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Joe Biden, Groomer-In-Chief (VIDEO)

At MEDIAite, "DeSantis War Room Posts Bizarre Video Suggesting Biden Is a Groomer: ‘Keep Your Hands Off Our Kids’."

Unlike Judeo-Christian city councils, Muslim-led councils in USA are allowed to clamp down on LGBTQ propaganda without serious complaints

The all-Islamic city council of Hamtramck, Michigan, which is in the area around Detroit, voted to ban LGBTQ flags from city property, which a Judeo-Christian council would be unlikely to do without opposition, nor a Buddhist-led one:
The all-Muslim city council of Hamtramck, Michigan, voted unanimously on Tuesday to approve a resolution that would ban the LGBTQ+ Pride flag from being flown on the city’s public property.

The resolution, proposed by Mayor Pro-Tem Muhammad Hassan, also bars any religious, ethnic, racial, political, or sexual orientation group flags from being flown on city property and only allows the American flag to be flown, along with state and city flags, other national flags, and the Prisoner of War flag, according to Click on Detroit.

The resolution passed “after three hours of public comments and months of intense debate,” the Detroit Free Press reported.

“Hassan and other members of the council said the LGBTQ+ community and others are welcome in Hamtramck but that they need to respect religious freedom,” according to the report. “Some proponents of the resolution said the Pride flag clashes with their faith. Several speakers from Dearborn who were leaders in protests last year against LGBTQ books spoke at the Hamtramck meeting, saying American soldiers sacrificed for the U.S. flag, not the Pride flag.”

City Councilman Nayeem Choudhury said LGBTQ+ people will not be discriminated against in the city but should also respect the religious liberty of the city’s Muslim community.

“We want to respect the religious rights of our citizens,” Choudhury said. “You guys are welcome. … (but) why do you have to have the flag shown on government property to be represented? You’re already represented. We already know who you are. … By making this (about) bigotry … it’s making it like you want to hate us.”

City council members also commented that the code was not about targeting a specific group, stating: “If you let one flag in, you’ll have to let all of the flags in.”

An immigrant from Yemen spoke in favor of the resolution, stating that while the city “respect[s] all nations, cultures, and their flags…we only salute the American flag.”
Here's some more on this subject. This is another telling example of how Muslims are made to look like they're literally patriotic and truly respect anything considered pro-American, in classic taqqiya (deception) style. And, don't be shocked if no genuine backlash ensues from LGBTQ activists. After all, if they're not forcing this garbage on Muslim-led countries, then they wont be forcing it on Muslim societies in the USA either by any stretch. That's not saying it doesn't happen in the USA, if we consider this example Abigail Shrier spoke about 2 years ago. But anybody who believes leftist-run state governments in the long run will target Muslims for this propaganda is mistaken, and what's happened in Michigan can certainly confirm as much. As noted before, this could all be part of propaganda efforts intended to soften people's views of Islam itself, which is very risky.

And despite what's been reported, Islam does have double-standards on homosexuality when it comes to children, and this even occurred in Afghanistan while USA military forces were working there. As a result, it seems pretty bizarre as you could expect that Islamists anywhere would seemingly oppose LGBTQ ideology even as there's Islamofascists who do practice it, even if only in a selective way. Some could wonder if LGBTQ apologists for child abuse borrowed a page from the Religion of Peace, and for all we know, that just might be the case. Bad ideologies can always borrow from each other.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Maryland Democrat proves how Islam is a protected class

In the past week or so, a Maryland Democrat with a record of making offensive remarks against Judeo-Christian adherents actually attacked Muslims for opposing LGBT indoctrination against their own children at public schools in the state, even though their opposition is unlikely to be altruistic:
A Maryland Democrat said Muslim families have sided with “white supremacists” for speaking out against LGBTQQIAAP2S+ materials being taught in the classroom.

The comment came from Democrat Kristin Mink, a member of the Montgomery County Council for District 5, during a school board meeting on Tuesday night.

“This issue has, unfortunately, does put… some Muslim families on the same side of an issue as White supremacists and outright bigots,” said Mink. “I would not put you in the same category as those folks, although, you know, it’s complicated because they’re falling on the same side of this particular issue.”

According to Fox News, she made the comment after “Muslim children from the district spoke out against their parents’ inability to opt them out of lessons they deemed violated their faith.” Mink further argued that Muslim parents have no right to opt their children out of textbooks highlighting LGBTQQIAAP2S+ issues.

“That is equity,” said Mink. “That’s not an infringement on, you know, particular religious freedoms, just as we cannot allow folks to opt out of teachings about evolution.”
Look how hilarious she's being when she speaks of "evolution", as though a new race/species were literally in the making. That aside, it's not often you see a far-leftist saying what she did, which alludes to what Islam is built upon.

But the other side is no better:
Ismail Royer, director of the Islam and Religious Freedom Action Team for the Religious Freedom Institute, called the comments shocking.

“I was shocked. I was absolutely stunned. That’s the last thing that I thought she was going to say,” Royer told Fox News. “In fact, the Muslims don’t hate anyone.”
Anybody in the know of Islam's teachings of hatred against Jews, Blacks and women will find this head-shaking, of course. This is, simply put, a classic case where you don't know whom to root for. The RFI director, no doubt, must've been shocked that a Democrat would say such a thing, because Islam's usually considered a protected class by leftists, far more so than LGBTQ ideology.

But apparently, that could explain why this Mink has apologized, but so far, only to Muslims, for what she said:
On Sunday, Democrat Kristin Mink, a member of the Montgomery County Council for District 5 in Maryland, apologized for equating Muslims who opposed LGBTQ-based curriculum to white supremacists. [...]

“On Tuesday, June 6, I spoke at a Montgomery County Board of Education meeting about inclusive education and whether families should be permitted to opt their children out of LGBTQIA-Inclusive curriculum materials,” the letter began. “I regret that although my remarks were focused on promoting inclusion, they created an opportunity for misunderstanding and mischaracterization. I apologize for the hurt that caused in the Muslim community.”
As Matt Margolis makes clear:
This letter, frankly, does nothing for me. It doesn’t change the fact that leftists like Mink continually equate opponents of their ideology to “white supremacy” as a default. Mink, a Chinese-American, fancies herself a social justice warrior and is clearly only concerned about the fact she offended Muslims. Do you think she has realized that opposition to LGBTQ-based curriculum in schools transcends race? Do you think she doesn’t still feel that Christians who oppose LGBTQ-based curriculum in schools aren’t white supremacists? Trust me, she doesn’t. Mink has a history of anti-white racism and anti-Semitism.
The Democrat leadership probably insisted she retract her earlier statement for all the reasons already discussed. So, nothing about her conduct is altruistic, nor for that matter is the reaction of most Islamists themselves. And if the Muslims want, chances are they'll get all the exemptions Judeo-Christians won't in the leftist-run classrooms. That's protected class status for you.

With all that told, it's worth noting that support for transsexuality in the USA is on the decline:
Support for gender transitioning is on the decline in the US, according to a new poll released by Gallup Monday.

Gallup’s Values and Beliefs survey compared popular opinion in the US in May 2021 and May of this year, and found that support for transgenderism has slipped over the past two years.

Over two-thirds (69%) of Americans now say that athletes must compete as their birth gender
, with just over a quarter (26%) saying that transgender athletes should be able to compete as the gender they currently identify with.

Two years ago, 34% of respondents said athletes should be able to compete as the gender they identify with, compared to 62% who said they should compete with members of their biological sex.

The percentage of Americans who believe changing one’s gender to be morally acceptable also declined over the past two years, falling from 46% in 2021 to 43% in 2023. The percentage of respondents who say it is not morally acceptable rose from 51% to 55%.

Republicans were least likely to say changing genders is morally acceptable, with 22% saying it was acceptable in 2021 versus 15% in 2023, compared to 76% saying it was unacceptable in 2021 versus 84% in 2023.

Independents were evenly divided on the question in 2021, 48% - 48%, and now are slightly less likely to believe it is acceptable (50% to 46%).

Only Democrats grew more likely to say it is acceptable over the past two years
, with the percentage of respondents backing gender changes rising from 67% to 70%, while the percentage of those who said it is morally wrong fell from 31% to 29%.
More on this over here. It's about time this horror ceased. It's caused only so much damage, especially to women, which is also what Islam's built upon doing.