Thursday, September 14, 2023

PLO is destroying Israeli heritage

The regional council of Gush Etzion warns the PLO's destroying antiquities in the Judean desert:
The Gush Etzion Regional Council, along with the "Shomrim al Ha'Netzach" (Keepers of the Eternal) organization, on Thursday said that in addition to the illegal construction and the permanent damage being done to the Judean Desert, the PA is also destroying archeological sites, where antiquities from various periods were found, including from the Iron Age – or the times of the First Temple.

According to Gush Etzion sources, the area has never been studied in depth, aside from a number of preliminary surveys. About 40 years ago, Professor Yizhar Hirschfeld conducted a survey in which diverse archaeological findings were discovered, including various buildings from the Byzantine period, agricultural structures from the First Temple period, and ancient graves from prehistoric periods. In addition, several roads passed through the area which were important in ancient times, and which were severely affected by the illegal development taking place.

Researchers say that the construction seriously harms the ability of scientists to understand important parts of world history that took place in the Judean desert, which was an integral passage between the Land of Israel and neighboring countries.
Naftali Bennett, along with Yair Lapid, have considerable blame to shoulder for leading to this horrible situation locally, after the former performed a coup détat in the past 2 years. Now, we're bound to have a whole fiasco destroying morale upon us as a result of all this corruption.

Lessons were not learned from 9-11

Alexander Nussbaum wrote about how no lessons were learned in the 2 decades since 9-11:
A few days ago marked 22 years since 9/11. That horrible event should have been the proverbial wake up call to America, the biblical writing on the wall.

But America didn’t learn. If anything, America learned the wrong thing. Progressives, the woke, “cultural elites,” whatever you want to call them, and the political party now in power despise America, Western civilization, and everything good, such as traditional values. The values that not long ago even the worst hypocrites espoused in public are now considered “hate crimes.”

...little did I know how bad it would be two decades later, underestimating the total madness that would engulf the West and its apparent determination to commit suicide. We saw barbarism on 9/11; today barbarism rules academia, the mainstream media, Hollywood, and the Democrat party.
And it's all dragging the entire world down with it. Some would-be conservatives, even Dubya, have to shoulder some of the blame too, because they never made convincing efforts to defeat the Religion of Peace when they had the chance, and even enabled Islamofascists in Afghanistan to do horrific things while they were there. When double-standards become commonplace, it's not possible to mend the damage. Now, said damage has taken its toll in the worst ways possible.