Thursday, October 02, 2008

Some thoughts on the desirability of miscegenation

I used the word "miscegenation" above deliberately to inflame Leftists. I am sure that any Leftist seeing the word will immediately get an erection. The word was of course used in the Jim Crow era to condemn interracial sex.

Sadly for the Leftists, however, I am going to suggest that there should be more of it! What I am about to say does however still run the risk of grave incorrectness. There only three circumstances under which one can permissibly mention race these days:

1). If you are a Leftist.

2). If you are praising some minority to the skies

3). If you are yourself a member of some minority.

I am going to claim privilege under category 3 -- as I am a member of the world's second-most condemned minority: Middle-class WASP males. The most reviled minority of all is of course that good old faithful from way back: The Jews. Which may be why I tend to think highly of Jews.

So, after that super-careful preamble, what I want to observe is that Caucasian males are a very good matrimonial "catch" for minority women!

Wow! That will immediately get me accused of sexual inadequacy, I am sure. I can only say in my defense that in my life I have looked close up into rather a large number of blue eyes. And, yes, I do think that blue eyes are the most beautiful. Wow! Am I in deep now! But I have blue eyes myself so I do hope that like is still allowed to go with like. Leftists are great egotists so maybe they will allow us conservatives to have a LITTLE bit of liking for what we are ourselves.

Getting back to my point: It is a well-known phenomenon on American university campuses that little ladies of Asian origin often team up with big Caucasian men. It is so common that there is a mocking expression for it: "Yellow fever". Lots of Asian women find tall, well-built white men to be much more attractive than "nerdy" little Asian guys.

It's something one observes a lot in Australia too -- and not only on university campuses. Australia is about 10% Asian these days and as I walk around the streets of Brisbane, white men with Asian women are a common sight. Below is a picture of my son with his long-time girlfriend.

My son is 6' tall, well-built and with blond hair and blue eyes. He also has a degree in mathematics. I am delighted that he associates a lot with smart and civilized Asians rather than with the rough company that he could potentially get into.

What DOES amaze me, however, is that black women seldom seem to pursue white males. I know I am not supposed to mention it but black men are mostly very rough with their women. The women concerned would usually get much more gentlemanly treatment from a white guy. So I think that black women should try harder for white partners. There are after all a lot of white guys around and many of them are quite manly (the metrosexuals of NYC excepted, of course). If black women went more for white guys it would probably make black men sit up and take notice too.

So you see what a terrible white-racist I am! Quite unforgiveable. Must not mention reality.

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Pastorius said...

Terrible. Terrible.


Mystery Meat said...

My anecdotal experience? I am a blue-eyed white boy. Back in the day, I had a black girlfriend. She imparted two bits of wisdom to me. She said she preferred to date white men because they were more respectful of her and (in her personal experience) less likely to beat her up. Second, she preferred to have sex with men who had smaller penises. Naturally, when she found out what I was packing, our relationship didn't last. LOL!