Thursday, May 04, 2023

Security forces terminate murderers of Dee mother and sisters

The IDF's tracked down and killed the jihadists who murdered the Dee sisters and their mother last April:
Security forces on Thursday eliminated the Palestinian terrorists who last month murdered three members of the Dee family in the Jordan Valley.

Lucy Dee, 48, and daughters Maia, 20, and Rina, 15, were murdered in an April 7 shooting on the Route 57 highway near the Hamra Junction.

The terrorists, identified as Hamas members Hassan Katnani and Muad Masri, were killed in an exchange of fire after Israeli forces surrounded their hideout in the city's Kasbah district. The Israeli troops fired a missile at the building in order to flush the terrorists out into the open, according to Israeli media reports.

Ibrahim Hura, identified by the IDF as a collaborator with the Hamas terrorists, was also killed in the raid, according to the Israeli military. Two automatic rifles were found in the terrorists' hideout.
If the terrorists' bodies were blown apart, that'll be another plus.

Sunday, April 30, 2023

Huge demonstration favoring Israeli judicial reform ends concerns it'll be scuttled

A notable rabbi from Safed says the rally in support of judicial reforms for the Israeli court system gives more confidence it'll go through:
Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, the chief rabbi of Tzfat (Safed) and a leading figure in the Religious Zionist community, expressed confidence Thursday night that the mass demonstration held by supporters of the government's judicial overhaul plan succeeded in barring the possibility of the reform being scuttled.

Speaking with Israel National News at Thursday's rally, which organizers say drew some 600,000 demonstrators, Rabbi Eliyahu [said]:

"The people of Israel live; they left their homes - and their fears. The people of Israel came out en masse. Here, we strengthened the people of Israel and explain that the people have vital forces, and the clear mind and will to say 'I am not a second-class citizen'. After this evening, it seems to me that the fear that the judicial reform could be torpedoed is over."

Rabbi Eliyahu emphasized that he did not view Thursday night's protest as a demonstration against opponents of the judicial overhaul, but in support for the reforms he and other supporters believe will strengthen Israel as a democracy.

"They are our beloved and esteemed brothers, and they must understand - democracy is what the people choose. They see this protest and understand that the people have decided."

"The protests are mainly related to the Jewish identity. The judicial reform is a trigger. They are afraid that we are all a herd of Bibi-ists, and that is a disgrace. They think we are for dictatorship, and that is the greatest disgrace there can be. They don't know what Judaism is, and therefore they are afraid. Judaism is the best, the purest, the most just, and the most truthful," added Rabbi Eliyahu.
We definitely should hope this proves influential. The time's come to put an end to the bad influences of the supreme court for a change, and it has to be done, to help prevent any more serious damage from occuring through them.

Update: here's more on the subject.