Friday, June 10, 2016


More evidence that jihad rings are lurking around Europe, and ready to carry out murderous attacks:
A Syrian man who was detained in France and exposed a terror ring in Germany, told officials that the cell contained more people than the three who were arrested last week, according to officials familiar with the man’s testimony.

The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that the man’s revelations are increasing concerns that the Islamic State (ISIS) could be close to carrying out an attack in Europe once again.

Authorities in France, Germany and the Netherlands are examining the testimony from the man, only identified as Saleh A., who walked into a Paris police station in February and claimed to be part of an ISIS sleeper cell numbering between 10 and 20 people, unidentified officials with knowledge of the investigation told the Journal.

The man’s testimony led to the arrest of three Syrian men in three different German states last week, federal prosecutors said. The men reportedly got into Europe under the cover of asylum-seeking Syrians and were preparing to attack the city of Dusseldorf.
If the authorities don't want more lethal tragedies to occur, they're going to have to take serious action to crack down on Muslim enclaves and expel many of these potentially dangerous interlopers from their continent. It's clear that Europe has become extremely dangerous because of all the neglect by authorities all these years, and no sane person can just sit by and ignore what's hatching in the shadows.

Thursday, June 09, 2016


The UN cares more about money than justice as they kowtow to one of the worst human rights violators in the Muslim world (via Accuracy in Media):
The United Nations has shown they care more about money than children’s rights as they removed Saudi Arabia from a list of countries who committed atrocities in Yemen.

The kingdom threatened to pull money from numerous UN programs if they remained on the list. UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon immediately gave into their demands and will remove Saudi pending a review.
I'm sure Iran provides funding for the UN to boot. Ki-moon has likewise proven himself one of the most disgraceful politicians around, somebody no sane person should have anything to do with.


The PLO/Islam worshipers who committed this crime should serve as a warning that even Tel Aviv has never been safe from jihad:
Four people were killed and 16 wounded on Wednesday night in a shooting attack at the Sarona Market in the heart of Tel Aviv. [...]

The police spokesperson said two terrorists took part in the incident and were captured near the scene. The terrorists were neutralized; one was taken in for interrogation and the other was wounded and evacuated to the hospital.

The terrorists are believed to be cousins from the Hebron area.
The government's suspended work permits of men from the PLO areas, but it's painfully obvious that's not enough; only banishing Islam will ensure safety. In fact, the culprits should not be allowed Muslim prayer gear while in prison.

Wednesday, June 08, 2016


Dhimmitude in the Scottish police division, as they'll desperately do anything for the sake of "diversity":
Police Scotland have said they will do “anything” to be more “diverse” and will be introducing a special hijab to encourage more female Muslims to join the force.

The Scottish Police authority released a detailed report on how they are working “to achieve a workforce that is more representative of our society,” and encourage “people from under-represented groups to consider policing as a career.” [...]

Therefore, “…in an effort to attract more Muslim women into policing a sample hijab has been sourced and tested” the report states.

Police Scotland are far from leading the way, however, as London’s Metropolitan Police approved a uniform hijab more than 10 years ago (pictured).
Yes, I'm aware of that too. Now the north end of the isle is caving to degradation, and encouraging Muslim women to remain lacking in esteem. Just truly awful. Especially when you consider the harm that comes with employing Muslims in law enforcement, which they could exploit for bad intentions.

Tuesday, June 07, 2016


The Weekly Standard tells how, months after requesting a visa to travel to Iran to check for themselves, the Iranian government only sent back a letter with weak statements and self-righteousness. Kansas Republican Mike Pompeo's reply was:
"This absurd letter from the Iranian Foreign Ministry is unsigned, months overdue, and refers to our request for visas to travel to Iran as a 'publicity stunt.' It is not responsive to our request, and is an attempt to distract from some of the Ayatollah's far more dramatic 'publicity stunts' such as writing 'Israel must be wiped out' on ballistic missiles, plotting to blow up a restaurant in Washington, D.C., and kidnapping American sailors on the day of the State of the Union. Our request was never a publicity stunt. It was, and remains, a serious attempt to accomplish important tasks for the American people. I ask the government of Iran yet again, grant our request for a visa."
Tragically but predictably, Iran's government won't. The USA is one source, if any, whose validity is one the Iranian governments don't want to recognize, unlike the UN, who in their current incarnation they can rely upon to do nothing.

Sunday, June 05, 2016


Today, Israel celebrated 49 years since freeing Jerusalem from the grip of Islamic tyranny over in Jordan, and reunified it as the Israeli capital it is:
Jerusalem is celebrating 49 years since its reunification under Israeli sovereignty with a number of ceremonies and events going into Sunday evening.

The official state ceremony for Jerusalem Day will take place at the Ammunition Hill memorial site. Six torches will be lit in memory of those killed in the battle for Jerusalem. Those lighting the torches will be representatives of bereaved families and of the brigades that fought in the battle. Speakers at the ceremony will include Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Reuven Rivlin and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat.

Culture and Sport Minister Miri Regev said of Jerusalem Day: "Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, is marking 49 years since its reunification. This is the day that we commemorate those who fell in battle to liberate it and give thanks to the heroes who reunited the city.

"We have kept guard along your walls, City of David, and we are still keeping guard. The war for your security is not yet over. We will continue to defend and safeguard you. You will always be our Jerusalem of gold."
There's also a point to be made that Jerusalem doesn't appear in the Koran:
In contrast to the widespread misconception, Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Quran -- not by the name al-Quds, and not by al-Maqdis, as the city is most commonly referred to in Arab literature. This is most surprising, in light of the fact that dozens of passages from the Quran are predicated on stories from the Hebrew Bible and rabbinic literature, where Jerusalem is mentioned countless times. Relatively later on, some Islamic scholars noted that ''Al-Aqsa" ("the farthest") mosque -- from where the Quran says the Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven -- was located in Jerusalem. [...]

For 1,300 years of Muslim rule in this region, not once was Jerusalem the capital of a caliphate. The Fatimid and Ottoman rulers even chose Ramla as their local capital. In 1845, on the eve of Zionism, only 15,000 people lived in Jerusalem, about half of them Jewish. From 1949 until the Six-Day War in 1967, the Jordanian sovereigns neither made it their capital there nor nurtured it. The Western Wall plaza area, where according to several Islamic scholars Muhammad tethered his mythological horse, Buraq, was in a state of disrepair, used as a garbage dump rather than a holy site for Muslim pilgrims from across the globe.
The only reason why the city is of any importance to Islam is because they're not the ones running it. Why, that's also the reason why some leftists/socialists want it to be forced under sharia again. And that's why we have to remain vigilant and not allow them to have their way.