Monday, December 24, 2018

5 leaders of Lev Tahor arrested by Interpol

This was a long time coming, and finally, authorities have done what's required in order to put a stop to the Islamized Haredi cult - collar the leaders in order to cripple the cult and bring them to heel:
Five leaders of Lev Tahor, a fringe Haredi Orthodox sect, were arrested in Mexico.

Their arrest was a joint operation between Interpol and the FBI, Yeshiva World News reported on Wednesday. The group has faced allegations of kidnapping, sexual abuse and child abuse.

Among those arrested are Nachman Helbrans, the son of former sect leader Shlomo Helbrans, who drowned in Mexico in 2017. Nachman Helbrans, who now leads Lev Tahor, is reported to be even more radical and aggressive than his father, according to YWN.

The group was accused last week of kidnapping two children, who the New York Post on Wednesday reported were the children of the founder’s daughter, Sara Helbrans. The children were attending a therapeutic event with other escapees from the sect.

Sara Helbrans fled the sect on October 5 with three of her six children. The three others were discovered and returned to her 10 days later, and her husband detained.

On Saturday, December 8, her two teenage children, Yante and Chaim, who remain loyal to the sect, disappeared from the event in the Catskills.

Helbrans had earlier filed suit in Brooklyn Family Court seeking custody of her children and protection from her husband.

“I am very imminently afraid from the cult and what the [children’s] father and other cult members may do now that we are no longer under their power and manipulation,” she wrote in the filing to the court, according to the New York Post.
There's more in this UK Mail article. It goes without saying this is horrific if they were kidnapped. Especially if they really are still loyal to the sick cult. We must hope the authorities can find them. As for Helbrans and the remaining overlords, they must be held in custody and no longer allowed to run their monstrous operation. Above all, they should be prosecuted and imprisoned for long terms to ensure their evil is totally defeated. This case must serve as a vital lesson why we have to watch out for these repellent, insular cults that wind up abusing their subjects in the worst ways possible.

There will be new Israeli elections in April

It looks like the government's decided the coalition's too narrow to work properly, and based on this, they decided to dissolve and go to elections a few months early:
Coalition leaders voted unanimously Monday afternoon to dissolve the Knesset and go to early elections this coming spring, a Likud spokesperson said.

During a meeting Monday afternoon in the Prime Minister’s Office, leaders of the coalition’s five factions agreed that the current narrow government is untenable, and that the 20th Knesset must be dissolved early and new elections held.

The faction leaders voted unanimously for early elections, which will be held on April 9th, 2019.

“In the name of budgetary and national responsibility, party leaders in the coalition agreed unanimously to dissolve the Knesset and go to new elections at the beginning of April, following a full four-year term,” the spokesperson announced.

The elections for the 21st Knesset will be held just over four years after the previous vote, which was held on March 17th, 2015.

Prior to the coalition’s decision Monday, the next Knesset election had been scheduled for November 5th, 2019.
So it'll be about 4 years of a coalition in the making. Let's hope they know what it takes to convince voters to support their platforms in the next 4 months.