Saturday, January 28, 2006


The Arab Muslims are really getting even more worked up about those Danish cartoons. This proves how utterly intolerant the Arab Muslims are. This makes them a danger to freedom-loving people everywhere.

The Danes say: SCREW 'EM! 80%! God Bless the Danes!

If the West had any balls we stop buying and selling EVERYTHING to any and all ARab Muslim nations who boycott Denamrk's goods and services.

We should let the intolerant Arab Muslim scum drink oil and eat sand.


Thomas Paine's Corner is a typical little Leftie blog (1200 vistis/day):
They are anti-Bush to the point of BDS. They are pro-Hamas; they are pro-CAIR. They are openly opposed to capitalism and support socialism. They think it's OKAY if Iran gets nukes. And that's just the most recent posts!
This is why the Democrat Party has become totally useless: their base is totally nuts, and openly supports our nation's enemies. BTW: The link for this blog is "civillibertarian". In light of the ACLU's activities - helping the enemy through lawsuits, this is totally apt!)



Hamas suggests it could look for alternative sources of funding
Hamas rejected international calls to disarm or put vital aid for the Palestinian Authority at risk on Saturday, suggesting that it could look for alternative sources of funding in the Arab world and beyond.
That means IRAN. BTW: Iran is the ONLY ally that Hamas and Assad have (besides al Qaeda). If we change the Iranian regime will liberate the Iranians and also liberate the Syrians and the Palistanis.

Mofaz: If Hamas continues terror, targeted killings will persist
Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said Saturday that if Hamas continues involvement in terrorist activities, Israel will continue a policy of targeted assassinations against Hamas officials.
This will INCLUDE assassinating popularly elected leaders of the Palistani government. Hamas will try to do the same against Israel (as they have in the past).

Hamas official: Group will make Islamic law a source for legislation
A senior Hamas official told Canada's Globe and Mail on Friday that the new government the group will form will make sharia, or Islamic law, a source of law in the Gaza Strip and West Bank. He said the government will modify the existing Palestinian education system to and institute a more Islamic curriculum, and will separate boys and girls.
I gotta believe that a few Palistanis might not be too happy about SHARIA - like Hanan Ashrawi. Odds are those who oppose it will flee in fear, opening the way for sharia to be installed without much if any opposition. Thus, Hamas will TALIBANIZE the Palistanis - and make their lives even worse!

Meshal: Hamas ready to form Palestinian army
DAMASCUS - Hamas is ready to merge armed factions including its military wing to form an army to defend the Palestinian people, the group's political leader Khaled Meshal said on Saturday.
BIG DEAL: They will just be jihadoterrorists who OCCASSIONALLY wear uniforms. I mean, it's not as if the previous Palistani army or police force did ANYTHING to quell terror, DID THEY!?!?

: What will the world do when Hamas - as part of instituting sharia- passes legislation banning the practice of Christianity from their territory - including banning it from Bethlehem? WILL HANAN ASHRAWI WEAR A BURQA?


On January 12th, I recommended we have a conference of anti-Assad forces (modeled on the one we had in Berlin in 2002 for the Afghanis), and now we are:
The conference, to be held this Saturday and Sunday across the Potomac in Northern Virginia at the Crystal City Marriott, will gather about 100 activists against the dictatorship of Bashar Assad, drawing opposition leaders from America, Canada, France, Germany, and inside Syria. According to organizers, the summit - sponsored by an umbrella organization, the Syrian National Council - is meant to address, among its principal topics: cooperating with the West in order to bring about a peaceful democratic transition; highlighting and ending the human rights abuses of the Assad regime, and prompting the various parties of opposition operating in exile to "get together and get to know each other."
This is a first step toward a Syrian government in exile, the self-imposed exile of Assad (I predict), and an orderly transition to an interim government (based on the "government in exile"), a constitutional convention, a referrendum on the constitution, and then elections.

If Assad is smart, then he and his murderous regime are booking their one-way tickets out of Damascus RIGHT NOW! (Maybe they'll move to Tehran!?)

[BTW: This conference is ONLY reported in the NY SUN. I googled it, and not a single other news outlet is covering the story. Weird.]


Prairie Pundit and Betsy's Page link to an article at the WASHPOST:
Democrats are getting an early glimpse of an intraparty rift that could complicate efforts to win back the White House: fiery liberals raising their voices on Web sites and in interest groups vs. elected officials trying to appeal to a much broader audience.

These activists -- spearheaded by battle-ready bloggers and making their influence felt through relentless e-mail campaigns -- have denounced what they regard as a flaccid Democratic response to the Supreme Court fight, President Bush's upcoming State of the Union address and the Iraq war. In every case, they have portrayed party leaders as gutless sellouts.
Hence the impending filibuster attempt against Alito by Ghengis Kerry and Teddy Jo Kennedy and NOW FEINSTEIN AND CLINTON - two of the so-called Democrat "centrsts."

The party of FDR's ARSENAL OF DEMOCRACY, HST's MARSHALL PLAN, JFK's Inaugural, and LBJ's noble attempt to stop the fall of SE Asia to Marxism is dead.

It is now the party of McGovern and Markos and Michael Moore. These commie-kazis will do what all kamikazis do: pointlessly kill themselves. And bring the whole party down with them.


A single Danish newspaper, Jyllands Posten, a cartoon depicting Mohammed. Muslims protested because depicting him is a sin for them. Many Muslim nations - including our "ally" Saudi Arabia (home of Binladen and Wahhabist fanaticism) - demanded that the Danish government punish the newspaper and make sure it never happens again at any publisher. The Danish PM - (a conservative who supports Bush, the Iraq War, and controlling immigration makiong sure it isa not rampant and that immigrants assimilate) - responded by explaing that Denmark was a democracy with human rights and that freedom of expression was one of them.

The Muslim nations demanded a face-to-face meeting with the PM. He said, basically, fuggedaboutit!

Now the Muslim nations are organizing a boycott of Danish goods.
The Muslims want to collectively punish all the Danes. the danes sell Arabia and many large Muslim nations a LOT of dairy products. And ther Danes also operate HUGE shipping firms and are the ocean carriers of MANY goods into and out of Arabia and these other Muslim nations.

If the Danes have the balls I hope they do, then they will stop doing any shipping busness with any nation that boycotts thyem, and demand that the EU do the same!

BTW: the Danes are also the BIGGEST producer of PORK PRODUCTS in the EU. Maybe they should threaten to make some huge PORK-BY-PRODUCT MISSILES and explode them right over Mecca (if the Muslims won't cancel their boycott)?! Heh.

UPDATE: Today, INSTAPUNDIT linked to this angle of the Muslim attempt at intimidation

UPDATE #2 MY PET JAWA: Warnings of Impending Suicide Attack in Denmark -- The Glory Brigades in Northern Europe are now threatening suicide attacks in Denmark.



Yonhap: "...chief of staff to North Korean leader Kim Jong-il was arrested in Macao earlier this month, was detained in connection to circulation of forged U.S. dollars and money laundering."

Should anybody be surprised? NO! People who put tens of thousnads of their own citizens into concentration camps, and who've kidnapped hundreds of Japanese and kept them for DECADES, will of course deal drugs and makle and pass counterfeit money. MONEY LAUNDERING AND COUNTERFEITING ARE THE LEAST OF THEIR CRIMES.


Friday, January 27, 2006


Going by what Leftists told me (I was raised by them and still live among them!), the Left has always been wrong.
1 - ON VIETNAM: They said it didn't matter if South Vietnam went commie. Kerry testified to that in 1971. In 1975 they cut funding to South Vietnam, and as a result it did fall. That led directly to 1 million "boat people" (Vietnamese refugees) fleeing Marxist tyranny, and it led to the collapse of Cambodia and to 3 million murdered there (by Leftists). OBVIOUSLY: The Left was wrong.

2 - ON REAGAN: They said Reagan was a warmonger who would start WW3. They said his Pershing Missile deployment would ignite an arms race. Wrong again - twice!

3 - ON WELFARE: They said that ending welfare as we know it would lead to millions on the street. BUT: Ending welfare and increasing workfare helped. The were wrong, again.

4 - ON REAGAN TAX CUTS: They said the Reagan tax cuts would bankrupt the economy and lead us into a recession or depression. BUT THE ECONOMY GREW. So... it looks like the Left was wrong, again.

5 - ON BUSH TAX CUTS: They said that the Bush tax cuts would bankrupt the economy and lead us into a recession or depression. They were wrong, again.

6 - ON NAFTA AND FREE TRADE: They said if we passed NAFTA it would cause us to lose millions and millions of jobs. Yet now, more people work in the USA than ever. They were wrong again.

7 - ON AFGHANISTAN: They said that Afghanistan would be a quagmire; they said that if the USSR couldn't win with 500,000 men that we could never win. They were wrong again.

8 - ON SADDAM: They said that we couldn't oust Saddam, and when a sandstorm hit two weeks into the campaign they screamed claimed that the strategy was bad. They were wrong again.

9 - ON ELECTIONS IN IRAQ: They said we should DELAY the constitutional ballot in Iraq, that it was too soon to have any balloting. We had it. It was passed with by huge majority in a huge turnout. They were wrong again.

10 - ON ARAFAT AND OSLO: They said that Arafat was a reformed terrorist we could trust to make peace. They were wrong.

11- ON SOVIET SPIES: They said that Alger Hiss and the Rosenbergs were innocent. They were wrong - on both counts.

12 - ON ECOLOGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT: In 1971, they said that we were running out of food and fuel and that an "age of scarcity" was beginning becuase the earth simply could not support 4 billion people. Carter reiterated this defeatist feeling in 1978, when he told us to wear sweaters and turn down the thermostat. Now the earth supports 6 billion people - and more are living better and longer than ever before. They were wrong on this, too.

13 - ON "ECONOMIC JUSTICE": They said that socialism and redistribution of goods were the best ways to alleviate poverty and end economic injustice. China tried this for 30 years and accomplished NOTHING - no increase in living standards or in longevity. Ditto the USSR for more than 70 years, (that's more than twice as long as the Chinese). Same horrible economic results - not to mention that both socialist regoime MURDERED MILLIONS!

And since introducing free markets and capitalism in 1979, China has become an economic powerhouse and a food exporting nation. 350 million people have been lifted out of poverty in China BY CAPITALISM.Russia and the former satellites and Eastern Europe have ALL likewise improved since the Fall of the Wall and the introduction of the "capitalist piggishness." IOW: The Left was wrong again - BIGTIME.

14 - ON GUNS: They said that the best way to end violent crime is to control guns. But even the UN has admitted that there is no direct connection between restrictive gun laws, gun ownership prevalence and gun crime; (some states have strict gun laws and high gun crime, some states have no gun laws and no gun crime, and then there's evidence for every permutation in between). Now, in the USA, there is mounting evidence that common knowledge that the average citizen is armed actually LOWERS crime: As more and more states expand gun ownership and carry laws, crime actually goes down. So, they were wrong again.

15 - ON THE PATRIOT ACT: They said that the Patriot Act was a severe abridgement of our constitutional rights, but cannot name any instances of its misuse. And I doubt whether anybody knows anyone whose rights have been abridged by the Patriot Act. And, there have been many successful prosecutions which have resulted from the Patriot Act. They were wrong again.
That's my list so far. CAN YOU SEE A PATTERN EMERGING?! THE LEFT IS ALWAYS WRONG. In fact, they are not just wrong; they're almost always 180 DEGREES wrong!

And they're almost ALWAYS wrong with HYPERBOLIC HYSTERIA:
Reagan wasn't just bad; HE WAS A WARMONGER WHO WOULD START WW3!!!

The Bush tax cuts wouldn't just slow growth; THEY WOULD CAUSE A DEPRESSION!

The population time-bomb and pollution wouldn't just make life less pleasant and all goods more expensive; IT'S GONNA CAUSE MASS STARVATION AND THE COLLAPSE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION!!!

Alito isn't just a conservative jurist; ALITO'S APPONTMENT THREATENS THE LIBERTIES OF US ALL AND OF GENERATIONS TO COME!!! (Teddy Jo Kennedy actually said this!)

To the Left, Bush's authorization for NSA intercepts of al Qaeda's international communications in and out of the US (which he told Congress about and told a FISA judge about - while simultaneoulsy using FISA warrants thousands of times to surveill other communications) isn't just a wartime expansion of POTUS powers; ITS THE DANGEROUS POWER GRAB OF KING GEORGE!!!
The Left's constant hyperbole and the fact that they are almost always wrong makes me wonder: Why does ANYBODY listen to them AT ALL!?!?

Got any more examples of Leftist hyperbolic lies? PLEASE: put'em in the comments section. (Maybe it would be easier to list the FEW things the Left got right! ARE THERE ANY!? IS THERE ONE?!)


From Dar al-Hayat (Arabic)/IRAQ THE MODEL (VIA ACE):
The Anbar tribes’ campaign to rid the province of Zarqawi’s terror organization, al-Qaeda in Iraq is in its 2nd day and so far, 270 Arab and foreign intruders have been arrested.

ASIDE: "Tanker" at ACE wonders (snidely): "why haven't we read about this in the OLD MEDIA!?" SIMPLE: They're anti-Bush. They would rather lie than tell the truth if the truth would help Bush. LIKE: Have you seen the Old media report the fact that 2 MILLION jobs were created last year!? Of Course not. But they sure have trumpeted Ford's layoff news: 30,000 jobs to be cut between now and 2012. Which amounts to what!? 5000 jobs lost per year between now and 2001. That isn't even one tenth of 1% of the unemployed in the country. But the way the Old media reports it, you'd think we should all just head for the soup-lines! Sheesh.

The Left - and the Old Media they still dominate and Democrat Party they control - crave bad news so much they INVENT IT. They hate good news so much THEY DENY IT!

And when a good man is nominated for the SCOTUS - like Alito - they smear him and slander him - and now... they're attempting a filibuster! They're such scum.

I think Jeff Sessions made a key point in his speech in the Senate today. He pointed out that a former judge on the 3rd Cirucit - who is now retired and running a foundation which gives legal counsel to DETAINEES AT GITMO (FOR FREE!) - has not only unconditionally endorsed Alito, he said in testimony that Alito is exactly the kind of judge he WANTS to have hear his Gitmo cases! Lookit folks, THAT'S A REAL LIBERAL/LEFT LAWYER SAYING THAT! Yet it ain't good enough for Teddy Jo Kennedy or Ghengis Khan Kerry. I hate them.


Global sea levels could rise by about 30cm during this century if current trends continue, a study warns.

Australian researchers found that sea levels rose by 19.5cm between 1870 and 2004, with accelerated rates in the final 50 years of that period.
The research, published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, used data from tide gauges around the world.

Over the entire period from 1870 the average rate of rise was 1.44mm per year.

Over the 20th Century it averaged 1.7mm per year; while the figure for the period since 1950 is 1.75mm per year. ... If the acceleration continues at the current rate, the scientists warn that sea levels could rise during this century by between 28 and 34cm.


Czech supermodel Helena Houdova took a break from the catwalk to visit communist Cuba and was arrested for taking photo graphs in a slum. The former Miss Czech Republic 1999 runs a foun dation in New York that supports dis advantaged children and wanted to see what she could do to help in Cuba.

But on Monday, Cuban security police detained Houdova and her companion, Czech psychologist Mariana Kroftova, while they were taking photographs in the poor Havana area of Arroyo Naranjo. They were released 11 hours later after signing a let ter saying they would not engage in "counter-revolutionary" activities.

"We were afraid," Houdova said. "We grew up under communism and know what it is like."
No matter what Belafonte, and Glover and the other chic degenrati of the Left say, Fidel is nothing but a commie tyrant.



From a FOXNEWS interview he did with Cavuto (it's an excellent and long interview - RTWT!):
CAVUTO: Still, Mahmoud Zahar, a top Hamas official, was quoted today, sir, as saying that the group would extend its year-old truce if Israel reciprocates. What do you think?

NETANYAHU: Well, look, I think that Hamas will put on a lot of makeup now.

They're quite conscious of the fact that they're in the limelight, and they might get a lot of funding cut and other things that they don't want to -- to get, international pressure and the like. So, they want to deflect that.

But Hamas is incapable of truly abandoning the goal of destroying Israel without disintegrating, because the whole purpose of Hamas is the liquidation of the state of Israel, and pursuing it through terror.

Remember that people said that, if the ayatollahs comes to power, then government will restrain them, that, if the Taliban come to power, then the responsibility of government will restrain them.

It didn't happen there in either case. And it's not going to happen here, I'm afraid, because Hamas is constitutionally wedded to the concept of destroying Israel. It's a very, very bad setback for peace.

But I think what we have to do now is restore the policy of being very tough with terrorist regime, giving them no time of day, certainly giving them no additional territory, because any territory that we will -- we will give will be used against us, if you pardon the expression.

It will be used as a base for future terrorist attacks against Israel. I would change that policy and bring back the policy of peace through strength that effectively purchased peace for us during the three years that I was prime minister. We hardly had any terror attacks from Hamas. It wasn't because they liked me. It was because they respected the policy of strength that my government put forward.

That's the policy that Israel and the free world needs today.
I agree with much that Bibi says in this interview, EXCEPT I think that disengagemnt actually makes Israel more defensible, not less. RTWT.


As I wrote yesterday, the election victory of HAMAS CHANGES NOTHING.

The real reason there is a state of war between Israel and the Arab Palestinians is because MOST of the Arab Palestinians reject the ida of the state of Israel. Most of Fatah and MOST of ALL the Arab Palestinian parties feel that Israel should be erased from the map - JUST LIKE AHMADINEJAD AND ALL THE IRANIAN MULLAHS.

They teach genocide in their schools, they preach it in their mosques.

Until the stop teaching genocidal hatred and start teaching peaceful coexistence there will be no peace. No matter who they elect and no matter who is their PM and no matter who is their President.

They must stop teaching and preaching racist hatred and genocide BEFORE there can be peace.
And then and only then will they will be able to disarm their "militias" and establish the rule of law. Only then will Israel have a partner for peace. (Bibi agrees with this point, too.)

All the Arab Palestinians have now, election or no election, is mob rule - which is EXACTLY what "demos" means when there is no law, or when the law is based on raw power, hatred, and lack of respect for the inherent human rights of ALL people - even the ones you disagree with.

Ariel Sharon knew that he had no "partners for peace." And Ariel Sharon knew that in order to mainatin Israel as a Jewish state israel had to withdraw from the territories. To accomplish the latter without the former means ONLY ONE THING: UNILATERAL SEPARATION. This is exactly what will occur, now FASTER THAN IT MIGHT HAVE had FATAH won the elections. Which is a good thing. Unilateral separation means the border will be where the most Israelis want it. And it means that for all intents and purposes the Arab Palestinians are on their own now - for the USA and the EU and the UN will probably stop funding them. Which is a good thing, too. (On this much, JOHN AT POWERLINE AGREES.)

The cutr-off in aid from the Free World, means the Palestinian territories will become a full-fledged colony of Iran and islamofascism and jihadoterrorism. Iran will attempt to use it as a base of operations against Israel - AND ALL THE OTHER ARAB STATES IN THE VICINITY: Egypt; Jordan; Lebanon; and even Saudi Arabia. These Arab states will see this threat and help us. Psecifically, Egypt and Jordan and Lebanon have borders with the Arab Palestinians, and they all understand that Israel will do whatever it takes to make sure that the West bank and Gaza do not become more heavily or powerfully militarized than they already are.

Therefore, Israel WILL be able to take all the necessary steps it needs to take to guarantee its security.

NOTE: I have a feeling that (if Iran's nuke sites are not preemptively destroyed first) this is why and how the next major battle will erupt: Israel will intercept major missile shipments from Iran into Arab Palestine, and the Palestinians and Iranians will protest, and try again. When the next shipment is intercepted Iran will launch a MAJOR attack - along with the Palestinians and Hizb'Allah. Of course, if Iran has a nuke, then this is when they will use it - on Israel. (MORE HERE.)

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Democrat MICKEY KAUS (at Slate, hat tip the invaluable BETSY'S PAGE) :
Worst Beltway Incest

Lukegate: ... Step 1) Tim Russert books the tired Carville-Matalin act more than 35 times on his Meet the Press talk show, boosting their bankability on the lucrative lecture circuit. Step 2) Carville--with Russert's eager prodding--also uses their most recent, conveniently-timed MTP appearance to plug his new XM Satellite radio sports show. ... That's smarmily venal enough, you say? Wrong! Step 3) Carville's co-host on the XM show is Russert's son, Luke, who is "currently a sophomore at Boston College." Russert and Carville joke about this on the air but don't quite have the balls to actually inform viewers of the key conflict..."
This is the very same TIM RUSSERT who - if we believe half of what his NBCNEWS comrade Andrea Mitchell has said about Plame - has probably LIED to the Plame Grand Jury, too. I am NOT surprised by this latest act of immorality by Russert: he is, after all, a longtime Democrat political operative. Heh.



I believe that very soon the entire rationale for the Iraq War will be ENTIRELY VINDICATED in an utterly IRREFUTABLE WAY. Here's why: from JACK KELLY (VIA PRAIRIE PUNDIT):
The Deputy Chief of Saddam Hussein's air force says in a new book that Iraq moved WMD into Syria before the war:
The man who served as the no. 2 official in Saddam Hussein's air force says Iraq moved weapons of mass destruction into Syria before the war by loading the weapons into civilian aircraft in which the passenger seats were removed.

The Iraqi general, Georges Sada, makes the charges in a new book, "Saddam's Secrets," released this week. He detailed the transfers in an interview yesterday with The New York Sun.
Gen. Sada joins a former head of the Israeli army, a former head of the U.S. Geospatial Intelligence Agency, and a Syrian defector in asserting that (much of) Saddam's WMD has been secreted in Iraq.
Elsewhere - POWERLINE - links to several items from STEPHEN HAYES detailing the links and potential links of Saddam to jihadoterrorists. And the fact that very soon ALL the documentary evidence of this will be released.

I think when we recover Saddam's WMD stocks in Syria and when Saddam's many links to al Qaeda - and their affiliates - is detailed that this will finally SHUT UP the Dem/Left. But then I am an optimist.


Before the election, Israel had no partner for a negotiated settlement, and it still doesn't have one.
Arafat said he recognized israel and then secretly ran a terror campaign to destroy Israel.

Abbas was either ineffective, or willingly allowed the terrorists REMAIN ARMED and to attack Israel however and whenever they wanted.

Now - through elections - Hamas gets control of the so called "Palestinian's" so called "government" and I predict that - effectively speaking - they will do the same things as Arafat and Abbas: claim they have reformed and claim they are willing to negotiate, but continue to attempt to destroy Israel and to continue to commit genocidal terror against Israelis.
Israel has only one way forward (KADIMA is hebrew for "forward"):

To continue to do what it has been doing for the last few years: to unilaterally disengage according to parameters which are solely in its own interest and to build a wall keeping Palistinians out, and to monitor all transport and communications into and out of Arab Palestine. And to retaliate with extreme force to any attack or any provocation of any attack.
NOTE: Hamas may claim to reform (as Arafat did) - in order to get funding from the USA and the EU and the UN, but their members - and the members of the other jihadoterrorist groups - won't suddenly become believers in (or practioners of) peaceful co-existence. The children these Arabs have raised to proudly become "human-guided/genocidal missiles" will not suddenly become doves or lambs. The war will go on.

FURTHER NOTE: I predict that Israel will IMMEDIATELY, AND WITH ALL DUE HASTE, move toward total and final separation by closing down the less defendable West Bank settlements and finishing and fortifying the "wall of separation." This will be along a line of Israel's choosing and it will include all of Jerusalem.WHY?! So that they will be in the BEST POSSIBLE militarily defensive position to withstand the "firestorm" which will be ignited when they and/or the US demolish Iran's nuke program and destroy Iran's offensive military capability. The pre-emptive attack against Iran will occur as soon as this is completed.

UPDATE: There's an UPSIDE to this election result: after the next jihadoterrorist attack, Hamas biggies will be much easier for the IDF to assassinate - unless they intend to rule from a bunker!


(1) Former ISA head and new Kadima Knesset candidate Avi Dichter announced that Israel would continue to fight any Hamas member who engages in terrorism, even if he is a cabinet member.

(2) Likud leader Binyamin Netanyahu told the Likud faction in the Knesset Thursday, "Before our very eyes, Hamastan has been established, the step-child of Iran and the Taliban. It's in firing range of our airport, our highways and cities.
Things will get worse before they get better: Hamas and ther other jihadoterrorist groups - with the assistance of Iran and Syria - will attempt to topple Israel by ever great attacks. Israel will respond with ever greater retaliations until the jihadoterrorist group are smashed utterly. There is no place for the jihadoterrorists to hide, anymore - they cannot hide behind Arafat's skirt or behind 2nd class citizen status anymore. They run the show, and when Israel gets attacked from their territories, they will be whacked like they've never been before - or ever dreamed possible. And thta's a good thing: Dead terrorists are harmless terrorists.

Ultimately, only the destruction of the mullah tyranny in Iran and the Baathist tyranny in Syria will bring peace and co-existence to the Holy Land. This will certainly happen before 2008 - because George will not leave it to another president to worry about; he will face up to the inevitable on his watch.

I expect Assad to be overthrown sooner rather than later. And then I expect Kim Jong Il to fold. Then, Saddam will be executed, and we will be able to turn our full attention to Iran - as soon as this summer; as late as the summer of '08. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


As I blogged last week, Dickie "Gitom = Gulag" Durbin - along with Patrick Leahy and Teddy Jo Kennedy - submitted written questions to Alito, but then announced that he would vote against Alito BEFORE they received the written responses. Thus rpoving their questioning was disingenuine, at best. In fact, Durbin and the other Lefties, were so prejudiced agaiunst Alito, they had made up their minds LONG before the hearings were even scheduled. Let alone before they submitted their written questions or gfot the answers.

Now comes word - via THE CORNER - that Durbin admits that he doesnt really know the facts in the NSA brouhaha:
From a press conference today:

QUESTION: I don't think I've heard any Democrats say that, though this program, in your view appears to be unconstitutional, maybe unlawful, why not say, Halt it now, and come to Congress and ask for the changes, but halt it now? I've not heard any Democrat say: Stop the program.

DURBIN: Well, I have to say, candidly, there are very few members of Congress who know exactly what this program's all about. Other than press descriptions, we don't honestly know what is being done in the name of this program.
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... AHEM: No one knows what it's all about, but the Lefties in Congress and Al Gore ALL know it's: unconstitutional; illegal; and a frightening power grab by KING GEORGE (that's what Russ Feingold called him!) and an gross violation of the separation of powers and of checks and balances. There's even talk by these Lefties of impeachment.

Seems like in BOTH cases - both the Alito nomination and the NSA brouhaha - the Lefties who are in control of the Democrat Party have actually done worse than merely RUSH TO JUDGEMENT. They've virtually convicted and lynched Alito and Bush without even a fair trial.

Taken in tandem, these two positions by nearly the entire leadership of the Democrat Party can only lead a sensible person to ONE conclusion: the current Leftie leaderhip of the Democrat Party are a bunch of unprincipled, phony, prejudiced scum.

UPDATE: This type of "anti-Bush Lynch Mob mentality" is also typical of the Left in Old Europe - as CAPT. ED BLOGGED YESTERDAY:
Europe Finds Nothing But What It Reads In The Papers

An investigative panel researching the supposed "rendition centers" in Europe alleged by American newspapers has turned up no evidence of their existence -- but still filed a report consisting of newspaper clippings from the US to support continuing their efforts, a report that even Europe couldn't countenance:
An inquiry by the Council of Europe into allegations that the C.I.A. has operated secret detention centers in Eastern Europe has turned up no evidence that such centers ever existed though the leader of the inquiry, Dick Marty, said there are enough "indications" to justify continuing the investigation. ...

The findings, delivered to the Council on Tuesday, drew scornful reactions from some representatives of the Council's 46 member states, particularly from the British, who called the interim report "as full of holes as Swiss cheese" and "clouded in myth and motivated by a desire to kick America." "
WMD BLOG tracked back to this post at CAPT'S QUARTERS with another link and a brilliant title which perfectly sums up the Leftist Lynch Mob attitude: "NO EVIDENCE; NO PROBLEM!" (This slogan is of course a cousin of FAKE, BUT ACCURATE!")


Iran has accused the UK of co-operating with bombers who killed eight people in attacks in the restive south-western city of Ahwaz on Tuesday. "Britain must respond to the doubts of Iranians concerning the events," said Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki. Mr Mottaki said the masterminds of the bombing "or people of their mind" had been photographed with UK officials.
Maybe the Iranian FM is right, and maybe it's all part of a secret war going on inside of Iran, right now. There have been a few bombings recently, and a few planes with IRG biggies have crashed recently. And there have abben a few attempts on Ahmadinejad's life, too. Maybe we and our allies ARE behind these events?! I hope so.

More on Iranian regional insurgenies HERE.


Washington has warned India a landmark deal giving it US nuclear technology may fall through if Delhi does not back a UN motion against Iran. The deal could "die in Congress" if India does not vote against Iran at a meeting of the UN nuclear watchdog, US Ambassador David Mulford said.
Bush and Condi are trying to get everything ready for the UNSC showdown. Which means telling eveyoine what's at stake. India wants our help with nculear technology and they want a permanent sat on the UNSC. If the donl;t help us out with IUran they will get NEITHER.

ALSO: Bush and Condi want everyone to know that they are doing everything they can to get a tough USNCR passed. That way - if we cannot get a tough resolution passed, (and we resort to a preemptive military strike) fewer people can whine about it.

BESIDES: It might actually be a good thing if the UNSC fails to pass a tough UNSCR on Iran. WHY?! Because it may mean that we will preemptively strike Iran sooner rather than later. And THAT might be the best and safest thing, after all.


This smells more and more like a Russian-orchestrated delay tactic to me (not that I ever thought differently), but now Iran's top nuke negotiator, Ali Larijani, says that his country likes Russia's offer to move Iran's enrichment program onto its own soil. After a day of talks with Russian Security Council chief Igor Ivanov, Larijani said:

''Our view of this offer is positive, and we tried to bring the positions of the sides closer. This plan can be perfected in the future, during further talks that will be held in February.''

Ah yes, February. How many more delays will Iran get away with? How much longer can this charade go on?
I blogged this on January 1st.

CNN: "Annan's son to repay duty on Mercedes"

The NYTIMES had virtually the same headline as CNN: "Annan's Son Will Repay Ghana for Fees on Car".

The vehicle would've cost $45,597. But with the discount, Kojo Annan got the car for $39,056, a savings of $6,541, according to an investigative report by Paul Volcker. Kojo Annan then convinced a U.N. official to send a letter to Ghana saying the SUV was for his father, making the shipment duty-free and saving Kojo Annan $14,103 in import taxes, the report states.
Clearly the headline is misleading and wrong. THIS AN ALL TOO COMMON OCCURRENCE IN THE MSM - ONE THAT ALWAYS SEEMS TO BENEFIT THE GUYS THE LEFT-LEANING MSM LIKES. Just another reason why more amd more people are turning away from the MSM.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


What is it about famous Left-wing anti-Americans that makes them love to dress up in costumes so much!? You know: Fidel in his fatigues; Che with his beret with that cute little star; Michael Moore with his ubiguitous baseball cap; Arafat in his checkered towel-headgear-thingy; Kim Jong Il in his ridiculous jump-suit; Dr. Zawahiri and Binladen with their turbans and ever-present AK47s (what, does they think they're gonna ward of a Predator?!); and now, Galloway in red tights.

I think they feel that they're wearing a uniform of sorts - one for "revolutionaries." Anti-American anti-bourgoise uniforms. I think it's a symptom of their megalomania. (Somebody check that theory out with Dr. Sanity.) You know what!? To me, they all just look like such freakin' clowns. If they had any real friends, one of them might tell 'em.





Last Friday, US District Judge T. S. Ellis III sentenced Pentagon employee Larry Franklin to just over 12 years in prison for his role in providing classified Department of Defense documents to two former employees of AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee), Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman, and to a diplomat, Naor Gilon of Israel. [...]

The two former AIPAC employees are facing jail time for talking to reporters, revealing classified information, and for revealing secrets to a friendly country. In the NSA/New York Times case, one of the recipients of the information the New York Times disseminated is al Qaeda, which now knows of the surveillance effort and is better able to evade detection of its communications. Providing relevant secrets that aid an enemy in time of war is no laughing matter, and a legal precedent exists for prison sentences of non-trivial duration for those who are found guilty. [...]

The NSA disclosure is a far more serious affair than the Franklin/Rosen/Weissman story, or the Plame/Wilson story, that kept the chattering crowd in DC on their toes for more than a year. If one follows the logic of Judge Ellis, it is hard to see how James Risen, Bill Keller, and possibly Pinch Sulzberger will not be asked to take a perp walk, mabye even in leg irons, some day soon.
The leakers of the "NSA's International al Qaeda Intercept Program" should be found, tried, convicted and executed for (a) VIOLATING THE 1998 Intelligence Whistleblower's Protection Act and (b) treason. THAT MEANS THE LEAKERS, AND PINCH AND BILL AND RISEN AND LICHTBLAU.

Monday, January 23, 2006

CLARITY AND FOCUS FROM RICE ON IRAN - and a clear response from Iran, too

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on Monday there was strong international consensus against Iran's nuclear plans and time had run out for talking to Tehran. With Italy's foreign minister at her side, Rice said the next step must be to refer Iran to the U.N. Security Council. The United States believes Iran is building a nuclear bomb but Iran says its nuclear program is for peaceful, energy purposes.

"The referral absolutely has to be made," Rice told reporters.
That's so simple even a fanatical islamofascist can understand it!

Iran will immediately retaliate if referred to the U.N. Security Council next week by forging ahead with developing a full-scale uranium enrichment program, a senior envoy said Monday.
There's NOTHING the Iranians can threaten to do with their nuke program that we cannot stop by preemptively blowing it up. And if oil prices go up as a result!? that's a cheaper price to pay than the cost of a nuclear-armed Iran. And high oil pricesd willopnly hasten our mocve tyo other fuels - like caol-convesion and solar and wind. THEREFORE: no more delay. Let's QUICKLY go through the motions of the IAEA-UNSC-BS and do what must be done ASAP.


The Canadians have spoken and they are rejecting anti-Americanism and appeasement and socialism. Not surprising: they're just rejecting what doesn't work and voting for what does!

Full round up HERE and HERE and HERE.

Canada thus joins a long list of nations which have stayed Right or shifted Right and gotten closer to Amercia since Bush became president (which si contrary to the meme the MSM wants you believe: that Bush has alienated the world and that Bush's advocacy for conservative policies is out of step with people everywhere).

Here's the truth, Poland, Denmark, Australia, the UK (in keeping Blair), Japan, Portugal, Germany have all had elections which strengthened the Right, strengnthened pro-Amercian politicians, and brought their nations more in step with the USA in the GWOT. And all have had elections which have weakened the Left.

ASIDE: What are your theories as to why virtually the entire Hispano/Latino world (except for Portugal) is the ONLY part of the world which is shifting LEFT-ward!?

Spain had the Atocha Attack, sure. But the fact that Argentina and Brasil and Venezuela, and recently Bolivia have shifted to the Left and to more anti-Americanism demonstrates SOMETHING ELSE IS AT PLAY IN THE HISPANO WORLD - and in a big way.

I think it is strange expecially because all the nations/societies/cultures of the Hispano wolrd are very Catholic, and that's usually a thing which tends to make a place/a people more conservative and traditional.

Please hypothesize in the comment section - while I ponder...

[I think that it is PROBABLY anger based: they see that they have been out-produced by their hated Norte Americano rivals and Anglos in general (witness the transfomation of th UK and even Ireland, since the Reagan-Thatcher anti-tax anti-BIG GOVERNMENT revolution the 1980's), and also that they have been "leap-frogged" by Asians.

Instead of doing what we did to become more propserous (we became more "Hayekian"), they have REACTED IN ANGER, and have unknowingly and unintentionally embraced policies which are self-destructive - namely Leftist policies (policies that haven't worked well anywhere at anytime). This Leftward lurch of the Hispano world is definitely a reactionary lurch - a reaction to their own failures, a reaction urged on by shameless demagogues like Chavez and Morales and Zapatero.

Maybe this is the necessary combination: (1) a national sense of having been slighted "unfairly" (by the USA and the IMF, etc - they REFUSE to accept any repsonsibility themselves), and (2) demagogues who shamelessly pander to the hate and the fear, instead of proposing practical proven solutions - once that have short-term pain and long-term, widespread gain.

Dunno. It's a work in progress. Please help me out and tell me your thoughts.]


"... the Republican National Committee raked in better than $100 million last year and enjoys its largest cash-on-hand lead over its Democratic counterpart in more than a decade. For the year just passed, the RNC brought in nearly $102 million -- give or take a few hundred thousand -- and had $34 million in the bank. The Democratic National Committee raised $51 million in 2005 but showed $5.5 million on hand at the end of the year. That cash disparity, which has led to grumbling and fretting by some people in the Democratic establishment, will be a major asset come November, RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman argued."
OF COURSE THIS WAS TO BE EXPECTED: This is what you get when you hire the guy who LOST IOWA BIGTIME to run your national organization. WHAT IDIOTS! Besides being a proven BIGTIME LOSER Dean is a loose cannon weho panders to the worst elements in the party: the left-wing fringe.


If this keeps up the Democrats will disappear as a party. And they will deserve to.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

WE CANNOT TRUST THE NORTH KOREANS, THE IRANIANS OR ASSAD - regime change or massive pre-emptive attacks are the ONLY answer

No negotiated deal with Kim Jong Il or Ahmadinejad and the mullahs, or with Assad is worth anything. No one can sanely put any credence in any of them to uphold their end of ANY bargain. They are all proven liars and deal-breakers:
(1) North Korea made a deal with Clinton on nukes, and cheated from day one; they were only caught in 2003.

(2) Iran made a deal with the NPT/IAEA/UN to file full and complete reports on their nuke programs and they didn't - FOR 18 YEARS! Their deceit was only discovered when Iranian dissidents provided proof, and when AQ Khan's nuke network was broken.

(3) Assad broke the UNSCR #1559 and was only forced out after we invaded Iraq and threatened him. He ordered the assassination of Hariri and then - because we aided an emboldened Lebanese populace (emboldened by our support for emerging democracies in Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Georgia, and Serbia) - the Syrians were forced to flee.

But Assad still openly aids Hizb'Allah - which is a flagrant violation of UNSCR#1559, and he still orders assassinations in Lebanon - recently of a few anti-Syria journalists.
These acts prove that it is futile AND DANGEROUS to make ANY deal with these tyrants. These abhorrent regimes must be overthrown and replaced with reliable, popularly elected leaders. Or, these nations must be pre-emptively WHACKED, so severely that they'd lose their ability to attack us or our allies, or aid groups which could attack us or our allies.

Everything we do between now and WHACKING them is just window-dressing. And it just might be giving the bad guys time to harden their targets, buy more Russian anti-aircraft missiles and make it tougher for us to what we must INEVITABLY do.

As the man says: FASTER PLEASE...

UPDATE: Lookit folks - remember Pearl harbor?! Remember 9/11?! Do you want to WAIT and see what the NEXT sneak attack is gonna look like before we whack'em!? It's better if we strike first.


The United States has begun supporting Syrian dissidents in their drive to topple the regime of President Bashar Assad.The Bush administration has provided support to Syrian dissidents to organize into a credible pro-democracy opposition group. Officials said the dissidents have been encouraged to form an umbrella group similar to that established by Iraqi opposition activists before the U.S. war against Baghdad in 2003.

"We're working with a range of dissidents," an official said. "We're keeping all options open."

The State Department has been selected to help organize the pro-democracy Syrian opposition, currently based on Syrians who live in the United States. Dissidents have met several times for strategy sessions with State Department and White House officials.
We did this in Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine and Lebanon. NOW, IT'S SYRIA'S TURN. Assad should be very worried. If he was smart, he'd try to make a deal for exile. SOON. The deal might not NEED to be on the table in a few weeks...


ITEM #1 - ARABIC NEWS: Annan announces Syria's cooperation with probe into Hariri murder -
On the day the new head of the UN commission of inquiry into the Hariri assassination, Serge Brammertz, arrived in Beirut, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan announced that Syria was willing to cooperate fully with the probe into the Hariri assassination. Annan said Syrian Foreign Minister Faruq al-Sharaa phoned him on Wednesday, and guaranteed Syria's full cooperation with Brammertz.
Assad sees ‘global plot’ over Lebanon - 22 January 2006 -
DAMASCUS — President Bashar Al Assad returned to the offensive yesterday over Syria’s ties with Lebanon, saying the deterioration in relations between Beirut and Syria was due to a “global plot” against the Arab world.
President Bashar Assad, invoking Syria's national sovereignty, indicated yesterday he would not submit to an interview request from the UN investigation into Rafiq Hariri's assassination. ... The UN investigation has said Syria has not been sufficiently forthcoming and the Security Council demanded full cooperation." ...

The Syrian leader did not specifically address the request by the UN investigation for an interview with him and his foreign minister about threats Assad allegedly made against Hariri months before the Feb 14 assassination. ... Assad has rejected an earlier request by the seven-month-old investigation to interview him and said yesterday that the issue of national sovereignty supersedes any legal and political considerations. ... In November, Assad criticised the investigation as politicised by the United States and its allies with the aim of framing Syria to punish it for its opposition to the Iraq war, support for Palestinian militants and Lebanese guerrillas.
For Annan to say Syria is fully cooperating (to belive that they would!) means he is either an idiot a liar or a mole. OR: ALL OF THE ABOVE! (What, does he think Assad "is a man he can do business with"?! That's what he thought of Saddam!)


From Prairie Pundit: "ABC's Brian Ross says Zawahiri was at attack site -

Taylor Marsh reports on an interview with Ross by Charlie Rose:"

The U.S. believes al-Zawahiri was at the location the drones hit, which was a high level summit of al Qaeda. There were a series of strikes and on the third house in the compound, "before it was hit, but after the other two were hit, people ran from that house, took off and then the strike came." Some people got away, al-Zawahiri being one, but his son-in-law and chief bomb maker weren't so lucky. ... Ross says al-Zawahiri "was hurt bad" by this assault. ... bviously, somebody provided the information that led to the CIA drone attack. al-Zawahiri has to be wondering, who talked and gave up our position? ...

This is where it gets really interesting. Musharraf has created, inside his own intelligence agency, a minor intelligence agency. It is called "The Spider Group" made up of "trusted Pakistani intelligence agents, CIA agents, and a number of wealthy business men who have funded privately a group that is tracking bin Laden and al-al-Zawahiri."
There's plenty more; go to PP and check it out.


A French woman who recently returned from Turkey is being tested in a Montpellier hospital for possible bird flu, the health ministry has announced. A first test was negative, but the results of further examinations are due later on Sunday, the ministry said. ... Bird flu has hit 26 Turkish provinces. At least four people have died from the deadly H5N1 strain of the disease. ... The 32-year-old French woman went to hospital on Saturday following a stay in the Tarsus region of Turkey, where she had been travelling alone. ... Her case was being treated as potential bird flu because of the "symptoms and because the woman saw dead birds while travelling in a country affected by the epidemic," the ministry said in a statement.
If she caught it then it is very contagious and then the odds are very good that we will have a pandemic. Yipes.


Georgia's president has accused Moscow of serious acts of "sabotage" after gas blasts on Russian pipelines cut off supplies to Georgia and Armenia.Mikhail Saakashvili told the BBC the near simultaneous attacks close to Georgia's border were pre-planned actions orchestrated by Russia.An electricity transmission line was also destroyed as Georgia experiences extremely cold weather. Russian prosecutors have described the attacks as deliberate criminal acts. Relations between the Georgia and Russia have been tense since Mr Saakashvili was swept to power by the so-called "Rose Revolution" in 2003, pledging to lead his nation on a pro-Western course.
I wouldn't put anyhting passed Putin - he's a former KGB agent capable of anything.