Friday, October 04, 2013


Even after their latest head honcho's so-called outreach at the UN, there's still a lot of anti-Americanism running rampant back in Iran:
TEHRAN, Iran — Iranians chanted “Death to America” and burned the U.S. flag after weekly prayers in Tehran on Friday despite their new president’s outreach to the West and promises of moderation and easing of tensions with the outside world.

The chants, customary after Friday services in the Iranian capital, reflect the challenges facing President Hassan Rouhani as he tries to build on the groundbreaking exchanges with Washington that included a telephone chat last week with President Barack Obama — a gesture aimed at ending three decades of estrangement between the two countries.
What groundbreak? The man's a taqqiya specialist, and is still building nuclears, so the AP Wire is doing nothing more than paying lip service to a tyrant. How pathetic.

Update: even the White House press secretary Jen Psaki admits that Iran still has their nuclear plans in place. And John Bolton wrote about how Hassan Rouhani is playing Obama.


Who knows what prompted Miriam Carey, with a child passenger, to try to drive into the White House and subsequently lead police on a chase with deadly consequences for herself?  Was she just deranged? Was she a terrorist probing security during the government shutdown?  Or was she the Presidents lover? Is the child President Obama's Lovechild?  We may never know...


In an update for this earlier report about the madrassa in Derby, Soeren Kern at Gatestone Institute has more insight:
Girls as young as four are required to sit at the back of the classroom, behind the boys, regardless of whether they can properly see the chalkboard. Girls must also wait for all the boys to get their lunches before they can eat.

When teaching children the alphabet, staff are prohibited from associating the letter 'P' with the word "pig." Female staff are banned from wearing jewelry and are instructed to avoid shaking hands with male teachers to prevent "insult." Naturally, all non-halal food is outlawed at the school.

The revelations about the un-British goings-on at the Al-Madinah School -- some staffers have compared the working conditions at the school to "being in Pakistan" -- are fueling outrage over what some are describing as underhanded attempts to establish a parallel Islamic education system in Britain.

Critics say the school -- which originally marketed itself as an "inter-faith" school in order to qualify for taxpayer monies -- promised that at least 50% of its students would be non-Muslim. Now that it has obtained £1.4 million (€1.7 million; $2.25 million) in government financing, however, the administrators of Al-Madinah are switching gears by operating the school according to Islamic law, apparently to ensure that the school will be 100% Muslim.
So what have we here but pure abuse of the public's tax pounds. And it's not just Haredis who demand that women sit in the back of a bus. Here, it's a case of Muslim girl students being ordered to sit at the back of a class, and even prevented from getting their lunch before the boys do. Truly awful.

Thursday, October 03, 2013


A disgusting scandal involving a letter written by the Ft. Hood jihadist came up:
Sparked by the recent online sale of a letter signed by Fort Hood, Texas, shooter Nidal Hasan, a U.S. senator from Texas has proposed a law against selling items linked to famous killers, dubbed “murderabilia.”

A prison letter from Hasan to a criminology student recently sold for $2,000 on darkvomit.com, a self-described gallery of macabre and outsider art.

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, introduced a bill Sept. 19 to block high-profile criminals from profiting from the sale of artwork, letters and other memorabilia by serial killers, mass murderers and others convicted of heinous crimes.

“Every day, the family members of victims are forced to re-live their tragedies as prisoners attempt to make a profit off of the notoriety of their case by selling these items on gruesome web sites,” Cornyn said in a statement.

The idea of Cornyn’s bill is to stop a criminal from being able to mail an item with the intention that someone, somewhere makes a profit — not necessarily just the prisoner himself, the Austin American-Statesman reported.
What kind of crackpot would dare to make blood money off of an abomination written by a murderer? Such items are for criminology research, not for profiteering. It's bad enough that the government turned its back on Hasan's victims. We don't need felons making money selling to other people who could be very vicious in turn.

Update: in related disgusting news, it turns out that Hasan gave his wages away to "charity":
Nidal Hasan collected nearly $300,000 in his military salary while awaiting trial for the 2009 shooting rampage at Fort Hood, but his attorney said nearly all of it has been given to charity — likely making it impossible for his victims to get any of it.

An Army spokesman said the military can’t get back the money because Hasan, like any other service member charged with a crime, continued to receive his military salary until he was convicted last month.

“The great bulk of his income has been donated to charity,” said John Galligan, Hasan’s civil attorney. Galligan wouldn’t disclose any information about the charities or proof that donations had been made. “There’s really virtually no money in any bank that I’m aware of,” Galligan said. “There’s really no property holdings.”

[...] Reed Rubinstein, an attorney helping victims sue the government, said he was exploring ways to get any money or assets he could out of Hasan. But he acknowledged that those efforts might not succeed.

“We have no way of knowing what he did with that money,” Rubinstein said. “It’s quite possible and likely that the money is long gone.”
I wouldn't be surprised if it went to Islamic institutions, who don't deserve it. This illustrated perfectly how vile a creature Hasan really is.


According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, 1 in 5 Jews in America say they no longer feel any attachment to the similarly named religion. But the most galling part comes at the end of this article:
Perhaps the most important discovery lies in a little detail about how Jews see themselves. The following data point reveals just how far Jews have come in the U.S., not only in terms of their own position, but in terms of their ability to think critically and compassionately about other minorities: “Jews think several other minority groups face more discrimination than they do.” More than 70 percent of respondents said gays and lesbians face a lot of discrimination in American society, and an equal number recognized that Muslims are also discriminated against. But fewer than half—only 43 percent—said they believe Jews face a lot of discrimination.
They may have left religion, but not their leftist politics. I have a hunch that, if this polling has any meat to it, they would never even dare suggest Muslims would discriminate against gays and lesbians.

The poll says that Orthodox Judaism could be growing in the USA. Unfortunately, this poll overlooks something that, as any realist would admit, is not good news: the "Orthodox" they speak of could very easily include Haredis like Satmar, Bobov, Skver, and even, worst of all, Neturei Karta. If there's anybody allegedly Orthodox who could be especially negative towards Israel, it's them. Why, they could even be the exact reason why anybody left the Orthodox stream, as their isolationist, negative-to-women/abuse victims approach can make abundantly clear. After reading about what some former members went through, I can't blame most defects for becoming disillusioned with Judaism. Even non-Haredi Orthodox aren't saints and have made terrible mistakes that could rightly or wrongly discourage people from religion. They have a chance to change that, and they'd be advised to do so ASAP.

An interesting find in the polling also says that:
According to the Pew results, among those who define themselves as Jews by religion, just over half consider Jewish identity “a matter of ancestry and culture,” with a majority considering belief in God to be unnecessary to be considered a Jew. Belief in Jesus as the messiah, however, still constitutes a disqualification for being described as Jewish for most respondents.

Among those polled as a whole, 62% said “being Jewish is mainly a matter of ancestry and culture,” as opposed to only 15% who considered it a “matter of religion.”
If this means they feel their race should come first and their religion second, that's actually a worthy way of viewing things. Personally, even I've pondered that a sufficient distinction is needed even on matters of being of the Jewish race and its founding religion.

Unfortunately, going back to an earlier point, some of the pollees have a very poor grasp of reality:
Seven in 10 Jews said they considered themselves either very or somewhat attached to Israel, and over 40% of Jews surveyed stated that they had visited the Jewish state.

However, just under 40% consider Israel to be making “sincere” efforts in making peace with the Palestinian Authority.
Not the other way around? In that case, I'm almost wondering if I should really care about people who think Islamofascists are even remotely worth concern.

And again, based on what I've stated above, for anyone who considers Orthodoxy the most recommended sect, is this good news that it could be growing in the USA? The sad answer is "no". The Satmar, to name but some, are giving Judaism/Orthodoxy a bad name, abusing tax dollars and villifying victims of child abuse, proving to be potentially worse than the Reform. It's kind of ironic that the Satmar may not like the company of the Reform and vice-versa, because their opinions on Israel coincide. I suppose that's the only good part of all this, that their dislike for each other's MOs might be what keeps them from collaborating in their efforts to delegitimize Israel. Then again, it would surely be naive to think they couldn't.


Brownfield, a comics writer whose works include Zenescope's Grimm Fairy Tales and used to write for Newsarama and the now defunct Shotgun Reviews, said:

I don't seem to recall Iran's leaders and Muslim fundamentalists ever apologizing for the disaster they caused, and even an Iranian filmmaker named Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi has said that current autocrat Rouhani cannot be trusted. Iran is still a totalitarian Islamic autocracy, even under Rouhani, and still building nuclear weapons, so Brownfield's limp apologia is just a lot of BS.

And unlike Iran, Japan democratized themselves post-WW2 and doesn't run itself based exclusively on religion.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013






The two Muslims who violently murdered British soldier Lee Rigby pleaded not guilty at their trial (via Big Peace):
Two men accused of hacking a British soldier to death earlier this year in an apparent Islamist terrorist attack on a London street, pleaded not guilty in court Friday, the BBC reported.

Michael Adebolajo, 28, and Michael Adebowale, 22, both from London, denied charges that they murdered off-duty soldier Lee Rigby near his southeast London barracks on May 22. They're accused of running Rigby over with a car and then stabbing him repeatedly in broad daylight.

The suspects also plead not guilty to charges of attempting to murder a local police officer on the same day and plotting to kill a police officer around the same time.
What they're basically refusing to do is admit their violent actions were wrong. And what's really terrible is that they may not get the death sentence, even though that would be the most strongly recommended punishment for them. Europe hurt themselves by discarding the death penalty in many countries.

Monday, September 30, 2013


Andrew Harrod and Sam Nunberg wrote about the "International Conference on Islamophobia" that was held in Turkey:
Objective observers should be rightfully concerned by the “International Conference on Islamophobia: Law & Media” held by the Turkish government’s Directorate General of Press and Information (DGPI or BYGEM in Turkish) and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) this past September 12-13 in Istanbul’s Grand Tarabya Hotel. Conference participants substantiated all too many threats emanating from various Muslims and their allies, calling into question their respect for free speech and freedom of expression.
They never had it to start with. Their whole blabbermouth gathering is nothing more than an expression of hate for every non-Muslim who loves freedom. And that's why this meeting is most definitely something everybody should be worried about.


Following the jihad bloodbath at the Nairobi mall, The Economist wonders how many people in the UK convert to the Religion of Rape:
Those who embrace Islam tend to do so after years of contact with Muslims. (Ms Lewthwaite reportedly had a close relationship with Muslim neighbours during her youth.) Some, mostly women who make up around two-thirds of new believers in Britain, convert because they want to marry a Muslim. Others are fed up with what they see as the bawdiness of British society. Many speak of seeking a sense of community. Prisons have proven fertile ground for conversions for men. Some worry that those who convert in jail are exposed to more radical strains of Islam; others say that Islam's discipline and structure, along with the support they received from other Muslims, helped them to cope with life inside.
I'd say it's the prejudiced mindsets lurking in the shadows in Britain that lead to this, to name one example. And becoming part of a gang in prisons for inclusive protection is another. Still another would have to be the atheism that's built up in the UK over many years, to say nothing of the whitewashed view promoted for Islam on the isle.

The article comes unglued, however, when they quote a Muslim propagandist:
Some worry that converts are more vulnerable than others to radical kinds of Islam because they know little about the religion's different traditions. That is not quite right, says Leon Moosavi, an expert on Islamic conversions at Liverpool University. The problem for converts is a lack of support, he argues. Some are abandoned by their families. They may not be accepted into mainstream mosques, many of which in Britain resemble ethnic clubs, he says. That isolation can make them vulnerable to extremists who hope that white converts will add credibility to their cause. But converts who turn to terrorism, as Ms Lewthwaite is suspected of doing, are rare. Indeed, the vast, peaceable majority may help to bridge the gap between Muslims and others.
Nope, they won't, and this only perpetuates the cliched claim that converts "misunderstand". When it truth, it is the apologists who deny the horrific beliefs embedded in the Koran. Furthermore, converts who turn to terrorism may not have been many years ago, but the more the conversions and influence increase, so does the possibility they'll become the useful idiots of Islamofascism.


Ali Mansouri, a man with Iranian-Belgian background, was arrested for espionage for the former:
Petah Tikva — Israel on Monday remanded in custody for eight days an alleged Iranian spy, arrested on September 11 carrying photographs of the US embassy in Tel Aviv.

News of his arrest was made public Sunday, hours after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu left for Washington and New York, determined to expose what he described as "sweet talk" by Israel's arch-foe Iran.

An AFP cameraman at the court said that in his first public appearance Ali Mansouri, 58, was silent and motionless as he sat in handcuffs, wearing a brown prison uniform.
Some pictures were released by the government showing the locations he photographed.

I don't buy a word of the new Iranian despot's taqqiya at the UN, and this newly discovered case could help expose what a phony he is, if his lackeys sent spies to record locations they could consider targets for jihad. Jennifer Rubin also says that Iran's still a very dangerous enemy, and they shouldn't be allowed to possess nuclears.

Here's more about the courtroom hearing on the Jerusalem Post.

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Barry Rubin's written about the far left's overlording of university campuses, with the worst of the anti-Israelists' hosts being Georgetown:
There is no university more supportive of the Arab nationalist (historically), Islamist and anti-Israel line in the United States than Georgetown University, specifically it’s programs on Middle East studies.

Every conference it holds on the Middle East is ridiculously one-sided. The university has received tens of millions of dollars from Arab states, and it houses the most important center in the United States that has advocated support for a pro-Islamist policy. [...]

Georgetown University also accepted tens of thousands of dollars from Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi – who was, of course, very active in promoting anti-American terrorism – to establish an endowed chair in Middle East studies. When the university president backed down due to bad publicity, the professor who had been named to the post responded by calling the Jesuit university president a “Jesuit Zionist.”
Nobody who cares about safe society need contribute to such awful directors as those running Georgetown.


The British prime minister doesn't think veils should be banned in public:
MANCHESTER, England (Reuters) - Prime Minister David Cameron said on Sunday Britain should not follow other European countries and ban Islamic face veils but certain institutions such as schools and courts should be allowed to set their own rules.

The issue of Muslim women wearing full veils has risen up the agenda after a judge ruled that a woman could not give evidence at a trial wearing a niqab and a school tried to ban veils before backtracking due to heavy criticism and protests.

One cabinet minister also suggested the British government should consider a full ban.

"We are a free country and people should be free to wear whatever clothes they like in public or in private," Cameron told BBC Television on the first day of the annual Conservative party conference in Manchester.

"But we should support institutions that need to put in place rules so that those institutions can work properly. In court a jury needs to be able to look at someone's face."

Britain, which is looking at ways to better integrate its 2.7 million Muslims without restricting the right to freedom of religious expression, has avoided following France and Belgium, where it is illegal for women to wear full-face veils in public.

France introduced its law in 2010, saying the adoption of burqa and niqab garments that conceal the face went against the country's traditions and values. But the ruling has remained controversial and rioting occurred near Paris in July this year after a police check on a woman.

The British judge who made the recent court ruling has said he hoped parliament would provide a definitive verdict and Cameron said he would be very happy to look at the need for national guidelines.
I think he's merely happy to say so, which is a lot different from do. There have been a lot of proposals with potential like abolishing the libel tourism laws that to date have never come to fruition, and seem to have just dropped down the memory hole. Cameron is merely scared of riots and doesn't have the courage to stop Muslims from going the rage route over peanuts. If people go around wearing ski masks in public when the weather isn't even cold, and enter stores wearing them, will he be fine with that?

If anyone must really hide their identities, they should just become hermits.


The younger Le Pen, who's certainly better in some respects than her awful father, has suggested aligning with Wilders in coming European elections:
Le Pen said in an interview with the NRC on Saturday that she could see merit in such a campaign. ‘It is important that voters see we are not alone, and that there are similar patriotic movements in every EU country,’ she said.

Le Pen said she and Wilders differ in their approach to Islam. ‘I am against the visibility of Islam in society. We have a tradition of a strict division between church and state so I think religious symbolism has no place in the street. But I have nothing against Islam per se.' Wilders regards Islam as a backward religion and has likened the Koran to Hitler's Mein Kampf.
There is a weakness in her argument: even if religious symbolism weren't visible in the streets per se, the danger of jihad would be lurking in the shadows. It's not just repellent ideas like Muslim veils that are a problem, but also the violence that's part and parcel with the Koran. That's something Le Pen would do well to research and ponder, if she really wants to make a good impact.

And like Wilders, she'd do well to refrain from making statements that could alienate potential allies. The anti-jihad movement needs all the help it can get from people with common sense values.