Saturday, July 16, 2005


What has Ward Churchil - the anti-American, plagiarizing, fake Native American "professor" - said about the attacks on London? Has he called the victims of 7/7 "Little Eichmanns"? Has he said that they deserved the attacks, that the attacks were "the chickens coming home to roost"?

Come to think of it, what has Ward Churchill said about the 800 Buddhist Thais who have been murdered by Jihadists in Thailand, THIS YEAR (many of whom were BEHEADED)? Does he think that those victims "Little Eichmanns, too?

And what did Ward Churchill say about the 24 children in Iraq who were blown up as they got candy? Does he think that they were very Little Eichmanns, too? Does Ward Churchill think that the Hindus slaughtered at Ayodhya were Little Eichmanns? Does Ward Churchill think that the Shias and Sufis murdered by Jiahdists were Little Eichmanns? Has he called the Filpinos murdered by Jihadists in the Philppines Little Eichmanns, yet?

Leftists like Ward Churchill - who apologize for terrorists (when they are not outright rooting for them) - defy logic and reason and morality, and they ignore the facts. The primary fact (which they CHOOSE to ignore) is that we are in the midst of a GLOBAL JIHAD - one THE ENEMY declared on us by Jihadists who want to re-establish the Caliphate under Wahhabist sharia, and who will convert or murder anyone and everyone who gets in their way - if they can.

EXCEPT for strategic and tactical reasons, the USA is no more important a target to the Jihadists than the Buddhas of Bamiyan. The Jihadists have proven - OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN - that they will commit genocide against anyone and everyone they consider infidels, AND WARD BABY, (no matter how much hateful and illogical anti-American and anti-Semitic BS you utter), that includes you and your Leftist comrades!

The Jihadists are genocidal scum whose sect is nothing more than a death cult. The Leftists who apologize for them - like Ward Churchill - are immoral and illogical scum who let their hatred of America blind them to the truth - even though it's in the papers EVERYDAY! These Leftists are not a loyal opposition because they are not loyal. They're a fifth column. They might as well be the enemy.


BBC: "here have been bombings there in the past, but nothing on this scale, says the BBC's Richard Galpin in Baghdad. ... The attacker in Musayyib is thought to have detonated explosives that blew up a petrol tanker near the Shia mosque and a market. ... The blast, the worst single attack in over two months... "

We should AT LEAST do backround checks on all the Muslim owners and operators of every gas station in the USA. PERHAPS WE SHOULD GO FURTHER: Perhaps we should no more allow Muslims to own or operate gas stations than allow them to get "hazardous waste hauling" driver's licenses. Better safe than sorry.

UPDATE: NYTIMES - BAGHDAD, Iraq, July 17 - "The death toll grew to at least 90, the Iraqi government said today, from an attack on Saturday night in which a suicide bomber wrapped in explosives detonated himself next to a gasoline tanker south of Baghdad, creating a devastating fireball. "

REPEAT: we should be doing background checks on all Muslims in all facets of the gasoline business.

Friday, July 15, 2005


BBC: French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy has vowed to deport any Muslim cleric preaching violence. Speaking after meeting his Spanish counterpart in Madrid, Mr Sarkozy said he would seek the expulsion of imams in France "whose sermons are radical". Mr Sarkozy said France and Spain had agreed tougher joint measures against Islamic militancy. Two days ago, France reimposed border controls with its EU neighbours following the London bombings. ... "I know of only one policy against these people - firmness, arresting them, punishing them, penalising them, in Madrid, London, New York, everywhere."

HOW DO YOU SAY, "HE DAH MAN!" IN FRENCH? THERE IS ONE LITTLE CHANGE I WOULD MAKE TO SARKO'S POLICY: WHY LIMIT IT TO CLERICS? All Muslims who advocate any sectarian violence - from Jihad to honor-killings - should be expelled, imprisoned, or executed.

JIHADI OWNED GAS STATIONS? Some conjecture, or gaming a "nightmare scenario"...

I live in the Mid-Atlantic part of the USA. I have noticed - for a number of years - that more and more of the gas stations I go to are operated - and might be owned - by Muslims, mostly Central Asia (Pakistani) Mulsims, but also Arabs.

Is this a hidden potential problem? Are our nations gas stations, and our national gasoline distribution system network a prime target for jihadoterrorist attack? Here's why I think it might be:

On May 15 this year [2003], there were minor explosions caused by timed explosive devices at 21 gas stations in Karachi, which are also attributed to these Pakistani organisations.

If Jihads here target our gas stations, and destroy many of them, it would be very destructive: it might kill a lot pof people, create a lot of fear, destroy a lot of wealth and wipe out weeks worth of our gasoline supply. So, it's a huge potential target and a real problem. Why is it a problem? Because, according to some estimates (this one from a PAKISTANI/American web-site): "The majority of Pakistani businessmen [in the USA] own grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, video stores and gift shops. IOW: owning a gas station is one of the most prevalent businesses for Pakistanis in the USA.

Now, there are, by some estimates, around 140,000 gas stations in the USA. Many of them (if my experience is any indicator) might be owned and operated by Pakistanis - or other Muslims from other countries which are terrorist havens. Even if it is only 10% - well, that would be 1400 gas stations - and most of them might be in major cities or by major highways. Now, even though most of these gas stations might be owned by Pakistanis who are law-abiding, some might be owned by Pakstanis who are NOT, or who are as law-abinding as the fish&chip store owner who was the father of one of the 7/7 perps; therefore, a relative or employee of an honest law-abiding owner might be a terrorist plotter.

In other words, I am asking if maybe we have we been way too lax regarding our domestic gasoline supply and distribution system? Terrorists might have been planning - long-term - to use gas stations in major American cities as incendiary bombs. Terrorists might be planning a coordinated strike exploding hundreds - or even thousands - of gas stations nationwide in a single day, just as they did in Karachi in 2003.

Maybe we should be doing a background check on EVERY gas station owner? After all: if the Jihadists did it in Pakistan - where the 7/7 perps got indoctrinated and trained - then they could do it here. This scenario is conjectural, but maybe the FBI and DHS should check it out BEFORE the Jihadists DO "do it"? After all, the 9/11 perps spent years prepping to use jets as air-borne incendiary bombs. Gas station explosions could be just as destructive. I REPEAT: This is pure conjecture. Maybe there is no problem here. But then again, maybe there is one - or a potential one which should be checked out. Better safe, than sorry. (MORE HERE.)

NRO's CLIFF MAY: The Nation's David Corn - and NOT Robert Novak - outed Plame!

Check out this Corner post, and then the article.

PAKISTANI MINISTER: "it's hard to monitor all our madrassas."

BBC: Pakistan's education minister has said that there may be some Islamic schools in the country that the government knows nothing about. He was speaking after Pakistani sources confirmed that one of the London bombers had been in Pakistan. ... In an interview with the BBC, Pakistan Education Minister Javed Ashraf said Islamic schools - madrassas - in the cities were being monitored.

"But those that are in the border belt and on the mountains along the foreign borders... it is very difficult because these are neither registered, nor declared," he told the World Today programme. "And it is quite possible that there may be some madrassas which are still around about which we do not really have much knowledge," he said.

I SAY: Let's not monitor them; let's find them all and shut them, or BOMB THEM.



I hope that this means that Abbas is finally trying to disarm the jihadists. Somehow I think it's more like old time mafia turf wars - only by much less savory thugs. As Kissinger said (about the Iran-Iraq War): "Too bad they both can't lose!"


An Egyptian chemistry expert sought by police over last week's London bombings has been arrested in Cairo, Egypt. Magdi Mahmoud al-Nashar, 33, had not been seen by colleagues in Leeds since early July. British police are searching a house in Leeds linked to Mr al-Nashar, although he was not formally named as a suspect. Earlier, police said they were hunting the financiers, supporters and chemists who assembled the bomb used in the attacks last week. British police had said they wanted to question Mr al-Nashar, who completed a PhD in chemistry at Leeds University.
Seems like the Brits might very well get ALL the perps. Too bad they don't have the death penalty in the UK or EU. Guess we'll just have to retaliate against the jihadists with lethality elsewhere...


AP headline: Source: Rove Got CIA Agent ID From Media
If this is true, then Rove CANNOT be indicted. (There are other reasons he cannot be indicted, too - not for violating IIPA.) I speculated that this was the case BEFORE anyone else. SEE HERE (below.) And check out MICHELE for a great link-filled round up.

Thursday, July 14, 2005


The Left tried to get Bush on bogus TANG issues during the election. They failed. They tried to paint Rumsfeld and Gonzales as culpable for Abu Ghraib, and then tried to characterize Gitmo as a gulag. They failed again. Now, they're trying to get Bush's chief political advisor on trumped up IIPA issues. They will fail, again.

All the Left - and the Democrat Party they control - has succeeded in doing is proving that they are incapable of providing any valuable analysis of the real issues and problems and crises of the day, and that they lack any new or original ideas and policies with which to solve them. All the Left has left is demagoguery, mud-slinging and lies.

The Fifth Suspect

London's EVENING STANDARD (By Oliver Stallwood, Metro 14 July 2005): HUNT FOR FIFTH BOMBER
A fifth member of the terrorist cell behind the London bombings may still be at large, detectives revealed last night. According to intelligence sources, an 'accomplice' was spotted on CCTV at Luton with the four suicide bombers on the morning of the attack.
I want to know why they just don't put his face all over the place: TV; on-line; on the front page of newspaper; etc.!?!? The bastard must know by now that we're on to him - since we've ID'd the perp's. And like AMBER ALERTS (and America's Most Wanted) have proven, alerting the public is like deputizing them, and it makes capture MORE likely.


IHT (NYTIMES/AP): Cleric given life term for seditious speech
ALEXANDRIA, Virginia - An Islamic scholar who exhorted his followers after the Sept. 11 attacks to join the Taliban and fight U.S. troops was sentenced Wednesday to life in prison. Ali al-Timimi of Fairfax, Virginia, was convicted in April of soliciting others to wage war against the United States, inducing others to aid the Taliban and to use firearms in violations of federal law.
The Timimi case culminated an investigation in which 11 Muslim men, all but one from the Washington area, were charged with participating in paramilitary training -- including playing paintball -- to prepare for "holy war" abroad. Timimi was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the earlier case, in which nine men were convicted in 2003 and 2004. Timimi... was charged last year with 10 counts, including soliciting others to levy war against the United States. ... Timimi told his followers that "the time had come for them to go abroad and join the mujaheddin engaged in violent jihad.
It seems to me we ought to use this aspect of the law to go after clerics in mosques and madrassas ALL OVER the USA.

After all, we are at war. And those who solicit others to levy war on us are as much "the enemy" and are at least as big a threat as are their comrades in Afghanistan or Iraq or Tehran or Dmascus - or anywhere else.

We should have DHS or the FBI or local sherrifs monitor EVERY MOSQUE, every Friday - or whenever they meet. And we should get wiretaps on every muslim cleric. Any who advocate or condone armed Jihad should be tried for treason and sedition and inciting violence and soliciting others to levy war against the USA. And when convicted, thrown in jail for life - or executed.

The Left calls this draconian, and says it's unfair because it targets a particular religion. I say: America is worth defending with all the means at our disoposal: bombs; bayonets; And the book. As in: "Let's throw the book at 'em!"


ABC (Aussie): "We will look urgently at how we strengthen the procedures to exclude people from entering the UK who may incite hatred or act contrary to the public good and how we deport such people ... more easily," Mr Blair told Parliament.

It's about damn time! And the rest of Europe and the USA should take the same approach. Even if it means deportations en masse. Of course, if ISRAEL ever tried it, the UN would condemn them! MORE HERE.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


BBC: More than 70% of neonatal units in the UK have had to shut their doors to new admissions at some point in the last six months, a survey suggests. Most said they had not been able to take any more sick and premature babies because they had had too few nurses. Charity Bliss, which surveyed 153 units, found this led to many babies having to travel hundreds of miles for a cot, and called for more investment. The Department of Health said it was considering the evidence from Bliss. Bliss said putting in 2,700 additional nurses could save the lives of up to 500 babies a year.

This report implies that socialized medicine KILLS 500 babies per year. That's not good. In fact, it sucks.


Unlike Chirac and Villepin, Sarkozy underatands that the GWOT is very real, and is willing to take tough overt actions against the spread of Jihadism; (BBC):
France has reimposed border controls with its European Union neighbours in response to the threat of attacks after the London bombings. The move activates a safety clause of the Schengen open-border agreement between many EU countries. Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy announced the measure after meeting EU counterparts in Brussels. "If we don't reinforce border controls when around 50 people die in London, I don't know when I would," he said.

My only question is: can France afford to wait? I think not.
Which is why - for the good of France - Chirac should resign now.


Miller is in jail because she refused to testify before a GRAND JURY.

Novak - WHO OUTED PLAME (and thus commited the act which the Special Investigator is investigating) - and Cooper did not refuse to testify before the same Grand Jury, so they are free. Novak and Cooper were willing to testify because they were "released" from the oaths of secrecy by their sources.

If Miller had the same source or sources, then it is reasonable to assume that she would have received a release, too. The fact that she has not received a release indicates to me that she has other sources, or THAT SHE IS EITHER ONE OF NOVAK'S SOURCES - OR PERHAPS EVEN THE TARGET OF THE GRANDY JURY INVESTIGATION -- OR BOTH.

If this is true, then Miller probably told Novak that she knew that Joe Wilson's claims (in a NYTIMES OP-ED piece - that he had been sent to Niger by Cheney, and that he had found nothing, and that this somehow proved that Bush 16 words in the 2002 SOTU were false) - were DISINFORMATION -- AND THAT SHE KNEW PLAME WAS A COVERT AGENT ON WMD, AND HAD PLAYED A MAJOR ROLE IN SENDING HIM TO NIGER, SPECIFICALLY TO DEBUNK THE AFRICA-SADDAM CONNECTION, (which was Plame's bias in the matter).

She probably told this to Novak [Update: or perhaps Rove] WITHOUT first getting him [them] to promise to shield her identity, so he probably testified that she was how he found out that Plame was in the CIA. Novak's lawyer probably WANTED Noval to testify as to this BECAUSE THE LAW EQUIRES THAT THE LEAKER GET HIS INFO FROM COVERT SOURCES, AND KNOW THAT THE INFO' IS SUPPOESED TO BE KEPT ECRET. If Novak got the info from Miller - and not someone at the CIA, then Novak is in the clear - AND MILLER IS ON THE HOT-SEAT.

And if this is the case, then her refusal to testify could be seen as an attempt to protect herself from indictment, or ostracization from her profession, and/or from the sources on her beat. OR TO PROTECT THE WILSON/PLAME'S.

[ASIDE: It must always be remembered that Wilson is a proven liar who misled the Senate, and whose assertion that Bush lied in his SOTU is TOTALLY FALSE; Bush's 16 words are as true today as they were then. Bush NEVER even said the word NIGER (or yellowcake) in his speech; Bush cited British intel' that Saddam had sought urnaium in AFRICA - a claim the 2004 Lord Butler report said was ACCURATE AND TRUE.]


TIME TO SHUT OR BOMB THOSE MADRASSAS - just like we did the Afghan terror-training camps

Here's why (as if we really needed ANOTHER reason!):

BBC: "The uncle of one of the suspected London suicide bombers said his family had been "left shattered" by the news. Bashir Ahmed, 65, said the family of Shehzad Tanweer, who recently studied religion in Pakistan, could not accept he was capable of the bombings. "It wasn't him. It must have been forces behind him," he said. Police are now focusing on finding those who masterminded the suspected suicide attacks that killed at least 52 people in London last Thursday."

Apparently - the unlce wants us to believe - the religious instruction his (previously fine)nephew received in Pakistan (probably at a madrassa) was the reason his nephew became a TERRORIST. Okay. If that is true, then I SAY: If they won't stop teaching and preaching hate and genocide in these madrassas in Pakistan (and everywhere else - including the disputed territories and Saudi Arabia) - and if they don't stop churning out suicidal/genocidal murdering maniacs - then we should bomb the madrassas to smithereens! It would be a defensive measure - like bombing V2 factories in WW2! IOW: Jihadist madrassas and mosques : GWOT :: V2 factories : WW2.

And it's time to freeze the bank accounts of ALL so-called Islamic Charities which give ANY money to ANY madrassa ANYWHERE- until they figure out how to police the madrassas themselves! IOW: NOT A SINGLE PENNY should be allowed to go to any madrassa - or mosque - which teaches or preaches genocidal hate.

That is: IF we are serious about defending ourselves and defeating the enmy, THEN we should crack down on the madrassas. BUT, if we don't mind being butchered by these evil thugs, then by all means: let's just keep fighting them as we are!

TIME TO PRIVATIZE THE BBC - by selling them to al Jazeera!

Here's how the BBC describes what's going on in Iraq theese days:
"Hundreds of Iraqis have died in attacks by militants opposed to the US presence and to a Shia-led government that took charge in Baghdad earlier this year. "
And they have the AUDACITY to use that "sanitized" phrase - which is so sanitized that its disconnected from reality - in this report:

At least 26 Iraqis, almost all of them children, have been killed by a car bomb in south-eastern Baghdad. A US soldier is also said to have died in the blast. Another three US soldiers are reported to have been injured. A car laden with explosives drove past a US army vehicle and blew up as troops handed out sweets, a witness said.

NOT CALLING a terrorist a terrorist (or putting the words in between quotations marks)is a display of EXACTLY the kind of BAD-THINKING which leads to BAD POLICIES such as: banning profiling; leaving borders defenseless; and "fighting with one hand behind your back."



It's time that the Left (which dominates the BBC the the UK as they do the MSM in the USA) accepted that our ENEMY in this WAR is the most brutal and evil we have EVER FACED - and that they are TERRORISTS! And it's long-passed time they stopped apologizing for the ENEMY and their EVIL CREED and either joined us - or shut-up the eff and got out of the way.

If you cannot call the folks who blow up INNOCENT CHILDREN terrorists, then you have no integrity and no courage and no business reporting the news!

I think perhaps it's time that the British government sold the BBC to al Jazeera. The BBC workers would be very comfortable there, and it would save the British taxpayers a lot of money!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

FATAH AT WAR WITH ITSELF: Palestinian Gunmen beat Palestinian official

A senior Palestinian official has been seriously injured in an assault by a gang of masked gunmen. Ibrahim Salama was driving in the West Bank city of Ramallah when gunmen fired at his car to force him to stop, an interior ministry statement said. Mr Salama was severely beaten "with a sharp object" and taken to hospital. It is the latest in a series of incidents believed to be part of a power struggle within the mainstream Fatah movement.
President Abbas is the leader of the FATAH "party." Okay. Let's give them a state!


Why? Because Bush will recess appoint Bolton, and Rove broke no law.

The "outrage" expressed by the Left - and the MSM they dominate - (have you EVER seen a more rude and Leftist White House Press Corps?! NOPE! Their display yesterday was DISGUSTING!) - will resonate ONLY ON THE LEFT.

BY COMPARISON: When Lott uttered his indefensible praise of Strom, there was outrage within the GOP. That's why Lott lost his leadership position. When Durbin uttered his indefensible comparison of Gitmo to a gulag, THERE WAS NO OUTRAGE WITHIN THE DEMOCRATS; so Durbin got away with a lame apology.

Rove's utterance to Cooper will NOT upset anyone in the GOP. And Rove did NOT break the law. Therefore, Rove will stay put. As he should.

If they expect to EVER become the majority party again, I think the Dems should come up with a proactive platform, istead of trying to play reactionary gotchya-politics.

Monday, July 11, 2005

GERGEN SMACKSDOWN CNN'S DOBBS: "Rove did not break law"

I just watched CNN's Dobbs report. (Don't worry; I took a Pepto before, so I wouldn't get sick!)

Dobbs put on one of the most disgusting partisan displays I have ever seen - anywhere.


Gergen would NOT say it; in fact Gergen DIRECTLY AND REPEATEDLY REFUTED Dobbs. What Gergen told Dobbs is a FACT: If Rove only told TIME'S Cooper that Wilson's wife worked in the CIA, and did not tell him her name, (or if he did tell him her name but did tell him she had a covert job) that then NO LAW WAS BROKEN.

Dobbs then tried to get up on a MORAL HIGH-HORSE by saying it was HIGHLY IMPROPER for the most important advisor to the president to talk to reporters.

AGAIN, GERGEN WOULD HAVE NONE OF IT. Gergen said White Houses have ALWAYS done this. Gergen should, know; he worked at 5 White Houses - including Clinton's!



"I sometimes feel that Alfred E Newman is in charge in Washington," Clinton said, referring to the freckle-faced character in the satirical Mad magazine.She drew a laugh from the crowd when she described Bush's attitude toward tough issues with Newman's catchphrase: "What, me worry?"Clinton, who was speaking during the inaugural Aspen Ideas Festival, organised by the Aspen Institute nonpartisan thinktank, didn't mention the presidential election in 2008.
Let's examine this statement:

1 - Bush is WORRIED about the impending bankruptcy of Social Security (due to begin in 10-15 years becaseu of inevitable demographic changes). But the Democrats say there's NO PROBLEM.

Yet Hillary says Bush is like Mad Magazine's "WHAT ME WORRY?" Newman. I think Hellary and the Dems are more like Newman.

2 - Bush is worried about a potential WMD attack here, and therefore wants to take the GLOBAL WAR ON TERROR to the terrorists backyard, and fight them with everything we've got; the Left thinks Bush is over-reacting, because terror is just a crime problem like narcotics trafficking.

Yet Hillary says Bush is like Mad Magazine's "WHAT ME WORRY?" Newman. I think Hillary and the Dems are more Like Newman.

3 - Bush was worried about the AIDS EPIDEMIC IN AFRICA - which was there when Hillary was 1st Lady and her husband, BJ Clinton DID BUPKUS ABOUT IT - so Bush increases aid to Africa 20x. (BTW: Bush also tripled the budget for USAID - over what Clinton's husband had allocated the preious 8 years - as soon as Bush took office in 2000.

Yet Hillary says Bush is like Mad Magazine's "WHAT ME WORRY?" Newman. I think she and the Dems are more like Newman.

YOU KNOW WHAT I THINK? I think with idiotic statements like Hillary's (and Howeird Dean's) the Democrat Party ought to very worried. If they aren't, it's because they've gone MAD!

ME: "Hillary, you're husband was a lying philandering do-nothing president - only the 2nd to EVER be impeached - who fiddled as al Qaeda ATTACKED us and the Wall Street Bubbles grew. What do you have to say for yourself"

HILLARY: "What, me worry?!"

I think the junior senator ought to change her name to Hillar E. Clinton.

[ASIDE: the ASPEN Institute is NOT a non-partisan thinktank, as the AP article alleges. The institute is run by Walter Isaacson a liberal who was in charge of CNN when they were PAYING OFF SADDAM AND DELIBERATELY NOT REPORTING THINGS WHICH WOULD HURT HIM. Isaacson and CNN and the Aspen Institute are SCUM!]


Drudge has a huge headline: "CHINA TRADE BLOWOUT; EXPORTS 5x A YEAR AGO!" and links to this "Reuters" article:

It's the latter - according to economist WALTER WILLIAMS. I report, you decide:
I buy more from my grocer than he buys from me, and I bet it's the same with you and your grocer.

That means we have a trade deficit with our grocers.

Does our perpetual grocer trade deficit portend doom?

If we heeded some pundits and politicians who are talking about our national trade deficit, we might think so. But do we have a trade deficit in the first place? Let's look at it.

Insofar as the grocer example, there are two accounts that I hold. One is my "goods" account, which consists of groceries. The other is my "capital" account, which consists of money. Let's look at what happens when I purchase groceries. Say I purchase $100 worth of groceries. The value of my goods account rises by $100. That rise is matched by an equal $100 decline in my capital account. Adding a plus $100 to a minus $100 yields a perfect trade balance. That transaction, from my grocer's point of view, results in his goods account falling by $100, but when he accepts my cash, his capital account rises by $100, again a trade balance.

The principle here differs not one iota if my grocer was located in another country as opposed to down the street. There'd still be a trade balance when both the goods account and the capital account are considered.

Imbalances in goods accounts are all over the place. For example, my grocer buys more from his wholesaler than his wholesaler buys from him.

The wholesaler buys more from the manufacturer than the manufacturer buys from him, but when we put capital accounts into the mix, in each case, trade is balanced.

International trade operates under the identical principle.

When we as consumers purchase goods from China, and the Chinese don't purchase a like amount of goods from us, it is said that there's a trade deficit.

But instead of purchasing goods, the Chinese might purchase corporate stocks, bonds or U.S. Treasury debt instruments.

Just as in my grocer example, there is a balance of trade. The deficit in our nation's goods and services account, sometimes called current account, is matched by a surplus of equal magnitude in our capital account.

A large portion of surpluses in our capital account consists of U.S. Treasury debt instruments held by foreigners. As of June 2004, China held nearly $200 billion, Japan over $1 trillion, and Europe combined held over $2 trillion.

Some politicians gripe about all the U.S. debt held by foreigners. Only a politician can have that kind of audacity. Guess who's creating the debt instruments that foreigners hold? If you said it's our profligate Congress, go to the head of the class. If foreigners didn't purchase so much of our debt, we'd be worse off in terms of higher inflation and interest rates. What about the possibility of foreigners dumping our debt? Foreigners aren't stupid. Dumping large amounts of Treasury bonds would drive down their value. Foreigners as well as we would take a hit.

The fact that foreigners are willing to exchange massive amounts of goods in exchange for slips of paper in the forms of currency, stocks and bonds should be a source of pride. It means America, with its wealth, rule of law and the sanctity of contracts, inspires foreigners to hold large amounts of their wealth in U.S. obligations. Their willingness to do so means something else: Trade increases competition. Ultimately it's competition, many producers competing for his dollar, that truly protects the consumer. What protects producers, at the expense of consumers, are restrictions on competition.

The quest to restrict competition is what lies at the heart of the trade deficit demagoguery.

When's the last time you heard a consumer complaining about his buying more from a Chinese or Japanese producer than that producer buys from him?
In other words: deficit schmeficit!

AMERICA WILL NEVER RELENT - at least not on Bush's watch

Bush gave another great speech on the GWOT today. Of course, AP left out the money graf (paraphrasing memory; this is how Bush closed the speech):
The terrorists cannot defeat us on the battlefield. The only way we can lose is if we lose our nerve. This will not happen on my watch."

Most Americans believe Geore W. Bush when he says this. Sadly, there IS NOT A SINGLE Democrat now on the national stage (in this life-long registered Democrat's opinion - and that's 30 years as a Democrat!) who can command the same respect.

This is very frightening because, like the Cold War (WW3), the GWOT (WW4) is going to take a generation or two (and probably three or four decades) to win. Which means there are going to be 5 to 7 presidents and more than a dozen Congresses that are going to have to confront this war before it's over.

AND, that's why we cannot afford to have an appeasing, weak-kneed president, or a Left-wing Congress - NOT if we expect to win. If we elect a Democrat president (normally LIKELY over such a long span of time), and if we lose control of the Congress (which is also possible, though NOT as likely), then the Democrats will do to the GWOT what they did to the Cold War from Vietnam to Reagan - hand victory to our enemies all over the world.

Either the Democrat Party grows up and abandons its regression to Vietnam Era Leftism (and it wrestles control away from the Left-wing/Move.on-types), or we make sure that the GOP wins every national/federal election between now and total victory in the GWOT.

MORE HERE (at the BBC, which notes: "His FBI speech was planned before the attacks in London last week." ) And of course, the NYTIMES left out the money graf, too. WHY?! Because it was SO SO SO SOOOOO OBVIOUS that the audience believed Bush when he said it!



"Javier Solana has once again spent his energy criticizing a wall for damaging peace efforts while ignoring the reason why the wall has to be built in the first place:

European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana criticized Israel on Monday for a barrier it is building around Jerusalem, and the Palestinian prime minister said it made a farce of efforts to restart the peace process.
Capt' Ed continues:
Israel needs the wall in order to protect itself from the lunatics which the Palestinian Authority refuses to disarm. President Abbas has stated over and over again that he will not disarm Hamas, Islamic Jihad, or his own Fatah nutcases in the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade. As long as the PA refuses to control terrorists in the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem, then Israel needs to take whatever measures that assists in keeping its civilians alive. ... [If] Solana feels that a wall is the main hurdle to peace in the Middle East ... then the Islamists will have no trouble reconquering Andalusia and the rest of the Continent. Drawing a moral equivalence between building a security wall and deliberately blowing up women and children demonstrates a surrender of the sense of moral outrage necessary to identify between good and evil.

There're as many Jihadoterrorists murdering people in Kashmir, in India, in the Philipines, in Algeria, in Chechnya, in Central Asia; in Thailand, in Indonesia, or in Timor, as operate in the disputed territories. Over the last ten years they have murdered more people and destroyed more property in each of those countries than the Jihadoterrorists have in Israel and the disputed territories.

Therefore, to blame Israeli "occupation" of the disputed territories for the GWOT - or for any increase in recent activity of our enemy in the GWOT, (as many on the Left, many Euroweenies and many Arabs have done) - is effing absurd. To blame Israel is to fall into the trap of anti-Semitic Jihadist propaganda which has been aimed mostly at Europe and Arabia, and which was meant to exploit their predisposition for anti-Semitism.

Unlike the above counter-examples, the Jihadoterrorists have control of the "disputed territories - a feat they accomplished through a campaign of internecine terror which began only after Rabin and Peres mistakenly allowed Arafat to return as part of the failed Oslo Peace process. Arafat merely did in the disputed territories what he had done in Jordan and in Lebanon. It is NOT unlike what the Jihadoterorists did in Somalia, and Afghanistan and are trying to do in Iraq - and Nigeria, Algeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Kasmir, AND SPAIN AND GREAT BRITAIN AND HIOLLAND - to name just a few places they are trying to take over by using terror.

The Israeli conflict with Palestinian Arabs is but one front in the GWOT, and it is far from the most contentitous or out-of-control, nor is it the most deadly.

It is long-passed time the chateratti of the Left, the Europeans, the MSM, and the so-called "moderate Arabs" stopped their Israel-bashing and gave Israel the same rights - and judged them by the same standards - as they do other nations in the GWOT.

Pressuring Israel to accept a Palestinian state - which refuses to disarm its Jihadoterrorists, (as the Roadmap demands they do) - is as absurd as demanding the Iraqi Interim Government cede al Anbar to Zarqawi or India cede Kashmir or Russia cede Chechnya or the Philipines cede the Moros.

Singling out the Israeli-Arab conflict plays right into the hands of the enemy. If you want to aid the enemy, then by all means: keep bashing Israel.


The sponsors of Jihadoterrorism include some of the wealthiest nations on Earth, and they could have easily BOUGHT a HIGH-RANKING MOLE - just like the USSR did when they bought Hannsen in the FBI and Ames in the CIA, who were each IN CHARGE of the counter-espionage desks.

In other words: we should have been - and still be - looking for moles much higher up the ladder in the FBI and CIA. (I blogged on this HERE.)

A high-ranking mole in each agency - (or SEVERAL MOLES - after all, a few Saudi princes have more cash than the KGB did!) - would most easily explain the extraordinary lapses in each agency in the Jihadoterrorist domain since the 1990's. And Occam's Razor says the simplest explanation is always the best.