Saturday, September 02, 2023

Biden administration's terror funding cost an Israeli schoolteacher her life

Daniel Greenfield describes how fraud-in-chief Joe Biden's government has enabled Islamofascists to murder Israelis like a schoolteacher who recently fell victim to terror attacks:
Last year, Biden met with Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas and boasted that, “I reversed the policies of my predecessor and resumed aid to the Palestinians — more than a half a billion dollars in 2021.”

Batsheva Nigri, a preschool teacher, was riding in a car with her six-year-old daughter when Islamic terrorists from the Palestinian Authority’s Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade cut them off and riddled the car with 22 bullets. Batsheva’s six-year-old daughter watched her mother die.

The Palestinian Authority’s terror group hailed the murder of a 42-year-old preschool teacher as a “natural response to the crimes of the occupation” and as revenge for Denis Michael Rohan, a non-Jewish Australian tourist, starting a fire in the Al Aqsa occupation mosque in 1969.
Look how they even scapegoat Gentiles for the sake of their jihadist mindset. That's also very offensive.
The number of terror victims fell every year Trump was in office, from 15 in 2017, to 12 in 2018, 10 in 2019 and then only 3 in 2020. And the number of terror victims shot up every year Biden was in office from 17 in 2021, to 31 in 2022, and there is every sign that 2023 will top that.

Twice as many Israelis were killed in one month of Biden than in one year of Trump

It’s only August and already 26 Israelis have been killed by Islamic terrorists. Last year at this time 18 Israelis had been killed by terrorists making for a 40% increase in 2023.

What made all the difference? As Rep. Ilhan Omar once said, “It’s all about the ‘benjamins’”.

In 2018, Congress passed the Taylor Force Act, named after an Iraq War veteran who was stabbed to death by a terrorist in Jerusalem, which cut off most aid to the Palestinian Authority. In 2019, President Trump went even further with a nearly total cutoff of aid to the Palestinian Authority. Biden not only restored aid, he sharply increased the flow of cash to the terrorists.

Biden’s half a billion dollars helped fuel a massive surge in Islamic terrorism. While the money is officially listed as humanitarian aid, injecting money into terror zones funds terrorism.
An alarming amount - $6 billion - was also paid to Iran by Biden's bunch, supposedly to ransom out hostages. And last month, things were made worse even in the USA when the "administration" told 9-11 Families that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed could be spared the death penalty (H/T: Secure America Now). This is exactly what's dragging down the entire world, as Islamofascism is being practically funded on the one hand, and guilty prisoners are being spared serious punishment on the other.

Friday, September 01, 2023

Danish government betrays free speech values

Mark Steyn relays the sad state of affairs in Europe, as the current government of Denmark is making it a crime to burn Korans, and it looks like only appeasing Islam is the concern here:
Many years ago, my compatriot Ezra Levant observed that one day the Danish Mohammed cartoons would come to be seen as a more consequential event than 9/11. Not in the overall death toll, obviously - although the corpse count of the Motoons continues to rise (Charlie Hebdo et al) - but in its lessons for a free society's enemies. 9/11 led to two decades of ineffectual warmongering in Afghanistan and elsewhere, and the goatherds with fertilizer soon had the measure of that. But the cartoons and the west's reaction to them told the world that we would not defend core liberties such as freedom of speech: You don't need to blow up our skyscrapers; we're happy to surrender to subtler pressures.

And here we are eighteen years later, with the Danish Government proposing to criminalize the burning of the Koran and make it an offense punishable by fines and/or imprisonment.

[...] As Marie said, the walls of Christiansborg are "thick and massive". However, I woke up on the morning of the event to find that both the US State Department and the British Foreign Office had issued travel advisories warning their nationals to steer clear of both Copenhagen in general and Christiansborg Palace in particular.

Indeed. You don't want to be caught in the shootout at a free-speech event, do you? I doubt either the US Congress or the British Parliament would have agreed (under any circumstances) to permit a conference to be held under a giant portrait of Mohammed [top right] at the heart of the Capitol or the Palace of Westminster. Katrine, Marie and a small but determined group fought hard against the remorseless, suffocating urge to appease. And to be sitting in the heart of the Danish establishment with the Big Mo scowling above me was itself a modestly encouraging sign.

But it was on a day without many others. As Katrine alludes to above, Jyllands-Posten marked the tenth anniversary by re-publishing a perfect facsmile of the newspaper page as it had appeared in 2005 - except with white space where the cartoons had been.

"So sad,"
said Katrine. "Violence works."

That day, I was protected, as I have been on all post-cartoon visits to Copenhagen, by men from the PET - the Danish Security and Intelligence Service. Marie had booked a post-conference dinner at a fashionable restaurant, but they figured out why we needed security and declined to honor our booking.

So by the tenth anniversary it was not just that once publishable cartoons are now unpublishable, but that figures even tangentially associated with them can't get a table in a restaurant.

We wound up in a pub called the Mouse and Elephant in what Douglas characterized as feeling like "a party at the end of the world". Indeed. Post-Christian Europe is a mouse that decided to get into bed with the elephant of Islam; eventually, the elephant will roll over - and crush the mouse.
Surely it's telling if the USA Congress - not to mention the UK's Palace of Westminster - would refuse to have anything to do with the Mohammed cartoons, and that doubt includes the Republicans. If they're not willing to organize free speech panels involving the Mohammed cartoons, in example, they're no better than the European counterparts who pathetically refuse to defend freedom either.

But this definitely makes clear the sad trajectory much of the globe is headed on. All because nobody had the courage to do what it takes to move the Religion of Peace out of any sane country, or do anything else to put an end to it altogether. As for a post-Christian Europe, I find it disgusting in the extreme that Jewish advocates did nothing to encourage people to try out Judaism instead, and make it attractive as a good, if not perfect, alternative. By that, I mean that, while the Reform sect obviously isn't a good influence even by past standards, those who're Orthodox shouldn't use the Haredi approach as an influence either; the standard Orthodox approach is good enough. And those Judaists who refused to make any courageous effort to improve foreign countries by promoting Judaism as a worthy religion for foreigners to convert to should be utterly ashamed of themselves for failing the masses.

Update: Giulio Meotti has more on this sad development.

Thursday, August 31, 2023

NYC mayor will allow mosque loudspeakers to blare

For the 22nd year since September 11, New York City mayor Eric Adams is going to allow Islamic mosques to operate loudspeakers:
The Ground Zero Mosque was something from another decade. All of New York City is becoming overrun with mosques. There’s even an official city guide to the best terror mosques to visit while in the city.

Now, Mayor Eric Adams has great news for anyone who likes being woken by Jihadist shrieks in the morning.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams and New York City Police Department (NYPD) Commissioner Edward A. Caban today launched a new NYPD initiative to support and facilitate the Islamic call to public prayer at regularly prescribed times each Friday and during the holy month of Ramadan. The effort represents a historic step forward in Mayor Adams’ continued efforts to foster a city that respects all faiths and allows people to practice their traditions safely and free from harassment.

“For too long, there has been a feeling that our communities were not allowed to amplify their calls to prayer,” said Mayor Adams. “Today, we are cutting red tape and saying clearly that mosques and houses of worship are free to amplify their call to prayer on Fridays and during Ramadan without a permit necessary. We want our brothers and sisters of Muslim faith to know that they are free to live their faith in New York City because, under the law, we will all be treated equally. Our administration is proud to finally get this done.”

No one is stopping mosques from hosting their calls for the death of infidels, but can it be done quietly? Nope, it’s gotta be “amplified” much as it was in the days of Mohammed through massive loudspeaker systems.

New Yorkers had already been complaining about mosque aural terror.
It's bad enough with all the illegal immigrants Adams has otherwise allowed to crowd up the burg (and NY governor Kathy Hochul's allowed it too). Mainly because it takes away attention from serious issues like these. If this is how Adams is going to run NYC, then he's not serious about opposing antisemitism, as he supposedly did some time ago.

I visited NYC about 2 decades ago. But with the way things are going there now, heading for dhimmitude, I don't ever want to visit there again.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Illegal PLO construction needs to be stopped

A Gush Etzion mayor is determined to put a stop to illegal Islamic construction in the Judean desert area:
As part of his routine visits to areas throughout Gush Etzion, Gush Etzion Regional Council Mayor, and Yesha Council Chairman, Shlomo Ne'eman, today (Tuesday) stopped at the illegal PA town under construction in a strategic area, within a nature reserve, between Gush Etzion and the Judean Desert. Ne'eman discovered that construction at the site has progressed rapidly.

Ne'eman witnessed firsthand the trucks and other heavy equipment with PA license plates paving an access road to the new community.

According to Ne'eman, his visit proves how the PA is determined to quickly establish a new town in full view. The site is located not far from the Herodion National Park.

The Gush Etzion Regional Council recently launched a campaign titled: "Nothing is out of scope, as the PA builds," whose goal is to immediately stop the illegal PA building within the eastern Gush nature reserve.

During his visit today, Ne'eman said: "The enemy's heavy machinery continues to work full force. The tractors and trucks are their tanks – they are using them to conquer our land. Last Shabbat they paved another road. This is a nature reserve and we will keep it that way."

Ne'eman added: "The sounds of construction here are the sounds of destruction, they are destroying the desert, and creating a barrier between Gush Etzion and the Dead Sea. We see that the work to build a new city continues in full swing - one direction a house is being built and on the other side a mansion is already up, with Herodion in the background. If we sit idly by, this area will be transformed into a new Arab city. We will not allow this to happen. We will fight against it with all our might and we will stop this immediately."
Let's hope the authorities will be willing to confront the issue as quickly as possible.

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Pro-LGBT judge actually rules against Muslim-sponsored suit against indoctrination in Maryland school

This may be a coincidence, but what we have here is a most interesting case wherein Muslims lose - certainly this time - against the forcing of LGBT indoctrination in Maryland's school system:
A U.S. District Court judge denied Maryland parents’ request Thursday for an order allowing them to opt their children out of instruction using LGBTQ “Pride Storybooks.”

Atheist, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and other parents demanded the right to opt out of an LGBTQ book curriculum for pre-K through fifth grades in Montgomery County Public Schools, a Maryland school district just outside the nation’s capital.

Although Maryland law requires schools to allow parents to opt their children out of “all sexuality instruction” and to provide advance notice for such lessons, the new policy, adopted in March, excluded any opt-out right.

The parents sued, requesting a preliminary injunction to force the Montgomery County school system to restore the opt-out provision until the court fully resolves the case. Classes resume next Monday, so parents had hoped to secure the injunction before that date.

District Judge Deborah Boardman rejected the parents’ motion Thursday, ruling that they “have not shown that [the school district’s] use of the storybooks crosses the line from permissible influence to potentially impermissible indoctrination.”

Boardman, an appointee of President Joe Biden, ruled that Montgomery County Public Schools had not violated parents’ right to free exercise of religion under the First Amendment because, under the policy, “teachers will occasionally read one of the handful of books, lead discussions and ask questions about the characters, and respond to questions and comments in ways that encourage tolerance for different views and lifestyles.”
No doubt, this was unexpected for some. But again, while it may be a form of coincidence, a Democrat-appointed judge actually ruled against the Muslims, if anyone, even though there were Judeo-Christians and atheists involved in the lawsuit.

I do feel sorry for the Judeo-Christians that they have to cope with this awful indoctrination. Also the atheists. But when it comes to the Religion of Peace, seriously, it's hard to feel sorry for them when one considers what their belief system is built upon, which is little different - and easily worse - than LGBT ideology. Some could say the Mohammedans and LGBT ideologues deserve each other.

The Muslims might vote Republican in response to this. But that still doesn't mean we should approve of their ideology any more than LGBT ideology, and Judeo-Christians/athiests shouldn't associate or work in cooperation with them to battle against this current 5th column tyranny.