Thursday, September 21, 2023

In France, anybody who protests against Muslim violence and calls for self-defense can be arrested

We have another example of how, in a way, France is tragically under a totalitarian grip doing favors for the Religion of Peace, and authorities arrest opponents over an Orwellian Thoughtcrime (via Jihad Watch):
After a migrant allegedly raped a French woman so brutally with a broomstick that she was forced into a month-long coma, two dozen right-wing protestors marched outside his home in Cherbourg, France. However, at least half of them are now facing criminal prosecution and up to five years in prison for an “unauthorized gathering” and for “promoting self-defense” despite the French government’s glaring inability to protect its own citizens.

The demonstration, which took place on Sept. 9, 2023, in the Provinces district, was on behalf of 29-year-old Mégane, who awoke from her coma but remains between life and death. The French government may have special reason to pursue Argos, the right-wing group that organized the protest, as the group is the direct heir to the French group Génération identitaire, which was banned by the government in 2021. Génération identitaire became a thorn in the government’s side after it ran a series of civil disobedience protests against the state of demographic transformation in France and the government’s failures to control illegal immigration.

[...] The prosecutor in the case is apparently taking issue with the group’s calls for self-defense, despite the state being increasingly unable to defend its citizens.

“You are appearing for having, through speeches made at an undeclared demonstration, incited willful harm to a person’s integrity by calling for self-defense,” stated Pierre-Yves Marot, the public prosecutor. He announced that five members of Argos were first arrested by the police and another seven were taken into custody inside a vehicle shortly afterwards.
The prosecutor should be utterly ashamed of himself, as should all police officials who arrested these brave opposition activists. All authorities who went against the protestors, including Generation Identitaire, instead of the jihadists who've poisoned France, should resign from the jobs they don't deserve.

But I also think even Israeli delegates concerned about what goes on in foreign countries should consider speaking out in favor of the opposition to Islamofascism in said foreign lands, because there's Europeans who need all the help they can get, and if Israeli representatives were to speak in their defense, it could be very important.

Sunday, September 17, 2023

When Rachel Ehrenfeld learned about the platforms of George Soros

Ehrenfeld, who once wrote about Islamic finance of terrorism, was one of the first people to be aware of the bad platforms advocated by millionaire George Soros in the 1990s, one of which was to get drugs legalized in the USA, if anywhere:
Ehrenfeld first became aware of Soros’s plans in the 1990s due to her research on drug addiction and drug trafficking (Soros’s first foray into American public policy was drug legalization). “I knew that drug legalization would cause a massive increase in the number of drug addicts,” writes Ehrenfeld.

“Moreover, I recalled that enabling easy access to narcotics was mentioned in the ‘Soviet Military Encyclopedia’ as an important weapon during so-called peacetime. It was recommended because when easily accessible, narcotic use spreads like fire, undermining the targeted country’s society, economy, and political integrity,” she continues.

In February 1995, as result of her expertise on drug issues, Ehrenfeld found herself invited to a dinner at Soros’s home in New York City. He posed as open-minded and prepared to debate the drug issue, so she decided to correct him when he praised the Swiss. (Ehrenfeld had just returned from Switzerland, where she met with experts involved in a government-sponsored project to supply addicts with heroin, morphine and free needles—an experiment which proved a disaster.)

“[P]olitely, I interrupted Soros, pointing out he was ill-informed. He seemed stunned that I dared contradict him and forcefully repeated his praise of the Swiss. When I insisted he was wrong, the angry Soros turned around and left the big living room. The other guests, who until then stood around us, listening, moved very fast away from me. The scene reminded me of something Woody Allen would have created,” she writes.
Well those other guests were clearly as much a disgrace as Soros himself was being. But if you think that was bad:
Ehrenfeld recognized that Soros was determined to change America’s drug policy. In a Feb. 7, 1996 Wall Street Journal op-ed, she cautioned that Soros’s “sponsorship unified the movement to legalize drugs and gave it the respectability and credibility it lacked.” She also warned that if Soros went unchallenged, he would alter the political landscape in America. She even visited senators and Republican mega-donors to tell them Soros must be countered. Nobody took action, she said.
Not even Newt Gingrich, who if memory serves, once met with Yasir Arafat? Again, we have an example of how RINOs impeccably managed to lead to a most dire situation via ignorance. And, in case you're wondering, yes, Soros bankrolled Israel's enemies:
Q: Do you agree with comments by people like attorney Alan Dershowitz, who has said that George Soros has done more than anyone to turn Americans against Israel?

A: [Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel] David Friedman also has said that nobody has done more damage to Israel than George Soros. He’s funded the New Israel Fund, the Palestinians, Birzeit University, anti-Israel organizations in Israel. I quote Soros saying tribalism is not for him. So he doesn’t live in Israel. But he did everything in order to destabilize the place.

Q: Soros always cries antisemitism when he’s attacked. What’s the best way to undermine such a defense?

A: When people like Benjamin Netanyahu, David Friedman, Dershowitz and myself keep telling people this is not antisemitism. Unless you say that he’s Jewish and this is why he’s doing it. The religion he was born into has nothing to do with it. Soros says he’s agnostic.

Since the book came out, several Jewish publications have refused to publish either excerpts from the book or review the book. I’ve received hate mail following interviews, many from Jews. It’s worrisome.
The situation she describes is very much like how ultra-Orthodox clans rallied round abusive figures like Nechemya Weberman and Malka Leifer. So the leftists who're bound to be those ostracizing anything to do with her book better not claim they're any better than the Haredi extremists.
Q: Are you worried for Israel given that his son, Alexander, who’s slated to take over, has expressed more interest in Israel and Judaism than his father?

A: Alex is a big supporter of Jewish causes if by Jewish causes you mean anti-Israeli organizations.

It was interesting to see in the Wall Street Journal announcement with Alex Soros in June—I wouldn’t call it an interview, it was more a glorified PR ad—it showed a picture of Alex with his father at his bar mitzvah. I saw that as really a threat: “You criticize what I do, you will be accused of antisemitism.”

Alex has been trying to increase the division between the observant Orthodox and the … secular in Israel. He’s said that Jews in America are still conveying their support to Israel no matter what, and they don’t understand when they are supporting Israel, they are supporting apartheid. Soros, his father, was the first one to support the apartheid conference in South Africa.

Why they are so bent on hating Israel and trying to destabilize the Jewish state is beyond me. They are not the first self-hating Jews. Unfortunately, they have a lot of influence.
That's what makes them such a bad lot. If Soros Sr. was bad, we can only guess just how much Soros Jr. will be, especially now that he's using the antisemitism card just as much. This is practically why I'm furious at Haredi extremists, since they've used similar tactics, and it's only undermined the ability to combat self-haters properly.

It's good Ehrenfeld's shed light on what's wrong with Soros and company. But bad there's so many far-left Jewish Americans who're turning their back on her research.
Liz Wheeler, Hide Your Children: Exposing the Marxists Behind the Attack on America's Kids

Thursday, September 14, 2023

PLO is destroying Israeli heritage

The regional council of Gush Etzion warns the PLO's destroying antiquities in the Judean desert:
The Gush Etzion Regional Council, along with the "Shomrim al Ha'Netzach" (Keepers of the Eternal) organization, on Thursday said that in addition to the illegal construction and the permanent damage being done to the Judean Desert, the PA is also destroying archeological sites, where antiquities from various periods were found, including from the Iron Age – or the times of the First Temple.

According to Gush Etzion sources, the area has never been studied in depth, aside from a number of preliminary surveys. About 40 years ago, Professor Yizhar Hirschfeld conducted a survey in which diverse archaeological findings were discovered, including various buildings from the Byzantine period, agricultural structures from the First Temple period, and ancient graves from prehistoric periods. In addition, several roads passed through the area which were important in ancient times, and which were severely affected by the illegal development taking place.

Researchers say that the construction seriously harms the ability of scientists to understand important parts of world history that took place in the Judean desert, which was an integral passage between the Land of Israel and neighboring countries.
Naftali Bennett, along with Yair Lapid, have considerable blame to shoulder for leading to this horrible situation locally, after the former performed a coup détat in the past 2 years. Now, we're bound to have a whole fiasco destroying morale upon us as a result of all this corruption.

Lessons were not learned from 9-11

Alexander Nussbaum wrote about how no lessons were learned in the 2 decades since 9-11:
A few days ago marked 22 years since 9/11. That horrible event should have been the proverbial wake up call to America, the biblical writing on the wall.

But America didn’t learn. If anything, America learned the wrong thing. Progressives, the woke, “cultural elites,” whatever you want to call them, and the political party now in power despise America, Western civilization, and everything good, such as traditional values. The values that not long ago even the worst hypocrites espoused in public are now considered “hate crimes.”

...little did I know how bad it would be two decades later, underestimating the total madness that would engulf the West and its apparent determination to commit suicide. We saw barbarism on 9/11; today barbarism rules academia, the mainstream media, Hollywood, and the Democrat party.
And it's all dragging the entire world down with it. Some would-be conservatives, even Dubya, have to shoulder some of the blame too, because they never made convincing efforts to defeat the Religion of Peace when they had the chance, and even enabled Islamofascists in Afghanistan to do horrific things while they were there. When double-standards become commonplace, it's not possible to mend the damage. Now, said damage has taken its toll in the worst ways possible.

Monday, September 04, 2023

Saturday, September 02, 2023

Biden administration's terror funding cost an Israeli schoolteacher her life

Daniel Greenfield describes how fraud-in-chief Joe Biden's government has enabled Islamofascists to murder Israelis like a schoolteacher who recently fell victim to terror attacks:
Last year, Biden met with Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas and boasted that, “I reversed the policies of my predecessor and resumed aid to the Palestinians — more than a half a billion dollars in 2021.”

Batsheva Nigri, a preschool teacher, was riding in a car with her six-year-old daughter when Islamic terrorists from the Palestinian Authority’s Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade cut them off and riddled the car with 22 bullets. Batsheva’s six-year-old daughter watched her mother die.

The Palestinian Authority’s terror group hailed the murder of a 42-year-old preschool teacher as a “natural response to the crimes of the occupation” and as revenge for Denis Michael Rohan, a non-Jewish Australian tourist, starting a fire in the Al Aqsa occupation mosque in 1969.
Look how they even scapegoat Gentiles for the sake of their jihadist mindset. That's also very offensive.
The number of terror victims fell every year Trump was in office, from 15 in 2017, to 12 in 2018, 10 in 2019 and then only 3 in 2020. And the number of terror victims shot up every year Biden was in office from 17 in 2021, to 31 in 2022, and there is every sign that 2023 will top that.

Twice as many Israelis were killed in one month of Biden than in one year of Trump

It’s only August and already 26 Israelis have been killed by Islamic terrorists. Last year at this time 18 Israelis had been killed by terrorists making for a 40% increase in 2023.

What made all the difference? As Rep. Ilhan Omar once said, “It’s all about the ‘benjamins’”.

In 2018, Congress passed the Taylor Force Act, named after an Iraq War veteran who was stabbed to death by a terrorist in Jerusalem, which cut off most aid to the Palestinian Authority. In 2019, President Trump went even further with a nearly total cutoff of aid to the Palestinian Authority. Biden not only restored aid, he sharply increased the flow of cash to the terrorists.

Biden’s half a billion dollars helped fuel a massive surge in Islamic terrorism. While the money is officially listed as humanitarian aid, injecting money into terror zones funds terrorism.
An alarming amount - $6 billion - was also paid to Iran by Biden's bunch, supposedly to ransom out hostages. And last month, things were made worse even in the USA when the "administration" told 9-11 Families that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed could be spared the death penalty (H/T: Secure America Now). This is exactly what's dragging down the entire world, as Islamofascism is being practically funded on the one hand, and guilty prisoners are being spared serious punishment on the other.

Friday, September 01, 2023

Danish government betrays free speech values

Mark Steyn relays the sad state of affairs in Europe, as the current government of Denmark is making it a crime to burn Korans, and it looks like only appeasing Islam is the concern here:
Many years ago, my compatriot Ezra Levant observed that one day the Danish Mohammed cartoons would come to be seen as a more consequential event than 9/11. Not in the overall death toll, obviously - although the corpse count of the Motoons continues to rise (Charlie Hebdo et al) - but in its lessons for a free society's enemies. 9/11 led to two decades of ineffectual warmongering in Afghanistan and elsewhere, and the goatherds with fertilizer soon had the measure of that. But the cartoons and the west's reaction to them told the world that we would not defend core liberties such as freedom of speech: You don't need to blow up our skyscrapers; we're happy to surrender to subtler pressures.

And here we are eighteen years later, with the Danish Government proposing to criminalize the burning of the Koran and make it an offense punishable by fines and/or imprisonment.

[...] As Marie said, the walls of Christiansborg are "thick and massive". However, I woke up on the morning of the event to find that both the US State Department and the British Foreign Office had issued travel advisories warning their nationals to steer clear of both Copenhagen in general and Christiansborg Palace in particular.

Indeed. You don't want to be caught in the shootout at a free-speech event, do you? I doubt either the US Congress or the British Parliament would have agreed (under any circumstances) to permit a conference to be held under a giant portrait of Mohammed [top right] at the heart of the Capitol or the Palace of Westminster. Katrine, Marie and a small but determined group fought hard against the remorseless, suffocating urge to appease. And to be sitting in the heart of the Danish establishment with the Big Mo scowling above me was itself a modestly encouraging sign.

But it was on a day without many others. As Katrine alludes to above, Jyllands-Posten marked the tenth anniversary by re-publishing a perfect facsmile of the newspaper page as it had appeared in 2005 - except with white space where the cartoons had been.

"So sad,"
said Katrine. "Violence works."

That day, I was protected, as I have been on all post-cartoon visits to Copenhagen, by men from the PET - the Danish Security and Intelligence Service. Marie had booked a post-conference dinner at a fashionable restaurant, but they figured out why we needed security and declined to honor our booking.

So by the tenth anniversary it was not just that once publishable cartoons are now unpublishable, but that figures even tangentially associated with them can't get a table in a restaurant.

We wound up in a pub called the Mouse and Elephant in what Douglas characterized as feeling like "a party at the end of the world". Indeed. Post-Christian Europe is a mouse that decided to get into bed with the elephant of Islam; eventually, the elephant will roll over - and crush the mouse.
Surely it's telling if the USA Congress - not to mention the UK's Palace of Westminster - would refuse to have anything to do with the Mohammed cartoons, and that doubt includes the Republicans. If they're not willing to organize free speech panels involving the Mohammed cartoons, in example, they're no better than the European counterparts who pathetically refuse to defend freedom either.

But this definitely makes clear the sad trajectory much of the globe is headed on. All because nobody had the courage to do what it takes to move the Religion of Peace out of any sane country, or do anything else to put an end to it altogether. As for a post-Christian Europe, I find it disgusting in the extreme that Jewish advocates did nothing to encourage people to try out Judaism instead, and make it attractive as a good, if not perfect, alternative. By that, I mean that, while the Reform sect obviously isn't a good influence even by past standards, those who're Orthodox shouldn't use the Haredi approach as an influence either; the standard Orthodox approach is good enough. And those Judaists who refused to make any courageous effort to improve foreign countries by promoting Judaism as a worthy religion for foreigners to convert to should be utterly ashamed of themselves for failing the masses.

Update: Giulio Meotti has more on this sad development.

Thursday, August 31, 2023

NYC mayor will allow mosque loudspeakers to blare

For the 22nd year since September 11, New York City mayor Eric Adams is going to allow Islamic mosques to operate loudspeakers:
The Ground Zero Mosque was something from another decade. All of New York City is becoming overrun with mosques. There’s even an official city guide to the best terror mosques to visit while in the city.

Now, Mayor Eric Adams has great news for anyone who likes being woken by Jihadist shrieks in the morning.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams and New York City Police Department (NYPD) Commissioner Edward A. Caban today launched a new NYPD initiative to support and facilitate the Islamic call to public prayer at regularly prescribed times each Friday and during the holy month of Ramadan. The effort represents a historic step forward in Mayor Adams’ continued efforts to foster a city that respects all faiths and allows people to practice their traditions safely and free from harassment.

“For too long, there has been a feeling that our communities were not allowed to amplify their calls to prayer,” said Mayor Adams. “Today, we are cutting red tape and saying clearly that mosques and houses of worship are free to amplify their call to prayer on Fridays and during Ramadan without a permit necessary. We want our brothers and sisters of Muslim faith to know that they are free to live their faith in New York City because, under the law, we will all be treated equally. Our administration is proud to finally get this done.”

No one is stopping mosques from hosting their calls for the death of infidels, but can it be done quietly? Nope, it’s gotta be “amplified” much as it was in the days of Mohammed through massive loudspeaker systems.

New Yorkers had already been complaining about mosque aural terror.
It's bad enough with all the illegal immigrants Adams has otherwise allowed to crowd up the burg (and NY governor Kathy Hochul's allowed it too). Mainly because it takes away attention from serious issues like these. If this is how Adams is going to run NYC, then he's not serious about opposing antisemitism, as he supposedly did some time ago.

I visited NYC about 2 decades ago. But with the way things are going there now, heading for dhimmitude, I don't ever want to visit there again.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Illegal PLO construction needs to be stopped

A Gush Etzion mayor is determined to put a stop to illegal Islamic construction in the Judean desert area:
As part of his routine visits to areas throughout Gush Etzion, Gush Etzion Regional Council Mayor, and Yesha Council Chairman, Shlomo Ne'eman, today (Tuesday) stopped at the illegal PA town under construction in a strategic area, within a nature reserve, between Gush Etzion and the Judean Desert. Ne'eman discovered that construction at the site has progressed rapidly.

Ne'eman witnessed firsthand the trucks and other heavy equipment with PA license plates paving an access road to the new community.

According to Ne'eman, his visit proves how the PA is determined to quickly establish a new town in full view. The site is located not far from the Herodion National Park.

The Gush Etzion Regional Council recently launched a campaign titled: "Nothing is out of scope, as the PA builds," whose goal is to immediately stop the illegal PA building within the eastern Gush nature reserve.

During his visit today, Ne'eman said: "The enemy's heavy machinery continues to work full force. The tractors and trucks are their tanks – they are using them to conquer our land. Last Shabbat they paved another road. This is a nature reserve and we will keep it that way."

Ne'eman added: "The sounds of construction here are the sounds of destruction, they are destroying the desert, and creating a barrier between Gush Etzion and the Dead Sea. We see that the work to build a new city continues in full swing - one direction a house is being built and on the other side a mansion is already up, with Herodion in the background. If we sit idly by, this area will be transformed into a new Arab city. We will not allow this to happen. We will fight against it with all our might and we will stop this immediately."
Let's hope the authorities will be willing to confront the issue as quickly as possible.

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Pro-LGBT judge actually rules against Muslim-sponsored suit against indoctrination in Maryland school

This may be a coincidence, but what we have here is a most interesting case wherein Muslims lose - certainly this time - against the forcing of LGBT indoctrination in Maryland's school system:
A U.S. District Court judge denied Maryland parents’ request Thursday for an order allowing them to opt their children out of instruction using LGBTQ “Pride Storybooks.”

Atheist, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and other parents demanded the right to opt out of an LGBTQ book curriculum for pre-K through fifth grades in Montgomery County Public Schools, a Maryland school district just outside the nation’s capital.

Although Maryland law requires schools to allow parents to opt their children out of “all sexuality instruction” and to provide advance notice for such lessons, the new policy, adopted in March, excluded any opt-out right.

The parents sued, requesting a preliminary injunction to force the Montgomery County school system to restore the opt-out provision until the court fully resolves the case. Classes resume next Monday, so parents had hoped to secure the injunction before that date.

District Judge Deborah Boardman rejected the parents’ motion Thursday, ruling that they “have not shown that [the school district’s] use of the storybooks crosses the line from permissible influence to potentially impermissible indoctrination.”

Boardman, an appointee of President Joe Biden, ruled that Montgomery County Public Schools had not violated parents’ right to free exercise of religion under the First Amendment because, under the policy, “teachers will occasionally read one of the handful of books, lead discussions and ask questions about the characters, and respond to questions and comments in ways that encourage tolerance for different views and lifestyles.”
No doubt, this was unexpected for some. But again, while it may be a form of coincidence, a Democrat-appointed judge actually ruled against the Muslims, if anyone, even though there were Judeo-Christians and atheists involved in the lawsuit.

I do feel sorry for the Judeo-Christians that they have to cope with this awful indoctrination. Also the atheists. But when it comes to the Religion of Peace, seriously, it's hard to feel sorry for them when one considers what their belief system is built upon, which is little different - and easily worse - than LGBT ideology. Some could say the Mohammedans and LGBT ideologues deserve each other.

The Muslims might vote Republican in response to this. But that still doesn't mean we should approve of their ideology any more than LGBT ideology, and Judeo-Christians/athiests shouldn't associate or work in cooperation with them to battle against this current 5th column tyranny.

Monday, August 21, 2023

Schoolteacher murdered in Hebron

Jihadists attacked a car in which a woman working as a schoolteacher was riding, murdering her:
Preschool teacher Batsheva Nigri, 40, was shot to death in front of her six-year-old daughter on Monday on Route 60 in the West Bank after hitching a ride to her nearby home in Beit Hagai junction.

Nigri, a mother of three, grew up in Efrat.

The driver Aryeh Gottlieb, 39, also of Beit Hagai is in serious condition from gunshot wounds was transported to Soroka Medical Center.

The child suffered from light shrapnel wounds.

Two terrorists drove in front of the victims' car, cutting it off while slowing down traffic at the intersection. They then shot at the victims from short range, pepper spraying their vehicle with at least 20 bullets and then continued driving.

Al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigade, the armed wing of the Palestinian Authority's ruling Fatah faction, took credit for the attack
, explaining in a statement that it was "a natural response to the crimes of the occupation." The group further noted that this terrorist attack took place on the 54th anniversary of an attack on al-Aqsa by a Western tourist.

There was an IDF guard post nearby, but the lookout soldier did not see or hear the attack, which only took a couple of seconds. The rest of the soldiers at the outpost, which can range from four soldiers to a larger group, were not on lookout at the time of the attack. [...]

Shlomo Ne'eman, YESHA Council and Gush Etzion Regional Council head said that this was “yet, another shocking attack.”

”We send a warm embrace to the family of the victim at this difficult time and pray for the recovery of the injured driver. The terrorists act as a result of the hate education and funding from the PA, with the goal of massacring us. The government simply can’t continue down the path of the terrible Oslo agreements.”

He added that, “We demand that the government of Israel and the IDF forces change course and act with all means at their disposal to deal a severe blow to the terrorist infrastructure and the terrorist PA. The supporters, the instigators, and the sponsors of terrorism can no longer continue with their daily routine. There is a war here and in a war one must behave accordingly.''
See, this is exactly what's wrong here. The Israeli government, if anyone, should not be giving what could likely be the public's tax shekels to the PLO, since it'll only be used to enable more jihadism. And demands must be made to foreign government's to cease all their own anti-Israeli funding.

Thursday, August 10, 2023

It may be a burden on their beliefs, but what about their own Religion of Peace being a similar burden on any sane society?

In another example of why realists have to be wary of Islamic taqqiya (deception), here's news of a demonstration against LGBT ideology being forced upon students in Maryland, led by both Muslim and Christian parents in the city of Greenbelt:
More than 100 Muslim and Christian parents rallied on Wednesday arguing that a Maryland school district’s policy that prohibits them from opting their child out of LGBTQ lessons violates their religious beliefs and their ability to raise their kids, the Daily Caller News Foundation observed.

Members of the Muslim, Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox Christian faith rallied ahead of oral arguments in the Mahmoud v. McKnight case, a lawsuit filed by a coalition of parents against the Montgomery County Board of Education after the school district decided parents could no longer opt their children out of lessons that discussed books about preferred pronouns, pride parades and gender transitioning, for the right to “let kids be kids,” the DCNF observed Wednesday. Carrying signs reading “let parents parent,” Muslim and Christian parents told the DCNF that the school board’s policy allows teachers to push a different worldview and ideology on their children.

“We believe that the state is trying to impose a particular moral system on our kids,” Kareem Monib, a Muslim parent, told the DCNF. “That’s what we see. We cannot allow that to happen, because that will be the end of our [Muslim] community. Those kids will grow up hating their parents. They’ll grow up believing that their religion is wrong. In fact, they’ll even believe that their God is not compassionate, because the way that the other side frames it is that we’re denying their humanity whereas we do not believe that a person’s sexual conduct has to do with their identity. That’s just not in our worldview.”
Wow. Just what's so "right" about a religion that condones sick jihadism and sexual violence? And also honor murders? Isn't that denying the humanity of Jews and women, along with Christian adherents? Again, nobody should be taken for a ride by the taqqiya that's sadly in motion here, and nobody should have to make a choice between LGBT ideology and Islam. Also notice again here how the Islamists are adapting patriotic-sounding language if that's what helps further their cause.
“We don’t celebrate actions that go against our faith. We have a certain set of actions, sexual regulations and we want to teach our kids that this is the correct way to approach sex and sexual conduct,” Monib told the DCNF. “When the state comes in at an early age and starts introducing ideas, like transgenderism, or that there are more than two sexes, or even use terms that our kids can’t understand, that does create a burden on our beliefs.”
Yet their own Religion of Peace isn't a burden by sharp contrast, huh? And is no more dangerous to women and children than the LGBT ideologues themselves, right? I'm sorry, but based on the specific movement protesting the school's indoctrination procedures, that's why this is a case where realists don't know whom to root for. On the other hand, the following guy is far preferable for supporting:
Dagmawi Lakew, an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian who immigrated from Ethiopia and is a parent within the school system, told the DCNF that he came to the United States to escape policies that the school district is imposing.

“Almost all these people [at the rally] left their own countries to come here because we don’t have freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom to assemble the way we want,” Lakew told the DCNF. “We left our countries and our family and came to the United States because those rights weren’t given to us. And now slowly, but surely, those rights are literally being stripped away from us.”
Tragically, that's the sad trajectory the USA looks headed on these days; a most perverse form of communism and totalitarianism. And even Islamic shariah looms on the horizon, and no matter how this case turns out, that too is a danger the USA faces as much as Europe. But, the guy shouldn't be associating with Islamists, since they brought such disasters to the African continent over time, and Islamic sharia awaits the USA as well, if we don't remain vigilant.
After nearly three hours of oral arguments in the Mahmoud v. McKnight case, U.S. District Judge Deborah Lynn Boardman, who was appointed by Democratic President Joe Biden, announced that she would decide whether she would grant the coalition of parents a preliminary injunction, blocking the school district’s current policy, by Aug. 28, the first day of school for students within Montgomery County Public Schools.
If she rules in favor of the parents based on the Muslim movements being among them, it'll be no surprise. If the Democrats want to retain the ummah's backing, they'll make sure to accommodate them. And then, it'll be claimed that the Muslims accomplished justice, all for the sake of weakening the opposition to the Religion of Peace. That, again, is the problem here.

Israel's "hasbara" service is fouling up again

There was a recent incident around the same time as the terrorist attack in Tel Aviv, where some Jewish shephards were attacked by Islamists with rocks, and one of the Jews had to kill in self-defense, but was badly injured. Yet he's made out to be the villain here, and the US government drew a moral equivalence, calling the Jews "terrorists", not unlike how parents in Virginia concerned about transsexuals committing violence in schools were called "domestic terrorists" by the US government too. The Arab suspects were arrested, but moral equivalence still seems to dominate:
Five Palestinian Authority Arab suspects were arrested Sunday night by IDF forces on suspicion of involvement in a lynch attack on Jews.

In the Friday lynching, one of the Arab mob was killed when a Jewish victim defended himself.

On Sunday, the arrests of Elisha Yered and Yehiel Indor were extended by five days, on suspicion that they were involved in the death of the 19-year-old Arab.

Indor opened fire since he was concerned that his life was in danger, but later found himself arrested, despite having suffered injuries to his head during the lynching. As a result of his injuries, he was not present at the hearing and was not interrogated.

In addition to suspicions of involvement in the Arab's death, Yered is also suspected of disrupting the process of investigation. He is a former spokesperson for MK Limor Son Har-Melekh (Otzma Yehudit).

During the court hearing on whether to extend the arrests of Indor and Yered, the police representative said that the crime of murder was "entered into the system automatically at the start of the investigation." Following the interrogation it was decided that the crime which they are suspected of is "manslaughter." The representative also said that "there is no claim that there wasn't violence from both sides."

According to him, the Palestinian Authority Arabs who were involved in the incident were not interrogated, despite the fact that it is "important," but he noted that "there is an intention to arrest them." He could not say whether Indor fired before he was injured, and the police file does not include a photo of the crack to Indor's skull, though it includes a medical document.

Indor's attorney slammed the police for not including a photo in the file despite the fact that police representatives have been at Indor's bedside throughout his entire hospital stay. He also claimed that family was not allowed to remain in the room during the operation. The police representative countered that the family was in fact given the opportunity to remain in the room.
They attorneys and others are rightfully concerned at all the resources that've been focused on the 2 shephards. And one can only wonder if one of the guy's connection with a right-wing Knesset member had to do with this persecution, which must cease.

Ariel Kahana addressed the PR failures here:
The killing of Muhammad al-Durrah has gone down as one of Israel's most colossal hasbara failures ever. After the incident, which took place at the outbreak of the Second Intifada, the Palestinians claimed that IDF soldiers killed the boy in Gaza, and then-IDF spokesperson quickly assumed responsibility and issued a public apology on Israel's supposed targeting of the 12-year-old.

When it transpired, several months later, that he was actually killed by Palestinian fire, it was too late: Public perception had already been cemented; the world was convinced that the Jews killed him and there was no fact, video, or investigation could change that false impression.

The IDF repeated its grave mistake from 2000 over the weekend, after the dust settled following the deadly clash between Jewish herders and dozens of Arabs in Burqa – a village off Nablus. The clash ended with one Palestinian dead and one Jew gravely injured. Although the facts were blurry, and despite one side's version of events taking hold, the IDF and the entire defense establishment were quick to label this incident as "Jewish terrorism." This narrative is what was communicated to the Israeli media and the US.

"We are greatly concerned about all the attacks that we saw in Israel, in the Palestinian territories over the weekend. We strongly condemn those attacks," US State Department Spokesman Matthew Miller said this week. He added that "the IDF spokesperson called the attack in Burqa 'nationalist terrorism'."

Practically all those dealing with the incident – from the IDF, the Shin Bet security agency, and the Israel Police – have denied making a definitive determination that this was Jewish terrorism, or that they communicated as much to the Americans. In that sense, it appears that someone is lying. Part of Communications 101 is never to make your views clear until you have checked the facts with all sides of a story. In this case, Israel provided a version that adopted the account of only one side before it had the actual information of what unfolded; in fact, it is still unclear what really transpired.

Such conduct inflicts major harm that ultimately hurts Israel's image the world over. Rather than rely on the Palestinians for this incident, Israel should have simply said the following: This is an open investigation; the facts are not clear, but we will hold those responsible accountable. In fact, the cautious approach is all the more necessary in light of the judge's decision to let the main suspect in the killing, the settler Elisha Yered, be released provisionally on house arrest (pending appeal), and said the evidentiary material did not meet the minimum threshold to establish that crimes had been committed. His friend, Yehiel Indore, who sustained severe wounds in the incident, is still hospitalized and has yet to be interrogated due to his condition. The Shin Bet is no longer part of the investigation, suggesting this is no longer considered a Jewish terrorism case.
While it's lucky if they're stopping that narrative and angle, there's only so many more staffers who shouldn't continue to be employed at taxpayers' expense if this is how they're going to operate. They've caused only so much gigantic damage to Israel's reputation, and the worst part is they were probably doing it deliberately. Exactly why they don't belong in such positions. We must hope the injured shephard is cleared and recovers.

Thursday, August 03, 2023

Mark Levin, The Democratic Party Hates America

At Amazon, Mark Levin, The Democratic Party Hates America.

4 people injured in Maale Adumim by jihadist in disguise, and woman shot at in Jordan Valley

An Islamic infiltrator attacked a location at Maale Adumim, and was thankfully killed:
A Palestinian terrorist opened fire in the Israeli town of Ma'aleh Adumim east of Jerusalem on Tuesday, wounding at least four people before being shot and killed, Israeli police said.

The shooting outside a shopping mall in the sprawling Jewish settlement was the latest in the most violent stretch of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the territory in nearly two decades.

The Palestinian assailant, dressed as a security guard, was shot and killed by an off-duty Israeli police officer who had heard gunshots and rushed to the scene.
One of the targets is already recovering, but this incident makes clear there's a grave danger of Muslim infiltrators wearing disguises to commit attacks.

Besides the above incident, a woman driving through the Jordan Valley was also attacked:
A shooting attack took place near the Hamra Junction on Wednesday, reports said. A 32-year-old woman is lightly injured and was evacuated to Hadassah Mount Scopus Medical Center.

Israeli security forces are searching the area for the perpetrators, who fled the scene.

Hadassah Mount Scopus updated that the victim arrived at the hospital's trauma center fully conscious and in light condition with shrapnel wounds on her face.

The woman was traveling with her husband and their two children, ages six and nine, when a terrorist opened fire at them from a passing vehicle. Marks from six bullets were identified on the family's vehicle.

Rafael, the father, told Kan Reshet Bet: "We were returning from a vacation in the north, and suddenly I noticed a vehicle with Palestinian license plates starting to turn around on the road, and it made a suspicious movement. I stopped 20 meters ahead, and the vehicle returned to its lane and began moving towards me. Two meters away from us, he crossed the line, blocked me, and the traveler exited with an M-16 weapon and began firing."

"My wife shouted, 'It's a terror attack, go into reverse, escape!' and the terrorists' vehicle drove straight towards Shechem."

Magen David Adom (MDA) said that the woman suffered light injuries and is fully conscious after suffering injuries to her face from flying glass.

Yonatan Shenbai, an MDA paramedic, said, "When we arrived at the scene, we saw the vehicle, which showed signs of gunshots. In the vehicle were four people - a man, a woman, and two children ages six and nine. By a miracle, only one of the travelers, a woman of 31, suffered light injuries from broken glass. We provided her with medical treatment at the scene and evacuated her to the hospital."

The IDF responded: "Following the initial report, a shooting attack was carried out from a passing vehicle adjacent to the Hamra Junction. An Israeli civilian was lightly injured by shrapnel, and a number of hits to a vehicle were identified. IDF soldiers are pursuing the terrorists."
Here too, we have a terrible situation still going on, with jihadists on the loose, and the Religion of Peace unopposed.

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Saturday, July 22, 2023

London's Trocadero center looks like it'll become a mosque

A notable commercial center in the UK that's been defunct for nearly a decade has sadly been bought for the sake of becoming a branch for the Religion of Peace:
A defunct London landmark could soon become a mosque after getting the final approval from local city authorities, the UK media reported over the weekend.

Well-known businessman Asif Aziz, who was born in Malawi, seeks to turn The Trocadero into an Islamic prayer facility, potentially infuriating anti-Muslim circles and right-wing groups. The area where this is located, the City of Westminster, is considered to be the capital's entertainment borough, replete with alcohol-serving bars and clubs, as well as gay venues and strip clubs – all of which are considered by many Muslims to be against Islam. [...]

Aziz's charitable arm, the Aziz Foundation, has been leading the effort to repurpose the place. Under Islamic tradition, prayers are to be held five times a day, although they don't have to be carried out in a mosque.

The plans for a larger mosque – which would have the size to accommodate 1,000 worshippers – were dropped after this triggered opposition from local residents and far-Right organizations. Under the current plan, the modifications and repair works are likely to span several months.
Will there be enough people this time to protest against its construction? With the way quality of life in London's been going down over the past decade, who knows? This is another sad example of how the UK has been deteriorating badly in all the time Islam's made significant gains there.

Saturday, July 08, 2023

More reasons westerners shouldn't be fooled by Muslim opposition to LGBTQ ideology

Christine Williams and Frank Gaffney spoke about how there's Christians who've partnered with Muslims to oppose LGBTQ indoctrination in USA public schools, and why it's ill-advised to believe the Religion of Peace actually respects values other than its own alleged ones:
As the alliance between opponents of the aggressive LGBTQ++ agenda and Muslims grows, Westerners have been quick to see that Muslim groups get the results that Christians have been unable to gain so effectively on their own. Christians are generally not confrontational and are easy targets, as we saw in Alberta, Canada, when Pastor Derek Reimer was thrown in jail for “hate” after protesting a drag show for kids at a local library. Greater awareness about the alliance with Muslim groups is prudent. While Christians and Muslims can agree about the abhorrent imposition of the trans agenda, as well as the open nudity and vulgarity of some members of the LGBTQ++ community, there are other points of divergence that should be considered.

To start with, in the coverage by mainstream media — which is notorious for its lack of knowledge about Islamic tenets and laws — some have been describing Muslims who oppose the LGBTQ++ agenda as “conservative Muslims.” The term “conservative Muslims” has nothing to do with Western notions of conservatism and/or partisanship; it has everything to do with a Muslims’ level of dedication to Islamic law (the Sharia), and is a term usually reserved for describing the likes of Iranian mullahs, the Taliban and Salafists in general. The misuse of the term “conservative Muslims” in the mainstream media creates the deceptive impression that these Muslims are supporters of Western conservatism or parties that support conservatism. Most of these activist Muslims against the LGBTQ++ agenda are more likely still Democrats or Liberals, given the long established Islamic/Left alliance. There are indeed some Muslims who are aligned with Western conservatism. [...]

But the focus of this Preamble and of the interview below is not the Muslims who stand in unity with non-Muslims for religious freedom and equal rights for all. The focus is on those Muslims who are aligned with Sharia tenets, held by those ranging in beliefs from that of the Iranian regime and the Taliban, to the Muslim Brotherhood in the West. Westerners need to be aware that the LGBTQ++ woke aggression will be used and is being used as a launching pad for the expansion of the scope of the Sharia.
Read the whole item. This is exactly what I'd thought about myself after seeing some of these cases which, to be sure, aren't limited to just the USA-Canada, where Islamists are getting the results Judeo-Christians aren't getting at ease themselves. Those who blindly align with Islam no matter the exact beliefs of specific movements of the Religion of Peace's adherents are running the gauntlet of granting legitimacy to Islam it doesn't deserve, and that's exactly why Judeo-Christian adherents who're realists would do better not to align with Islamists on the LGBTQ issue at all. Glad to see Williams and Gaffney both recognize what's troubling about the situation here.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Alexander Etkind, Russia Against Modernity

At Amazon, Alexander Etkind, Russia Against Modernity.

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Sunday, June 18, 2023

Why is Ben Shapiro adding Islam to the mix here?

While discussing how LGBTQ ideology has replaced Judeo-Christian values as a "religion" in the USA, Ben Shapiro also brought something very problematic into the mix:
The Daily Wire co-founder added that people of faith, particularly Christians, Jews, and Muslims, all held some traditional values that starkly contrasted with the new values being pushed at schools and by corporations across the country.

“There is a common set of values shared by Jews and Christians and Muslims, actually,” Shapiro said. “And that set of values actually makes a difference in American public life. It’s why the notion that we should be posting ‘Pride’ progress flags in classrooms, but not the Ten Commandments is so absurd on its face.”

[...] “We have supplanted one religion for another religion, and the new religion is bad. It is a bad religion. It is a cultish religion that requires not just acceptance and tolerance, but destruction of the traditional forms of morality that used to undergird all of Western civilization,” Shapiro explained.
What he's telling here could easily describe the very religion that nearly resulted in the murder of Salman Rushdie. Yes, LGBTQ ideology is bad, but how isn't Islam just as bad an influence? Including Koranic verses calling for violence? Does Shapiro realize he's running the gauntlet of whitewashing the Religion of Peace? This is very irresponsible of him. How did we get to a point where all of a sudden, Islam's not considered a concern? Realists have known for a long time Islam was ostensibly against homosexual practice between adults, but knew that didn't make it acceptable, based on what the Koran contains about Jews and Christians, in example.

Shapiro might also want to consider the following report from Alberta, Canada, where it would appear LGBTQ ideologues have no opposition to Muslims protesting against their indoctrination:
Hundreds of parents, most of them Muslim, held a protest in front of city hall in Calgary, Alberta on Friday.

The protesters held signs reading “let kids be kids” and “school is not a place for political activism.”

According to The Counter Signal, chants of, “Leave our kids alone,” garnered responses from dozens of passing cars who honked in support.

According to the report on The Counter Signal, LGBT activists decided to refrain from creating a counter protest because, "It would be disrespectful to Muslims to show opposition to the protest."

“Any counter protest to the action at city hall will likely be used as ammunition for this hate group to paint queer folks as racist,” a source told The Counter Signal, who explained that the activists consulted with “queer Muslims.”
Whether or not they really consulted with homosexual Muslims, this is a strong clue that even in Canada, where horror stories have occurred as a result of all this awful garbage, LGBT movements have no serious interest in pushing their beliefs upon the Religion of Peace, and for all we know, it could've all been planned and choreographed for the sake of making Islam look good, right down how they carried picket signs like "let kids be kids". Interesting how the activists may have actually referred to Muslims as a "hate group", yet simultaneously didn't want to be called "racist" by the Islamists. Don't be shocked if the Canadian LGBT activists retract the "hate group" part soon, much like the Maryland Democrat who retracted her statement.

It's really too bad Shapiro's glossing over the badness of the Religion of Peace, and not recognizing how its "values" are incompatible with western values, or even those of far eastern countries like Japan and India, for example. Nobody should have to make a choice when it comes to LGBT ideology and Islam, yet Shapiro suggests he's actually willing to run the gauntlet of that, even if he ends up jeopardizing Jews' safety as a result.

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Joe Biden, Groomer-In-Chief (VIDEO)

At MEDIAite, "DeSantis War Room Posts Bizarre Video Suggesting Biden Is a Groomer: ‘Keep Your Hands Off Our Kids’."

Unlike Judeo-Christian city councils, Muslim-led councils in USA are allowed to clamp down on LGBTQ propaganda without serious complaints

The all-Islamic city council of Hamtramck, Michigan, which is in the area around Detroit, voted to ban LGBTQ flags from city property, which a Judeo-Christian council would be unlikely to do without opposition, nor a Buddhist-led one:
The all-Muslim city council of Hamtramck, Michigan, voted unanimously on Tuesday to approve a resolution that would ban the LGBTQ+ Pride flag from being flown on the city’s public property.

The resolution, proposed by Mayor Pro-Tem Muhammad Hassan, also bars any religious, ethnic, racial, political, or sexual orientation group flags from being flown on city property and only allows the American flag to be flown, along with state and city flags, other national flags, and the Prisoner of War flag, according to Click on Detroit.

The resolution passed “after three hours of public comments and months of intense debate,” the Detroit Free Press reported.

“Hassan and other members of the council said the LGBTQ+ community and others are welcome in Hamtramck but that they need to respect religious freedom,” according to the report. “Some proponents of the resolution said the Pride flag clashes with their faith. Several speakers from Dearborn who were leaders in protests last year against LGBTQ books spoke at the Hamtramck meeting, saying American soldiers sacrificed for the U.S. flag, not the Pride flag.”

City Councilman Nayeem Choudhury said LGBTQ+ people will not be discriminated against in the city but should also respect the religious liberty of the city’s Muslim community.

“We want to respect the religious rights of our citizens,” Choudhury said. “You guys are welcome. … (but) why do you have to have the flag shown on government property to be represented? You’re already represented. We already know who you are. … By making this (about) bigotry … it’s making it like you want to hate us.”

City council members also commented that the code was not about targeting a specific group, stating: “If you let one flag in, you’ll have to let all of the flags in.”

An immigrant from Yemen spoke in favor of the resolution, stating that while the city “respect[s] all nations, cultures, and their flags…we only salute the American flag.”
Here's some more on this subject. This is another telling example of how Muslims are made to look like they're literally patriotic and truly respect anything considered pro-American, in classic taqqiya (deception) style. And, don't be shocked if no genuine backlash ensues from LGBTQ activists. After all, if they're not forcing this garbage on Muslim-led countries, then they wont be forcing it on Muslim societies in the USA either by any stretch. That's not saying it doesn't happen in the USA, if we consider this example Abigail Shrier spoke about 2 years ago. But anybody who believes leftist-run state governments in the long run will target Muslims for this propaganda is mistaken, and what's happened in Michigan can certainly confirm as much. As noted before, this could all be part of propaganda efforts intended to soften people's views of Islam itself, which is very risky.

And despite what's been reported, Islam does have double-standards on homosexuality when it comes to children, and this even occurred in Afghanistan while USA military forces were working there. As a result, it seems pretty bizarre as you could expect that Islamists anywhere would seemingly oppose LGBTQ ideology even as there's Islamofascists who do practice it, even if only in a selective way. Some could wonder if LGBTQ apologists for child abuse borrowed a page from the Religion of Peace, and for all we know, that just might be the case. Bad ideologies can always borrow from each other.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Maryland Democrat proves how Islam is a protected class

In the past week or so, a Maryland Democrat with a record of making offensive remarks against Judeo-Christian adherents actually attacked Muslims for opposing LGBT indoctrination against their own children at public schools in the state, even though their opposition is unlikely to be altruistic:
A Maryland Democrat said Muslim families have sided with “white supremacists” for speaking out against LGBTQQIAAP2S+ materials being taught in the classroom.

The comment came from Democrat Kristin Mink, a member of the Montgomery County Council for District 5, during a school board meeting on Tuesday night.

“This issue has, unfortunately, does put… some Muslim families on the same side of an issue as White supremacists and outright bigots,” said Mink. “I would not put you in the same category as those folks, although, you know, it’s complicated because they’re falling on the same side of this particular issue.”

According to Fox News, she made the comment after “Muslim children from the district spoke out against their parents’ inability to opt them out of lessons they deemed violated their faith.” Mink further argued that Muslim parents have no right to opt their children out of textbooks highlighting LGBTQQIAAP2S+ issues.

“That is equity,” said Mink. “That’s not an infringement on, you know, particular religious freedoms, just as we cannot allow folks to opt out of teachings about evolution.”
Look how hilarious she's being when she speaks of "evolution", as though a new race/species were literally in the making. That aside, it's not often you see a far-leftist saying what she did, which alludes to what Islam is built upon.

But the other side is no better:
Ismail Royer, director of the Islam and Religious Freedom Action Team for the Religious Freedom Institute, called the comments shocking.

“I was shocked. I was absolutely stunned. That’s the last thing that I thought she was going to say,” Royer told Fox News. “In fact, the Muslims don’t hate anyone.”
Anybody in the know of Islam's teachings of hatred against Jews, Blacks and women will find this head-shaking, of course. This is, simply put, a classic case where you don't know whom to root for. The RFI director, no doubt, must've been shocked that a Democrat would say such a thing, because Islam's usually considered a protected class by leftists, far more so than LGBTQ ideology.

But apparently, that could explain why this Mink has apologized, but so far, only to Muslims, for what she said:
On Sunday, Democrat Kristin Mink, a member of the Montgomery County Council for District 5 in Maryland, apologized for equating Muslims who opposed LGBTQ-based curriculum to white supremacists. [...]

“On Tuesday, June 6, I spoke at a Montgomery County Board of Education meeting about inclusive education and whether families should be permitted to opt their children out of LGBTQIA-Inclusive curriculum materials,” the letter began. “I regret that although my remarks were focused on promoting inclusion, they created an opportunity for misunderstanding and mischaracterization. I apologize for the hurt that caused in the Muslim community.”
As Matt Margolis makes clear:
This letter, frankly, does nothing for me. It doesn’t change the fact that leftists like Mink continually equate opponents of their ideology to “white supremacy” as a default. Mink, a Chinese-American, fancies herself a social justice warrior and is clearly only concerned about the fact she offended Muslims. Do you think she has realized that opposition to LGBTQ-based curriculum in schools transcends race? Do you think she doesn’t still feel that Christians who oppose LGBTQ-based curriculum in schools aren’t white supremacists? Trust me, she doesn’t. Mink has a history of anti-white racism and anti-Semitism.
The Democrat leadership probably insisted she retract her earlier statement for all the reasons already discussed. So, nothing about her conduct is altruistic, nor for that matter is the reaction of most Islamists themselves. And if the Muslims want, chances are they'll get all the exemptions Judeo-Christians won't in the leftist-run classrooms. That's protected class status for you.

With all that told, it's worth noting that support for transsexuality in the USA is on the decline:
Support for gender transitioning is on the decline in the US, according to a new poll released by Gallup Monday.

Gallup’s Values and Beliefs survey compared popular opinion in the US in May 2021 and May of this year, and found that support for transgenderism has slipped over the past two years.

Over two-thirds (69%) of Americans now say that athletes must compete as their birth gender
, with just over a quarter (26%) saying that transgender athletes should be able to compete as the gender they currently identify with.

Two years ago, 34% of respondents said athletes should be able to compete as the gender they identify with, compared to 62% who said they should compete with members of their biological sex.

The percentage of Americans who believe changing one’s gender to be morally acceptable also declined over the past two years, falling from 46% in 2021 to 43% in 2023. The percentage of respondents who say it is not morally acceptable rose from 51% to 55%.

Republicans were least likely to say changing genders is morally acceptable, with 22% saying it was acceptable in 2021 versus 15% in 2023, compared to 76% saying it was unacceptable in 2021 versus 84% in 2023.

Independents were evenly divided on the question in 2021, 48% - 48%, and now are slightly less likely to believe it is acceptable (50% to 46%).

Only Democrats grew more likely to say it is acceptable over the past two years
, with the percentage of respondents backing gender changes rising from 67% to 70%, while the percentage of those who said it is morally wrong fell from 31% to 29%.
More on this over here. It's about time this horror ceased. It's caused only so much damage, especially to women, which is also what Islam's built upon doing.

Friday, June 09, 2023

Jewish doctor in Virginia murdered by drag queen son

Another sad tragedy occurred in the USA, vaguely similar in some ways to the bloodbath in Nashville, where the drag queen son of a Jewish doctor in Virginia violently murdered his father:
On Saturday, Michael Horwitz was arrested after fatally stabbing his father, Dr. Abbey Horwitz, at their home in Virginia Beach.

The 34-year-old, who identifies as a transgender woman and goes by the name Norah, has been charged with second-degree murder and stabbing in the commission of a felony.

According to the Virginia Beach Police Department, officers were called to the 1300 block of Wren Place just before 9 am Saturday. When they arrived, they discovered Dr. Horwitz, 68, suffering from "multiple stab wounds." First responders performed emergency medical treatment, but to no avail. He was pronounced dead at 9:13 am.

In their release, the VBPD noted Horwitz's full legal name, but added "Norah" in parentheses. Horwitz was also listed as female and authorities noted that "she" was being held in custody at the Virginia Beach Jail.

According to Reduxx, Horwitz appeared in court on Monday and was assigned a public defender after expressing that as a low-income worker, hiring a lawyer was too expensive.

Dr. Horwitz was a dentist and served as President of the Hebrew Academy of Tidewater and President of the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater. The Art of Dentistry, Dr. Horwitz’s practice, said in a biography that he was married to his wife for over 25 years, with the two having three children.

Michael Horwitz was also a drag performer under the name "Menorah Horwitz" in Portland, Oregon. Horwitz wrote a series of stories for the Portland Mercury in June 2017 regarding Pride month.
What's offensive besides the drag queen act itself is that the son impersonating women also did an Anne Frank impersonation:
“Horwitz also published a book titled ‘The Diary of Menorah Horwitz,’ which describes his combination of ‘Judaism and a love of drag in all the wrong ways when he becomes Menorah, Portland’s premiere Anne Frank impersonator,’” the report states, citing a synopsis of the book.
That can be considered a form of antisemitism in itself when the creep reduces a serious issue like the Holocaust to cheap sensationalism. If I were an heir/descendant of Frank's family lineage, I'd be outraged at how a pervert desecrated the poor girl's memory for the sake of his sick fantasies. The drag performer's basically indicated he's a self-hating Jew with his horrifying behavior, and will hopefully be locked away in a men's prison for a long time.

It's also disgraceful if the police are profiling him under the female gender, which only rewards his repulsive behavior, and hurts the father's memory even more. We must all offer our condolences to the father's relatives for the terrible situation that's sadly befallen them.

Thursday, June 08, 2023

Syrian "refugee" in French Alps stabbed children in Annecy

More tragedies come as the result of allowing Islamofascists into Europe, with this horrifying case that took place in Annecy:
A Syrian asylum seeker has reportedly been arrested on suspicion of stabbing four children at a play park in the French Alps.

The man allegedly attacked the children, who were aged about three years, and an adult in French city of Annecy at 9.45am on Thursday.

Two of the children and an adult sustained life-threatening injuries. [...]

The suspect was arrested by police soon afterwards following a brief struggle close to the park, which is in a square in the Alpine town, The Sun reports.

The knifeman was identified by the French Interior Ministry as Abdalmasih H., aged 32.

“He arrived in France in 2022, and had refugee status,” said a spokesman.

An eyewitness, who asked not to be named, said: …“He wanted to hurt as many people as he could. He caused carnage." [...]

Meanwhile, president of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, Laurent Wauquiez tweeted: “Horror again. This attack on children is the height of the abomination.”

“I extend my full support to the victims and their families."
Robert Spencer says Laurent Waquiez, who serves as the head of the region where this tragedy took place, allowed such monsters to interlope. So what's the use of his offering condolences if in the end, he won't take any proper action to ensure they don't enter anymore? This is very serious, and people are going to have to mobilize to demand action to expel these jihadists from the country.

Saturday, June 03, 2023

Islamist in Europe creates transsexual Muslim superhero

In this interview on Yahoo UK, originally from a European LGBT news source, a writer who may be a Muslim came up with something that's unlikely to please all followers of the Religion of Peace, even if it's meant to serve as some kind of bizarre virtue-signaling propaganda for whitewashing Islam:
David Ferguson chatted to Bijhan Agha, creator of the new science-fiction comic Time Wars: the Adventures of Kobra Olympus, which centres around a young gay, trans and Muslim character. He found out more about Agha’s influences, the comic’s story and the Kickstarter campaign to fund the project.

As this is a comic book project, what comics did you like growing up?

You know, I didn’t have a lot of money growing up, and by the ’90s, the cost of comics was quite high relative to the page count. So I didn’t get to read a lot of the comics which were being printed at the time.

But we had a local library, the White Center branch of the King County Library System, where they would have these thick comic book reprints using just the black line artwork on cheap yellow paper. These things had to have at least a hundred issues in each volume.

This is where I experienced the classics. Spider-Man from the 1960s. Justice League from the 1970s. Ninja Turtles and X-Men from the 1980s. But the one that influenced me the most, as a young queer person, was the Wonder Woman comic compendium from the 1940s.

What influenced you about these comics, in a good or possibly bad way?

In all comics, I loved the sense of wonder and imagination. There was no attempt to anchor the storytelling in our own world, allowing for a sophisticated and unpredictable mythology. Yet at the same time, the emotional reality of the characters was crystal clear, allowing you to perfectly understand what they were going through.

In Wonder Woman, in particular, I found a celebration of femininity and a clear thesis on what feminine leadership looks like compared to masculine leadership. This message was planted in me like a seed that wouldn’t sprout until I was much older.
One must wonder what could possibly have impressed upon this writer in WW, seeing how such a classic Golden Age creation didn't emphasize the kind of perversions we see today, where femininity is being villified in women, yet elevated in men. Not to mention that the Religion of Peace practically disrespects femininity when it demands women wear burkas/chadors/abayas at the expense of their health. And the writer of this comic adds insult to injury by emphasizing something WW didn't celebrate decades ago.
For the benefit of those unfamiliar with your comic Time Wars: the Adventures of Kobra Olympus, what would be your ‘elevator pitch’ to readers?

Time Wars is a universe in which time travellers from the 161st century are coming back in time to help us in the past wage a covert war against the Vampires who are manipulating history to create inequality and strife. Kobra Olympus is a young gay trans and Muslim woman who has been recruited by a time-travelling agent to use technology from the future to fight literal monsters who live in the shadows of society.
What if it turns out those "monsters" are metaphors for non-Muslims? Then this is a most hypocritical production, because it'd be elevating Islam and transsexuality for sainthood, while making "infidels" out to be the baddies. This reminds me of a report on a Muslim "scholar" who accused Jews of what the comic tells about. In that case, what if it turns out these vampires are metaphors for Jews? Shudder.
I adore cinema and television, and I would love to write for them in the future. But my experience with comic book adaptations and the “cinemafication” of comics leads me to believe that the story being told must fit the medium.

The medium, as they say, often is the message. For that reason, I tried to abstain from channelling the language of cinema into the comic, and focused on literary and comic inspiration.
This sounds like more virtue-signaling from somebody who read Sean Howe's past commentaries on how too much cinematic approach has ruined modern comicdom, and wants to make it sound like a follower of the Religion of Peace actually respects arguments made by people with far better understandings of what went wrong with comicdom. In other words, we're literally supposed to embrace and adore this writer because he/she is an Islamist?
The personal part of Time Wars was really engaging – it felt genuinely character driven. Did you feel any pressure to represent your Muslim culture as well as the trans community?

I hope we someday reach a time when a trans and/or Muslim artist can create artwork which is sincere and true to themselves without feeling like they’re somehow representing others as well.

When a white American man makes an action movie, he doesn’t think about how it will reflect on white people, Americans, or men; he just makes what he likes. But that’s not an option for people who are marginalized by society
. When we make art, politics depersonalizes it and makes it either an achievement or a failure of the label we share with others.

When I wanted to make a comic, I decided to emulate the greats. I had two main inspirations for what I wanted to do. On the one hand, outright activism like Dr Marston and Wonder Woman. When he wrote that comic, he did so with the explicit goal of educating young boys on how to accept feminine leadership and treat women with respect.

Then, on the other hand, you have pure self-expression, like Stan Lee and Spider-Man. Peter Parker’s daily misadventures paralleled Stan Lee’s own troubles with women, cars, rent, and more.

Therefore I wanted to tell an exciting and relatable adventure as Stan Lee would, but with the explicit political goal of fostering goodwill for trans and Muslim people in the nerd community, like Dr Marston would. So, my intention was, first and foremost, to make something fun and entertaining but to inject it with my real lived experiences to show how easy it is for everyone to relate to us when given a chance.
Well this sure is classic hypocrisy indeed. All coming from somebody who refuses to acknowledge the verses in the Koran disrespecting women, how honor murders are legitimized under Islam, or how many women in Islamic regimes are forced to wear niqabs, much like the trans-star of the show in focus is, which sure doesn't provide the wearer with an identity. But, this does raise an important point to make: based on Islam's disapproval of homosexuality for starters, a woman pretending to be a man and/or got a sex change operation would not have her claims accepted in a stringent Muslim regime like Iran and Afghanistan, period, and would be forced to wear a niqab, or could be subject to even worse, like execution. Even a male transsexual could experience a horror story under the sword of the ummah.

So this comic project is little more than an insult to the intellect, topped off by how interviewer and interviewee deliberately make an Islamist look like the smart one to be listened to, all through the lensing of hypocritical double-standards. Or, in other words, taqqiya (deception). Yet based on Islam's ostensible abhorrence for homosexuality, that's why there's little chance the Muslim world in its majority would accept such a propaganda product, which may be marketed more for the non-Muslim world, to serve as deceptive propaganda whitewashing a religion that's very contemptible of femininity, and to make the star of the show a transsexual only heaps on the insults in any event.

Friday, June 02, 2023

Coming from an Islamic immigrant, this comes off as a most peculiar complaint/lamentation

Last year, Abigail Shrier wrote about American families sending their children to foreign language immersion courses, because they're so disillusioned with whatever passes for "American culture" these days, and find it so bad an influence, they'd rather take measures they believe could shield their children from said influences, which are conveyed foremost via the English language. It's an interesting subject, but along the way, she highlights what a psychology expert told about a conference he gave in a certain location in Michigan:
At the end of a talk Dr. Sax gave at an Islamic center in Detroit years ago, a Syrian-born father approached him. The man and his wife had come to the United States twenty years earlier and had four children. “They normally speak Arabic at home, but they told me that when their teenage son wants to be defiant and disrespectful, he switches to English,” Dr. Sax said. “And Dad told me that his son’s whole body language changes. His eyes narrow, he gets a smirk on his face.”
Now this is most peculiar - and decidedly rich - coming from an apparent follower of the Religion of Peace, which seeks to impose perversions of its own upon western "infidels". Of course culture in the USA, as told there, has tragically been corrupted, but ironically, depending what's involved, it's not something a religion built upon jihadism, antisemitism, racism and misogyny would truly have an issue with. Especially if the kids continue to adhere to Islam even after becoming defiant of the parents. If modern entertainment products in the USA build on horrific ingredients like normalizing violence and playing it for cheap sensationalism, it'd only be seen as something Islamofascists would consider a perfect extension for their twisted beliefs.

Obviously, there are Muslim parents who have problems with children growing up disrespectful to them for all the wrong reasons, but it's still no excuse for raising them under a horrific ideology that's just as destructive as LGBT ideology's turning out to be in the past decade, and has led to terrible instances of honor murders against daughters over Thoughtcrimes. Indeed, how is that any different from the misogyny that's now resulted in girls mutilating themselves for the sake of transsexual ideology?

So maybe the real query here is why the aforementioned doctor was giving lectures at a Muslim institution. It makes this a very absurd situation where the guy risks glossing over one bad ideology while talking about another. If you think that's weird and naive, it sadly is.

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Shrier sets the record straight about Haaretz's lies

Abigail Shrier addressed what one of the worst leftist newspapers in Israel, Haaretz, is saying about her, and also Steimatzky and Tzomet Sefarim's refusal to carry her book, or not within the Tel Aviv perimeter:
Conservative author Abigail Shrier exposed what she called "leftist media lies" in a Twitter thread about the narrative surrounding the release of her book, "Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters," in Israel this week.

Shrier linked to an article in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that downplayed the support she experienced in the country as the top two book chains refusing to sell her book, "Irreversible Damage," in its stores after succumbing to activist pressure.

The author took to Twitter to correct the record and even after trans activists successfully pushed the country's largest book stores from carrying the book, hundreds of Israeli's registered and paid to attend her talk in Tel Aviv.
Read more at the article. It should be noted that a number of years ago, Steimatsky also refused to sell books about Charlie Hebdo's satirical illustrations that put them in the crosshairs of Islamofascism. So, this is no shock they'd throw her under the bus, but it's still monumentally offensive they continue to demonstrate they're an utter farce when it comes to extremists. I think the bookstore chain will have to be boycotted, since this is a very serious matter.

Update: here's more about the issue.