Tuesday, March 22, 2016


There was a suicide jihad attack in Brussels today, just a few days after one of the Paris bloodbath masterminds was arrested in the Molenbeek district. And how do some comics writers react? Dan Slott, for one, is not going about this the right way. He began by retweeting a post attacking Fox News for blaming the attack on political correctness, and then:

What's that supposed to mean? Some kind of acronym for cursing at Fox? Tsk tsk.

And is that supposed to be a moral equivalent? Nobody with sense should take any alleged condemnation from Slott at face value. Nor should they assume Ron Marz is any better:

And Marz is still looking for opportunities to bash Republicans instead of writing a convincing condemnation of religious savages. Pathetic and ignorant of Europeans who've been denigrated by these obscenities.

Even this falls way short of courage.

Leave it to Conway to seek more opportunities to bash the GOP too, rather than complain about evil mentalities running rampant anywhere in the world. As Ted Cruz says, we don't need lectures from Obama about "islamophobia". Similarly, we don't need lectures and narrow rantings from some of these comic creators about Republicans supposedly being worse than the jihadists ravaging civilized societies.


Just a few days after one of the Paris terrorists was arrested, Brussels has been attacked, in both the airport and subway system:
Today's terror attacks in Brussels come as no surprise to experts who for months have warned of the dangers of Molenbeek - a suburb of the city now considered Europe's hotbed of jihadism.

Just days after Paris bomber Salah Abdeslam was arrested in the suburb, terrorists today detonated bombs at the city's airport and metro, killing at least 34 people.

[...] Molenbeek, located in the west of the city, was known during the Industrial Revolution 'Little Manchester'.

However, today is more closely resembles a North African ghetto.

With the city's own mayor once describing it as a 'breeding ground for violence', unemployment and overcrowding among Arab immigrant families and youthful despair is thought to fuel refuge in radical Islam.

But as the Brussels district remains the centre of Europe's jihadi activity, Belgian authorities are continuing to ask what makes the narrow, terraced streets of Molenbeek different from a thousand similar neighbourhoods across Europe.

Four-storey houses are divided into tenements and are rented out to the area's 100,000 population - predominantly second and third-generation Moroccans and Turks.

Since the great majority of Molenbeek's residents are Muslims, there are 22 mosques.

However, it is to here that some of the worst terror attacks in Europe are regularly linked.
No doubt, they won't contemplate a single aspect of Islam, the ideology fueling the jihad. Here's another report from the AP/CTV:
A Belgian prosecutor says police raids are happening around the country after two men "probably" staged suicide bombings at the Brussels airport and a third fled.

Prosecutor Frederic Van Leeuw said Tuesday that the third suspect is actively being sought by police.

At least 31 people were killed and nearly 190 wounded in the two airport bombings and another in the Brussels subway system.

Prime Minister Charles Michel said the country will tighten security at its borders. He declared three days of national mourning after what he says were probably the most tragic attacks the country has seen in peacetime.
Does he understand that the policies his country was embracing also led to this horrific tragedy? Police action is not enough. Now, another horrible murder's taken place, all because Europe's politicians don't have what it takes to confront challenging issues.