Friday, April 10, 2020

European Union could collapse over Coronavirus crisis

The Italian premier's warning of the downfall of the EU due to the Corona crisis:
Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte floated the idea of all of Europe doing “things on their own” due to the European Union’s poor response to Italy’s tragic experience with the Chinese coronavirus.

“We do not expect Germany and Holland to pay our debts, but the fiscal policy rules must be loosened, otherwise we will have to write off Europe, and everyone will do things on their own,” said Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte in a recent interview with the German newspaper, Bild on Eurobonds, according to a report by La Repubblica.
If the EU does collapse, it'll be for the best. This is, after all, the same EU that's been lenient on Islamic terrorism, which includes the recent border infiltrator crises, and their response to the Coronavirus crisis has been just as horrendous. So it would be for the best if the EU broke up after all that's happened over the past years. They're one of the worst, most incompetent political bodies around.