Saturday, October 07, 2023

Tragic jihad attack in southern Israel by Hamas leaves over 100 murdered, and hostages were taken

Over the weekend, the Simchas Torah holiday was ruined by a terrible jihad attack from Gaza that left over 100 people dead and to make matters worse, hostages were taken:
The Hamas terrorist organization has taken Israelis captive in Gaza, the IDF has confirmed hours after a barrage of rockets slammed into southern and central Israel Saturday.

Hamas terrorists infiltrated the country and took over Southern Israeli towns, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that Israel is at war.

"Since this morning, the State of Israel is at war," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, shortly after the IDF declared "Operation Swords of Iron."

At least 100 people were announced dead by early evening and more than 900 wounded by Magen David Adom and the Health Ministry. The number of people captured has not yet been confirmed.

Among them, Ofir Liebstein, head of the Sha'ar Hanegev Regional Council, was killed in an exchange of fire with terrorists. Liebstein was killed as he defended his settlement during an attack. Deputy head of the council, Yossi Keren, is currently filling his place.

A second Israeli - a woman in her 60s - was killed when a rocket hit her building in the Gederot Regional Council.

The names and identities of the other victims had not yet been released, but the IDF said the numbers included several soldiers.

Upwards of 2,000 rockets were fired
, the IDF said. Sirens sounded multiple times in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and southern Israel.

Shelters were opened across the country.

A direct hit was reported on a building in Ashkelon. Dozens of vehicles also caught fire in the city. Many parts of Ashkelon and the surrounding were without electricity.

In Ramla, four civilians who were trapped under a damaged building were rescued by the Israel Fire and Rescue personnel.
The hostages situation is especially terrible, and while the military is now cordoning off Gaza, how do we know they'll conduct the operation correctly? That's what the current anti-terror campaign is called, and here's more:
The IDF launched a massive counteroffensive on Saturday, hours after an early morning onslaught by the terrorist group Hamas from Gaza, which included 2000 rockets fired on Israel and multiple areas where terrorists raided and took over Israeli towns. The name of the Israeli offensive, which saw multiple air strikes in the Gaza Strip and a call-up of thousands of reserve troops for potential ground operations, was given the codename "Swords of Iron."

There were unconfirmed reports on some 30 Israelis captured, with Israel confirming that the mayor of the Shaar Hanegev Regional Council was killed in a gunbattle in one of the raids. Some four Israelis were killed in the southern town of Rahat due to rocket fire.
According to this, video footage emerged of Israeli hostages in the Gaza enclave. We've definitely got a horrible situation on our hands now.

Update: here's more on the hostage situation.

Update 2: European leaders condemn the jihadist attack.

Update 3: Donald Trump's addressed the situation, and correctly observes:
Former President Donald Trump called the Islamic Hamas terrorists’ ongoing assault on Israel a “disgrace” and criticized President Joe Biden’s administration in a statement Saturday.

“These Hamas attacks are a disgrace, and Israel has every right to defend itself with overwhelming force,” Trump said, according to the Times of Israel and an emailed statement from the former president.

“Sadly, American taxpayer dollars helped fund these attacks, which many reports are saying came from the Biden Administration,” he added, as the Times said he was apparently blaming the U.S. government’s policy on Iran for the assault.

“We brought so much peace to the Middle East through the Abraham Accords, only to see Biden whittle it away at a far more rapid pace than anyone thought possible. Here we go again,” Trump concluded.
This is also correct. Biden's bunch has done only so much damage to the world in such a short amount of time.

Friday, October 06, 2023

Jon Fosse, Septology

Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, for 2023.

At Amazon, Jon Fosse, Septology.

Thursday, October 05, 2023

Antisemitic Minnesotan wants Jewish children removed from their parents

Those who know how chilling the state of Minnesota's become nowadays - to the point where a family cousin of mine who once lived in St. Paul decided to move away - won't be surprised by this horrific news that could be worse than we think:
One of the candidates on the ballot for an upcoming Minnesota school board election is an avowed Holocaust denier who has called for all Jews to be sterilized and tattooed with the Star of David, all synagogues to be closed and all Jewish children to be forcibly removed from their parents.

Vaughn Klingenberg is one of seven candidates on the ballot for three open seats in Roseville, a suburb of the Twin Cities. In addition to his views on Jewish people, which he recently published under his own name on a blog, he also visited two area synagogues during the recent High Holidays, actions that have earned condemnation from the state’s attorney general and from local Jewish leaders alike.

“He has our attention. He’s clearly tried to get the attention of the public by spewing hateful, antisemitic rhetoric, which is obviously untrue but is also dangerous,” Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison told a local news channel.
If memory serves, Ellison's a follower of Islam, which makes this even more angering, since the news plays into the hands of defenders of the Religion of Peace, and takes away vital attention from such issues.
In blog entries titled “Vaughn Klingenberg in Zionist Wonderland,” published on the site VTForeignPolicy on Sept. 20, Klingenberg outlines his proposal for Jews who “refuse to testify” against the wrongdoing of other Jews: They “will have all of their wealth stripped from them, they will be tattooed on their forehead with a Star of David (in order that they not remain hidden from the broader public), they will be stripped of all employment, they will receive as monthly income what is currently paid to those on disability, and they will be given Section 8 housing in which to live.”

He further outlines his plans to have all Jews “permanently rendered sterile so that they cannot, ever, reproduce,” to close all synagogues, and to have Jewish children “placed in foster homes to be adopted by non-Jews.” (Klingenberg said he would make exceptions for anti-Zionist Jews.)
Though the article may not actually mention the subject, what if this Klingenberg would want to have Jewish children undergo a transsexualizing, something that the far-leftists in Minnesota have already gotten around to upholding with many others? That would be a modern neo-Nazi's dream come true, and let's not forget the original National Socialists in WW2 produced the repulsive scientist Josef Mengele, who conducted horrific experiments on Jews in the past century. Such nightmares are something you can be sure even Islamofascists would celebrate, and no doubt, many already are. Don't be shocked if, unlike anybody in Minnesota considered a "kuffar", many Islamists do get exceptions and exemptions when it comes to LGBT ideology being forced down everyone's throats.

We must hope this awful man named Klingenberg won't be elected to the school board, but with the way Minnesota's going now, you can never be sure what'll happen.