Thursday, March 04, 2021

Saudi Arabia prefers Netanyahu

The Saudi Arabian government made a most amazing statement in Benjamin Netanyahu's favor:
A source connected to the Saudi royal family explained to i24NEWS in an exclusive exchange that they are closely monitoring Israel's upcoming elections and hope that its government will not change.

The source, who asked to be unnamed, stressed that Saudi Arabia knows and appreciates Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and backs his policies with regard to ties to the Gulf states and his high-pressure tactics on Iran.

"[We] ... not only like Netanyahu but love him. He is terrific. He has the necessary charisma and he knows what he is doing. We are really worried the leader of the opposition will replace him, and change things", he said, referring to Opposition Leader Yair Lapid, head of Yesh Atid faction.

i24NEWS contacted Lapid's office for a reaction but was met with a firm, "No comment."

A separate source, similarly connected to the royal family expounded further on Saudi Arabia's preference for Netanyahu. We see him as "the spearhead in the fight against Iran," they maintained.
Well this is certainly getting somewhere. As I'd noted before, the country has made some improvement over the past few years, that women no longer are obligated to wear niqabs, and can learn to drive cars. So this does suggest another step in improved foreign relations in Arabia.