Saturday, January 08, 2022

Benny Gantz intends to enable a palestinian state

Sara Haetzni Cohen says the left-wing defense minister is preparing grounds for a terrible situation for Israel:
Defense Minister Benny Gantz, the politician who has escaped the ire of the public perhaps the most, now stands at a key position where no one – neither from the coalition nor from the opposition – dare attack him.

Gantz is taking us back to the 90s and the Oslo Accords. The flattering meetings, talk of brave actions, forced smiles, and that which the PA officials say in their own language, in Arabic. Gantz sees steps that build trust, they see struggle. Gantz sees peace, they see weakness.

While Gantz says that "the one responsible for sending troops into battle is the one responsible for preventing it," while Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas declares that "the aid we received will help the Palestinian hold onto his land and give him time to continue to fight the occupation."

History is repeating itself as if we have learned nothing from the first strategy.

The trust-building steps that Gantz has taken without asking anything from the PA in return are three-fold: economic, territorial, and demographic.
One of the worst pseudo-politicians in history could very well undo all the hard work that was done over the past years by the Likud government. It's very sad.

Monday, January 03, 2022

Bennett sold out Negev and Galilee

As Benjamin Netanyahu points out:
Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attacked the government ahead of the approval of the "Electricity Law" that will allow illegal homes in the Arab sector to be connected to the electricity grid.

Netanyahu said that "last week the first Israeli-Palestinian government of Bennett and the Muslims approved the reunification of 10,000 Palestinians. Today they add to the crime and approve the 'Electricity Law' which allows electricity for tens of thousands of illegal buildings without a building permit.

''They are selling the Negev, the Galilee and the Triangle, After these illegal homes tens of thousands more will follow. In doing so, they are giving weight to the "Palestinian right of return" vision.

Netanyahu accused: "Bennett, Sa'ar, Lapid and Gantz - you know exactly what you are doing. You are selling the country to the Islamic movement for your political survival. Shame on you."
What Bennett's done is prove a supposedly religious politician can be just as awful as a secular one, and take repellent directions causing serious damage to the country.