Saturday, August 13, 2005


(The following analysis is based on comments and speeches made by prominent Leftists like Cindy Sheehan and Michael Moore, Jimmy Carter, Dick Durbin, Howeird Dean, et al):

(1) The loony Left believes that "Bush & Co." went to war with Saddam just because they want an "endless war" so he and his cronies can make gobs of money - off the war machine and off the oil. YUP: the loony Left believes that "Bush & Co." LIED (about the reason to go to war) and sent 500,000 troops in harms way, into a conflict that would kill 25,000 Iraqis and 1800 Americans JUST TO ENRICH HIS CRONIES AT HALLIBURTON AND BOEING. (2) The loony Left believes that "Bush & Co." was behind 9/11 - and let the Saudis escape - (and some even had the CIA put explosives into the WTC to make sure it would come crashing down) - just to begin a phony/endless war which could enrich his cronies. (3) The loony Left believes that "Bush & Co." started the GWOT and the war in Iraq at the behest of (a) neocons/Likudniks/Zionists, and to protect Israel; and (b) at the behest of the House of Saud - a neat trick since these two groups are enemies.

WELL: IF "Bush & Co." is so incredibly murderous and mendacious, then why would they try to discredit Joe Wilson by waiting for reporters to ask them about him!? Why wouldn't they - (these folks who brought down thw WTC and started a diversionary war in Iraq) - JUST MURDER JOE WILSON AND HIS WIFE!? If "Bush & Co." were so murderous and so so so mendacious why wouldn't they simply murder Cindy Sheehan, or Saddam, or Chirac and Schroeder, or Zapatero, or the Abu Ghraib perps or Arafat or Kofi?! (Like the Queen murdered Pricess Diana!)

OBVIOUSLY the conspiratorial scenarios of the Left are totally inconsistent paranoid fiction not based on reason or reality or facts. (Fictions so fraught with internal contradiction that I believe that no sane person could believe them! Only people afflicted with BDS - Bush Derangement Syndrome - can begin to believe what they emphatically espouse.)

IF THESE LOONY LEFTIST RAVINGS WERE STRICTLY MARGINAL - and if they were criticized by the Democrat Party - then they would be BENEATH comment. But the sad fact is when folks like: Michael Moore and Cindy Sheehan and Harry Belafonte and Howard Zinn/Noam Chomsky and Cynthia McKinney and Jim Moran and John Conyers and Ray McGovern and DICK DURBIN and Howard Dean say LOONY LEFTIST stuff, NO ONE - not a single leader of the Democrat Party - ever criticizes them.

The continued silence of the Democrat leadership in the face of these lunatic Leftist charges will condemn the Democrat Party to extinction. GRANTED: they are in a tough place; the lunatic fringe is there activist base. Any politician who criticizes the Democrat Party's base does so at GREAT great personal political risk. But unless and until the Democrat leadership has a "Sister Souljah" moment - a moment when they confront and condemn their BDS afflicted fringe (people like Moore and Sheehan and Carter AND DURBIN, and nuts like the idiots at NARAL) - they can NOT be a national party. Just like Zell Miller said! [BTW: I have been a registered Democrat since 1974.]

SCHROEDER REBUKES BUSH'S STRONG SIGNAL TO IRAN - but then, what would be the last resort under Schroeder's strategy?

German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has warned the US to back away from the possibility of military action against Iran over its nuclear programme. His comments come a day after President Bush reiterated that force remained an option but only as a last resort Mr Schroeder's rejection of force came at the official launch of his party's election campaign. Mr Schroeder directly challenged Mr Bush's comment that "all options are on the table" over the Iran crisis. "Let's take the military option off the table. We have seen it doesn't work," Mr Schroeder told Social Democrats at the rally in Hanover, to rapturous applause from the crowd.
Schroeder is once again reverting to his - and most socialists' - tired old useless knee-jerk anti-Americanism. BUT WAIT: Let's see if his position makes ANY sesse at all: Schroeder is saying that miltary action must be ruled out - taken completely off the table. If that were the case, then WHAT would become the last resort under Scroeder's strategy!? A really REALLY stern letter of rebuke!? Calling Iran names!? Passing sanctions which would be as easily circumvented by Iran as they were by Saddam!?

Sheesh: Schroeder's position amounts to a TOTAL emasculation of the current diplomatic effort precisely because the Iranians KNOW that they will not have to suffer anything if they continue to ignore international oversight (and international rules which they have already REPEATEDLY broken).

IOW: Without the threat of force - as a last resort - the IAEA and the EU3 diplomatic efforts are worthless. Schroeder has just undermined the diplomatic efforts, efforts which Bush's strong statement actually STRENGTHENED!

Thank God we have a president who will do the right thing ( and use force if necessary) - even if the inept socialists of Old Europe (like Schroeder and Zapatero) AND the corrupt bureaucrats of the UN (like Kofi and Benon) don't want him to! More HERE, and HERE (believe it or not, a "Reuters" article which notes that anti-Americanism is a recurrent electoral theme for Schroeder!).

I REITERATE: Bush's veiled threat actually STRENGTHENED the EU3 diplomatic efforts (by incentivizing Iran to accept negotiated terms); Schroeder's pacifism actually weakened the EU3 diplomatic efforts (by signalling to Iran that there is a crack in the EU/USA unity - a crack they will now exploit)!


SOMEBODY TELL ME WHAT THIS HAS TO DO WITH: Bush; Israel; oil or Halliburton; or the neocons. Or could it be that the jihadists have a proactive GLOBAL agenda - just like THEY say?! Victor Davis Hanson suggest that FOLKS WHO ARE SKEPTICAL OF OUR COUNTER-OFFENSIVE SHOULD LISTEN TO THE ENEMY MORE (hat tip Dr. Sanity).



US President George W Bush says he still has not ruled out the option of using force against Iran, after it resumed work on its nuclear programme. He said he was working on a diplomatic solution, but was sceptical that one could be found."All options are on the table," said Mr Bush, when asked about the possible use of force during an interview for Israeli TV. "The use of force is the last option for any president. You know we have used force in the recent past to secure our country," he said.
'Bout time - I hope it's NOT TOO LATE (and that the Iranians don't have nukes already. If they do, then our inevitable confrontation with them is sure gonna get messy).

Friday, August 12, 2005


KNBC/San Diego (hat tip BOTW/TARANTO): Mother Gives Birth Hours After Discovering Pregnancy: Surprise Baby Ready To Go Home
LONG BEACH, Calif. -- The premature baby of a 37-year-old woman who gave birth just hours after finding out she was pregnant is going home Annice Allen said she went to hospital thinking she was having severe menstrual cramps. Three hours later, she found out she was 23 to 24 weeks pregnant and gave birth to a 1-pound, 4-ounce girl she named Jimice. "The doctor says, 'Ok, the fetus is 23 weeks,'" Allen said. "We said, 'The fetus?' We went back and forth with that, and he said, 'How old are you?' I said, 'I'm 37.' So, he puts his hand on me and says, 'A fetus is a baby.' I said, 'I know a fetus is a baby, but I didn't know I was pregnant.'" The baby was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. "One push, and out comes the baby," Allen said. "She comes out, (husband) Jimmy hits the floor, my mom picks Jimmy up, and it was really crazy." After four months in the hospital, Jimice now weighs 5 pounds, 2 ounces and is going home. Prior to Jimice's birth, Allen said she and her husband had tried to have children but had given up after two miscarriages. "We kind of gave up on it," Allen said. "Then, finally, here she comes." Doctors said the baby was on a ventilator for about one month.

Even pro-choice advocates MUST ADMIT that it's time to adjust the Roe v. Wade rule (which permits states to regulate abortion for adults only after the third trimester begins). That ruling was based on contemporaneous medical science which held that "viability" outside the womb only began AFTER the 27th week. THIS IS NO LONGER TRUE.
["... the Court defined the reciprocal limits of state power and individual freedom within each of the three stages of pregnancy: (1) During the first trimester, the abortion decision must be left to the medical judgment of the pregnant woman's attending physician, as well as the pregnant woman herself; (2) Between the first trimester and viability, the State may regulate the abortion procedure in ways that are reasonably related to maternal health; and (3) Subsequent to viability, the State may regulate and even proscribe abortion, except where it is medically necessary for the preservation of the life or health of the mother. ]
AT THE VERY LEAST, pro-choice advocates should NOW allow states to limit abortions to those pregnancies which are less than 22 weeks old. THIS WOULD BE COMPLETELY CONSISTENT WITH ROE!

Do you think the pro-choice folks will budge on this?! Of course not. WHY?! Because most of them don't consider a fetus a human being which deserves protections and rights until BIRTH!

I think (and hope and pray) that a brave state legislature passes a law based on current medical science so this aspect of Roe V. Wade can be tested in the upcoming SCOTUS session.

If the SCOTUS is intellectually honest - and morally consistent - then they will marginally rollback the Roe v. Wade cutroff date to the 22rd week - (perhaps further, IF AND ONLY IF medical science can establish that viability begins earlier).

ANOTHER LEFT-WING ECO-MYTH BITES THE DUST: there's more dump-space than ever!

Even the NYTIMES (in a GREAT article!) can't bury the facts on this story, (pun intended) which once again demonstrates the a free market is the most efficient creative force ever:
"... a remarkable productivity story playing out in the trash business...the widely believed shortage [of dump space] that had drawn headlines in the 1980's... [has become] ...a glut of disposal space..." ... "the waste industry is in the early stages of the kind of increase in efficiency more typically seen in technologies like computer chips and turbines that generate electricity."... The change is shown in the published disposal records of the three largest waste haulers - Waste Management, Allied Waste Industries and Republic Services - which combined handle more than half the nation's trash. In the last four years, they buried 882 million tons of waste. But the remaining permitted capacity of their combined 410 dumps did not shrink. It expanded over those four years by more than one billion tons. The three companies now expect expansions of another 1.8 billion tons. At that level, their combined capacity could handle the nation's trash sent to dumps for about 26 years. "... "The nation's 25 biggest dumps, which are beginning to resemble operations in other more efficient and consolidated industries, account for about 24 percent of total capacity, Solid Waste Digest estimates, and that concentration will probably continue. Already, the Republic Services landfill in Las Vegas has more than 200 million tons of space, as does Waste Management's site in Arlington, Ore. And a desert site yet to begin accepting trash, owned by the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County, can hold more than 600 million tons, or enough to take 20,000 tons a day for 100 years."
These efficiencies were the result of companies creatively dealing with environmentally sound rules which were introduced in the late 1970's and which have gradually been put into effect. These rules encouraged both protecting the ground-water and largeness. This proves that SOME moderate regulation of marketplaces can be a good thing - when the goals are realistic and the reg's let the marketplace decide how to achieve results - AND when the economic force of "creative-destruction" is allowed to happen; (in this case, many small dumps and small dump companies were allowed to go out of business -something that occurs in many markets, but which has been prevented -- by government intervention -- in others - notably the airlines industry. More on that HERE.)


MEMRI - via LGF: On August 4th - while SUPPOSEDLY negotitating in good faith, the Iranian's CHIEF NEGOTIATOR was ACTUALLY bragging about how they were ABUSING the EU3 process merely to buy time to complete the construction of the plants they need to make nukes!

As LGF puts it:
Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator Hosein Musavian explains why they entered negotiations: to buy time to finish building the Esfahan nuclear processing facility.
Here are some excerpts of what he said on Iranian TV (from MEMRI's translation):
We suspended the UCF in Esfahan in October 2004, although we were required to do so in October 2003. If we had suspended it then, (the UCF) in Esfahan would have never been completed. Today we are in a position of power: (The UCF) in Esfahan is complete and UF4 and UF6 gasses are being produced. We have a stockpile of products, and during this period, we have managed to convert 36 tons of Yellow Cake into gas and store it. ... Thanks to our dealings with Europe, even when we got a 50-day ultimatum, we managed to continue the work for two years. This way we completed (the UCF) in Esfahan.
These Iranian jiohadoterrorists should be pre-emptively attacked BEFORE they can blackmail us with NUKES! ALL their nuclear facilites should be destroyed - NOW! - along with ALL their offensive military assets (their entire navy and their entire air force).



JIHAD WATCH: FBI Issues Fuel Truck Terror Warning
Terror alert update from AP, with thanks to all who sent this in:
LOS ANGELES — The FBI has warned police that Al Qaeda cells might use fuel trucks as weapons to attack Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, but officials stressed Thursday the warning was based on uncorroborated intelligence. ... The bulletin warned police that terrorists could use fuel tankers in assaults on the three cities.
I blogged on a related potential threat HERE and HERE.


CUANAS (Pastorius):

"... one of the more extreme things I post on with frequency here at CUANAS, is the fact that I believe that Iran wants to obliterate Israel. As in wipe them from the face of the map, possibly with nuclear weapons.Yes, that sounds crazy. Who would think that a modern nation state would even consider using nuclear weapons in a preemptive strike against another state. Well, how about the
London Telegraph:
Ever since its 1979 Islamic revolution the only fate Iran has had in mind for Israel has been simple: its destruction. Now that Teheran seems to be moving towards acquiring its own nuclear arsenal, its plans for its great enemy threaten to be both fiery and radioactive. Sometimes Iran's stated policy towards Israel is couched in inflammatory rhetoric, like that on a 40ft banner that used to hang outside the entrance of the foreign ministry in Teheran bearing the message: "Israel Must Burn".
The jihadoterrorists have always said what's on their minds and what they intend to do and why - SO, this is a REAL threat. RTWT! And remember (IMHO): In the "Global War On Radical Muslims", the Jews are merely the most-hated target of the jihadists - the canary in the coal-mine, so-to-speak; the jihadists have proven OVER AND OVE AND OVER AGAIN (in Iraq and Pakistan and Egypt and Turkey) that they are more than happy to commit genocide against all infidels, INCLUDING other Muslims who they deem to have an inferior faith. (REMEMBER: IRAN IS SMUGGLING IED'S INTO IRAQ WHICH KILL IRAQIS!)

BOTTOM-LINE: If Iran doesn't agree to a totally transparent stand-down from their nuclear enrichment program, SOMEONE must WHACK THEM GOOD, and destroy ALL their nuclear assets and ALL their offensive military capabilities (by destroying their air force, and navy). The clock is ticking...

Thursday, August 11, 2005


FROM RANDI RHODES / AIR AMERICA FORUM (you can't make this stuff up!):

By Buddy Spell
Upbeat Defiance.com
August 6, 2005

Briefly, I just got off of the telephone with Cindy at 10:58 PM (CST).

She’s on the side of the road with six (6) other activists.

They expect others to arrive from the VFP convention in Dallas to spend the
night with them tonight.

Cindy says that the protesters will be killed if they stay the night.

“We’re not letting them intimidate us. If we get killed out here, know that
the Secret Service killed us.”

She asks that we all light candles in solidarity and looks forward to more
company in the days ahead.

Folks, the time has come today! Peace out.

These folks are insane dupes doing the bidding of the enemy. (BTW: today is August 11th and the Secret Service hasn't whacked anyone. ) UPDATE: Welcome MICHELLE MALKIN readers! She is CINDY SHEEHAN CENTRAL; check it out! And welcome TIM BLAIR readers. He has a GREAT observation on this, too - CHECK IT OUT! And welcome CONFEDERATE YANKEE readers! (Great blog; just blogrolled'em!) Welcome JAWA REPORT readers - he's got more links - check him out! JAWA - your first stop when reading about WW4! Welcome WUZZADEM readers, too; check'im out! AND WELCOME WIZBANG READERS! Check out WIZBANG; they've got MORE - HERE and HERE, too! Welcome RYNE McCLAREN readers - he's got more here and here and here! Welcome readers of SAY ANYTHING - more there, too!


Britain yesterday described as "unacceptable" the smuggling of weapons from Iran into Iraq after revealing that a consignment was intercepted at the border between the two countries. ... A senior British official disclosed yesterday details of the incident two weeks ago when a group crossing from Iran was intercepted near Maysan, which is in the British controlled sector of Iraq. Iraqi security forces opened fire and the smugglers fled back to Iran leaving their cache of timers, detonators and other bomb-making equipment. ... Disclosure of the smuggling came hours after four American soldiers were killed and six were wounded as a patrol was attacked near Baiji, 112 miles north of Baghdad, late on Tuesday. A bomb wrecked two Humvees and a bigger armoured vehicle.
The Brits and Rumsfeld have complained about this publicly and to the Iranians directly. COMPLAINTS ARE NOT ENOUGH. We must use C-130's and LANDMINES to close down the infiltration from BOTH Syria and Iran into Iraq, and DEMAND that Syria and Iran inspect EVERY vehicle BEFORE it enters Iraq. AND, THAT IF ANY MORE BOMBS OR BOMB-MAKING STUFF IS SMUGGLED IN, THAT WE WILL CONSIDER IT AN ACT OF WAR AND WE WILL ATTACK THEM BOTH WITH A MISSILE BARRAGE WHICH WILL DESTROY THEIR NAVIES AND THEIR AIR FORCES.

Sheesh: What're we waiting for the Syrians and the Iranians to do to us before we WHACK 'EM!? NUKE US!?


Bombs wound 26 in southern Philippines ABC , Australia - Bombs have exploded in the southern Philippine port city of Zamboanga wounding 26 people, in attacks that security forces blamed on Muslim militants. ...

Manila on watch for Indonesian suicide bombers Reuters UK - By John O'Callaghan. MANILA, Aug 11 (Reuters) - Indonesian suicide bombers may be in the Philippine capital, planning attacks on ...

Philippine investigators release 7 bombing suspects Xinhua, China - MANILA, Aug. 11 (Xinhuanet) -- Philippine investigators released seven people, including a Malaysian national, who have been questioned ...

Will some Left-wing anti-Semitic moonbat please step forward and tell me what the offensive jihadoterrorist war in the Phillipines has to do with Bush or Zionism or Halliburton or oil or the neocons?


BBC: Iran has warned it would be a "grave miscalculation" for the US and EU to refer Tehran to the UN Security Council over its nuclear programme. The warning came after Iran broke UN seals at its nuclear plant at Isfahan, making it fully operational. ... The EU and US suspect Iran's scheme is a cover for a nuclear weapons programme. ... The West could call for sanctions on the grounds that Iran hid its uranium enrichment programme for 18 years.

I think that Iran has just threatened the West with GRAVE counter-measures. We MUST take this THREAT seriously. We MUST take this matter to the UNSC, AT ONCE, and have it pass a resolution with TEETH: if Iran does NOT stop enriching uranium, then they will face "serious consequences".

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


IF we (led by the IAEA and the EU#) give-in to Iran on their nuclear enrichment program, (and don't ensure - even if it takes pre-emptive military action - that they NEVER get nukes until PERHAPS AFTER they've become a secular democracy), then we're guaranteeing that the Glo-WORM (or WW4) won't end until there's a nuclear EXCHANGE.
That would be the price for appeasing nuclear-armed jihadoterrorists.

IOW: any deal short of a totally transparent cessation of all uranium enrichment by Iran will NOT make the world safer; it will ONLY guarantee that the inevitable conflict that the jihadists seek will be even more horrifyingly deadly, because Iran's AIMS (jihadist hegemony) ARE transparent: (like OBL) they have said EXACTLY what they intend to do, and with nukes they will TRY to do it.

El Baradei and the IAEA and the EU3 have up until now been wimps on Iran - allowing delays and deception time after time after time.

We must give Iran an ultimatum and we must back it up with a credible military threat. Before it's too late.


LIFELIKE PUNDITS has excerpted and linked to an astounding list of ANTI-AMERICAN movies green-lighted by the Hollywood studios for big production bucks and big marketing budgets and big WORLDWIDE rollouts - which was over at TOWNHALL in a column by JASON APUZZO (of LIBERTAS) .Read the whole list and each movie's plot-line; they will astound you with their blatant anti-Americanism and knee-jerk/tin-foil hat Leftism.

These TEN movies do several things contemporary Hollywood loves to do: pander to the Leftists who feel that America and America's corporations are the chief instigators of evil in the world; pander to export markets in countries that feel the same way about America; and pander to low-brow conspiracy theory-buffs who feel the same way, too.

These kind of movies were ALMOST NEVER made when Hollywood was run by FIRST GENERATION IMMIGRANTS WHO LOVED AMERICA AND BELIEVED IN THE AMERICAN DREAM. The only anti-American movies made during the HEYDAY of Hollywood were made by card-carrying/cell-attending Communists who were DELIBERATELY writing and starring in and producing anti-capitalist and pro-USSR movies in order to fertilize America for communism. And I use the word FERTILIZE advisedly!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


BBC: Russia has called on Iran to stop work on uranium conversion immediately, a day after it resumed operations at its nuclear facility at Isfahan. Iran's main partner in its effort to develop nuclear power urged Tehran to continue co-operating with the UN nuclear watchdog, the IAEA. The IAEA meets on Wednesday to discuss whether Iran should be referred to the UN Security Council for sanctions.

This is an important development : it sends the signal to Iran that IF it goes to the UNSC and IF there's a sanctions vote, THEN Russia will NOT veto it. Therefore, it should work, FOR NOW.

BOTTOM-LINE: Iran's jihadists want the BOMB, and they cannot be trusted with it. The ONLY answer is REGIME CHANGE IN IRAN: a democratic revolution which leads to a secular state.


LONDON TIMES: "The Red Cross has shut down its field activities in the Gaza Strip because of growing lawlessness in Palestinian areas in the build-up to Israel’s pullout next week. The move came after a surge in kidnappings as powerful clans have seized Western hostages to use as bargaining tools in disputes with Mahmoud Abbas’s increasingly weak Palestinian Authority security forces."

Need I remind all of you that law enforcement in Gaza is the responsibility of the PNA (and NOT Israel)!? And these Arabs deserve another STATE of their own!? It'd be funny if it wasn't so stupidly, self-destructively dangerous. All Gaza will become is EVERYTHING that Taliban Afghanistan was, and everything Zarqawi wants to turn Iraq's al sunnah province into: a depraved domain of jihadoterror. As the wise man said: "HEY: Let's give them a state!" More HERE at BEAR TO THE RIGHT. AND WELCOME JAWA REPORT READERS!

Click here and read what DANIEL PIPES expects the Gaza withdrawal will effect the Palestinian Arabs, and what that might lead to (hat tip Jonah at NRO). Hint: it ain't good, and ominously, many Israeli Leftists - like Yossi "Yasser" Beilin - agree with Pipes.


NYTIMES: WASHINGTON, Aug. 8 - More than a year before the Sept. 11 attacks, a small, highly classified military intelligence unit identified Mohammed Atta and three other future hijackers as likely members of a cell of Al Qaeda operating in the United States, according to a former defense intelligence official and a Republican member of Congress. In the summer of 2000, the military team, known as Able Danger, prepared a chart that included visa photographs of the four men and recommended to the military's Special Operations Command that the information be shared with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the congressman, Representative Curt Weldon of Pennsylvania, and the former intelligence official said Monday. The recommendation was rejected and the information was not shared, they said, apparently at least in part because Mr. Atta, and the others were in the United States on valid entry visas. Under American law, United States citizens and green-card holders may not be singled out in intelligence-collection operations by the military or intelligence agencies. That protection does not extend to visa holders, but Mr. Weldon and the former intelligence official said it might have reinforced a sense of discomfort common before Sept. 11 about sharing intelligence information with a law enforcement agency.

Clinton policies and attitudes about jihadoterror ALLOWED this to happen AND ALLOWED AL QAEDA CELLS TO OPERATE IN THE USA - EVEN AFTER al Qaeda had attacked us REPEATEDLY: (1) Blackhawk Down; (2) the 1993 WTC ATTACK, (3) the Khobar Towers Attack; (4) the African Embassies Attack; (5) the USS Cole Attack. Clinton NEVER responded adequately to the terror threat. (In all fairness, neither did Bush Senior or Reagan or Carter - who was the worst offender allowing the jihadoterritst depose the Shah and allowing the USSR to invade Afgfhanistan and allowing Saddam to take over in Iraq without maing any adequate response. )

I AM DELIBERATELY CHARGING CLINTON WITH MALFEASANCE IN THIS MATTER. Clinton ALLOWED this to happen because even after repeated attacks he REFUSED to let the national intel' folks in the DIA and the CIA talk to the FBI or other domestic law enforcement folks. Clinton failed to act PROPERLY, allowing this "wall" to continue EVEN THOUGH he viewed jihadoterrorism as MERELY a "LAW ENFORCEMENT" issue. [If it was a "law enforcement issue" then why did he PREVENT the CIA from HELPING the law enforcers at the FBI arrest the jihadoterrorists, AT THE VERY LEAST!?]



JIHAD WATCH (JPOST): The National Security Council's counterterrorism unit issued a travel warning Monday urging Israelis to refrain from visiting the popular southern coast of Turkey, between Alanya and Kemer, due to a "concrete terrorist threat."

This comes on ther heels of other terrorist bombings inTurkey - which theTurkish government has tried to blame on Kurds (but the Kurds have denied any involvement in these recent attacks). According to YNET:
"The threat in Turkey stems from global Jihad elements…" ... "Notably, terrorists arrested in Turkey last year in the wake of suicide attacks in Istanbul revealed that al-Qaeda was planning to target an Israeli cruise ship in the country. The terror cell, which targeted synagogues and the British consulate in Istanbul, originally intended to hit an Israeli ship, but the plans were averted after the ship changed course and docked at another port. One of the Turkish terrorists told police in Turkey the cell decide to strike the British consulate at the last moment, after the Israeli ship was diverted."
The steady pace of attacks is what distinguishes an 'insurgency" from mere isolated terror attacks. The pace of attacks and attempted attacks in Europe - especially Britain - and in Turkey has quickened of late. Might the recent 7/7 + 7/21 attacks signal the beginning of an "insurgency" or efforts at starting an"insurgency" in Britain and Europe and Turkey? More HERE and HERE and HERE. UPDATE: more (a concurring opinion from NRO's TKS) HERE, too.



NYTIMES: General Motors seems to have hit on a hot new formula: $5,000 minivans that get 43 miles to the gallon in city driving. That combination of advantages has captivated Chinese buyers, propelling G.M. into the leading spot in this nascent car market. The minivans, which G.M. builds in a joint venture with a Chinese partner, have a quarter the horsepower of American minivans, weak acceleration and a top speed of 81 miles an hour. The seats are only a third the thickness of seats in Western models but look plush compared with some Chinese cars. The minivans have been a big hit, helping G.M. sell more than 170,000 very small vehicles - automobile types not available in the United States - and to pass Volkswagen this year in sales in a market that VW has dominated for two decades. They have helped turn China into G.M.'s biggest center of automotive profit - in contrast to losses in manufacturing operations in the United States - and its second-largest market in terms of the number of vehicles sold, after the United States.

China will continue to grow as a customer of American products. And as a result, America companies and the American economy will continue to prosper. TRADE GROWS THE PIE. For everyone. EVEN BOEING.

Monday, August 08, 2005

SO SICKENINGLY PERVERSE IT IS EVIL: "Terri Schiavo's husband Michael honored"

Miami, Florida - The husband of Terri Schiavo was honored by a group that advocates guardianship services for his years-long efforts to get his wife's feeding tube disconnected. Michael Schiavo was given the Guardian of the Year Award by the Florida State Guardianship Association. Terri Schiavo died from dehydration TWO WEEKS after her feeding tube was disconnected as a result of her estranged husband getting guardianship over her and after the courts allowed him to disconnect her from food and water.



USA TODAY/AP: TEHRAN, Iran — President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad received his Syrian counterpart Sunday, the first head of state to pay an official visit to the newly-inaugurated Iranian leader, and reiterated that the two countries should unite against their opponents. ... Iran and Syria have long been close. Sunday's was Assad's fourth visit to Iran since he took office in 2000. During the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war, Syria was the only Arab country to support Iran.

Let's get this straight: ASSAD was the very FIRST head of state to visit the new Iranian "leader," and they the first thing they do is proclaim they share the same enemies.

Sheesh: it's like THEY'RE announcing the renewal of the AXIS OF EVIL! Did Karl Rove plan this?!

Kuwait's KUNA NEWS adds: Al-Assad's visit to Tehran is of great importance as it coincides with significant developments in the region, whether in Iraq, Lebanon or Palestine, a political previously source told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA).Since Syrian-Iranian relations have not ever been through any tension, the talks are expected to focus on the US pressure and demands of the two states concerning Iraq, the source predicted. ... the visit follows regular exchange of visits by senior officials and members of the higher joint committee that aimed at coordinating approach to the complex issues and multi-angle developments in the region.

We should have mined the borders between Iraq and Syrias and Iran - AND patrolled them with C-130's in order to shut down all non-inspected cross border movement. These two members of the Axis of Evil have been effing with Iraq from the day Saddam was caught. We should issue them both ULTIMATUMS now: "Stop interfering in Iraq or we wil destroy your miltaries."

Sunday, August 07, 2005

NYTIMES: Roberts's views on privacy must be made public

NYTIMES HEADLINE: "Roberts's View About Privacy Is Still Unclear"

They want to make his views on privacy PUBLIC. How sickeningly IRONIC. Especially when added to the fact that the NYTIMES is prying into the adoption of his two children.

The NYTIMES - like the rest of the "Hypoquiddick" Left* - has no shame.

[*Read hypocritic, but as if (a) Elmer J. Fudd said it, and (b) as if he meant to tie it into the shamelessness of Teddy Jo Kopechne and BJ Clinton and Bobby "KKK" Byrd. As in: "The Left, they're nothing but a bunch of hypoquiddickal socialists!"]



YAHOO/"Reuters" (hat tip JJ at POLIPUNDIT) - The resignation of Netanyahu, Sharon's main rival in the right-wing Likud party, sent local markets reeling and showed the depth of division in the cabinet over the plan for "disengagement" from conflict with the Palestinians. But the departure of the highest-ranking minister yet to go over the pullout was too late to prevent approval for the forced evacuations of settlers, due to start after Aug. 15.

JPOD at NRO's THE CORNER thinks Bibi is a crass opportunist positioning himself for a run at Likuyd Party copntrol IFF the withdrawal fails to leads toward more security and a better chance at a two-state settlement. CLIFF MAY (scroll down at NRO) intimates he agrees with Carloine Glick of the JPOST and Bibi. WARREN BELL (scroll down at NRo, again) is hopeful that the withdrawal is a good PR move for Israel - regardless of the outcome in the Gaza: if it leads to more terrro than israel's hardline position is vindicated. If it leads to greater security, then a two-state solution and peace are more likley. WIN-WIN, according to WB.

ROGER L. SIMON thinks Bibi is taking a moral stand based on deeply held belief that the unilateral withdrawal sends the wrong signal and will lead to more terror, (and Roger has MORE LINKS!).
JJ at POLIPUNDIT believes that this is a power-play for copntrol of the Likud.

Here's my "gut-read":

I will never understand why Sharon didn’t INSTEAD announce that he would withdraw from Gaza ONLY CONDITIONALLY (and in six months time) AFTER - and only 6 months after - the “militants” in Gaza disarmed. It seems to me that Barak’s unconditonal withdrawal from Lebanon encouraged more terror, and that this withdrawal from Gaza will too.

The only plausible explanation (as far as I can surmise) is that perhaps Sharon (who must know how Barak’s actions strengthened Hiz b’Allah) felt he needed to redeploy the troops to more important positions (where they could more readily/powerfully defend larger population blocs in Israel proper) in advance of some impending major event or operation which might foment a huge violent anti-Israel response by Arabs within and without Israel (and by the anti-Semitic weasels of Old Europe) - as in the case of a preemptive strike against Iran -- one which which would annihilate their nuclear program and their offensive military assets (air force, air-strips, and navy).

As for Bibi: I think he is motivated by high morals (and NOT “crass opportunism” as JPOD at NOR’s THE CORNER belives) - as was Sharansky andeven the late Robin Cook (who each also resigned cabinet positions toprotest their government’s decisions).


BBC: [British born] Islamist radicals who express support for terrorism may face treason charges, the Attorney General's Office has said. Lord Goldsmith and the Director of Public Prosecutions Ken Macdonald have discussed action against three individuals, a spokeswoman said. The Crown Prosecution Service's head of anti-terrorism will meet Scotland Yard officers in the next few days.

We here in the USA need the same laws and the same powers; we should be deporting foreigners who incite jihad, and charging Americans who do so with TREASON.

Um.... this is WAR, after all.


NYTIMES: WASHINGTON, Aug. 5 - Many of the new, more sophisticated roadside bombs used to attack American and government forces in Iraq have been designed in Iran and shipped in from there, United States military and intelligence officials said Friday, raising the prospect of increased foreign help for Iraqi insurgents. ... "These are among the most sophisticated and most lethal devices we've seen," said the senior officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the delicate intelligence reports describing the bombs. "It's very serious." ... Pentagon and intelligence officials say that some shipments of the new explosives have contained both components and fully manufactured devices, and may have been spirited into Iraq along the porous Iranian border by the Iranian-backed, anti-Israeli terrorist group Hezbollah, or by Iran's Revolutionary Guard. American commanders say these bombs closely matched those that Hezbollah has used against Israel. ... American officials say they have no evidence that the Iranian government is involved. But Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and the new United States ambassador in Baghdad, Zalmay Khalilzad, complained publicly this week about the Tehran government's harmful meddling in Iraqi affairs.

If this it is true, then BOLTON should demand and emergency session of the UNSC and provide the world with evidence, and then demand that the Iranian government close it's border with Iraq or we they will be hit with UN sanctions, and a USA ultimatum: if there is another shipment of IED's into Iraq, then we will attack Iran militarily - destroying ALL their military assets.

On October 25th, 1962 JFK authorized Adlai Stevenson to present photographic evidence on the Russian nukes and to be VERY tough with the Soviets when we discovered the USSR missiles in Cuba. Bush should authorize Bolton to be just as forthcoming (and also to show proof of the claim) and just as tough: by issuing an the above ultimatum to Iran.

Why have a rottweiler like Bolton if we don't use him!?