Friday, July 15, 2016


Following the mass murder by a Tunisian jihadist in Nice, France, the Jewish world is also expressing solidarity with the victims:
Still shocked and horrified by the senseless carnage that took place in Nice, France late Thursday evening, the Jewish world conveyed its deepest sympathies to victims of the deadly Bastille Day terror attack, which saw over 80 killed and scores injured after a 31-year-old Franco-Tunisian gunman rammed a truck into a of crowd of spectators out enjoying a fireworks display.
It's horrible to learn that children were among the murdered:
A French official on Friday said 10 children were among the 84 people killed when a gunman rammed a truck through a crowd of thousands celebrating Bastille Day on the French Riviera on Thursday evening.

The driver was shot dead by police and no one immediately claimed responsibility for the Thursday night attack on France’s national holiday, which rocked a nation still dealing with the aftermath of two attacks in Paris last year that killed a total of 147 people.

Police sources said the driver had been formally identified as a 31-year-old Franco-Tunisian man whose identity papers were found in the vehicle after the attack.

Police have not yet released the attacker’s name, but they said he lived in Nice. Other sources said previously he was already known to police for minor criminal offenses. A police source said the vehicle had been rented in the region “a few days ago.”

Christian Estrosi, the regional president in Nice, confirmed that 10 children had been killed.

Estrosi said some of the city’s 1,200 security cameras had pinpointed the moment the attacker boarded the truck, far from the beachfront “in the hills of Nice” and could follow his path to the promenade. Estrosi called for the investigation to focus on any accomplices.

“Attacks aren’t prepared alone. Attacks are prepared with accomplices,” Estrosi said. “There is a chain of complicity. I expect it to be unveiled, discovered and kept up to date.”

Estrosi said France needed to think carefully about its next response to attacks, as previous responses were not enough to protect the people.
Indeed they're going to have to take serious steps, because if not, there's bound to be more horrors like this one very soon. They're going to have to start setting martial law upon the suburban neighborhoods where many of these creatures dwell.

And Francois Hollande would do well to resign, because he's clearly unfit to manage the situation.


Another terrorist attack struck France, this time in Nice during Bastille Day:

Our condolences to the families of the victims. As for Francois Hollande, this is decidedly the fault of people like him, who're taking little or no proper steps to defeat jihadism. How are they going to deal with the situation this time?

Here's another report from ABC.

Monday, July 11, 2016


A Hamas terrorist was arrested for trying to smuggle funding to the jihadists in his shoes:
One of two Hamas agents who were named last week by the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) for smuggling around 10,000 euros in his shoes was indicted in the Beersheba District Court on Sunday.

The two Gazans were arrested in June by the security agency with terrorism-financing cash hidden in their shoes on its way with them from Gaza to the West Bank. They enabled Israel to gain valuable intelligence on the underground network of tunnels Hamas and Islamic Jihad are digging in Gaza.

Jabaliya resident Itallah Sarahan, 37, was arrested at the Erez Crossing and when he was questioned, security forces learned that he received a permit to enter Israel for trade purposes two weeks prior to his arrest.

On his first day visiting Israel, a Hamas policeman on the Gazan side of the crossing asked Sarahan if he would smuggle cash to Hamas in the West Bank. Sarahan “expressed his willingness to do so,” the Shin Bet said, leading the Hamas police officer to take him to a meeting with the Islamist regime’s operatives, who paid him for the mission and provided him with special shoes in which the money was hidden.

He was promised help if he got caught by Israeli authorities.

Sarahan allegedly smuggled funds on the day before his arrest, as well being caught with more cash on the day of his arrest.

The suspect works as a truck driver in Gaza, clearing sand from Hamas and Islamic Jihad tunnel digging sites. “Sarahan passed on much information about the tunnels he was exposed to, including which terrorist organization was responsible for digging which tunnels, their exact locations, and the status of the digging work,” the Shin Bet said.

The investigation underlines Hamas’s cynical use of Israeli efforts to ease economic conditions for the Gazan civilian population. Thousands of Gazans enter Israel every month for humanitarian, medical, and trade purposes, and Hamas often attempts to exploit these entries to transfer terrorist finances, the Shin Bet said.
They don't deserve any money since all they truly want it for is to fund jihad.


And this creepy character pulled his stunt on a site that's starting to be loathed by anybody with common sense:
Army Radio chief Yaron Dekel suspended the station's film critic Gidi Orsher on Saturday, following a controversial Facebook post by Orsher in which he derided Israel's Mizrahi community. The post, lambasted as racist, followed the public debate over a recent Education Ministry decision to introduce additional Mizrahi Jewish heritage studies into school curriculum.

Orsher's post read, "All you professional Mizrahi whiners, the next time you have a heart attack, just skip the catheterization and fling a chicken leg over your head, or any other of your old wives' remedies. The next time you huddle in a secure room when missiles are flying over your heads, just ignore Iron Dome -- recite psalms or wait for the matriarch Rachel to protect you."

The post earned scathing criticism from across the political spectrum.

"The remarks made this weekend by Army Radio's film critic, blatantly and disgracefully defaming Mizrahi Jews, are reprehensible," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said. "A man holding such racial biases has no place in public broadcasting in Israel. We must disregard the voices trying to create a rift between us, and we must work together to promote social unity in Israel."
As some may know, Facebook was recently panned by Israel's internal security minister for sabotaging efforts to combat terrorism. It seems like just the place where such a disgusting man would want to post such bile, and this whole subject reminded me why I don't want an account with Facebook. Orsher should be ostracized for his cracks, which do a terrible disfavor to the Mizrahi members of my own family too. It's more or less the same kind of reprehensible treatment some Haredi schools have been conducting against people of Mizrahi backgrounds. The film critic's simply not fit for his job.