Monday, August 21, 2023

Schoolteacher murdered in Hebron

Jihadists attacked a car in which a woman working as a schoolteacher was riding, murdering her:
Preschool teacher Batsheva Nigri, 40, was shot to death in front of her six-year-old daughter on Monday on Route 60 in the West Bank after hitching a ride to her nearby home in Beit Hagai junction.

Nigri, a mother of three, grew up in Efrat.

The driver Aryeh Gottlieb, 39, also of Beit Hagai is in serious condition from gunshot wounds was transported to Soroka Medical Center.

The child suffered from light shrapnel wounds.

Two terrorists drove in front of the victims' car, cutting it off while slowing down traffic at the intersection. They then shot at the victims from short range, pepper spraying their vehicle with at least 20 bullets and then continued driving.

Al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigade, the armed wing of the Palestinian Authority's ruling Fatah faction, took credit for the attack
, explaining in a statement that it was "a natural response to the crimes of the occupation." The group further noted that this terrorist attack took place on the 54th anniversary of an attack on al-Aqsa by a Western tourist.

There was an IDF guard post nearby, but the lookout soldier did not see or hear the attack, which only took a couple of seconds. The rest of the soldiers at the outpost, which can range from four soldiers to a larger group, were not on lookout at the time of the attack. [...]

Shlomo Ne'eman, YESHA Council and Gush Etzion Regional Council head said that this was “yet, another shocking attack.”

”We send a warm embrace to the family of the victim at this difficult time and pray for the recovery of the injured driver. The terrorists act as a result of the hate education and funding from the PA, with the goal of massacring us. The government simply can’t continue down the path of the terrible Oslo agreements.”

He added that, “We demand that the government of Israel and the IDF forces change course and act with all means at their disposal to deal a severe blow to the terrorist infrastructure and the terrorist PA. The supporters, the instigators, and the sponsors of terrorism can no longer continue with their daily routine. There is a war here and in a war one must behave accordingly.''
See, this is exactly what's wrong here. The Israeli government, if anyone, should not be giving what could likely be the public's tax shekels to the PLO, since it'll only be used to enable more jihadism. And demands must be made to foreign government's to cease all their own anti-Israeli funding.