Saturday, July 22, 2023

London's Trocadero center looks like it'll become a mosque

A notable commercial center in the UK that's been defunct for nearly a decade has sadly been bought for the sake of becoming a branch for the Religion of Peace:
A defunct London landmark could soon become a mosque after getting the final approval from local city authorities, the UK media reported over the weekend.

Well-known businessman Asif Aziz, who was born in Malawi, seeks to turn The Trocadero into an Islamic prayer facility, potentially infuriating anti-Muslim circles and right-wing groups. The area where this is located, the City of Westminster, is considered to be the capital's entertainment borough, replete with alcohol-serving bars and clubs, as well as gay venues and strip clubs – all of which are considered by many Muslims to be against Islam. [...]

Aziz's charitable arm, the Aziz Foundation, has been leading the effort to repurpose the place. Under Islamic tradition, prayers are to be held five times a day, although they don't have to be carried out in a mosque.

The plans for a larger mosque – which would have the size to accommodate 1,000 worshippers – were dropped after this triggered opposition from local residents and far-Right organizations. Under the current plan, the modifications and repair works are likely to span several months.
Will there be enough people this time to protest against its construction? With the way quality of life in London's been going down over the past decade, who knows? This is another sad example of how the UK has been deteriorating badly in all the time Islam's made significant gains there.