Monday, July 19, 2021

Naftali Bennett shows weakness on religious freedom for Temple Mount

Following violent clashes that broke out with Muslims on the Temple Mount, the fraudulent premier Naftali Bennett, who initially defended religious freedom on the area made a pathetic backtrack:
Israel’s prime minister Naftali Bennett denied claims a decades-old ban on Jewish prayer atop the Temple Mount was being rolled back after hundreds of worshippers visited for Tisha B’Av.

Some visitors on Sunday were seen reciting scripture on the compound without intervention from Israeli police.

[...] There were brief clashes earlier on Sunday between Israeli police and Muslim worshippers opposed to the Tisha B’Av visits.

No serious injuries were reported in what police described as stone throwing early in the day by several Palestinian youngsters who it said were then dispersed.

Palestinian officials said police forcefully evacuated Muslim worshippers to clear the way for the Jewish visitors and fired rubber-coated bullets.

The visit of over 1,600 Jews, most of them Orthodox, was mostly peaceful, prompting Bennett to thank police for “maintaining freedom of worship for Jews on the Mount”.

But the prime minister’s office said he had misspoken by suggesting both Muslims and Jews should have freedom to worship at the holy site.
No matter what he's insinuating, it's a show of weakness in the face of violence, and demonstrates more of his lies, cowardice and pathetic personality at work. One of the worst things about this is that the Raam party is claiming the area is solely the property of Muslims.

Making matters worse, Yair Lapid's been moral-panicking about evacuating an illegally built Bedoin encampment:
Foreign Minister Yair Lapid warned that evacuating the Bedouin village Khan al-Ahmar will cause political damage to Israel, Ynet reported on Sunday.

Lapid called for a reconsideration of the evacuation of Khan al-Ahmar, which has been delayed many times over the years. Among a few reasons, Lapid cited the international pressure that is against the evacuation.
Well that's exactly the problem. Cowardice in the face of such a situation is exactly what's bringing down stability and cohesion in this region.

Update: Nadav Shragai's spoken about how Raam's revealed their true colors.

Friday, July 16, 2021

Rachel Avraham's sick environmental-based smear against Armenia

It probably isn't a shock at this point, but phony journalist Rachel Avraham, who seems to be leading a creepy obsession with Armenia along with shady associations with Azerbaijan, just made one really repulsive smear against Armenia: As though it weren't bad enough this moonbat was smearing them as warmongers, now she's going along and accusing them of being "environmental terrorists" too. Again, this is truly repugnant as its one-sided, not getting Armenia's side of the story in any way. Plus, how can we tell it's anywhere in the Armenia or Azerbaijan area? This doesn't really tell much of anything, other than that Avraham disgusts the saner crowd as a human being.

Somebody else countered her with the following points: I must firmly concur here by contrast. Where indeed are repellent propagandists like Avraham, who even has the gall to call herself "right-wing" (which is decidedly uncertain) when horrors like this are discovered? As a right-winger myself, she does not speak for me, and owes an apology for her unhealthy obsessions that are just as offensive as what antisemites lead.

Tuesday, July 06, 2021

The puppet premier

Benjamin Netanyahu's son Yair was interviewed by One America News, and said Naftali Bennett is a left-wing puppet:
Former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son Yair, in an interview with a US media outlet, described the current Israeli government as the most radical, left-wing and Islamist in the country’s history, and led by a “puppet” of the left.

Netanyahu told the far-right One American News Network on Friday that Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s government does not have legitimate support from the public.
Oh, it's just like Times of Israel to immediately declare such a TV channel "far-right", all for the sake of invalidating the arguments at hand. Their editor should be ashamed, as should the reporter.
In his first interview with US media since his father was ousted from office last month after 12 years in power, the younger Netanyahu lashed out at Bennett and his coalition partners.

Bennett, he said, agreed to form a coalition with “all the left-wing, communist, most radical parties in the Israeli parliament” to “become their puppet prime minister.”
Whether or not one agrees with junior Netanyahu's viewpoints, one thing is clear: Bennett acted most disgracefully, and is guilty of political hijacking devoid of altruism. I will say it's a shame the Likud had to rely on the Haredi parties, something that may have come back and bit them in the ass. But that still doesn't excuse Bennett and Yair Lapid's conduct, which is otherwise dreadful.

Friday, June 25, 2021

Marvel wastes more resources on a 4th Muslim Ms. Marvel volume

Marvel refuses to let go of what's been a colossal joke for 7 years now, both artistically and sales-wise. In this Entertainment Weekly interview, they talk with a woman who's been assigned to write a miniseries starring easily their most politicized product of modern times:
Kamala Khan, the Muslim American superhero known as Ms. Marvel, is already a big part of author Samira Ahmed's life. The author tells EW that her group chat with her South Asian cousins routinely employs the acronym WWMMD: What would Ms. Marvel do?

"A lot of it will be about food, because we can all relate to Kamala on that level," Ahmed says. "Sometimes it will be about bigger things in life. She looms large in my familial culture."
I'm afraid relating based on food isn't so simple when the character's religious background still pretty much defines the character.
Ms. Marvel has felt like a big deal since the moment she first appeared in 2014 (first in an issue of Captain Marvel, and then her initial ongoing series by co-creators G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona, and editor Sana Amanat). As the first Muslim superhero to headline her own Marvel comic, Kamala has meant a lot to readers around the globe. In the years since her arrival, she's become so embedded in the Marvel pantheon that it feels like she's always naturally belonged there. Kamala starred in the recent Avengers video game, and will soon be coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (where she will be played by newcomer Iman Vellani).
Really? I miss the part about sales figures, something which, I just noticed, specialty sites like ICV2 don't seem to give clear access to anymore. The chart I linked to has no sums in digits, only cover prices for the books, some of which are indeed 4-5 dollars at this point. So who's EW trying to kid here? And as for "naturally", it just so happens that over the past several years, beginning under Axel Alonso, they've practically been forcing her into almost every other possible series and story in a cameo, recalling she had one in Amazing Spider-Man 3 years ago, when Nick Spencer took up helming the series. No mention is made of what a failure the Avengers video game was (and the talk of loot boxes practically bores me), and if the Islamic background is kept intact for the cinematic franchises, that's all you need to know just how far the producers behind those films have fallen in just a few years.
Ms. Marvel comics have only been written by Muslim writers so far - first Wilson, and then Saladin Ahmed starting in 2019. But Samira Ahmed will be the first South Asian female writer to write a Ms. Marvel series, and so feels a particular connection to what Kamala represents.

"For kids of color, Muslim kids, there was literally zero representation when I was growing up," Ahmed says. "Just the fact that Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman was brunette and from someplace outside America was like, 'Wow, that's amazing!' So when Sana and Willow announced Ms. Marvel, I was just so stunned. My heart soars for all the kids who will have Ms. Marvel comics as part of their childhood. For me, what's cool about her is that she's a girl like all the other girls. She's balancing all this stuff: Parental expectations - which I can 100 percent relate to now even in adulthood - plus school, crushes, and then this extraordinary side job. I feel so much that that is teen life, where you're struggling to balance all those things and find your voice and where you fit in."
I think this is something of an exaggeration too, recalling Bill Mantlo made a questionable introduction of Arabian Knight in the pages of Incredible Hulk in 1981 (and what actually insulted my intellect wasn't just that the character was a polygamist, but that his wives wore chadors). And all coming from somebody who besides whitewashig the Religion of Peace just wants to perpetuate the ludicrous leftist narrative that pop culture's not inclusive enough. Without even asking whether leftists themselves were responsible, if such a thing actually were a problem in past decades. Of course, nobody asks why there's no Armenian representation in these corporate-owned products, or why it's such a big deal there be representation by identity politics instead of ensuring there'll be a merit-based story. It's also pretty apparent even this upcoming miniseries will never provide any focus on Islamic honor murders, let alone Islamic antisemitism.

And wouldn't you know it, the newly hired writer comes from the embarrassingly bad young-adult book industry:
Ms. Marvel will be Ahmed's first comic. She's previously been known for YA novels like Internment (a dystopian story set "15 minutes in the future" of the United States where Muslim Americans are rounded up into camps, inspiring 17-year-old Layla Amin to begin a revolution) [...]
I'm sure it's no accident she was chosen to write this upcoming story that's little more than another tired attempt to keep the politically structured creation "relevant". But all this demonstrates is that the Islamophiles who've been running Marvel for some time now are still obsessed with using Khan as a propaganda-pushing vehicle, and C.B. Cebulski's pretty much in the same boat. This amounts to little more than an example of wasting tons of monetary resources on products that don't sell, all so they can stuff the bargain bins with the comic equivalent of spam letters. I hope anybody who'd spent time on the live action Marvel movies and TV shows up to now will bail out, now that they're going a propaganda route in that category to boot.

Monday, June 14, 2021

So now a very unaltruistic politician has taken up the premiership role

Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid's farcical coalition for a government took up the role last night, all just in order to oust Benjamin Netanyahu from the leadership role. He had what to say about US fraud-in-chief Joe Biden's poor conduct before stepping down:
Benjamin Netanyahu compared US President Joe Biden administration’s planned return to the Iran deal to US neglect of European Jews during the Holocaust, in his final speech as prime minister on Sunday.

“The administration in Washington asked me not to discuss our disagreement on Iran publicly, but with all due respect, I can’t do that,” Netanyahu said.

He compared the US returning to the Iran deal to former US president Franklin Delano Roosevelt declining to bomb the train tracks to Auschwitz when he had the chance.

At the time, Netanyahu said, the Jewish people “did not have a voice, a country, an army,” but now they do.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett indicated that he plans to continue former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s policies vis-à-vis Iran, in his address to the Knesset immediately before Netanyahu’s, ahead of the vote to approve a new government under his leadership.

But Netanyahu said Bennett does the opposite of what he says, and therefore, he won’t protect Israel from Iran.

Bennett does not have “the international stature, the knowledge, the government or the public’s trust to be taken seriously when fighting the Iranian threat,”
he said. “An Israeli prime minister has to be able to say no to the president of the US on matters that endanger our existence. I’ll be happy if this doesn’t come true, but from the moment the US returns to the Iran Deal, this government will not approve operations against Iran to stop their armament.”
It's interesting to note that a member of Avigdor Liberman's party, Eli Avidar, quit it because he didn't get the ministerial position he wanted, though he still voted to approve the new coalition, making his moves less than altruistic. It's a shame, of course. No matter how long or not this government will last, one thing is for certain: it's bound to be a disaster.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Protest against Bennett's pseudo-government held near Knesset

A crowd gathered by the Knesset and government offices to make clear they're disgusted with Naftali Bennett, following his hijack of the premiership:
Hundreds of rightist protesters gathered in Jerusalem Thursday evening to rally against the incoming national unity government, condemning the new coalition for its reliance on the United Arab List (Ra'am) and left-wing parties.

Under the banner "No To A Left-Wing Government", the demonstration is being held near the Knesset building to protest the planned vote on and inauguration of the incoming government in the Knesset plenum this coming Sunday.

"We came here to prevent division within the people of Israel," said Rabbi Yehuda Ben-Yishai, the father of Ruth Fogel, one of the victims of the 2011 Itamar Massacre, carried out by a pair of Arab terrorists.

"Our enemies have a clear goal to divide the people of Israel. They are using pretty words to infiltrate and to get into the pure hearts of Israel."

The new government, which is set to be led by Prime Minister-designate Naftali Bennett (Yamina) for the first two years, is expected to be voted in and sworn in at 4:00 p.m. Sunday, during a special session of Knesset.
There's photos at the link. This pretty much makes clear even victims of terrorism are aware Bennett's the phony he always was, supposedly upholding valid issues but ultimately proving he wasn't honest on many of the most serious ones. Now, he's facing opposition and a very low approval rating.

Update: new polls show Bennett's small party losing even more ground if another election were held now.

Wednesday, June 09, 2021

French assembly will launch investigation into Sarah Halimi case

Now, we're getting somewhere regarding the mishandling of the Sarah Halimi case, where the courts refused to put the Islamofascist murderer of the lady on trial, using his supposed abuse of cannabis as an excuse:
The French National Assembly intends to establish a parliamentary commission of inquiry into the Sarah Halimi affair, the Union of Democrats and Independents Party said on Wednesday.

Halimi, a 65-year-old French Jewish retiree, was murdered by Kobili Traore, who threw her from a window in her Paris home in 2017. Traore shouted “Allahu akhbar” (God is great) and said after her murder that he had “killed the shaitan,” meaning the devil.

Earlier this year, however, France’s final court of appeal on criminal cases upheld a previous court verdict that Traore was not criminally responsible for the killing because he committed it in the course of a psychotic episode triggered by his use of cannabis.

Formation of the committee was initiated and will be headed by Meyer Habib, a French-Israeli UDI legislator who represents French expats in Eastern Mediterranean countries, including Israel.
Well let's hope some positive results come this time around, because the way the courts mishandled this cannot be allowed to stand. It's particularly tragic that any action should have to be taken, but when the situation's turned that dire, we're left with no choice.

Tuesday, June 08, 2021

New Jewish community in Samaria district in danger of destruction

A new Jewish neighborhood is being threatened with destruction, even as illegal Arab houses are allowed to remain:
On the eve of a new Israeli government, Daniella Weiss was at the Knesset with a message to outgoing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and incoming Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

“For the life of a new settlement, a new yeshiva, a new community in Eretz Yisrael, we Nachala movement together with Shomron Council have established a new community in the heart of Samaria after the terrible murder of Yehuda Guetta,” said Weiss, a leader of the Nachala settlement movement.

The new community consists of 50 large families with 200 children living in the hills next to Tapuach Junction.

“The government wants… to destroys a new Jewish community. Why? It doesn’t make sense,” Weiss said.

She has a message for Netanyahu and Bennett. And for all Knesset members and members of the government.

“We look around and we see hundreds and thousands of illegal Arab houses,” she said. “And we got this destruction order. To destroy a community of 50 families.”

She also addressed the Haredi parties “who now are very critical of Bennett.”

“We learned from Rabbi Kook that from Eretz Yisrael stems everything: unity, love, love of Torah, love of Eretz Yisrael.”

She added, “Let’s unite together and let’s have a Jewish new community that was established weeks ago with 50 families in the heart of Samaria. Let’s be together for the good future of Zionism and of the State of Israel.”
Anybody who recognizes why an injustice could be taking place would do well to stand behind the residents of the Jewish neighborhood. Something tells me Bennett's not going to be very effective in proving he can defend them.

Monday, June 07, 2021

Debra Burlingane is right: what happened on January 6 at Congress cannot be compared to 9-11

A few weeks ago, 9-11 Families for a Safe America co-founder Burlingame wrote in the Wall Street Journal about the Democrats' attempts to launch a supposed inquiry into the protest that took place at Capitol Hill on January 6, when Mike Pence threw Donald Trump under the bus, and makes clear the "comparison" to the tragedy of al Qaeda's terrorist attack during 2001 is offensive:
Democratic lawmakers want to establish a “9/11-style commission” to investigate the siege of the Capitol on Jan. 6. “I would like to see Jan. 6 burned into the American mind as firmly as 9/11, because it was that scale of a shock to the system,” commentator George Will said recently. The attempt to reconfigure the “domestic terrorist” narrative to fit the horrifying story of Sept. 11 is profoundly disheartening. These two events are fundamentally different in nature, scope and consequences. Mentioning them in the same breath not only diminishes the horror of what happened on 9/11; it tells a false story to the generation of Americans who are too young to remember that day nearly 20 years ago.

My brother, Charles “Chic” Burlingame, was the pilot of American Airlines flight 77. He was murdered in his cockpit at age 51 in a 6½-minute struggle for control of the airplane. Here is what I want these young people to know:

Members of Congress might have had a frightening day on Jan. 6, but on 9/11 some 200 people in the World Trade Center towers chose to jump from 80 to 100 floors above the ground rather than be consumed by fire. A woman waiting at a lobby elevator bank was burned over 82% of her body when jet fuel from the first plane sent a ball of fire down the elevator shaft and into the lobby. She spent three months in a hospital burn unit and was permanently disfigured.

There are countless harrowing stories like this—of death, destruction and heartbreaking loss. More than 3,000 children lost parents. Eight young children were killed on the planes. Recovery personnel found 19,000 human remains scattered all over lower Manhattan from river to river, including on rooftops and window ledges. Victims’ remains were still being recovered years later by utility workers and construction crews. Some families received so many notifications of remains that they couldn’t take it any more and asked for them to stop. More than 1,100 families received nothing. Their loved ones went to work that morning and disappeared.

The attack brought down our nationwide aviation system, shut down the New York Stock Exchange for days, destroyed or rendered uninhabitable 16 acres of Lower Manhattan including underground subway and commuter train lines and destroyed a section of the Pentagon. Rebuilding at ground zero is still incomplete, and U.S. troops are still in Afghanistan.

On Jan. 6, Congress resumed its session that evening.

It is deeply offensive and sad that the brutal and harrowing memories of the worst terrorist attack in American history are being deployed by political partisans. They are using 9/11 not as an example of what the American people endured and overcame together, but explicitly to divide, to stoke hatred and to further a political agenda aimed at stigmatizing the other party and marginalizing ordinary Americans from participating in the political process. That is the real threat to democracy.

It should matter that the vast majority of the people who went to the Capitol protest that day didn’t believe they were there to overthrow the U.S. government, or, it must now be said, to kill anyone.

There have been real terrorist attacks on the Capitol. But those must be forgotten because they came from the political left. In 1971 the Weather Underground, a Marxist-Leninist terrorist group whose goal was the overthrow of the U.S. government through violent, armed revolution, blasted a hole through the ceiling on the Senate side of the complex. It also bombed the Pentagon in 1972 and the State Department in 1975.

In 1954, four Puerto Rican nationalists opened fire with automatic weapons from the House visitors gallery with members in the chamber for a quorum call. Five representatives were wounded, including one, Alvin Morell Bentley of Michigan, who was hit in the chest. The perpetrators received sentences ranging from 50 to 75 years; one was released in 1978, and President Carter granted clemency to the others the following year. One week after the shooting, the House was back to business as usual. That was a time when more members of Congress had served in the military, and with the world still recovering from World War II, one doubts that anyone likened the attack to Pearl Harbor or the Battle of Iwo Jima.

We are living in perilous times. When a modern democracy deploys forces of intimidation—whether government, corporate media or cultural institutions—to promote the ruling majority’s propaganda, it is time for good people to stand up and object. The world-changing attack of Sept. 11, 2001 shouldn’t be used, either as precedent or moral authority, to create a commission whose sole purpose is to turn a straightforward law-enforcement failure into destructive political theater.
She did the right thing to point out how the political left - whom the Democrats represent - is given a free pass for many of the most horrific moments in history. And then, these same people have the blatant gall to make absurd comparisons at the expense of actual victims. All without doing anything to solve the problems that led to them, including, but not limited to, Islamofascism and desensitization to violence.

Friday, June 04, 2021

Media takes lenient approach to anti-Israelists attacking a pro-Israeli illustration named after a defense mechanism

The Daily Dot, a left-wing publication, took notice of a superhero-themed illustration commissioned by Israeli actress Sarai Givaty from artists Yehuda & Maya Devir, and advertised here by the Los Angeles-based Stand With Us movement, that's named Iron Dome, after the military device the IDF uses to protect against rockets fired by Hamas from the Gaza strip. As seen here: But what does the Dot writer say about this?
The Instagram post expressed a desire to help explain elements of war to her children—particularly the booming sounds they heard during recent skirmishes involving Israel and Palestinian militant group Hamas. She then remembered the movie Life is Beautiful and aimed to take a similar tactic in dispelling fear through storytelling.

“So I told the kids that we have a superhero named Iron Dome,” she noted, “who guards us and intercepts the missiles of the bad guys in the air so every time they hear a boom he actually managed to intercept them and then their smiles came back.”
Well is there anything wrong with her storytelling ideas, if that's what the news site is implying? What's atrocious, if anything, is their refusal to regard Hamas as terrorists, going instead with the PC term "militants". Another issue is the approach they take to pointing out the obnoxious backlash by antisemites, refusing to acknowledge that's what it is. There were at least a few other sites that spoke about this, and they weren't much better.

I think Givaty had a flattering idea here, and strongly encourage others who're realists to give some backing to the people who commissioned this artwork.

Thursday, June 03, 2021

A travesty stemming from political hijacking

Last night, right-wing traitor Naftali Bennett made an agreement with Yair Lapid and Raam's Mansour Abbas to form a government for ousting Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister. It goes without saying that Bennett's obsession with becoming a premier himself is reprehensible, seeing how it all comes at Netanyahu's expense, along with many other conservative-leaning sources, and for all we know, this man could be disastrous enough to not only cave to US fraud-in-chief Joe Biden, he could also endanger the Abraham Accords.

Bennett's already losing people who rightly feel he's betrayed them, and indeed, he has. I don't want to call him a premier, seeing how he's becoming another example of a mindless politician who so dislikes another's conduct, he's willing to go miles out of his way to endanger everything. There is opposition coming up now on the right to this, trying to prevent any serious disaster from occurring, but sadly, it's entirely possible such will, and that they'll even exploit every possible opportunity to oppress free speech.

One of the saddest things about how the left is acting today is that it's clear they've become so jaw-droppingly spiteful of right-wing politics, they're willing to take every anti-democratic step possible to seize power themselves through hijacking. It's what happened with Donald Trump when he was ousted, and now, it's clearly happening here.

Tuesday, June 01, 2021

A so-called comics historian sides against Lois Lane's Jewish creators

Tim Hanley is a Canadian comics historian of a most left-wing leaning who's written books about Wonder Woman, Lois Lane, and other such comic women, but apparently out of some kind of male feminist belief system. And guess who's side he chose to take at a time when Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster's Israeli/Jewish brethren around the world are suffering horror stories at a time when antisemitism arose during the Hamas rocket attacks from Gaza, and Islamic riots in cities like Lod? It wasn't Siegel/Shuster's ethnic relatives: He's dedicating his work on a Betty & Veronica history book to a cause going against any and all of comicdom's Jewish creators? Well...this is certainly telling. Some gratitude he shows there alright, after all the problems comicdom's Jews went through, and tried to address in their time. Now, some charlatan desecrates their memory by taking a position that's hurtful to their Israeli brethren. Even Archie had their share of Jewish contributors decades before, and these repellent promotional posts are a slap in the face to their memory as well. He even posted the following: So he buys into this transsexuality propaganda too, and what next, will he throw his full support behind allowing men claiming to be the opposite sex into bathrooms reserved for the ladies? This is why Israeli-American columnist Ruthie Blum once lamented the failure of schools to teach boys to defend a woman's honor and dignity these days.

I've taken a look at a few other subjects on Mr. Hanley's own site, and he sure does offer a lot of telling clues what's wrong with his thinking. His site, with entries spanning at least a decade, is a stunning goldmine of absurd social justice propaganda. Here's an early entry, where he blabbers about underrepresentation of women in the industry:
Women account for half of all human beings on the planet, but in terms of making comic books they are seriously under-represented. This shouldn’t be a shocking piece of information to anyone… we all know that comics are a male-dominated industry. But we know this anecdotally, not with solid numbers behind it or breakdowns of what women are doing where. Thus, this women in comics statistics project.

Comic books come out every Wednesday, and for all of 2011 I will examine the comics released each week by the industry’s two biggest companies, Marvel and DC Comics, and chart the credits along gender lines. [...]
And movies and music aren't male-dominated in any way? Let's put it this way. It's not like the industry never did anything wrong. I've commented on their most greivous errors for over 15 years now. But the problem with his arguments is that, despite any attempts to persuade to the contrary, he largely refuses to consider talent and merit important factors for hiring, and past lady contributors like Marie Severin and Ann Nocenti don't seem to mean anything to him. Yet what does is the Big Two:
Why Marvel and DC: Ideally, I’d look at every comic from every company, but a) that’s a TON of comics, and b) full credits are really hard to find for smaller companies (but if you are a non-Marvel or non-DC company that would like to send me all their credits pages each week, I would gladly chart them up!!). Plus, together Marvel and DC account for nearly 70% of the comics sold in a given month, along with well over 80% of the top 300 comics sold. So yes, there’s going to be a mainstream, superhero bias to these stats… but the vast majority of the comic books people are buying will be accounted for.
He fails to understand a]not many women may want to work for them even now because of the shoddiest examples they published at the time Quesada/DiDio were in charge, where a number of items they put out were full of reprehensible mistreatment of women through violence and such, b]they may feel there's no creative freedom, and the universe wide crossovers are no improvement, and c]in addition, the job just doesn't pay much money any more than animation studios do. Yet I can't say that in what I've read, I've seen him arguing women should get into the gigs for the glory more than the money either. So his statistics for ladies' employment over the past decade are meaningless if he's going to be so fluff-coated. He also said:
So there you have it. I think this will be very interesting… I’m not trying to call out publishers, or suggest they go start hiring women just to look better or anything. I’m just trying to provide numbers for something that we all know is anecdotally true. Frankly, comic books have been aimed at males for decades now, and most of the people working on them today were the boys to which they were marketed. The industry hasn’t created an environment where one should expect a fair number of female creators… it’s very much a boy’s club. And gender isn’t the only divide; it’s very much a white boy’s club too. But charts are fun, and I am curious as to what the current status of women in comic book industry actually is, not just anecdotally. Ultimately, perhaps seeing how the data breaks down will lead us to think about why the numbers are the way they are.
My my, this is also telling. If we take the Big Two's superhero output as an example, what's so wrong with Stan Lee for one forming a boys' club? Besides, if anybody wants to form a publisher that can promote a girls' club, they're quite welcome, yet socialist mentality's dictated that established franchises must be exploited almost entirely to push the shoddy agenda Mr. Hanley has for over a decade now. Big problem: from what I've checked on his site, I've never seen him complain why Joe Quesada and Dan DiDio should be fired from the publishers, as the latter was last year. And that's one of the reasons why they were able to hold onto their positions as long as they did, or still are: nobody's willing to stand up and boldly say why those truly accountable must be giving the pink slip. Here's another post he wrote that's quite insulting, where he implied something was wrong with "60-year old white guys" like the late Len Wein being hired to script miniseries for DC 6 years back:
I fail to see how a group of men with an average age of 62.3 years old are, to quote DiDio, “the best writers for these characters” when the task is to freshen up and contemporize them. All of these men are certainly talented writers and I respect their work and, for several of them, their legacies, but the last thing the superhero world needs more of is old, white guys reintroducing characters and trying to make them relevant and interesting. That rarely goes well. Especially when so many of them have such close ties to past incarnations of the characters. This is where you introduce new voices and new talent, find the NEW Marv Wolfman and the NEW Len Wein, not bring back the same old creators. This would be a KILLER lineup in 1987, but it’s not 1987 anymore.
It's not a time of sanity anymore either, and Hanley was only precipitating a terrible situation where whites, no matter their age or sex, are discriminated against. Would he have said this about veteran black writers like Christopher Priest? I doubt he'd be that stupid, but then, why is it okay to say Wein and Marv Wolfman are obsolete because of their age, merely because they're white (and Jewish)? Again, I can't say I've noticed much criticism leveled by Hanley against DiDio for more valid reasons, like the obnoxious misogyny he injected into comics during the mid-2000s, and however he was handling the DC output around this later time, it was no improvement, artistically or otherwise. Hanley got some pushback about this post, and he attempted to minimize the damage with the following:
I certainly didn’t mean to suggest that guys like Wein, Wolfman, et al. shouldn’t be getting work. They’re legends. However, a line written primarily by white men who’ve been in comics for decades sends, intentionally or not, a bad message about diversity.

I understand that comics is a rough industry for older creators, and my problem isn’t with them for doing the gigs. But it’s also a tough industry for women and POC who have been rarely afforded the opportunity to break into the Big Two in the first place.

My issue is with DC for not putting together a more diverse and representative line. Hire some old white guys, sure, but ALSO hire woefully underrepresented folks getting their first shot at superheroes. Doing just the former doesn’t send a great message.

And for everyone going “But DC’s June #DCYou books!” Yes, ONE TIME DC put together a slightly more diverse lineup. SLIGHTLY. That doesn’t mean they can stop doing that now, or that it’s cool to even things out with these new minis.
Gee, he sure was pretty frantic to offer an alleged apology. Since when hasn't the industry been hiring "underrepresented folks" like Blacks/Asians/Latinos? I've written before about Matt Baker, the guy most famous for illustrating Phantom Lady of the Freedom Fighters. And DC practically has a man of Asian descent, Jim Lee, in a prominent executive role, even if his politics are sadly reprehensible. Also, considering how bad the Big Two became artistically and in terms of creative freedom, what's the use of working there at this time anyway? Nobody creative will benefit, no matter their racial background. And turning back to Hanley, a big problem with his argument is that, despite any attempts to sound otherwise, he's putting diversity entirely above artistic talent and merit. If such are lacking, what's the use of hiring a particular writer/artist at all? Here's some examples of the replies he got on the page proper, including:
Ageist Bigot
And then:
I get that you’re trying to take a “progressive” look and stance to modern comics, you just seem a little misguided here. Not to mention that focussing so much on the age of the writers involved makes you look completely ageist. A balance needs to be found between modernisation and classic, and judging by their current line up of monthlies and these new minis announced, DC look to be doing a great job in the regard. As I said, DC You is for everyone, not just young new readers.
The line was a failure regardless, and Hanley's "progressive" ideology is exactly what's wrong with him. It practically led him to take the PLO's side at the expense of Siegel/Shuster's Jewish brethren. Another reply:
That was an absurdly ageist take on this.
Ageist racist bigot.
And then, better still:
You are incredibly racist. How many more times could you mention “white guys”? How did this medium start out? Oh yeah, white guys. I’m tired of the white male being singled out. Do there need to be more women and people of other colors in comics? YES. Do the people who have established themselves need to be kicked to the side like leftover meatloaf? NO. Stop usurping the past and trying to replace current writers/artists and the heroes they created. Bring in fresh talent of all colors shapes and sizes. Create new characters. Enough with the whining and wimpering. You are not entitled to erase the past. Create your future.
Sadly, we're 6 years past this moment and Mr. Hanley's still plying his loathsome, petty ideologies at the expense of classic creations. Here's another good one:
“Old white guys.” Because there’s nothing fresh and contemporary to be found in the works of 60-year-old white guys. Wait, how old was Steve Jobs again?

As a Hispanic 30something man, I am sick and tired of the “White old men” boogeyman.

I am sorry, Wolfman -created- Raven. Made the Titans THE best selling book in DC during the 80s. If someone deserves to write a mini on Raven, it’s going to be goddamned Marv Wolfman, especially since Pfeiffer and Lobdell have made such a terrible spectacle of the Teen Titans.

You know, I understand that you are trying to advocate for diversity, but I thought that diversity meant inclusiveness, and that means *everybody*- not simply brown people like me and people with a strict cutoff at the age of 30something, brandishing a “Go Away” sign being waved in the face of any pale old dude.

As much as I respect your very insightful book on Wonder Woman, I am going to have to call you out and say- no, Tim, you are acting like a total ass right here, right now. Part of being actually diverse and individualistic includes listening to people who are often discarded and disregarded, people whom idiots and fools consider not worth anyone’s time because they assume they have nothing of worth.

Like “old” people. You assume they cannot create anything fresh, you assume they cannot find new angles, you assume they cannot tell new stories, that they cannot possibly have anything into which they can pour their considerable experience that could possibly fascinate anyone

Because old people are only good for sitting back on their laurels and do nothing except ushering in the next generation gracefully, while tending to their gardens, kittens and tea kettles. Old me-


What is that?

Over there- yes, I do believe it is the shadow of Sir Terry Pratchett, Tim.

He’s staring at you with such a look.

I cannot fathom what words he would say to you, but I imagine they are the kinds of words that would leave very strong scorch marks in the air.

You are a disappointment, Tim Hanley. For someone who allegedly admires Wonder Woman for her message of compassion and acceptance, you have demonstrated a very ugly side of yourself.
On that, I fully agree. Hanley's a hypocritical leftist who even goes out of his way to support the wrong sides of an issue, and whether he's uninformed, it's still no excuse. Mainly because well before this, he was already pandering to Islamophilia, and gushing over some of G. Willow Wilson's worst propaganda, here being Alif the Unseen:
I also really liked that not only is the strongest and bravest character in the book a woman, but Dina’s a woman who’s chosen to wear the niqab, the black veil. Lately debates have raged about veiling and whether or not it should be outlawed, and most of these conversations seemed to ignore the issue of choice for a woman herself. The decision to veil or not became her father or husband forcing her to wear it OR the state forcing her not to. Now, of course many women are forced to wear a veil who don’t want to, but there are also women who DO want to. Dina chooses to wear the niqab even against the wishes of her family because it means something to her, and she’s no weak-willed wallflower. Being devout to Islamic law and being a strong woman aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive, and Dina was a great character who walked that line.

SIDENOTE: Veiling is a super complex issue, even if you agree that it should be a matter of choice for the woman. For example, sure a woman might choose to wear a veil, but is the religion and culture that encourages veiling so inherently patriarchal and oppressive to women that choosing to wear the veil is actually just participating in your own subjugation? And even if it is, I suppose you should have the freedom to so subjugate yourself, right? I don’t have any answers… I just very much appreciated how Wilson addressed the issue in the novel and made it Dina’s choice.
As somebody who finds the Haredi/ultra-Orthodox lifestyle demeaning to women, even if it's not going as far as Islam's belief a woman should be veiled (although there are some clans who made use of it, and even a cult called Lev Tahor made use of similar outfits), I find it repellent Mr. Hanley would take such a lenient position on the whole notion such self-isolation from society is acceptable, and his ostensible admittance there's women forced against their will to wear such denigrating outfits does nothing to alleviate concerns. It goes without saying I cannot accept such outfits in any religion, not even Catholicism's concept of the nun's wimple dress, because it all makes women's sexuality and beauty out to look like the worst thing that could happen, and is insulting a woman's body. Or, put another way, it's insulting God by extension, since God gave women their physical attributes, and now, look where things have wound up by extension in an era where the left is denigrating both women and men, and indoctrinating them into sex-change operations that can do serious harm, along with encouraging rejection of the opposite sex for the sake of homosexuality. That Mr. Hanley lacks a clear answer on whether women should be encouraged to accept the degrading idea of veiling themselves is another serious problem with his approach. It's no better than an inability to express a clear opinion on whether punk lifestyles like mohawks and noserings are healthy for the mind and body, let alone cocaine abuse. Mr. Hanley is shameful. He doesn't even consider apostates from Islam who find that abandoning the Religion of Peace gives them a much better perspective on life.

Here's also something he said about Frank Cho:
This weekend, artist Frank Cho announced on his Facebook page that he’ll be drawing variant covers for Wonder Woman when the series relaunches this June as part of DC’s “Rebirth” line. Several sites are reporting that he’ll be on the book for a year, and since it’s shipping bi-monthly that means 24 covers. Cho is an artist best known for doing sexy pin-ups and while his work isn’t really my jam, he’s certainly very good at what he does. He’s also drawn some cool, non-hypersexualized stuff when reined it, and hopefully he brings some of that restraint to Wonder Woman. Cho’s got definite skills. However, he’s also a real twit.

It all started a while back when Marvel inexplicably decided that it would be a fun idea to hire famed erotica artist Milo Manara to draw variant covers starring their female characters. He did a Spider-Woman cover that had the character bizarrely positioned with her butt poised high in the air, and the cover drew a lot of criticism. It was poorly drawn, and the sexualized pose wasn’t a good reflection of the contents of the new Spider-Woman series. Marvel eventually decided not to release the cover.
Umm, they did release it, but with a large Spider-Woman logo over the supposedly offending part, whose only mistake was that it just wasn't very appealing artistically. By the way, is that good manners to call somebody a "twit", just like that? For somebody who'd surely consider himself a public figure, Hanley's setting a pretty poor example.
For some reason, Frank Cho decided that this was the hill he wanted to die on. He did a commission of Spider-Gwen on a blank sketch cover, mimicking the Manara pose. When folks were all, “Come on, man,” Cho blasted the “small group of angry and humorless people ranting against my DRAWING of a pretty woman,” telling them that they should “just grow a sense of humor and relax.” He then doubled down on the pose, drawing Harley Quinn in the same position. Over the past year, he’s done several of these pieces, reveling in the controversy he’s causing and proudly posting them on the internet like he’s some sort of brave rebel (he’s not).

The reaction to Cho’s pieces have brought him some vocal defenders, many of whom are the sort of men (they’re all men) who use the term “social justice warrior” unironically. They see Cho as a defender of free speech, a valiant hero saving the comic book industry from the scourge of evil feminists who are ruining their funny books. Cho tried to capitalize on the support of these dopes by following the posting of one of his sketches with a campaign where he sold “Friends of Cho” t-shirts. The ad for the shirts asked, “Are you outraged by the outrage?” and offered his fans the opportunity to stand with him (he only sold 21 one of them online).
So what he's saying is every artist of Cho's caliber has no female fans? I'm think that's disputable too. Does this also mean Hanley believes Spider-Man, for instance, isn't their funnybook? I guess that sums it up. It's too bad that since this was written, Cho had to go and attack Comicsgate using the F-word, and alienated a lot of people when he could've avoided causing trouble. But speaking of Comicsgate, look what Hanley said the other year about Blake Northcott:
...Elsewhere, Blake Northcott is co-writing Catwoman this month, which I am less excited about. She’s been ComicsGate adjacent for a while now, and I’m not terribly thrilled when anyone associated with that hate group lands a mainstream gig.
Strange, aside from her being a leftist, I don't think she ever said she supported the campaign. I guess her refusal to actually come out against it is why he decided she was. But look at that - when ideological divides come into the picture, suddenly, a man who writes sugarcoated takes on many items related to lady writers decides he's against her. In any case, she's largely disappeared from comics over the past year, possibly because now, she's working on films and TV.

Here's more on Hanley's predictable gushing over the Muslim Ms. Marvel book:
While Kelly Sue DeConnick and David Lopez are set to relaunch Captain Marvel this March, a new character is taking over Carol Danvers’ old identity of Ms. Marvel in February. Kamala Khan is an American teen girl of Pakistani origin, and when she discovers she has super powers, including the ability to change shapes, she takes the mantle of her hero Ms. Marvel.

The book is written by G. Willow Wilson, who has done some fantastic comic work including the Vertigo graphic novel Cairo and the recent CrossGen/Marvel mini-series Mystic. Her novel Alif the Unseen is also absolutely fantastic. Kamala is Muslim, and Wilson is a convert to Islam, giving her a unique perspective for writing the character. The art is by Adrian Alphona, best known for his great work on Runaways. He’s also Canadian, which makes him extra cool. The cover above is by Sara Pichelli, who I hope is the regular cover artist for the series because she’s super good.

This book sounds interesting, boasts a stellar creative team, and is a new and original direction for a superhero title. It’s also exactly what Marvel needs given some recent unfortunate trends at the company.
And by that, he means "too sexy" for his political/ideological beliefs, right? This guy is truly disgusting with his leftism, and of course, his automatic support was a precursor for his recent pro-Hamas, anti-Israeli propaganda, that, interestingly enough, ignores what another famous woman, Golda Meir, said regarding "palestine".

Now, another item prior to release of the first Wonder Woman movie with Gal Gadot, where he attacks Fox News for all the wrong reasons:
First, they got upset about Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman costume because it didn’t have the halter top and short shorts that they liked, or the patriot markings of the classic outfit. Then, somewhat bizarrely, they also took issue with the dark colour scheme and the fact that Wonder Woman has to share her movie debut with Superman and Batman, which was an odd moment for me to say the least. Hearing people on Fox News say things I actually agreed with made me re-evaluate my entire life and every decision I’ve ever made, but after that life crisis I continued on with the video and things got ridiculous again.
Nowhere near as ridiculous as Hanley's politics. And at the end, he let slip what's really wrong with his visions:
Anyway, that was some great work by Fox News, getting outraged about a comic story from four years ago in the most offensive and sexist ways possible. I don’t understand why these people have a network. Why do you let them talk, America? I mean, I understand free speech and all, but they’re just so goddamn dumb.
Gee, if you don't like their alleged rightist leanings, don't watch them! I'm not fooled by Hanley's supposed insistence he "understands" free speech values either, and his accusations of sexism are pathetically cheap. If I were an artist and created a rabbi's daughter wearing a bikini, and he made accusations of sexism, I'd be furious. He's giving a very bad impression of a Canadian leftist, that's for sure. But, he sure does reveal quite a bit more what he thinks of men who love women in the following review of a WW comic by Wilson from 2019:
I’m very much enjoying this identity crisis of the gods. First, we have Ares wanting to give up war for justice. That’s gone quite poorly so far, of course, due to his engrained toxic masculinity more than anything else, but it’s been a very interesting turn for the character. And now, Aphrodite wants to separate herself from love. She doesn’t seem to have a plan of where to go from there, what new cause to champion, if any. She’s just tired of being’s love representative.
It sounds like we have quite a double whammy here. On the one hand, Ares embodies that atrocious anti-heterosexual propaganda called "toxic masculinity". On the other hand, Aphrodite doesn't want to represent the concept of love anymore? But then, it's long been apparent many far-leftists are thrilled to stuff as much propaganda into their stories as possible.

I'm glad I don't own any of Hanley's history books. Disgraceful people like him with such loathsome politics tend to be the least reliable on these pop culture subjects anyway. If they could spout all this reprehensible tommyrot, why should we expect them to be the most accurate on any subject since their ideology could play into their approach? Why should we even believe they supposedly don't approve of Fredric Wertham, who had similar positions? If this is how men like Hanley intend to ply their trade, nobody with common sense should waste their money on his publications. Again, let's be clear, he's desecrated the Jewish originators of the industry, including, but not limited to, Siegel, Shuster, Lee, Kirby and even Wein, among others. Why, now that I think of it, the worst part of Mr. Hanley's propaganda is that he's engaged in otherizing the people who made superhero comics possible in the first place.

Monday, May 31, 2021

Naftali Bennett betrays the right to form government with left-wing Yair Lapid

All for the sake of becoming a prime minister himself, even though he has only 6 seats for his party at the moment. Here's what the news says about Bennett's betrayal of the right:
Yamina chief Naftali Bennett announced Sunday night that he will work to form a national unity government.

Speaking at a press conference Sunday, the former Defense Minister committed to working with Yesh Atid chief and Opposition Leader Yair Lapid to form a unity government.

"I will work with all my might to form a national unity government with my friend, Yair Lapid," Bennett told reporters.
This isn't all that surprising, but it doesn't make it any less dismaying. Bennett by now is so greedy for the premier role, he's apparently willing to go through with this, all because he's developed a hatred for Netanyahu, and all of this despite how Bennett by contrast has not proven he's got the talent to deal with foreign governments. Netanyahu's already responded:
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu excoriated Yamina chairman Naftali Bennett Sunday, minutes after Bennett announced plans to form a national unity government with Yesh Atid.

Speaking at a press conference Sunday night, Netanyahu accused Bennett of deceiving his voters and pushed back on claims the Likud was spreading lies regarding the prospects for the formation of a right-wing government.

“I heard Bennett, and unfortunately, he is once again deceiving the public,” said Netanyahu.

“The same lies about ‘hate’ and ‘division’ – from the person who is backing hatred and division. No one would have voted for you if they knew what you were going to do. You are defrauding the public.” [...]

“Bennett wants to be prime minister for two years, not one year, and he knows that if there are new elections, he’ll get wiped out. He doesn’t care about anyone. If he had 20 mandates [in the polls] he would go to new elections.”
Bennett, quite simply, is a disgrace, and it's tragic anybody voted for him. Now, there's every chance he'll turn things into a disaster going forward, due to how poor his skills actually are, and due to how he's selling out to the left. Just as awful, he's proving to be an example of why a religious politician can be even worse than one who's not.

Newsarama sugarcoats Joe Sacco's propaganda comics getting digital editions

I see Newsarama's writing a disgustingly sugary take on the anti-Israeli cartoonist Sacco's left-wing propaganda graphic novels:
Five of writer/artist Joe Sacco's riveting non-fiction graphic novels are finally debuting digitally today - a first for the 60-year old award-winning cartoonist.
"Riveting", they say? This was somebody who made harmful statements at the time of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, whose comics are apologia for Islamofascism, and they're telling us this is "riveting"? What a disgrace.
Palestine, Safe Area Goražde: The War in Eastern Bosnia 1992-1995, But I Like It, Notes from a Defeatist, and Bumf Vol. 1: Buggered the Kaiser are all now available on both Comixology and Kindle, as part of a deal with Amazon and Sacco's publisher for these books, Fantagraphics.

Safe Area Goražde is a standout for Sacco's perspective as effectively an embedded journalist during the Bosnian War. This OGN was named 'Best Comic of 2000' by Time Magazine, and won both an Eisner Award and an Eagle Award for 'Best Graphic Novel.'
Oh, no doubt about that. His vision is so far-left, it's hard to be sure which of his GNs is worse. At least this sums up where Newsarama stands, if that's how they're going to describe everything. And it's no shock the award ceremonies, corrupted as they are by partisan politics today, would heap plenty of prizes into his posessions. That's why award shows today are just not worth the bother, as the rating results for this year's Oscars ceremony demonstrated.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

What Hollywood actors playing comics roles are saying about Israel

This past week, as Israel was once again forced into battle with the Hamas terrorist organization long dominating the Gaza strip, there were at least two Hollywooders who'd taken roles in comics movies who had what to say. Let's take as an example Mark Ruffalo, who played the Hulk role in the Avengers films of the past decade, and exploited the moment to make anti-Israel comments. From the Jerusalem Post (via Jihad Watch):
Actor Mark Ruffalo referred to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the division between the two as a "kind of apartheid" while speaking to television host Mehdi Hasan on the self-titled NBC program.

Ruffalo accused the Israeli government of carrying out "asymmetrical warfare" against the Palestinian people, and tied in United States support for Israel as plainly aiding and abetting the separation and the "violence acted upon them."

"There’s no reason why an ally of American should not be held to same the standard as we would hold any other nation in the world,” he said.

Ruffalo added to the conversation, noting that he spoke out previously to share his view on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and was called an antisemite for doing so.

"I was called an antisemite about it, for doing that - which was really tough to hear," Ruffalo said. "The fact that so many people will take it to that extreme when you're talking about that type of inequality, that type of oppression, that kind of apartheid: really!"

Ruffalo then likened the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to what's taking place in the US today, saying that America houses an "apartheid system" noting the systematic racism and racial inequalities present within the country.
This makes me feel glad I haven't seen the Avengers films, which'll really be tainted by this news, but what's really repellent is how somebody who acts like he's done nothing wrong regarding Israel got a role based on a character created by Jews (Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, of course). It's bad enough he perpetuates lies harmful to the USA, and here, he's also demonstrating ignorance of Islamic violence that's now cost an innocent Jewish man in Lod his life, along with horrific behavior by anti-Israel demonstrators in Britain and Canada. To think that somebody like Ruffalo would get a comics role he doesn't deserve is sickening. Recalling he may be a native of Kenosha, Wisconsin, one can only wonder what he thinks of the horrifying arsons that took place there last year, committed by BLM rioters.

Then, there's also Gal Gadot, my fellow Israeli citizen who's played Wonder Woman, and the problem here is that she was awfully slow to speak out. From Israel Hayom:
After earning scathing criticism for failing to use her platform to speak on behalf during the first three days of Operation Guardian of the Walls, Israeli actress Gal Gadot spoke out on Wednesday.

"My heart breaks," the Wonder Woman star, who served in the IDF, wrote in a message to her 53 million Instagram followers.

"My country is at war," Gadot continued. "I worry for my family, my friends. I worry for my people. This is a vicious cycle that has been going on for far too long. Israel deserves to live as a free and safe nation. Our neighbors deserve the same … I pray for better days."

As stated, Gadot came under fire for not speaking out on Israel's behalf as rockets from Gaza rained down on the country. Social media sites were flooded with hundreds of angry tweets and posts.

"The opposite of Wonder Woman,"
one person wrote.

"Gal Gadot the leftist needs to pander to the Hollywood leftists and cannot allow herself to support Israel against Palestinian terror," tweeted someone else.

Another person wrote: "It's sad that many influential Jews are simply silent, such as Gal Gadot."
Now it's bad that Gadot was practically villified by the MSM following her announcement, along with social media agitators (by contrast, look at the MSM's accepting response to Gigi Hadid's approach). Yet those in Israel who took issue with her slow response do have a point. Though her statement itself is vital, she did not show the courage to properly address the issue, acted very slow, which does little more than demonstrate lack of courage - something very lacking in this modern PC-infested world of ours - and that's had the effect of galling those in Israel who realized it. I wouldn't be surprised if plenty of the local Israeli respondents were people who guessed what repellent politics lay behind the making of Wonder Woman 1984, and wrote her off as another pathetic leftist whose ideologies impeded upon her ability to take a strong stance. Of recent, she's been producing a film project based on an anti-Israel propaganda book, a documentary series that involves supporting transgender ideologues, and even took up a role in a LGBT-themed sci-fi thriller. She really is going out of her way to prove herself part of the ultra-liberal Hollywood crowd, and that's another reason why I've felt soured on her of recent. Maariv reported (translated from the original Hebrew) that the wife of a Haifa basketball player denounced Gadot as a coward:
Yuval Ashkenazi, Maccabi Haifa's midfielder, is on the way to winning the championship with his team very soon, and meanwhile the country is on fire in light of the escalation between the IDF and Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza, the shelling, riots and lynchings in the cities involved. Adi Aharon, decided to express her opinion around the constant preoccupation with the response of the most famous ambassador of the State of Israel, Gal Gadot.

Until yesterday (Wednesday) the media did not stop worrying that the Israeli Wonder Woman should express her public opinion and support Israel and yesterday she did. Even earlier, Aaron could not resist, posted a picture of her and wrote: "Cowardly." Shortly afterwards, the most successful Israeli actress in Hollywood wrote a post referring to the situation: "My heart is broken, my country is at war. I care for my family, my friends, my people. It is a vicious circle that lasts too long. Israel deserves to live in freedom and security and neighbors. "We deserve the same. I pray that this incessant hostility will end and that our leaders will find the solution so that we can live side by side in peace."

Even after the post that Gadot wrote, there were those who did not connect and thought it was too "politically correct" such as Noam Fishbaum, the partner of Maccabi Tel Aviv goalkeeper Daniel Tennenbaum who responded "good morning baby" to a post she wrote and supposedly remembered later. And despite all those who do not understand where Gal has been until now, the vast majority is sure that she represents Israel in the Diaspora in the best way, even though she blocked the opportunity to comment on her post.
I know she did that because the anti-Israeli vitriol was getting way out of hand. But her refusal to take a side clearly is a sign of weakness. Maariv also says:
International star Gal Gadot has chosen for days to remain silent and not react to the difficult events that are taking place in the State of Israel, which is under attack by missiles, riots and violent riots. While her homeland is under fire and being extinguished, the rest of the world have taken a pro-Palestinian side, and our ambassador has largely chosen a thunderous silence.

After receiving harsh criticism from Israelis across the country and from the media, Gadot raised a post of support for both sides in the conflict. The prime minister's son, Yair Netanyahu, did not remain indifferent, and in response responded sharply to "Wonder Woman" for the neutral messages she conveyed.

And so he wrote: "The models of Palestinian descent, Gigi and Bella Hadid, who have millions of followers, have been doing antisemitic propaganda against Israel 24/7 since the beginning of the rush. But she chose to write a neutral post, as if she were from Switzerland."
And honestly, that's not sending a good message when you fail to show the courage to react as quickly as possible. Gadot's approach was dismal and dismaying. Again, no wonder I've felt soured on her.

There's also more gross comments coming from author Saladin Ahmed, who's practically written comics, such as the following: It's good to see there's others out there concerned about Marvel - or any other comic publisher - continuing to employ such a disturbing anti-Israelist. As I'd noted before, this is very troubling that Marvel continues to employ him virtually unquestioned to date, as his positions are revolting. (Update: it appears Ahmed erased the second post, but here's an archived link.)

I think the following news from Epicstream about Brie Larson, who played the Capt. Marvel role, unfollowing Gadot over her statements is also troubling:
...However, their "friendship" may have come to an end after the Captain Marvel star allegedly unfollowed the Wonder Woman actress on Instagram.

Instagram users noticed that is Brie no longer on Gal Gadot's follower list and people were quick to assume that it had something to do with the Israeli star's "controversial" statement on the ongoing crisis between Israel and Gaza. To those unaware, Gal penned an emotional declaration calling for peace amid the chaotic situation. However, a lot of people found her statement hypocritical as the actress apparently served the Israel Defense Force as a soldier and is believed to be a zionist.
Since Zionism is a synonym for patriotism and nationalism, it's despicable how the meaning is obscured, and antisemites just use it as an excuse for demonization. All that aside, if there's any meat to this, Larson's just made me feel even gladder I've haven't seen the Capt. Marvel movie, and won't be seeing "The Marvels", a planned sequel whose title suggests the 1st movie really was controversial enough despite the box office grosses, they'd rather downplay Larson's prominence this time round. If Epicstream's making Zionism out to sound bad, that too is despicable. At least the writer at the site has the audacity to note how Gadot is in some ways victim of cancel culture.

With all that told, this is why Hollywood's comics movies are becoming as dispiriting as anything else coming from them these days. There's good reason why the Oscars have plummeted to such a low rating on television this year, and the recent crop of comics films are hardly what I'd consider prize-worthy either.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Indictment filed against 3 attempted lynchers in east Jerusalem

An Israeli court's filed indictments against 3 Islamic residents of east Jerusalem for trying to murder a car driver:
The Jerusalem District Prosecutor's Office has submitted to the Jerusalem District Court indictments against three Arab residents of Jerusalem for acts of terror, aggravated assault, arson, and intentional destruction of a vehicle, due to racist motives.

The Arabs, ages 21 and 23, are being charged for attempting to lynch a Jewish civilian, as part of the recent wave of violent riots and attacks against police officers and civilians.

According to the indictment, on April 22, the Jewish civilian, who was dressed as a religious Jew, traveled on the main road in Wadi al-Joz, on his way to the Western Wall. As his vehicle stood in a traffic jam near the Rockefeller Archaeological Museum, one of the passersby yelled at those grouped next to him that a "settler" vehicle was at the scene.

When the others heard the call, they began throwing stones at the Jew's vehicle, kicking it, and attempting to remove him from it. The rioters hit the vehicle, breaking its windows. At one point, the victim succeeded in exiting the vehicle and running a few meters in an attempt to escape the rioters. However, the rioters chased after him and caught him, threw him to the ground, and beat him all over his body, as they kicked him and stepped on him.

Among the rioters who hit the victim while he was lying on the ground were two suspects against whom indictments were submitted. At one point, the victim succeeded in escaping by foot towards a nearby ambulance. After he escaped the scene, the mob continued to attack his vehicle.

The third suspect took a carton from a nearby garbage bin, lit it on fire, and used it to set the vehicle on fire - all due to racist motives. As a result of the suspects' actions, the Jewish civilian suffered injuries and a cut to his head, and suffered pains throughout his entire body

The Prosecutor's Office has requested that the court order the suspects' arrest to be extended until the completion of legal proceedings against them. The request notes that the suspects took part in beating a civilian for several long minutes, while he was lying helpless on the ground, kicking him and hitting him with a motorcycle helmet. These circumstances prove the severity of the crimes, and that they were done with great violence and cruelty.
Desensitization to violence, through religion or otherwise, is one of the most abominable things to be found in this modern world, yet nobody's willing to address the subject convincingly, if at all.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Saladin Ahmed incites against Israel, and so does G. Willow Wilson

Muslims in northeast Jerusalem started a riot this past week - and the Hamas terror organization fired rockets at Israeli targets - over Jewish families who want to reclaim houses that were once owned by Jews prior to the war of 1948, and how does writer Saladin Ahmed, undeserved winner of prizes like the Eisner awards, react? Here's how: I see he's repeating the Israel-delegitmizing Palestine propaganda, which was refuted by Golda Meir in her time. And Ahmed's not the only person working in comics who's taken this anti-Israel stance. There's also G. Willow Wilson: So she's inciting against the Jewish National Fund by extension. Both she and Ahmed ignore the following history:
The Shimon Hatzadik neighborhood, a.k.a. Sheikh Jarrah, is located in north Jerusalem, near the Shimon Hatzadik Cave and the Nahalat Shimon neighborhood. The neighborhood was established by Jewish settlers in 1890, and its Jewish residents were forced out by the British mandatory government during the War of Independence. In the early 2000s, after a long legal battle, Jewish residents started to come back to Shimon Hatzadik.

In the 1950s and ’60s, King Hussein of Jordan plied the Arabs of Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem under his rule with real estate to maintain their loyalty to the crown. Among those properties were those vacated Jewish homes in Sheikh Jarrah.

In 1967, Israel liberated the eastern part of Jerusalem. Israeli law is very clear regarding allowing Jews to ask for and receive homes they had been kicked out of in what was briefly known as the “west bank.”

Right-wing Jewish organizations have been engaged for several decades in the effort to retrieve Jewish property that had been captured by Jordan in 1948. These groups either represent the Jewish owners or purchase from their heirs the rights to those properties. Several Jewish families have been able to take back their properties in Sheikh Jarrah, as well as two Jewish trusts that have owned real estate there since the beginning of the neighborhood.
More on this subject at Israel Today. None of this means anything to two phony scribes who don't belong in comicdom, or the literary world, for that matter. In fact, considering all the damage the Hamas has been doing by extension even long before the latest series of terrorist attacks this week, which has now resulted in at least 2 deaths in Israeli neighborhoods, that's exactly why I'm sure a lot of people would like to know: how much longer do any comic publishers intend to continue employing Ahmed and Wilson, or anybody who spouts anti-Israel propaganda like they are? Marvel parted ways with Ardian Syaf 4 years ago, following his anti-semitic tirades being discovered, yet they're still okay working with Ahmed and Wilson? I think all publishers who could be working with them would do well to consider, because this is bound to cause serious harm, in public relations and other ways, sooner or later.

And they're not the only ones. There's also Nadia Shammus, a "palestinian-American" writer who was hired to do yet another run of Muslim Ms. Marvel stories, and she supports, for example, the BDS movement: And also parrots anti-Zionist propaganda: No doubt, she's one of those kind of people who doesn't know Zionism is a word synonymous with patriotism, and I guess Shammus despises the UAE and Bahrain for their peace deal with Israel last year, along with the UAE's willingness to sell Israeli products on their markets. Does Marvel still intend to approve employment for Shammus after what she's said about Stan Lee's Israeli brethren?

It's a terrible shame these scribes were contracted in the first place by any publishers working with them. It's an insult to the Jews who oversaw creation of the comics they're working on now, and Marvel/DC for starters would do well to address if they understand the embarrassment they're causing, at the expense of the past Jewish contributors to comicdom. This is simply not acceptable.

Thursday, May 06, 2021

Jihadists attack at Tapuach Junction

There's been another Islamic terror attack at the Tapuach Junction:
A soldier and police officer were lightly injured in a suspected ramming attack at the Tapuah junction east of Ariel in the West Bank on Wednesday.

According to Israel Police, the suspected terrorist arrived at the scene and rammed into the two security personnel at the junction, injuring them lightly. The suspect was shot by security forces after he exited the vehicle and ran toward police with a knife, and is in moderate condition.

The IDF and Israel Police both confirmed that they had received initial reports of a terrorist ramming attack at the junction on Wednesday and were investigating the incident. The IDF announced that a soldier was one the two people injured.

“When we arrived at the scene, two injured people, men about the ages of 20 and 23, were walking at the scene conscious and suffering from light wounds,” explained Aviel Mamlia, a senior MDA paramedic. “We provided them with initial medical care and transferred them in light condition to continued treatment at a hospital.”
One of the suspects connected with this attack is being pursued:
Israeli security forces surrounded a building in the West Bank village of Akraba on Wednesday with suspicion that the suspect of the Tapuah junction shooting was inside.

Gunfire and explosions were heard for several hours with a live feed of the incident playing out on Facebook.

By noon however it was reported that the shooter was not inside.

The suspect was identified as Muntasir Shalabi, who is alleged to have shot and wounded three Israelis at the Tapuach Junction on Sunday.

Shalabi is reportedly from the town of Turmus Aiya, near Ramallah, according to Palestinian media reports quoted by Channel 12. He had recently returned from living in the US, the report said. Further media reports claim that Shalabi also had US citizenship before returning to the Palestinian territories.

Overnight Wednesday, Shalabi's wife was detained by Israeli security forces. She was later released.

Shalabi’s 17-year-old son was detained by troops in a raid on his village of Turmas Ayya earlier in the day.

Security forces have been going house to house in Akraba and the surrounding villages and have arrested dozens of Palestinians, many of them family members of the suspect, on suspicion that they provided shelter or other support to Shalabi who has since been on the run.

Those arrested for suspected involvement in the attack were handed over to the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency). The IDF confiscated the burnt remnant of the shooter’s bullet-ridden vehicle on Monday.
Well let's hope they're caught soon. But it's clear the Islamic plague of jihadism will remain for quite a while.

Marine le Pen acquitted of supposedly violating hate speech law

Well this is fortunate to see a court in France had the smarts not to prosecute Le Pen for posting images of what the Islamic State barbarians were doing:
French far-right leader Marine Le Pen was acquitted on Tuesday of breaking hate speech laws in late 2015 when she posted images of Islamic State atrocities on Twitter.

Le Pen displayed the three images, including one of the decapitated body of American journalist James Foley, after a prominent television interviewer compared her party to ISIS.

She was charged under an article in the penal code that prohibits the dissemination of violent messages that could seriously harm human dignity.

Prosecutors had sought a fine of 5,000 euros, far below the maximum sentence of three years in jail or a 75,000 euro penalty.
It was all just an excuse for divisive politics the prosecution was looking for. A way for them to say they're otherwise lenient on Islamofascism. Which is exactly what makes this disgraceful. It's good she was acquitted.