Thursday, May 05, 2022

Bennett and Shaked both got yelled at by bereaved families during Memorial Day ceremonies

Looks like families of terror victims aren't approving of 2 hijackers of the government, and made it clear during some Memorial Day services:
Prime Minister Naftali Bennet and Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked were both heckled while they spoke at different Remembrance Day ceremonies on Wednesday.

At Mount Herzl, dozens of bereaved families interrupted the prime minister's remarks during the state memorial service as he was beginning his speech.

"You should be ashamed of yourself,"
some of the protesters shouted, to which Bennett responded with "I love you all and I hear your pain."
No, he does not. It's utterly hollow words he's got at this point, and he's an absolute disgrace.
In Petah Tikva, Shaked faced heckling on Wednesday when she spoke at a memorial day ceremony at the Segula Cemetery.

Arik Hanan, who was grieving over his brother, heckled Shaked immediately when she started her address.

He called Shaked "disgusting" and called on her to "be ashamed" and to "go home."

The heckler was called upon to respect the ceremony by the host and by other grieving families around him. He responded that it was Shaked who should have respected grieving families by not coming.

Hanan said her attendance "spat in the face of those in grief" after government representatives were urged to not attend such ceremonies. He claimed that her government had approved stipends for terrorists.
Well the way she and her Knesset party boss have gone about has been an utter disgrace that's led to serious disasters that could've been avoided if they'd remained in a right-wing coalition, and not associated as they are now with leftist parties whose responsibility is far less. I can only imagine what kind of reception they'd get if they attended a memorial service with 9-11 Families for a Safe & Strong America stateside. They wouldn't be welcome there either.

Moral equivalence at a Memorial Day gathering

On the week of Israel's Memorial Day for both terror victims and fallen soldiers, some corrupt excuses for Israelis held a morally equivalent gathering with Islamists:
When the solemn, piercing siren announcing the advent of Israel’s Memorial Day rang through Beit Jala on Tuesday night, both Palestinians and Israelis gathered in a small house in the Palestinian town stood still in respect.

The assembly was part of the controversial annual joint memorial ceremony held by bereaved Palestinian and Israeli families, organized by the Parents Circle and the left-wing Combatants for Peace group, that calls for reconciliation and peace.

About 1,000 Israelis attended a packed theater in Tel Aviv to watch the ceremony, while several dozen Palestinians and Israelis gathered in Beit Jala, which lies just north of Bethlehem. Organizers said that more than 200,000 watched the ceremony, which was live-streamed online in Arabic, Hebrew and English.
What are the chances these people will ever attend a memorial for September 11, 2001 victims from al Qaeda's attack on the World Trade Center in New York City? Sadly, all signs suggest the answer is close to none. Nor will they ever ask if the Religion of Peace had any responsibility in the murder of Jews, or whether the Muslim families participating in these ceremonies raised any jihadists who'd actually met justice as a result of evil activities. And that's why this "ceremony" is such a disgrace.
Like many of the speakers at the ceremony, Inbar said Israel’s “occupation” of the Palestinians was spurring the cycle of violence between the two peoples.

“It pains me that the sanctification of stones and land, which do not ultimately belong to us, is given precedence over the sanctification of life,” said Inbar. “End the occupation, end the occupation, end the occupation.”

The joint memorial ceremony has been controversial since its inception. Several coalition lawmakers — including Labor’s Ibtisam Mara’ana and Meretz’s Mossi Raz — attended the event, sparking right-wing criticism.

“It is shameful to sit with terrorists. It shows that the left has lost its way, and they don’t have the strength to fight for the just path,” said Religious Zionist party leader Bezalel Smotrich.
Exactly. The left's sold out to evil in the worst ways possible, and it goes without saying they're doing it at the expense of victims of Islamic terrorism in the USA too, right down to how blame-the-victim tactics are employed.