Sunday, June 09, 2024

Noa Argamani was held hostage in house of al-Jazeera photographer

According to this information, the now thankfully rescued Argamani was held prisoner in a house run by an al-Jazeera journalist:
According to a report by the Arab media, former Israeli hostage Noa Argamni, who was rescued in a daring raid by the National Counter-Terrorism Unit on Saturday, was apparently held captive for 8 months in an Al-Jazeera cameraman's house. "26-Year-Old Noa Argamani was being held Captive in the Home of Abdallah Aljamal, a Photojournalist and Writer/Editor for both Al-Jazeera and the Palestinian Chronicle, " Open Source Intelligence Monitor said in a recent post on the social media platform X.

Amid escalating tensions with Qatar over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's cabinet voted unanimously to close Qatari television network Al-Jazeera's operations in Israel, after Israel's parliament recently passed a law allowing the temporary closure of foreign broadcasters considered a threat to national security during the ongoing war against Hamas.
This continues to speak volumes about what even news "journalists" can be like, and do. If the monster who enslaved Argamani and others was killed in the raid, he's no loss.

In related news, while Almog Meir was rescued, it's sad to learn that his father died before he may have heard the thankful news of his son's rescue:
In a tragic turn of events, Yossi Meir, 59, father of hostage Almog Meir Jan, died just hours before his son was rescued in the daring Israeli raid in the Nuseirat Refugee Camp in the Gaza Strip. Almog's parents were divorced, and his father lived in Kfar Saba.

Family members tried to reach him when they learned of Almog's release from Hamas captivity but were unable to make contact. When IDF representatives arrived at his home to deliver the joyful news, they discovered his body.

Family members arrived at his Kfar Saba home after learning of his death. His sister Dina shared, "He died of cardiac arrest, he died from grief. He didn't get to know that his son was released from captivity." His sister-in-law Yaffit added, "He constantly sat by the television to stay updated on what's happening with his son, but sadly he didn't make it. His sister visited him on Thursday, and he probably passed away at night, and we didn't know."
Very sad. And we have Islam and its apologists to blame for all this. On which note, Argamani and the other hostages were forced to read the koran while in captivity:
The hostages who were freed from captivity during Saturday’s rescue operation in Nuseirat told the medical teams that they were emotionally abused while in captivity and that the terrorists forced them to read the Quran and learn Islamic rulings.
It's to be hoped they'll describe all that without reservations in future interviews, because everyone needs to know what the koran says about non-Muslims, sexual violence and jihadism, in example.