Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Israeli Muslim police commander resigns after video footage shows him acting irresponsibly

The following police commander may have once made headlines as the first Muslim to maintain a high ranking position in the Israeli police. Now, however, he's had to resign in disgrace after video footage published by leftist Haaretz, of all places, showed him not acting properly when dealing with a serious case of criminals:
Israel Police Asst.-Ch. Jamal Hakroush resigned on Monday amid controversy surrounding footage from September that showed him stepping over the body of a person who had been stabbed. Hakroush was the head of a police division charged with combating violence in the Arab-Israeli sector.

The footage, published by Haaretz, showed Hakroush stepping over the body of Ghazi Amara, who had just been stabbed in an altercation and was lying down bleeding in a stairwell at an iron factory in Kafr Kanna, near Nazareth. The video seems to show Hakroush leaving the scene without offering assistance. Amara later died of his wounds.

According to Haaretz, Hakroush returned to the scene about 10 minutes after leaving, with police already having arrested the suspected murderer. Reports by Israeli media questioned why Hakroush had not taken control of the scene. Israel Police Insp.-Gen. Yaakov Shabtai has opened a commission of inquiry into the incident.
Now that is a very serious example of negligence and irresponsibility. It really shows this man, who's apparently an Islamic adherent, is not really fit for the job. As noted below:
Hakroush was “a pioneer and a figure who allowed Muslim society to dream and dare to strive for the highest ranks in the Israel Police,” he said. “I thank Commander Hakroush for 44 years of public service.”
IIRC, he was appointed to the higher rank via the Netanyahu government, and now it turns out he wasn't deserving of his job at all. A total embarrassment he turned out to be, suggesting he allowed his ideology to impede on acting responsibly.