. Investigated by the FBI at the behest of President Obama, who decided for some reason that Flynn was a Russian spy, Flynn was cleared of all charges as a result of the investigation. The FBI closed the case. 
He was prosecuted anyway by a politicized Department of Justice, which nevertheless failed to produce the only piece of evidence it allegedly had against him. That evidence would have been the original "302" form showing that the FBI agents who interviewed him thought that he'd lied to them -- about a case in which the FBI had already cleared him. No such 302 was ever produced, allegedly being lost, but we do have one that we happen to know was edited long after the fact by disgraced liar and political agent Peter Strzok. We know this because he discussed it in unencrypted text messages with his lover, also-married disgraced former prosecutor Lisa Page. 
After a financially ruinous prosecution in which the FBI/DOJ produced almost none of the exculpatory evidence that the law requires them to produce -- including the record of the investigation that completely cleared him on all charges -- Flynn's sorry lawyers convinced him to plead guilty. This was done in such a way that the DOJ and his sorry lawyers (perhaps motivated by one of their partners, a former Obama attorney general) made an illegal deal to hide the agreement not to prosecute Flynn's son from the judge! Not only did the judge lack the information he needed to discern whether the guilty plea was coerced, anyone against whom Flynn later might have testified as a result of the deal would have been denied their constitutional right to know of the deal so they could raise it as a defense against the value of his testimony. 
That judge -- a personal friend of Obama's, it turns out -- wasn't upset about the fact that the law firm and the DOJ conspired to hide these facts from him in violation of the law. His ire was for Flynn, whom he accused of selling out his country even though the DOJ had never even attempted to charge Flynn with that. What they charged him with was perjury for "lying" to the FBI (in the vanished 302), and a paperwork violation for which the FBI investigation had already cleared him. 
(They cleared him of the FARA violation because he had in fact filed paperwork with the government under another act, on the advice of lawyers he hired specifically to help him meet the legal reporting requirements -- thus, he had not tried to hide his lobbying work for a NATO ally, and clearly they could not s how criminal intent. DOJ knew all of that and made him plead guilty to it anyway, if he wanted them not to send his son to prison on trumped-up charges too.) 
Then we spent a year while Flynn's new lawyer, Sidney Powell, managed to get all the exculpatory information illegally hidden from him in the first place. None of it convinced the judge one bit to let Flynn withdraw the coerced guilty plea, nor to accept the DOJ's determination that it should probably actually drop those baseless charges after all. Ordered to drop the charges by the DC Court of Appeals in a three-judge ruling, the judge instead sought en banc approval to continue the case. He was granted it, provided he would dispose of the matter with "dispatch." That was now several months ago, and instead of disposing of the case he has been dragging it out towards an obvious intent to sentence Flynn in spite of his innocence. 
What this case shows is how completely distorted our system has become...
Still more.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

PLO's faux-negotiator Saeb Erekat dies of Covid19

It looks like a terrorist apologist just got what he deserved:
Saeb Erekat, the Secretary-General of the Palestine Liberation Organization and the top negotiator for the Palestinian Authority, died Tuesday morning. He was 65.

"Saeb Erekat passed away in the hospital's intensive care unit," Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital said in a statement Tuesday. [...]

During the early and mid-1990s, Erekat led the PLO’s negotiating team, and was a key player in the Oslo talks.

Erekat was a frequent critic of Israel, accusing Israel of “war crimes”, “massacres”, and “genocide”.

In 2013, Erekat accused Israel of applying a policy of apartheid in Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem
This is why nobody should feel sorry for him. He was antisemitic, condoned murder of Jews, as occurred during the mid-90s in suicide bombings, and the whole notion the Israeli government would allow him to be hospitalized under their own systems when it's the PLO themselves who should be responsible for dealing with his medical matters angered families of victims of terorrism for valid reasons. Erekat's death couldn't have come soon enough, and deserved what he got in the end.

Monday, November 09, 2020

Gal Gadot just ensured she won't have many fans back home

Israel Hayom reported that Israeli-born actress Gal Gadot has angered plenty Israelis after she praised Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, both of whom have awful records:
Israeli actress Gal Gadot sparked controversy over the weekend after congratulating Democratic candidate Joe Biden for being elected as president of the United States, a gesture that did not go over well with supporters of President Donald Trump.

[...] While Gadot's post quickly gained over a million likes, there were many who took her to task, calling her a populist and accusing her of becoming a "Hollywood liberal who has forgotten what is good for her country."

[...] Israeli rapper and right-wing activist Yoav Eliasi, commonly known by his stage name "The Shadow," also criticized the move by Gadot on both Instagram and Facebook, Sunday.

"Gal Gadot made a big mistake … In order to ensure her future in Hollywood, she congratulated Biden and his vice president [-elect Harris] (who has promised to first thing bring back the PLO's offices to the US and the funding for the Palestinian Authority) but the Americans did not take it sitting down, and sent her hundreds of comments calling hypocritical and ungrateful, and how was she not ashamed to congratulate Biden after everything Trump had done for Israel. In short – disappointing."
I think she's just ensured I won't be particularly interested in checking out most of her movies going forward, and she does seem to have a very awkward perspective on many issues. She is not a "national treasure" in this country, and her desperate attempts to appease the US left certainly says something about her personality. Best way to send her a message is to avoid all her starring roles from this point onwards, and even the Cleopatra movie she's planning doesn't sound particularly interesting compared to Liz Taylor's film.

Thursday, November 05, 2020

Tea Party is back in action to protect the public's votes

As reported by Breitbart, the Tea Party Patriots are in action again as they were a decade ago to protest Democrats' efforts to rob the election from the Republicans. It's good they're back in action now, and should stand up to the thugs on the left who're destroying democracy as we know it.

Blaming the victim reigns supreme in the Muslim world

Israel National News has an op-ed by Abigail Esman about the Muslim world's reaction to the murder of teacher Samuel Paty, and just how horrific their blame-the-victim mentality truly is.

The US leftists are trying to hijack the election

With the way things are going now, it's clear that the left in the USA, in all their anti-Trump hatred, is indeed determined to steal the election for the sake of Joe Biden:
President Trump appeared in the East Room at around three a.m. on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning to express his disgust over how the votes just stopped being counted after it looked like he was winning in a number of swing states and on his way to securing a second term.

Standing before a group of supporters in the White House, Trump listed the states he needs to win, how well he was doing in them, and said, “We won states and all of a sudden, what happened to the election? It’s off. … All of a sudden everything just stopped. This is a fraud on the American public. This is an embarrassment to our country.”

“We were getting ready to win the election, frankly, we did win this election.”

Trump spoke specifically about swing states where he enjoys a sizable margin with much of the vote already counted. This includes Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, where it was announced the vote counting would cease, in at least a few of these states, until tomorrow.

In some cases, the counting continues but the media refuse to call the race.

But there have been reports about cities such as Philadelphia and Atlanta giving up their counting for the night. They intend to resume in the morning.
What if they're taking the time to do some meddling behind the scenes in Biden's favor? I wouldn't put it past them. Trump predicted this was bound to happen, and no doubt, the Democrats are up to something. Trump may be planning now to go to court over this. I hope he does, if that's what it takes to combat this disturbing situation.

However things turn out, though, I do know this: when you have a situation as bad as states like New York, California and Oregon have now, what with anarchy, violence, arson and vandalism going on, committed by Antifa and BLM hoodlums while authorities in those states are either lenient on the offenders, or prohibited by higher echelons from doing their job to stop them, democracy as we know it is in a very unhealthy situation, and for all we know, this whole situation could eventually lead to the collapse of those states for starters. Of course, those residents of the 3 aforementioned states who voted for the Democrats despite supposedly being disturbed by all the violence going on cannot claim they were concerned, if they remain glued to the very same party and ideology till the bitter end of time.

I hope Trump continues to fight this current situation. But even then, the USA is clearly in a very dire, unhealthy state as it is, and it could take ages to repair it.

Update: Trump's announced they'll be going to the Supreme Court:
After talking for several minutes about victories that the campaign had secured and races where the campaign believed that things were still looking good, Trump called out how vote counting had seemingly stopped in critical races that had not been called yet.

“And all of a sudden everything just stopped,” Trump said. “This is a fraud on the American public. This is an embarrassment to our country.”

“So our goal now is to ensure the integrity for the good of this nation, this is a very big moment. This is a major fraud on our nation. We want the law to be used in the proper manner,”
Trump continued. “So we will be going to the U.S. Supreme Court. We want all voting to stop. We don’t want them to find any ballots at 4 o’clock in the morning and add them to the list. OK? It’s a very sad, it’s a very sad moment.”
Definitely. That it's gotten to a point where corruption reigns horrifically on the left, along with their loss of moral compass, is simply terrible.

Also: a major error was found in Arizona's results, which strongly suggests there's rigging going on there.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Minnesota Democrat admits Ilhan Omar doesn't belong in the party

The Daily Caller reveals that Collin Peterson, one of the few Democrats left who supports some conservative platforms, was willing to admit why Ilhan Omar doesn't belong in the Democrat party:
Minnesota Democratic Rep. Collin Peterson criticized Rep. Ilhan Omar, saying that “she doesn’t belong in our party” in a September video, according to the Star Tribune.

His comments came in response to an operative for the National Republican Congressional Committee, who asked Peterson why he defended Omar after she said that “some people did something,” referring to the 9/11 attacks. The video was first obtained by the New York Post.
Well that's good he's admitting now that somebody who made offensive comments minimizing the 9-11 attacks doesn't belong in their party. There's no telling if he'll be reelected though in such a polarized atmosphere that the Democrats are largely responsible for leading to. Of course, the real concerns is whether Omar herself will be reelected, and if she is, that's very bad. The damage she's caused in her own way is very serious.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

PLO's Hanan Ashrawi is second to contract Corona illness

First, it was Saeb Erekat who got infected with Covid19. Now, he's joined in his illness by another PLO terror activist, Hanan Ashrawi:
Hanan Ashrawi, a member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) has tested positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19), the PLO’s Department of Public Diplomacy and Policy announced Monday.

Ashrawi, 74, tested positive for COVID-19, and all her official engagements and scheduled events have been postponed.

Ashrawi is the second senior PLO official to contract the virus.
And it looks like there was a Hamas member who also got it:
Similarly, Hamas leader Saleh al-Arouri was also infected with the virus earlier this month.
It couldn't have happened to more deserving people, that's for sure.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

PLO's Saeb Erekat contracts Coronavirus

It couldn't have happened to a more deserving terrorist. As this news states, senior PLO member Erekat is ill with Coronavirus:
Senior Palestinian Liberation Organization official Saeb Erekat has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, the longtime Palestinian diplomat said on Thursday night.

Erekat is currently in isolation in his house in the West Bank city of Jericho, and has canceled all his appointments until he recovers from the virus. He has experienced light coronavirus symptoms, including a fever.
What if it's worse than what's being reported? You can never be sure if taqqiya specialists like these are actually being truthful. This is in contrast to reports about Donald and Melania Trump's state of health following their infection with Corona, from which they've since recovered.
One of the architects of the Oslo peace accords, Erekat has been the PLO’s chief negotiator since 1995. Erekat has led numerous rounds of peace talks with Israel for over two decades and continues to play a central role in Palestinian politics.

Erekat is considered to be at high risk for complications from the virus. He survived both a mild heart attack in 2012 and a 2017 lung transplant after years of suffering from pulmonary fibrosis, a condition which scars the lungs and damages their ability to circulate oxygen.
Erekat also enabled many terrorist attacks in the past quarter century. If he succumbs to Covid19, he'll deserve it. That the Times of Israel chose to gloss over his crimes is shameful.

Sunday, October 04, 2020

Molecules science journal run by anti-Israeli chairman

The science journal Molecules delegitemizes Ariel's being on Israeli grounds at the behest of an anti-Israeli movement, making a case for boycotting it:
The international science journal "Molecules" canceled the publication of a study by Dr. Mindy Levine from Ariel University after she refused to erase the word "Israel" in the address of the university, according to Israeli activists.

The study was originally meant to be featured in the journal's January 2021 edition. Levine marked the address in the study as "The Department of Chemical Sciences, Ariel University, Ramat HaGolan 65, Ariel, Israel."

A group of chemists from around the world complained to "Molecules" that Ariel is located in occupied territory and not in Israel. The group is led by Prof. George Smith, winner of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, and Prof. Malcolm Levitt, a Fellow of the Royal Society. The group asked the journal to change the address to say "Ariel University, illegal Israeli settlement of Ariel, Occupied Palestinian Territory," according to the Palestinian No Academic Business as Usual with Ariel University initiative.

After the complaint was issued, the editors of "Molecules" asked Levine to remove the word Israel from the address at the head of the study, but Levine refused and the journal cancelled the publication of the study. [...]

“Molecules has put politics over science," said Professor Eugene Kontorovich, Director of International Law at the Jerusalem-based Kohelet Policy Forum, in response to the event. "It requires all authors to provide a mailing address; whatever one thinks of the politics, 'Ariel, Israel' is indeed the correct mailing address, as one can discover by sending a letter. The purpose of a contact address to allow communication with the author has been turned into a geopolitical judgement by chemists unqualified to make it.”

“Papers from authors in other contested areas have been published without any insistence on any 'legally correct' description," he continued. "Now Molecules must revises its policies for several territories, or stick with a Jewish-only double standard."
Most offensive is that the head of the journal's board insulted the lady:
"Scientists are obligated to be precise with facts - this is a basic and self-evident duty for all chemists as in any other science. The publication of the address 'Ariel, Israel' at the head of an article would constitute a blatant and obvious factual distortion to any eye, and would call into question the factual credibility of all the research that followed it," added Keller. "It is a pity that a talented and active researcher, who gained a reputation in the American universities where she lectured and engaged in research, chose to move to a university in occupied territory and thus cast a heavy shadow on the continuation of her scientific work."
I'd say this is reason enough to boycott the journal, seeing as this is an Orwellian "scientist" who only believes selectively in facts. And clearly sees nothing wrong with lecturing the lady over where she should work. All concerned should withdraw cooperation with Molecules, if these are the kind of people they're going to associate with.

Trumps are hopefully doing well following infection by Covid

The POTUS and FLOTUS were recently announced as infected with Coronavirus a few days ago, but if the following news from the hospital where they're being cared for is any indication, they're doing quite well:
The White House released photos on Saturday night that showed President Donald Trump working hard while being confined to Walter Reed Medical Center following his coronavirus diagnosis late this week. [...]

White House physician Sean Conley, D.O., released a statement on the president’s health late on Saturday night, noting that the president has made significant improvements over the last couple of days.

“President Trump continues to do well, having made substantial progress since diagnosis,” Conley wrote in a statement. “This evening he completed his second does of Remdesivir without complication. He remains fever-free and off supplemental oxygen with a saturation level between 96 and 98% all day.”

“He spent most of the afternoon conducting business, and has been up and moving about the medical suite without difficulty,” the statement continued. “While not yet out of the woods, the team remains cautiously optimistic.”

“The plan for tomorrow is to continue observation in between doses of Remdesivir, closely monitoring his clinical status while fully supporting his conduct of presidential duties,” the statement concluded.
Trump is definitely an amazing man, seeing how he's capable of continuing to research paperwork while in hospital undergoing medical exams.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Remembering 9-11 in a year where political correctness took a horrifying turn

Daniel Greenfield at Front Page Magazine wrote about this year's 9-11 Memorial service, at a time when Black Lives Matter and Antifa desecrated memorials dedicated to heroes of the era:
The 19th anniversary of 9/11 has been the nation’s darkest in this dreaded cycle.

The Black Lives Matter riots that attacked the statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Christopher Columbus, and Abraham Lincoln, did not spare 9/11 memorials.

The statue of a police officer was beheaded and toppled in Plymouth, MA at a 9/11 memorial honoring those who had died in the attacks. But the 2,000 pound steel beam from the World Trade Center proved beyond the ability of the vandals to topple.

When Black Lives Matter racists defaced statues and memorials in the Boston Common, including the ‘Glory’ regiment, they didn’t spare the 9/11 memorial in the Public Garden.

A 9/11 memorial honoring five fallen firefighters was defaced and the American flagpole was cut down in Washingtonville, NY,.There was also vandalism at the Decatur, IL memorial site, and a red, white and blue rearing horse 9/11 memorial in Rochester, NY was smeared with red paint.

Beyond the radical attacks on the monuments of September 11 were the attacks on its heroes.

The NYPD has suffered its worst days since 9/11 with over 400 officers injured in the BLM riots. Police and firefighters went from the heroes of a nation to being smeared as soulless monsters.

“I could see no difference between the officer who killed and the police who died, or the firefighters who died,” Ta-Nehisi Coates, an intellectual godfather of Black Lives Matter, wrote, “They were not human to me. Black, white, or whatever, they were the menaces of nature; they were the fire, the comet, the storm, which could — with no justification — shatter my body.”

“Between the World and Me”, the hateful tract in which Coates dehumanized the police officers and firefighters who had died trying to save people of all races and creeds, became a bestseller, was a Pulitzer finalist, and has repeatedly shown up on corporate anti-racism reading lists.

All of this makes commemorating September 11 into an awkward task that Democrats avoid.
Read the rest to see how disturbing things have become. If Joe Biden's elected, it's bound to get worse with all this horrific political correctness running amok. It's absolutely stunning how the country became desensitized to violence, to the point where barbarism as practiced by al Qaeda was legitimized by the leftists. This is why this is one of the saddest moments in the history since the turn of the century.

Thursday, September 03, 2020

Trial begins for 14 collaborators in Paris bloodbath

The Jewish Press reports that the trial's beginning in the case of at least 14 people who collaborated with the murderers who struck at Charlie Hebdo and the Hypercacher supermarket in Paris:
The trial of 14 individuals accused of providing logistical support to the brothers Said and Chérif Kouachi who on January 7, 2015, murdered members of the staff of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, and Amedy Coulibaly, who two days later took hostages and killed customers at a kosher supermarket in Paris. The defendants face charges of participating in a terrorist criminal association.

On January 7, 2015, around 11:30 AM, two brothers, Saïd and Chérif Kouachi, forced their way into the offices of the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo in Paris, armed with rifles and other weapons. They killed 12 people and injured 11. The gunmen identified themselves as members of al-Qaeda. Two days later, their accomplice, Amedy Coulibaly, attacked the Hypercacher kosher supermarket where he held 19 hostages and murdered 4, all Jews. The gunman was killed.

[...] On Wednesday, Charlie Hebdo republished the cartoon depicting the Prophet Mohammed in its new weekly edition. The editors suggested they were running the cartoon as evidence. They said the cartoon is “part of History, and one cannot rewrite History, neither can it be erased.”
That's pretty amazing that, a number of years after CH foolishly stopped producing cartoons featuring Mohammed, now they're republishing some of those in focus again. What remains to be seen now, aside from that, is whether the justice officials will take a convincing position on both the tragedies involved, considering all the antisemitism and misogyny lurking around every nook and cranny of their system that so far led to the refusal to prosecute the murderer of Sarah Halimi. Only the death sentence can possibly ensure definite justice in cases like these.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Turkey's giving citizenship to Hamas members

Recep Erdogan continues to demonstrate where his loyalties lie, as his autocracy grants citizenship to Hamas operatives:
An Israeli diplomat on Wednesday confirmed reports that Turkey is granting citizenship to a dozen members of the Hamas terrorist group.

“Some are in the process, some already got (the documents), but we are talking about around a dozen,” Roey Gilad, chargé d’affaires at Israel’s embassy in Turkey, told the Reuters news agency.

Gilad said Israel has evidence of the phenomenon.

“We have already one document that we will present to the government in copy,” he said. “Judging by the last experience we had by presenting a well-based portfolio to the government… and getting no reply, I must say I don’t have high hopes that something will be done this time.”

Gilad asserted that the Hamas members receiving Turkish passports were financing and organizing terror operations.

Turkish President Recep Erdogan met on Saturday with a Hamas delegation that included politburo chief Ismail Haniyeh and the terror group’s No. 2, Saleh al-Arouri — a top military commander who has a $5 million US bounty on his head.
I'd say that's a confirmation of Turkey's anti-American standings coming to the fore. This is grounds for imposing more sanctions upon Turkey, now that they're not only taking steps hostile to Israel, but to the US as well. Under Erdogan, they really have taken a lurch to the dark side.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Something good the Israeli attorney general's doing to try and salvage his negative reputation

Israel's attorney-general, Avichai Mandelblit, earned a bad reputation for his relentless efforts to prosecute the prime minister over petty issues. But here, he's actually willing to file an appeal against an offensive supreme court ruling to block demolition of a murderous terrorist's house:
Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit will file for another hearing to discuss the possibility of demolishing the house of the terrorist who murdered IDF Sgt. Amit Ben Yigal after the Supreme Court forbade the destruction of the terrorist's house.

In a statement on behalf of the attorney general, it was emphasized that the application would be submitted following the request of the political echelon on the issue, and after the attorney general presented to them his professional assessment in relation to the chances and risks involved in the application.

In the court's ruling, the demolition order was revoked. The court clarified that the military commander has the authority to act to seal the room where the perpetrator lived, but not to demolish the entire structure.

The attorney general's statement added that "the request for further hearing will be limited to the determination of the judgment in relation to the need for consideration of the family members living in the terrorist's house, and will not deal with general law regarding the use of demolition tools by terrorists for deterrence purposes."

MK Matan Kahana stated that he "welcomes the decision of the attorney general, who responded to my request and the request of many others and asked for a further hearing in the ruling given regarding the destruction of the house of the terrorist who killed Amit Ben Yigal."

"I will be there at the next hearing. I call on members of the Knesset to join me and attend the court hearing. Together, we will call on the judges to do justice and strengthen the IDF's deterrence," he added.
While this is a positive step Mandelblit's taken, it still doesn't excuse his reprehensible conduct towards Benjamin Netanyahu, and that's why Mandelblit will still have to vacate the position he doesn't deserve.

There's an important point to make that sealing the room where the terrorist himself lived is pathetic, and wouldn't stop him or anybody else that evil from living in the other parts of the house. The supreme court judges doubtlessly know this, and should be ashamed of themselves.

Thursday, August 06, 2020

Democrats continue to ignore and obscure slavery of Black Africans in Islamic countries

Bare Naked Islam has an item by a writer who points out how the Democrats, a party founded by slavemongers, keeps on ignoring and virtually obscuring the enslavement of Black Africans by modern Muslim slave owners in north Africa:
The Democratic Party was formed in 1792 as “…the White Man’s Party,” to serve the financial interests of Southern plantation owners. These wealthy overlords established a system which deprived Black slaves of their dignity, their families, and their civil rights. They were property, to be bought and sold, whipped, castrated, and lynched to enforce their brutal subjugation.

Although Jefferson Republicans and others worked for the abolition of slavery, particularly in the new western territories, their efforts were always blocked in Congress by Southern Democrats, who refused to be persuaded by arguments of compassion and common human decency. Southern slave owners claimed to be acting with the approval of God, and their warped version of the Christian faith.

Islam was founded around 670 by Mohammed, and by some strange coincidence, his Allah “god” also sanctioned slavery. He had a lot in common with the Democrats of the Old South! This is what Allah commanded Mohammed in Sura 33:50: “Prophet, it is lawful for you to possess the wives for whom you have paid dowries, and the slave girls you have taken as the spoils of war.” The Koran clearly teaches that rape and slavery are divinely ordained. The Hadiths, which recount the deeds of Mohammed and his sayings, also instructed Muslims that having slaves was approved by their “god…” Mohammed was a prosperous slave owner.

Hadith Sahih Bukhari Vol. 7 #137 recounts that Muslim warriors took female slaves, and sexually abused them. Aisha, the six-year-old bride of Mohammed, whom he raped when she was nine, was reported to have said that Al-Abbas, a Muslim nobleman, had many slaves. (Sahih Bukhari 5-50)

And in our times, Muslims continue to trade in slaves, mostly Blacks from Sub-Saharan Africa. Open Doors, the U.N., and the Global Slavery Index, estimate that over 860,000 Blacks are slaves in Algeria, Libya, Mauretania, and Sudan. Their Arab masters control them with horrific brutality. These Black captives endure forced labor, sexual abuse, and soul-destroying degradation. Saudi Arabia is a prime market for slaves, and slave markets operate openly in many Saudi cities.
Yet all this is obscured by virtually every phony among the left. It's truly sickening that the Democrat party continues to operate in Congress till this day.

PLO despises Congressman Doug Lamborn for rightfully calling to impose sanctions on them

The Jerusalem Post says the Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn's made a call for sanctioning the overlords of the PLO, which has got the terrorist organization incensed:
Palestinians on Sunday condemned Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colorado) for demanding that the US impose personal sanctions on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and other senior PA officials.

In a letter to President Donald Trump, Lamborn wrote that the Palestinian leadership “has continued to pay the terror rewards to terrorists, spending hundreds of millions of dollars every year to these monsters and their families.”

Lamborn was involved in initiating the Taylor Force Act, which was signed into law by Trump in 2018. It conditions US direct aid to the PA on the abolition of the PA’s payment of cash rewards to terrorists and their families.

“Since the passing of the Taylor Force Act, and a similar law in Israel’s Knesset passed by my friends MKs Elazar Stern and Avi Dichter in July 2018, the Palestinian leadership has spent over NIS 1.2 billion, or $350 million, continuing to reward terror,” Lamborn wrote. “Since the Palestinian leadership have publicly attacked the passage of the Taylor Force Act, rejected its terms, and continue rewarding terrorists and their families, the appropriate next step in the US war on terror is to personally sanction those PA/PLO officials involved in this incentivizing of terror, as defined by the law. While there are many senior Palestinian officials involved in the ‘pay for slay’ program, the institution and the person most responsible are the PA/PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs and its Director Qadri Abu Bakr.”
I think the PLO's remorseless reaction is exactly why the sanctions against Abbas should be imposed immediately. Mainly because he himself is such a monster.

Why would it be a surprise if Facebook continues to ignore Islamic anti-semitism?

Israel National News tells of a Knesset panel on the subject of Islamic/Arabic anti-semitism rampant on the Facebook platform:
Israel’s Diaspora Affairs Ministry on Monday presented data to the Knesset’s Immigration, Absorption, and Diaspora Affairs Committee on the proliferation of anti-Semitic rhetoric and conspiracy theories on social media networks like Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter.

The data was based on studies conducted by the ministry’s center for monitoring anti-Semitism and incitement on social media networks.

During the committee’s hearing Monday morning, the Diaspora Affairs Ministry provided examples of anti-Semitic comments on social media, in particular the rampant anti-Semitism found in many Arabic-language groups on Facebook.

In these Facebook groups, the ministry found numerous cases of Holocaust denial, blaming Jews for the Holocaust, classic anti-Semitism and newer forms of anti-Semitism.

Yogev Karsenti, the head of the Diaspora Affairs Ministry’s efforts to combat anti-Semitism, said that social media networks’ policies have made curtailing the spread of anti-Semitism online difficult.
True, but it's hardly a surprise at this point. Zuckerberg's remained uncooperative with those wishing to combat the issue, and hasn't even proved convincing in dealing with content inciting violence, which is when antisemitism really becomes a problem. That's why there's just no point in using their systems at a time when alternatives are turning up, and no point in advertising on Facebook either.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

More cases of Corona infections in PLO dominated territories

The illnesses from Corona in the PLO areas continues apace:
The Palestinian Authority (PA) on Saturday said that 382 new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in its territories, raising its total number of registered cases to 12,809, the Xinhua news agency reports.

The PA “ministry of health” said four citizens died of the virus, bringing the total deaths since March 5 to 77.

The ministry noted that recovered cases reached 3,741, leaving 8,991 active cases under medical observation.

Overall, 15 patients are currently in intensive care units, including three who are connected to respirators. [...]

After the easing of a previous coronavirus lockdown in late May, PA “health minister” Mai al-Kaila said the PA had entered a second wave of infections "more dangerous than the first".
It's the PLO's own fault, of course. That's what happens when they embrace evils like antisemtism and jihadism.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Holland paid terrorists who murdered Israeli teen girl

The Jerusalem Post says it's been discovered that the Dutch government gave money to terrorists behind the murder of an Israeli teenage girl:
The Netherlands paid part of the salaries of two terrorists involved in killing 17-year-old Rina Shnerb last year, Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok and Development Minister Sigrid Kaag admitted to parliament on Tuesday.

The killers are members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a designated terrorist group in the EU, and employees of the Palestinian Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC), to which the Dutch representative in Ramallah pledged nearly $20 million in 2013-2021.

Their salaries were paid in part by Dutch funds covering UAWC overhead costs, though they were not directly involved in the land and water management program sponsored by the Netherlands. They also received accreditation, identifying themselves as “employees of a partner organization of the Dutch representation,” in Ramallah a letter from the ministers said.

The Netherlands is suspending its donations to UAWC indefinitely, pending an investigation.
The Dutch government owes a serious apology for the harm they caused. It's a grave example of a European government enabling terrorism, and what they did has also enabled terrorists to act within their own countries. Funding to terrorists has to cease.

Monday, July 13, 2020

Mirielle Knoll's 2 murderers are going to trial

Two Islamofascists in France who murdered a Holocaust survivor are now going on trial:
French judges on Monday ordered two men to stand trial for the brutal 2018 killing of an elderly Jewish woman that prompted an outcry over a rise in anti-Semitic acts.

Mireille Knoll, 85 and suffering from Parkinson's disease, was stabbed in her Paris apartment by attackers who later set her body on fire, apparently to hide evidence of their crime.

She had escaped the mass deportation of Jews from France during World War II by fleeing abroad.

A longtime neighbor, Yacine Mihoub, and associate Alexandre Carrimbacus were later arrested on charges of murder and aggravated robbery, though prosecutors did not initially characterize the killing as anti-Semitic.

Under questioning Carrimbacus accused Mihoub of yelling "Allahu Akbar (God is greatest)" while stabbing Knoll and of justifying the attack by saying "Jews have money."

The revelations outraged France's Jewish community, which called it the latest in a series of increasingly brazen anti-Semitic acts, including violence and desecrations of Jewish cemeteries.
The mother of one of them is also going on trial for trying to destroy evidence. And it's obscene how these monsters are consistently taught to be greedy for money, and view Jews as in possession of everything. Sick.

It still remains to be seen if Sarah Halimi will receive any justice. That's something that'll have to be dealt with next.

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Casualties from Corona in France very high for immigrant populations from north Africa

The UK Guardian has some eyebrow raising news about what the rates of illness and deaths from Covid19 were like for immigrants from the African continent. Blacks reportedly suffered most badly, but, though the article doesn't clearly say so, it sounds like Islamists also took a serious toll:
The research findings were particularly alarming for the Paris region, especially in the densely populated and underprivileged northern reaches of the French capital. Compared to March-April of 2019, Paris-region deaths during the same two months this year shot up by 134% among north African immigrants and by 219% for people born elsewhere in Africa.

Skewed death rates were even more pronounced in Seine-Saint-Denis, the northern outskirts of Paris long troubled by poverty and overcrowding. There, deaths increased by 95% among the French-born, but by 191% among people born in north Africa and by 368% among those from sub-Saharan Africa.
There are reasons we can probably guess why it was so bad there. The Islamists apparently thought "allah" would defend their health, and since they pour out so much violence in that district, what with riots and intifada and all that, so how could authorities ensure that proper medical attendance could be provided to them? They turned their neighborhood into a sharia-run no-go zone, that's what they get.

Who knows? This whole pandemic might have a silver lining in that it brought about punishment for those who would espouse a violent religion and force it upon innocent people.

Monday, July 06, 2020

The BBC gushes over the Muslim Ms. Marvel's foray into videogames

The BBC's written one of their awful fluff-coated entertainment reports on how Islam is portrayed in videogames as much as comics, and this one is about the new Avengers game where the propaganda vehicle in the form of Kamala Khan is forced into the character roster:
Marvel's Avengers are assembling once again, not on the big screen, but for a blockbuster video game.

It features many of the superheroes you might expect, including Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America. But they are joined by a new addition: Kamala Khan.

The Muslim-American teenager of Pakistani heritage, who has shape-shifting abilities, is the latest character to adopt the Ms Marvel moniker

When the game's publisher Square Enix announced that Marvel Avengers would include Kamala Khan as one of its main playable characters and make her central to the plot, it garnered praise from both fans and industry insiders.

[...] Kamala Khan was co-created by Marvel editor and director Sana Amanat in 2014.

A Muslim-American herself, Sana Amanat wanted to create a character young girls of similar background could identify with and look up to.

"I think it's absolutely insane that Kamala is in one of the biggest Marvel games that we've done," she said during the promotion of the game.

"The fact that she's the entry point character in this game makes so much sense. People from all backgrounds can relate to her."
As expected, Amanat shoves and shoves that propaganda narrative full force, milking it for all it's [not] worth. No serious questions asked why this particular character has to be put front and center of such a video game either. Yet there are a few elements in the comic, more on which anon, that actually run contrary to the censorious mindset of the Religion of Peace, despite what she's saying, one of the reason why not everyone can "relate" to her politically influenced creation.

This propaganda piece also cites other sugarcoated portrayals of Islam in more video games of recent:
Muslim characters in video games have appeared in significant roles in recent years, so this is far from the first time you can play as a Muslim character.

Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India, a spinoff of the top-selling franchise, had us playing as Arbaaz Mir, a Kashmiri assassin.

Fighting game franchise Tekken 7 recently introduced a character from Saudi Arabia called Shaheen as the latest entry to its roster.

And Street Fighter V saw the inclusion of Rashid, another character of middle-eastern heritage.
And any characters who're portrayed as Islamists with no questions asked whether or not it's a healthy belief system aren't exactly doing anybody favors. However, this is indicative of the path the entertainment world's been taking ever since 9-11, kowtowing to the enemy beliefs in contrast to the WW2 era. Under today's massively PC environment, it is not possible to make a video game like Operation Thunderbolt, which was inspired in its time by the Israeli army's raid on Entebbe in 1976. That's how far we've fallen.
However, some character designs for Muslims can be stereotypical and not very reflective of your average young Muslim, according to Sitara Shefta, head of studio at No Brakes Games.

Sitara believes Ms Marvel is far more representative of what young Muslims are actually like, and says the Kamala Khan character reminds her of her own niece.

She says the significance of Kamala Khan's inclusion in the game is a huge step for better representation in gaming.

"It's very important, why shouldn't Pakistanis and Muslims have characters and stories that inspire them?" she asks.

"They are usually depicted as terrorists or the villains we fight against in the games.

"Now we have an empowering Pakistani Muslim character, and a role model for kids from this community to be inspired by."
The irony is, last time I looked, it appeared the comics were depicting scenes and situations with Khan that would offend hardcore Islamists, like depicting her making love to a boyfriend, and associating with Jewish characters, among other things that are considered haram (taboo) under the Religion of Peace. So the above is a rather laughable argument, as "inspiration" isn't exactly what they're looking for. Only politically correct depictions adhering to their demand of how Islam should be portrayed in fictional entertainment. As mentioned, ever since 9-11, moral panic's led to a significant decrease in games where jihadists could be depicted as the adversaries.
Scott Amos, studio head at the game's developer Crystal Dynamics, said they had been overwhelmed with the response to Kamala Khan's inclusion.

"One post that really caught us was about how this current, long-time gamer said how emotional this made him - and how important it is to have a leading hero in this game now, so that generations of new gamers can see and play as someone like them in a game that is filled with these iconic giants like Thor and Iron Man and Black Widow," he told the BBC Asian Network.
It sounds like they're fudging up what really happened - complaints about the poor design for Black Widow, and how biased the whole project was from a political perspective, putting Khan into the foremost position. No surprise, really. I'd thought before Crystal Dynamics was the kind of studio that was "going woke", and this confirms something. And explains why I'd rather not play any video game based on Marvel today, because of how far they've fallen in terms of pushing propaganda instead of entertainment value.

Friday, July 03, 2020

Islamofascists exploit BLM, despite Islam's own anti-black history

Israel National News wrote an op-ed about how Islamofascists have been among the leading movements to take advantage of Black Lives Matter to advance their own vile platforms, even though Islam has its own history of anti-black bigotry:
Following the killing in police custody of Minneapolis resident George Floyd, several radical Muslim American organizations have joined in nationwide protests to show solidarity with black civil-rights protests. However, Floyd’s death has sparked difficult conversations about black-Muslim relations, as well as the implicit racial biases found in some Arab and South Asian communities.

Rather than acknowledge anti-black bigotry, Chicago Islamists—many of them with a history of anti-black discrimination—have minimized and excused this abhorrent behavior while exploiting Floyd’s death to satisfy their own anti-Israel agenda.

After some activists unjustly blamed a Palestinian convenience-store owner for calling the police on Floyd when he presented a counterfeit $20 bill, non-black Muslims have been forced to address the pervasive anti-black discrimination that has persisted within their communities.

This behavior is undoubtedly a cultural import from the Middle East and North Africa, where the descendants of slaves continue to experience systemic racism. In Chicago, mosques are predominantly organized along ethnocentric lines, and a decades-old feud between non-black Muslim storeowners and their African-American customers has occasionally resulted in violence.

Despite these biases, Islamists who support pro-Palestinian causes have been using the Black Lives Matter movement to demonize Israel and promote Palestinian resistance.
And the worst part is that, since BLM's built on antisemitic conspiracy theories, much like the Women's March turned out to be, their own leaders apparently have no issues, because such ideologies seem to trump everything else. It's absolutely stupefying. Read the rest of the article for more.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

US army soldier collaborated with both Islamofascists and neo-nazis

This story about a traitor in the army is absolutely horrifying:
An American soldier has been charged with terrorism for plotting an ambush against members of his own unit.

US Army Private Ethan Melzer allegedly sent sensitive intelligence on US troop deployments to a neo-Nazi organization called the Order of the Nine Angles, the US State Department announced yesterday. The information he provided included the location of the troops, their movement, and their security arrangement, and was allegedly meant to be passed on to Jihadist groups in conflict with US forces.

Melzer is charged with conspiring and attempting to murder US nationals, conspiring and attempting to murder military service members, providing and attempting to provide material support to terrorists, and conspiring to murder and maim in a foreign country.

The plot was thwarted in late May, 2020, and Melzer was arrested on June 10.
If there's anything this proves, it's the alliances between modern National Socialists and Islamic jihadists. A very alarming example of a traitor endangering his own fellow troops to two enemies working together.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Haim Saban helped the UAE publish an anti-sovereignty op-ed in an Israeli paper

Haim Saban is a billionaire who used to work in children's TV entertainment in the US, and over the years was a huge Democrat donor. Now, it turns out he aided an enemy of Israel in pushing propaganda, and isn't supporting sovereignty for the right reasons:
Israeli-American billionaire and Democratic megadonor Haim Saban was involved in the publication of an op-ed piece warning against Israel’s plan to apply sovereignty to parts of Judea and Samaria, Channel 13’s Barak Ravid reported Friday.

According to the report, Israeli sources claimed that Saban was consulted by the United Arab Emirates’ ambassador to the US, Yousef Al Otaiba, for an opinion piece published by the Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot Friday morning.

In the piece, Al Otaiba warns Israel against implementing the sovereignty plan, arguing it will “send shock waves” throughout the Middle East, destabilizing moderate Arab states and harming Israel’s warming relations with US allies in the region, including the UAE.

Saban, a long-time acquaintance of Al Otaiba, was reportedly asked to help the UAE find a platform for addressing Israelis. Al Otaiba consulted with Saban, the report claims, with Saban assisting Al Otaiba in having his op-ed piece published by Yediot Aharonot. UAE leaders had planned to publish the piece in a prominent American newspaper, like The New York Times or Washington Post, but were persuaded by Saban to use an Israeli outlet. [...]

In late January, Saban endorsed the Trump plan, telling the Jewish Insider that the plan “offers a blueprint to promote a continued push towards a two-state solution in which Israel remains a Jewish and democratic state living in peace, prosperity, and, most importantly, in security alongside its neighbors.”
If Saban's that cozy with the Islamists, and his reasoning for supporting sovereignty amounts only to that, then he's clearly just another disgrace and shame who's not living in the US to do Israel any good. Wow, I am so glad he's no longer working in the children's segment of showbiz these days. Why, that could surely be one of the most troubling aspects about him - he was likely propagandizing to and indoctrinating the younger crowd. He doesn't belong in showbiz at all.

Sunday, June 07, 2020

LA's mayor accepts money from Qatar

The mayor of Los Angeles has accepted funding from an Islamic state that's sponsored terrorism (H/T: Front Page Magazine):
Thanks to a $5 million donation from Qatar to the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles — the largest-ever single donation to the fund — the Angeleno Card program is being expanded.

Garcetti thanked the government of Qatar for the “truly generous humanitarian gift to Angeleno families.” He said the gift had special meaning, as it coincided with the start of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.
If this is supposed to be their way of making repairs after the post-George Floyd riots, along with the Corona crisis, he's going about it the wrong way, and it could end up becoming very disastrous in the long run. But, that's California for you, a state that's long been sinking into one of the worst situations ever to be had.

An anti-Israeli terrorist dies

A terrorist who'd resided in Lebanon has deservedly died:
The former head of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement died Saturday night after a long illness. He was 62.

Ramadan Shalah had been in a coma for more than three years after a series of strokes that followed heart surgery, the terrorist group said. It didn't say where he died, but he is believed to have been in Lebanon.

Shalah led the Iranian-backed group for over 20 years, after its founder, Fathi Shikaki, was eliminated in Malta in a hit widely attributed to Israel. In 2018, the group named Shalah's deputy, Ziad Nakhalah, as a new leader.

Shalah was on the US "most wanted list" of terrorist suspects with a $5 million reward for information leading to his arrest or conviction.
So he was even reduced to comatose in his last years. He deserved that too.

Friday, May 22, 2020

This year's Jerusalem Day had limited attendance, but is taking place

The Jewish Press has some photos of people who took part in the Jerusalem Day celebrations, though this year's were unfortunately limited because of the Coronavirus situation. But, they did take place, and that's something to admire and be happy about. It's an important event celebrating the time we liberated the city from the grasp of the Islamofascist entity embodied by Jordan, and reinstated cohesion in 1967.

Monday, May 18, 2020

New Israeli government now inaugurated

Finally, after at least a year of deadlock in the Knesset, there's a government in motion, even if it is a unity government:
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented his new unity government to the Knesset on Sunday, ending more than a year of political deadlock as he prepares to go on trial in a week for alleged corruption.

The Knesset held a confidence vote to approve the newly appointed ministers and to appoint Netanyahu as the head of the new government. Netanyahu then took the oath of office for the fifth time as prime minister.

Netanyahu's power-sharing agreement with former election rival, Blue and White leader Benny Gantz, opens the way to proceed toward the application of Israeli sovereignty over Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria as part of the newly released Trump administration peace plan.
I sure hope it'll be possible, most importantly, to annex these areas back into the Israel they're truly part of, and Jordan, recalling that their "king" is threatening to trash all peace agreements over a petty issue, had better not act inappropriately. MK Uzi Dayan says sovereignty is near:
MK Uzi Dayan (Likud) spoke to Arutz Sheva from the Knesset inauguration ceremony and said that the incoming government has an opportunity to apply sovereignty over the Jordan Valley.

"It wasn't easy going all the way but we managed to form a government," said Dayan regarding the newly established unity government.

"It's very important to [make the most] of this period of time mainly because of the need to address the coronavirus crisis, but also because of the opportunities that lie ahead—applying Israeli sovereignty in particular." "We will begin from the Jordan Valley and [applying sovereignty] to Israeli settlements is something that I don't think we have ever had an opportunity to do," He added.
Let's hope so. It's a real shame that for now, Yamina's decided to bolt from the coalition, and basically bamboozle their voter base. They had a chance to prove power wasn't all that's important to them. They failed. Let's hope it becomes their downfall, if they continue with this farce.

And that's not all to worry about. There's also the ICC's threat to deal with, now that they want to get sanctions imposed upon Israel. One more reason why Yamina's stunt is reprehensible.

So it's time to see if the new Israeli government will prove effective in any way.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Rafi Peretz ideally breaks away from Yamina, to join Netanyahu government separately

Former IDF chaplain Rafi Peretz is breaking away from the pretentious Yamina party, headed as it is for now by the pretentious Naftali Bennett, and will join Netanyahu's newly formed government separately:
Outgoing Education Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz will leave the Yamina party and be appointed Jerusalem affairs minister in the new government, according to multiple reports.

Peretz accepts the offer from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who lobbied him strongly on the matter yesterday.
With the way Bennett's been acting lately, which is truly alarming in his bizarre turn to anti-Netanyahu positions, I'd say Peretz made the right choice. Bennett is just such an embarrassment, and he's surely remaining in the political arena for that very reason. The Likud now says the Bennett era is over, and it decidedly should be. One of the political commentators interviewed on Israel's channel 20 a few days ago said it shouldn't be based on ministries and such powers that one joins a government, but rather, on beliefs and platforms. Bennett's certainly not taking that advice.

Anyway, the new government coalition will be sworn in this evening:
Israel’s new government is set to be sworn in on Thursday evening, bringing nearly 18 months of political gridlock to an end.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu formally announced on Wednesday that he had succeeded in forming a government in letters to Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz in his capacity as the temporary Knesset speaker and to President Reuven Rivlin.

The new government, which, according to the coalition agreement, will see Gantz replace Netanyahu as prime minister after 18 months, is scheduled to be sworn in Thursday evening after lawmakers vote to approve it during a Knesset plenum session that will begin at 6 p.m.

The swearing-in of the new Knesset, Israel’s first fully functioning government in over 500 days since the end of December 2018, will conclude the longest political logjam in Israel’s history, in which Netanyahu’s Likud party and Blue and White went head-to-head in an unprecedented three consecutive elections.
All that remains to be seen now is how effective it'll be at delivering anything in terms of policy. Over the next year, we'll see about all that.

Update: here's one more report on Peretz's excellent step.

Update 2: in this report, Peretz explains why he decided to join the government without the rest of the party:
Peretz told his colleagues that he disagreed with their decision to not enter the coalition and that in a time of emergency, it is essential to take part in a unity government.
Exactly. There's a serious health crisis going on, to name but one example, and then, there's Iran's nuclear threats to consider as well. And Bennett's bunch chooses to minimize the seriousness of that? Oh, geez. Bennett certainly is asking for what's transpired now, and he should be relegated to sidelines indeed, for his insulting opposition to Netanyahu for all the wrong reasons.

Friday, May 08, 2020

Israel's supreme court approves Netanyahu forming government, and Knesset parties approve coalition

The Israeli supreme court made the right choice not to interfere with Benjamin Netanyahu's forming a new government:
The High Court of Justice unanimously rejected petitions about whether to allow Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to form the next government despite his indictment in three corruption cases, allowing him to go ahead with a controversial rotational unity coalition deal signed with Blue and White chief Benny Gantz.

The Knesset is set to green-light the Likud and Blue and White parties’ coalition deal on Thursday, and the new government will be sworn in on May 13, ending 16-months of political deadlock.

The deal’s validity was challenged in eight separate petitions, with the main argument being members of Knesset indicted on corruption charges cannot serve as prime minister.

The hearing also covered whether certain aspects of the deal struck between the are constitutional.

Despite “grave charges pending” in the bribery case facing Netanyahu, and “significant challenges” within the terms of the deal itself, the maximum 11-judge panel ruled that there is no legal reason to block Netanyahu from the task of forming a government.

According to the terms of the deal, Netanyahu will serve as prime minister for a year and a half after which Blue and White head Benny Gantz will replace him.

The judges ruled Netanyahu could not be disqualified from forming a government outright since the law only stipulates disqualification applies to a convicted prime minister who has exhausted all his appeals.
The "charges", it should again be reminded, are some of the most trumped up nonsense ever concocted for the sake of delegitimizing Netanyahu, after all the hard work he did to have Jerusalem recognized as Israel's capital.

Anyway, now that that's been worked out, the Likud and Blue & White have issued a majority of votes for setting up a governing coalition:
Prescient Reuven Rivlin officially granted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a two-week mandate on Thursday night to form his fifth straight government, which would keep him in power until November 13, 2021.

"I hope Israel will soon have a government that will deal successfully with the complex challenges that stand before us," Rivlin said, noting the dual crises of the political stalemate and the impact of the coronavirus.

Representatives of Likud and Blue and White submitted 72 signatures of MKs recommending that Netanyahu form the government to Rivlin late afternoon on Thursday after all the bills required to form the government passed by a wide margin. The signatures came from Blue and White, Labor and Netanyahu's Right-Center bloc, except for the MKs of Yamina, who absented themselves, because it is still unknown whether it will enter the coalition.

Netanyahu and Yamina leader Naftali Bennett failed to make any progress in a conversation on Thursday. Sources close to Netanyahu said afterward that it was final that Yamina would remain in the opposition, because of the party's unrealistic demands at a time when there is a shortage of portfolios for Likud ministers.
As I've noted before, I'm finding it hard to feel sorry for Yamina's leaders if they lead to a situation where they'll be left in the opposition, or, if they really want to remain there, then they've proven what phonies they are anyway. Bennett and Shaked may have made some significant improvements in Israel's judicial system initially, but along the way, there were also some alarming mistakes they made that really caused harm to the country. And now, they could be paying for their errors.

It just remains to be seen how this forming coalition will function, and I'm hoping that ultimately, things will turn out well enough.

Thursday, May 07, 2020

Former Israeli delegates condone BDS

Israel National News reported that the Irish Times had the gall to publish an op-ed written by former Israeli Knesset members who've decided to condone BDS at the expense of their country:
The Irish Times website today published a column that includes former Knesset Members and senior foreign ministry officials calling to promote legislation against trade and economic activity with Judea, Samaria, and the Jordan Valley.

Signatories include the former Israeli ambassador to Portugal and former Israeli consul Colette Avital, former Knesset Speaker Avraham Burg, former Meretz Chair Zahava Galon and more.

Yesha Council Chairman David Elhayani said in response to the letter, "Former Israeli Knesset members, and all sorts of 'formers' have decided that because their public lives are over and the public has decided not to support them, they need to return to being relevant.

"They seem to be making their return to public life at the expense of business owners from Judea, Samaria, and the Jordan Valley. While sitting at home receiving a pension from the State of Israel, after many years of making a living at our expense and sitting and writing letters to Ireland, thousands of farmers, industrialists, high-tech workers, and residents of Judea and Samaria work day and night to earn a living," he stated.

"Calling for a boycott of business in the region at this time when we're fighting against the coronavirus and hundreds of thousands of Israelis are not working is a spit in the face of the State of Israel. Especially when it comes from those who used to be senior public servants. We demand the Foreign Ministry condemn and denounce these people who intentionally harm the State of Israel."
And that they'd do it in a far-left European paper speaks volumes about them. Pure disgust.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Deal formed for Israeli unity government

After a few weeks of negotiations, it looks like there'll finally be a national unity government formed to deal with the emergencies at hand, and we have to hope it'll be for the better:
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his centrist election rival Benny Gantz signed an agreement on Monday to form an emergency coalition government that would end a year of political deadlock.

Netanyahu's right-wing Likud and Gantz's Blue and White party issued a joint statement saying they had clinched a unity deal, which follows elections in April and September 2019 and on March 2 in which neither won a governing majority in parliament.

The two had agreed Netanyahu would remain prime minister for 18 months period until Gantz takes over in late 2021.

Until then, Gantz, a former Israel Defense Forces chief, will serve as defense minister and several of his political allies, including two members of Israel's Labour Party, will receive ministerial portfolios as well. He will also be considered "alternate prime minister". Once Gantz becomes prime minister, Netanyahu would get the title "alternate prime minister."
Isn't that "deputy"? Whatever, I hope this'll ultimately serve Israel's needs in a positive sense, and that Judea/Samaria/Gaza will be annexed for real. This article says the coalition deal provides that possibility:
The unity government agreement finalized on Monday evening by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Blue and White leader Benny Gantz allows Israel to promote the annexation of parts of Judea and Samaria as early as July, sources privy to the details of the deal told Israel Hayom.

According to Article 29 of the 14-page agreement, Netanyahu, who under the rotation deal with Gantz will remain the PM for the next 18 months, "will be able to present the agreement reached with the US on the application of sovereignty [in Judea and Samaria and the Jordan Valley] for the approval of the government and the Knesset starting July 1, 2020."

The Trump administration presented its Middle East peace plan in late January. Gantz was previously hesitant to support any annexation move, but under the unity deal, his party has pledged to vote with the coalition on the issue.
Well let's hope he does. He's also going to have much to prove at a time when the Corona crisis struck the globe as hard as it did. I know many on the left are already angry at Gantz - and Labor - for going with this coalition. Time is going to confirm whether this'll have any real, promising effect.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

The BBC is airing Islamic prayer calls, and unlikely to cease

Front Page Magazine reports that Britain's worst government-owned institution is broadcasting the Islamic call for prayer, all because the Coronavirus crisis has led to a closure of mosques (which could just as easily not be the case in enclaves), and they're unlikely to stop even after the crisis is over:
Global Village Space reported Wednesday that “in a first, BBC begins the broadcast of Muslim prayers on its network as mosques shut down across Britain, part of the extensive measures against coronavirus.” In today’s Britain, it is extraordinarily unlikely that the BBC will stop broadcasting the adhan, the Islamic call to prayer, once the coronavirus pandemic is over. A cultural line has been crossed. And the implications of this, beyond the expected hosannas from the usual proponents of globalism and multiculturalism, are ominous.

According to Global Village Space, “different imams lead the 5:50 am broadcasts every week on Friday from 14 local radio stations of BBC. The imam recites verses from the Holy Quran and quotes of Holy Prophet before delivering the sermon and leading the listeners in prayers. The program is titled, ‘Islamic Reflections’. The arrangements have been made to facilitate the Muslim community to the run-up to the month of Ramadan till the end of April.”

The BBC is no doubt thrilled to do this, as it demonstrates how “inclusive” the mega- network is, and how welcoming British society is. Chris Burns, the head of BBC Local Radio, was dead chuffed, saying: “Local radio is all about connecting communities, and we hope these weekly reflections will go some way to helping Muslims feel a sense of community while they are isolating.”
Wrong. What they're doing is legitimizing a religion built on totalitarianism, but of course, you couldn't possibly expect the Beeb's awful reps to admit it. This certainly is dangerous on the concern it could lead to more violence and corruption if the worst themes are recited on the network. As for Judeo-Christian prayers, I guess they, by contrast, don't have any serious emphasis anywhere on the Beeb during this time, right? No shock there. Such a corrupt network needs to be abandoned by all sensible viewers, and advertisers should withdraw, if that's what it takes to protest this. Better still, the Beeb should be sold to private businesses.

Friday, April 10, 2020

European Union could collapse over Coronavirus crisis

The Italian premier's warning of the downfall of the EU due to the Corona crisis:
Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte floated the idea of all of Europe doing “things on their own” due to the European Union’s poor response to Italy’s tragic experience with the Chinese coronavirus.

“We do not expect Germany and Holland to pay our debts, but the fiscal policy rules must be loosened, otherwise we will have to write off Europe, and everyone will do things on their own,” said Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte in a recent interview with the German newspaper, Bild on Eurobonds, according to a report by La Repubblica.
If the EU does collapse, it'll be for the best. This is, after all, the same EU that's been lenient on Islamic terrorism, which includes the recent border infiltrator crises, and their response to the Coronavirus crisis has been just as horrendous. So it would be for the best if the EU broke up after all that's happened over the past years. They're one of the worst, most incompetent political bodies around.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Fortunate news: Gantz agrees to join unity government will Netanyahu, while Lapid and Yaalon split up from Blue & White

Here's some relieving news after what initially happened 2 weeks ago: it looks like Benny Gantz has agreed to form a unity government of sorts with Benjamin Netanyahu, and not only that, it appears Yair Lapid and Moshe Yaalon are breaking up their joint list called Blue & White, not willing to join the same government as Gantz now is:
Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz is set to partner Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a unity government, serving initially as foreign minister but then taking over from Netanyahu as prime minister in September 2021, according to a reported deal taking shape amid immense political drama in Israel on Thursday afternoon.

Gantz’s decision to join forces with Netanyahu immediately led to the collapse of Blue and White, with the party’s No. 2 Yair Lapid rejecting the move and apparently heading into opposition with others from his Yesh Atid component of Blue and White. “Gantz chose Netanyahu over Lapid,” Channel 12 reported succinctly.

Yesh Atid and Moshe Ya’alon’s Telem faction both filed a formal request to break away from Blue and White late on Thursday afternoon, leaving only Gantz’s Israel Resilience Party to join forces with Netanyahu’s Likud. Lapid had reportedly told Gantz he preferred that Israel go to fourth elections rather than see Blue and White partner Netanyahu in power.

The coalition is reportedly likely to constitute 78-79 MKs — Likud, Gantz’s Israel Resilience, Labor, Yamina, Shas and United Torah Judaism — according to Channel 12. That would leave Lapid’s Yesh Atid, Ya’alon’s Telem, Avigdor Liberman’s Yisrael Beytenu, Meretz and the mainly Arab Joint List in opposition. However, various other fluctuations are deemed possible, with Yoaz Hendel and Zvi Hauser from Telem, for instance, said to be weighing joining the coalition.

The unity deal was taking shape as the Knesset met to vote for a new speaker, following Likud speaker Yuli Edelstein’s resignation on Wednesday.
If this is so, it's good news. In fact, it indicates the now disrespectful Avigdor Liberman will be left out in the opposition, as he deserves for all the trouble he caused. Considering the crisis the whole globe is now facing with the Coronavirus outbreak, that's why it's crucial there be a government formed now to officially deal with it, and hopefully get the country back on track as soon as possible.

So hopefully, next week there'll be a coalition formed, and then we can concern ourselves with all the most vital issues for the rest of the year.