Saturday, November 20, 2004

The Final, Last Desperate Jihadoterrorist Onslaught In Iraq Has Begun

Expect things to get REALLY REALLY BAD in Iraq from here until the elections. This is "make or break" time for Jihadoterrorism in Iraq.

The Next Front in the GWOT?

MEANING: If Syria doesn't get out - SOON, and by a time certain, and if the "armed militias" are not dismantled, then... BOOM. Sometime soon - like right after the Iraqi elections.
NOTE: This is a PREDICATE for a state of Palistan.
NOTE: This sends another clear message to Iranistan.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Dutch Pol': "No More Immigration Without Assimilation"

Looks like Holland is waking up - tho' sadly it took two vicious post-9/11 murders to stir them from their sleep (Pim Fortuyn's and Theo Van Gogh's).
"He cited a report by Dutch intelligence saying recruitment for jihad, or holy war, is taking place in as many as 20 mosques in the Netherlands, and said they should be closed and their imams, or preachers, arrested and deported. 'If we don’t do anything ... we will lose the country that we have known for centuries. People don’t want the Netherlands to be lost, and this is something that I get angry about and I am going to fight for, to keep the country Dutch,' he said." (According to AP as reported by MSNBC.)
I believe all countries EVERYWHERE should expect ALL immigrants to ASSIMILATE. In fact, I've coined a catch-phrase - based on an earlier one that was pretty effective ("No taxation without representation.") - which captures this belief: "No immigration without assimilation."
We need it here as much as they need it in Europe.

Old Media Bias: Marine Shooting versus Kofi's "no confidence" vote

Two GOOGLE NEWS searches reveal Old Media's continuing anti-Bush/anti-American bias -
EXHIBIT A: 114 stories on Kofi's "no confidence" vote

Annan faces UN staff’s no-trust - Daily Times, Pakistan - 1 hour ago [...] all 79 related » [...] UN workers to condemn chief -
all 35 related

EXHIBIT B: 6,950+ stories on "M
arine shooting."

[...] Arab world inflamed by video of Marine shooting Minneapolis Star Tribune (Sunnis outraged over Marine shooting man in mosque Cleveland Plain Dealer [...] all 325 related Arab world aghast at Marine shooting in mosque [...] - all 140 related »

Unfortunately for the Old Media and the Left, NEW MEDIA will get the news out and the truth out - and expose their bias.

Time for an "Oil for Food Scam" Ultimatum: "Cooperate fully, or we will take the US out of the UN!"

The complete lack of cooperation that the US Congress is getting for its investigation of the "Oil for Food Scandal" - also know as "UNSCUM", and "Oil for Genocide" - must be met with MORE than contempt; it must be met with ACTION:
The president should demand immediate and full cooperation and transparency or withdraw from the UN.
The means for doing this is already in Congress. In 2003, Congressman Ron Paul of Texas sponsored a Bill that would do just that - H.R. 1146 - and it's time for President Bush to dust it off, and wave beneath the noses of Kofi Anan and Jacques Chirac and Vladimir Putin and Gerhard Schroeder: cooperate fully with our investigation, or this Bill will become law.

AP: "Cash-strapped NoKo Might Sell Plutonium to Terrorists"

U.S. Military Commander in South Korea:
N. Korea May Sell Nukes
By SANG-HUN CHOE / Associated Press Writer

"SEOUL, South Korea (AP) -- Impoverished North Korea might resort to selling weapons-grade plutonium to terrorists for much-needed cash, and that would be "disastrous for the world," the top U.S. military commander in South Korea said Friday. Gen. Leon J. LaPorte said the communist state may have harvested plutonium from 8,000 spent nuclear rods, which experts say could yield enough material for several atomic bombs."
The North Koreans must be prevented from doing this. There are only two ways to guarantee this is prevented: (1) regime change; and (2) pre-emptive destruction of North Korea's plutonium and all their nuclear facilities.
If the intelligence to accomplish the latter is not good enough to guarantee success (and all the lousy intel' we used in Iraq leads me to believe that our intel' on NoKo is probably just as bad), then we must pursue the former - preferably with the aid of the Chinese.
Time is of the essence. We and the Chinese should immediately send a message to the NoKo military that they must overthrow Kim and hand over all the nuclear sites and materials AT ONCE. In return we guarantee them amnesty and aid. And a timetable on re-unification.
Waiting and wishful thinking are not reasonable options.

Thursday, November 18, 2004


ODDLY ENOUGH: Arafat was killed by the same exact thing that killed Pierre Salinger while getting a pacemaker, Princess Diana after her car accident, and 15,000 old French men & women during a heat-wave - the French healthcare system! Oddly enough.

Bush's Groundbreaking Appointments Break Records and SHATTER Left-wing Myths

"Limousine-liberal Democrats and their media poodles, many of whom send their children to near-segregated private schools, have basically ignored the racial triumphs Powell and Rice embody. Just as they have barely noted that Rod Paige, the departing secretary of education, is the first black to hold that job. Or that Ann Veneman, the departing secretary of agriculture, is the first woman to hold that job. Or that Alberto Gonzales, if confirmed, will be the first Hispanic attorney general. Or that Bush has an Arab-American and two Asian-Americans in his cabinet. Had a Democratic President made those appointments, the celebratory coverage would invoke Harry Truman's integrating the armed forces or Robert Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson's battle for civil rights. Talk about your double standards."

AP: "Castro sees Bush hand in bin Laden video"

Castro obviously suffers from the same disease as Michael Moore and the rest of the Left: BDS.
How can we arrange to get him sent to France for some "medical" treatment?

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


The exit strategy for US military forces in Afghanistan and Iraq has been mapped out. CLICK HERE TO SEE MAP.
(I think some should come home via Damn-ascus, too.


GLENN linked to an article at TECHCENTRALSTATION by Patrick Cox titled "A Tale of Two Maps."

Cox - and others who have been commenting on the various RED STATE/BLUE STATE maps - generally look for sociological explanations for the glaringly obvious correlation between population density and party affiliation, as if everyday aspects of urbaneness and urban civil, class and tax structures might explain why a clear majority of people who choose to live in more densely populated areas tend to be Democrats. (In fact, Kerry and the Democrats carried only cities with a population of over 500,000, while Bush carried a majority in all cities with a population of less than 500,000. So what we might ask is: "what is so different about these 500,000+ cities that makes them so blue?")

Even I have previously suggested that city-folk are less traditional (and more faddist and bourgeoiseophobic) than country-folk.

But perhaps the explanation is simpler; perhaps we must merely look at HISTORICAL reasons for the BLUE/city versus RED/country dichotomy.

Historically, cities have been part of the stronghold of the Democrat Party (along with the rural south - which they began losing in the 1970's due to LBJ's Civil Rights laws and The Great Society); the Democrat Party built its machine upon farmers, immigrants, industrial unions, and civil servants - ALL of these groups (except the now largely GOP farmers) are predominant only in the cities.

And -
as David Brooks has so thoughtfully proved - party affiliation is largely hereditary - so the urban Democrat affiliation is a hand-me-down -- a VESTIGE -- of the demographics of the old Democrat machine.

A close examination of the 2004 presidential election results reveals that Bush and the Republicans made gains in all cities, so even this vestigial party affiliation may be gradually disappearing --- and with it, the Democrat Party as a viable national party.

This is not merely caused by Bush. This is partly because the Democrats have less "government largesse" to dole out to these special interests. After all, since Clinton and Congress "changed welfare as we know it," immigrants and the poor are far less dependent on government welfare - and as a result these voters are less likely to continue to align themselves with the party that promises more government welfare. These partisan promises ring false and hollow now.

And unions - another key part of the Democrat machine - are also shrinking.

As a result, the Democrat Party has less to offer, and fewer people to offer it to.
That's why they must reinvent themselves.

I suspect that if they lean further to the Left - and become the party of nationalized healthcare, and of subservience to transnational, international, and/or multilateral organizations - they will only shrink more rapidly. Which means they must move to the right - to get back to the center.

I suspect that this would alienate their Left-wing and cause a major schism. If the Left split off from the DNC and joined up with the Greens and the Reform Party, then we are headed to a three party system. And a permanent GOP majority.

The new IAEA/Iran/EU "nuke deal" is not even 3 days old, and Iran has already caught in a LIE!

CNN. NYTIMES. "Reuters". All bastions of Left-wing/Old Media propaganda are All reporting that the IAEA/Iran/EU nuke deal is essentially "Dead BEFORE Arrival."
See this earlier post for more on why Iran, the IAEA, and the EU cannot be trusted - which means, of course, that no deal with them is worth the paper it's written on. Which means, of course, that the only guarantee of a non-nuclear armed Iran is... regime change.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Powell's future...

Powell has been asked by a NYC GOP Congressman to run for the Senate against Hillary in 2006 (hat tip THE CORNER).
Maybe he'd rather be governor of NY? Or of Virginia?
YUP: unseating Governor Warner (a rich, centrist, southern Democrat governor - who would obviously thus be a formidable presidential candidate in 2006), is a high priority for the GOP. Powell would win in a landslide.


The fact that nothing has changed for the better with the Palestinian Arabs. Arafat's death has not converted the Jihadoterrorists from genocidal anti-Zionists into non-violent "two-staters."
When will it change for the better? How can it change for the better?
See this post (below): The Road to Ramallah Begins in Baghdad, and goes through Damascus and Tehran...

Chirac's Paris-itic Necrosis

Chirac is at it again. Like his alter-ego de Villepin, and his current FM Barnier, Chirac can't seem to open his mouth without uttering some self-aggrandizing - and France-aggrandizing anti-American inanity.
Where does this come from?
It comes from French cocooning. Chirac epitomizes it. Paris itself symbolizes it.
Remember: Chirac was the longtime Mayor of Paris - it's where he built his Arafatesque fiefdom on corruption of unparalleled depth.
Paris. A city of unbelievable beauty: grand boulevards, gorgeous parcs, chic cafes, beautiful bridges across the sensuous Seine, elegant chateaus et maisons, hills, trees, museums - yes, Paris simply and unarguably the most beautiful city in the world.
And cloistered in his Elysee Palace - after having dwelled for a time in the stately Hotel Matignon (as PM, and worked for years in the Hotel de Ville collecting bribes and kickbacks ) - sits Chirac: master of this great city which symbolizes a great nation - or so he thinks.
How else could he think!? To be master of the nation which has poured so much of its wealth over the CENTURIES into this city of cities is SEEMINGLY to be master of... all that is masterful. Certainly the nation that built and has maintained Paris - the most beautiful city in the world - must be the best nation in the world, "NON?!"
Paris is merely a "spectactular mausoleum" of a nation whose greatness ended in the 19th century . In fact, nearly every single great and wondrous and beautiful thing about Paris is from the 19th century - most of that from a period of time most French hold in low regard: the Second Empire. What else is great is from before the First Republic, and before WW1. France and French culture and Paris have done almost nothing of great import or great beauty since then.
All France has produced since then has been existentialism, post-modernism, and Gaullism - all hollow failures (excepting Camus - who like Orwell saw beyond the jargon of his age). This is reflected in Paris, as well: The ugliest buildings in Paris are all post WW1. The 20th century was not a good one for France, or Paris - and the 21st does not bode well, either.
Meanwhile, Chirac - Suha, de Villepin, and all the other corrupt and amoral saprophytes - sit in their excruciatingly beautiful cocoon-like Paris and delude themselves that they and their City of Light are still relevant and important on the world stage. Merde! Paris is merely a great and huge adult theme-park, a tourist trap with charm.
Too bad so many tourists go there every year; it only encourages them...

THE ROAD TO RAMALLAH BEGINS IN BAGHDAD - and it goes through Damascus and Tehran

A two-state solution is predicated on there being a second state. As of now there is only one - Israel. Bush's bold pro-Palestinian State Policy was predicated on the Palestinian's first attaining a transparent democratic self-rule in the territories. This has not happened yet.

Arafat's death has made many in the media qvell with wishful-thinking: his passing will allow the Palestinians to attain a transparent and democratic self-rule and thereby give Peace a Second Chance. FAT CHANCE; (or slim chance, take your pick!).

Arafat's death will not change Hamas or Hizballah or the PFLP or IJ or Tanzim into two-staters; they are and will remain one-staters: people who believe in the destruction of Israel (and who will use genocidal terror to accomplish that) and in replacing it with a novel Islamic state called Palestine.

The ONLY way to change that dynamic - to neutralize the genocidal terroristic one-staters - is to get Syria and Iran to cease any and all support for them. The only way to accomplish this is to put EXTREME PRESSURE on Syria and Iran.
Our success in Iraq is an absolutely necessary precondition for accomplishing this. Once we are successful in Iraq - and the January elections there (and in "Palestine" are a HUGE step in that direction) - we MUST issue ULTIMATUMS to Syria and Iran:

(1) to Syria we immediately demand an immediate and complete withdrawal of all forces from Lebanon and a suspension for any and all support to any and all Palestinian and/or pan-Arabist terrorist organizations. Or we shall attack and demolish their military and their economy; there should be NO OFFER OF INSTALLING A POST-ASSAD DEMOCRACY OR FOR RECONSTUCTION. As a carrot, we can offer them aid if THEY hold elections and transform themselves into a transparent democracy.

(2) We tell Iran that they must suspend any and all support for any and all Palestinian and/or pan-Arabist terrorist organizations or we will destroy their military (including their Navy) and their economy - including ALL THEIR OIL ASSETS. There should be no carrot offered.

Because the threat we would be making against Syria and Iran involves NO RECONSTRUCTION, the attacks against Syria and Iran could be done by sustained, intense aerial bombardment, and would involve NO TROOPS ON THE GROUND.

Because of Bush's bold military actions against the Taliban and Saddam, Syria is now surrounded by nations which should be allies in this ultimatum: NATO's Turkey, Israel, and Occupied Iraq. And Iran is now surrounded by Occupied Iraq and Occupied Afghanistan. The barrel of the gun is against their heads - so-to-speak.

Naturally, these threats would NOT be issued with or after a UNSCR. These military actions would be undertaken WITHOUT seeking U.N. approval - as was Clinton's war against Milosevic.

Once Iran and Syria cease to support any and all Jihadoterrorism, the GWOT is more than half over. And a Palestinian state can slouch towards Bethlehem.