Thursday, December 08, 2022

Jewish doctor in USA warns Israel will be next victim of transsexual disaster

Ariel Kahana interviewed a Jewish medical professional in New Jersey, who explained the sad obsession that's broken out with getting gender reassignment surgery to seemingly resemble the opposite sex, and warns that Israel is facing this horror too. Over in the USA:
Q: What is the explanation for this wave?

"The figure who formulated the sixties' theory that a person's biology – his body and his chromosomes – are completely separate from his subjective feeling as to whether he is male or female, was a professor of medical psychology named John Money. His research was eventually shown to be a failure and it was scientifically proven that the opposite was true. Nevertheless, the ideas of Money – who was later deemed to have sexually abused children – were adopted by the worlds of medicine, mental health, and psychiatry in the USA, and later on the education system too. Today, from kindergarten age, children already learn that their body might not necessarily reflect their gender." She is quoting a survey published in the New York Times, according to which more than 60% of those questioned in the 30-plus category said they believe that a person's sex is defined by his biological sex at birth. In contrast, 61% of those questioned in the 18-29 age group said they believe that their gender identity is separate from their biological sex.

"The difference between the younger and the older groups stems from the propagation of gender ideology. Children until the age of five undergo indoctrination at school. The result is a social phenomenon of young boys and girls who want to make the change, and on occasion even come to do it together as a group trend. In many cases, these are children who in any event are on the autistic spectrum or suffer from negative social attitudes, so that joining this trend provides them with the attention that they so dearly crave.

"The phenomenon is subject to broad coverage and immense popularity on social media. You might be taken by surprise, but in 2007 there was one clinic throughout the entire USA providing treatment for minors under the age of 18, who were contending with the issue of gender identity. Today, as far as I know, there are 300 of them. And here is one more statistic – the number of mastectomies carried out for gender reassignment more than tripled between 2016-2019. These are data provided by Vanderbilt University in Nashville."
It's devastating so many have been indoctrinated, but not shocking at all. And it's surely not even shocking that one of the advocates of this atrocity came to Israel as well:
In order to validate her claim that this involves experiments on humans, Grossman refers me to things said recently by Dr. Marci Bowers, a biological man who underwent gender reassignment surgery to become a woman and today serves as a leading physician in the field of medical transitioning in the US. According to Bowers, she and her associates work using a trial-and-error method: "Anybody who underwent surgery as a child and received 'blockers' [tablets to suppress the hormones responsible for sexual development] will never have testosterone (the key hormone in sexual development). So that we do not know if they will ever experience sexual satisfaction... I know that the feeling of proximity and intimacy is extremely important, so that a lack of this raised a red flag for me. We need to keep our eyes open and talk about this... Let's see what will occur... There are questions that do not have an answer... Is it possible to prevent the processes of puberty and then attain good results as adults? How can we guarantee that they will have a sexual response? Maybe we need to remove the blockers at a certain stage? Perhaps, to delay a little bit, here and there? Perhaps." By the way, Bowers visited Israel several years ago to provide instruction for physicians here how to conduct the gender reassignment surgery.
Needless to say, any "medic" who's willing to work in such abominable practice is unfit for the job, and should be ostracized if they do. For now, that Bowers paid a most unwelcome visit here should be warning enough of what Israel faces by extension.
The concern shared by Grossman and others is that financial interests combined with a radically progressive agenda are the driving force behind the wave of transgenderism that is sweeping across America. According to this assumption, the drug companies are promoting this gender confusion or "dysphoria" as it is termed in the professional jargon, as this generates mass dependency on their products, often for life.

"This is not the situation everywhere in the West. In London, the authorities closed down a clinic treating gender problems due to concern that it was providing inappropriate treatment for children. In Sweden, Finland, New Zealand, and other countries too, they are no longer prescribing blockers as there is no research data to prove that their use is safe. It is important to remember that from the outset, the blockers were never actually developed for use in gender reassignment."

Just before we part company, Grossman gives me several books she has written, including "You're Teaching My Child What?" and she also puts me in contact with a number of women in Israel who are trying to stem this tidal wave. Only two of them – Roni Sassover and Alix Aharon – are prepared to come forward and do so while being named. The rest prefer to remain anonymous.

As Grossman anticipated, this wave is indeed on its way to Israel. The Minister of Education, Yifat Shasha-Biton, has recently published guidelines relating to transgender students at school. In essence, the guidelines stipulate that a student should be treated according to his or her declared gender, and this of course also relates to sleeping arrangements in boarding schools, access to toilets, sports lessons, etc. According to the new guidelines, the parents might not necessarily be a part of this overall process. Outgoing Prime Minister, Yair Lapid, has welcomed this move.

Grossman: "The most important thing that Israelis need to know, is that those people promoting this agenda will intentionally approach children with a view to the long-term outcomes entailed in this process. When parents discover that their children have been brainwashed, it is already too late to do anything. Consequently, I say to anybody reading this article: please keep an eye on your children.
She's absolutely correct. It's unlikely you'll see most other news sources on the left reporting about this, unlike alleged complaints of religious coercion for Judaism. Of course, LGBT ideology has long come to represent a religion in its own way, and a lot of homosexual advocates practically copied from more common religions in their own approach.