Saturday, April 15, 2023

Recent statement by Ben Shapiro worth considering

Some time ago, political commentator Ben Shapiro was interviewed by Piers Morgan, and had the following to say:
Ben Shapiro has said that if a child of his comes out as gay he would oppose it on religious grounds.

Speaking to TalkTV's Piers Morgan, the political commentator was asked: "What would you do if one of your kids turned out to be gay?"

"I would oppose that," Mr Shapiro replied. "When it comes to religious marriage, no I'm not in favour of my religion sanctifying same-sex couples. Specifically because my religion propagates the idea of man-woman-child as the model for families.

"What I'm objecting to is the idea that marriage as a term is equally applicable to relationships that are designed to produce the future generation."

Mr Shapiro said that if marriage is defined as "two people that love each other" rather than "man-woman-child" then "obviously it encompasses two men or two women."

"But I don't think the government has a fundamental role in propagating relationships other than ones that have externalities that benefit society... having children raised largely with their biological parents."
He could go further by making clear he'd want his child to learn how to best relate to the opposite sex, and make clear that nobody should be attacked in any way for arguing in favor of psychological counseling to help in this goal. For now, he's right to stand up for the sake of Judaism itself and what it supports. And if governments could try to separate children from Christian parents, Judaists are obviously also in jeopardy. Here's more:
Mr Shapiro also insisted the suggestion transwomen are women was "completely unsustainable."

It comes after Nicola Sturgeon resigned as Scotland's First Minister after an outcry over the decision to place double rapist Isla Bryson in a women's prison and refused to say whether Isla is a man or a woman.

"It exposes the ideology for what it is,"
he said, "I can't think of anything worse in terms of misinformation than the idea that a biological man is in fact a female."
While Sturgeon deserved the condemnation she got, the sad part is how the SNP exploited the incident for replacing her with a Muslim, Humza Yousaf, as Scotland's First Minister. With the worst part being whether the whole transsexual flap was planned in order to enable this. Well, they certainly made up their mind who else they'd support, and it certainly wasn't a Christian, or even a Judaist. Apparently, the choice for such woke ideologues is either a LGBT advocate, or a Muslim, no matter how opposed they are to LGBT ideology, even though the Religion of Peace doesn't oppose it for altruistic reasons. And as many surely realize, Islamists are unlikely to face the same problems with LGBT indoctrination that Judeo-Christians are.