Thursday, June 10, 2021

Protest against Bennett's pseudo-government held near Knesset

A crowd gathered by the Knesset and government offices to make clear they're disgusted with Naftali Bennett, following his hijack of the premiership:
Hundreds of rightist protesters gathered in Jerusalem Thursday evening to rally against the incoming national unity government, condemning the new coalition for its reliance on the United Arab List (Ra'am) and left-wing parties.

Under the banner "No To A Left-Wing Government", the demonstration is being held near the Knesset building to protest the planned vote on and inauguration of the incoming government in the Knesset plenum this coming Sunday.

"We came here to prevent division within the people of Israel," said Rabbi Yehuda Ben-Yishai, the father of Ruth Fogel, one of the victims of the 2011 Itamar Massacre, carried out by a pair of Arab terrorists.

"Our enemies have a clear goal to divide the people of Israel. They are using pretty words to infiltrate and to get into the pure hearts of Israel."

The new government, which is set to be led by Prime Minister-designate Naftali Bennett (Yamina) for the first two years, is expected to be voted in and sworn in at 4:00 p.m. Sunday, during a special session of Knesset.
There's photos at the link. This pretty much makes clear even victims of terrorism are aware Bennett's the phony he always was, supposedly upholding valid issues but ultimately proving he wasn't honest on many of the most serious ones. Now, he's facing opposition and a very low approval rating.

Update: new polls show Bennett's small party losing even more ground if another election were held now.

Wednesday, June 09, 2021

French assembly will launch investigation into Sarah Halimi case

Now, we're getting somewhere regarding the mishandling of the Sarah Halimi case, where the courts refused to put the Islamofascist murderer of the lady on trial, using his supposed abuse of cannabis as an excuse:
The French National Assembly intends to establish a parliamentary commission of inquiry into the Sarah Halimi affair, the Union of Democrats and Independents Party said on Wednesday.

Halimi, a 65-year-old French Jewish retiree, was murdered by Kobili Traore, who threw her from a window in her Paris home in 2017. Traore shouted “Allahu akhbar” (God is great) and said after her murder that he had “killed the shaitan,” meaning the devil.

Earlier this year, however, France’s final court of appeal on criminal cases upheld a previous court verdict that Traore was not criminally responsible for the killing because he committed it in the course of a psychotic episode triggered by his use of cannabis.

Formation of the committee was initiated and will be headed by Meyer Habib, a French-Israeli UDI legislator who represents French expats in Eastern Mediterranean countries, including Israel.
Well let's hope some positive results come this time around, because the way the courts mishandled this cannot be allowed to stand. It's particularly tragic that any action should have to be taken, but when the situation's turned that dire, we're left with no choice.

Tuesday, June 08, 2021

New Jewish community in Samaria district in danger of destruction

A new Jewish neighborhood is being threatened with destruction, even as illegal Arab houses are allowed to remain:
On the eve of a new Israeli government, Daniella Weiss was at the Knesset with a message to outgoing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and incoming Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

“For the life of a new settlement, a new yeshiva, a new community in Eretz Yisrael, we Nachala movement together with Shomron Council have established a new community in the heart of Samaria after the terrible murder of Yehuda Guetta,” said Weiss, a leader of the Nachala settlement movement.

The new community consists of 50 large families with 200 children living in the hills next to Tapuach Junction.

“The government wants… to destroys a new Jewish community. Why? It doesn’t make sense,” Weiss said.

She has a message for Netanyahu and Bennett. And for all Knesset members and members of the government.

“We look around and we see hundreds and thousands of illegal Arab houses,” she said. “And we got this destruction order. To destroy a community of 50 families.”

She also addressed the Haredi parties “who now are very critical of Bennett.”

“We learned from Rabbi Kook that from Eretz Yisrael stems everything: unity, love, love of Torah, love of Eretz Yisrael.”

She added, “Let’s unite together and let’s have a Jewish new community that was established weeks ago with 50 families in the heart of Samaria. Let’s be together for the good future of Zionism and of the State of Israel.”
Anybody who recognizes why an injustice could be taking place would do well to stand behind the residents of the Jewish neighborhood. Something tells me Bennett's not going to be very effective in proving he can defend them.

Monday, June 07, 2021

Debra Burlingane is right: what happened on January 6 at Congress cannot be compared to 9-11

A few weeks ago, 9-11 Families for a Safe America co-founder Burlingame wrote in the Wall Street Journal about the Democrats' attempts to launch a supposed inquiry into the protest that took place at Capitol Hill on January 6, when Mike Pence threw Donald Trump under the bus, and makes clear the "comparison" to the tragedy of al Qaeda's terrorist attack during 2001 is offensive:
Democratic lawmakers want to establish a “9/11-style commission” to investigate the siege of the Capitol on Jan. 6. “I would like to see Jan. 6 burned into the American mind as firmly as 9/11, because it was that scale of a shock to the system,” commentator George Will said recently. The attempt to reconfigure the “domestic terrorist” narrative to fit the horrifying story of Sept. 11 is profoundly disheartening. These two events are fundamentally different in nature, scope and consequences. Mentioning them in the same breath not only diminishes the horror of what happened on 9/11; it tells a false story to the generation of Americans who are too young to remember that day nearly 20 years ago.

My brother, Charles “Chic” Burlingame, was the pilot of American Airlines flight 77. He was murdered in his cockpit at age 51 in a 6½-minute struggle for control of the airplane. Here is what I want these young people to know:

Members of Congress might have had a frightening day on Jan. 6, but on 9/11 some 200 people in the World Trade Center towers chose to jump from 80 to 100 floors above the ground rather than be consumed by fire. A woman waiting at a lobby elevator bank was burned over 82% of her body when jet fuel from the first plane sent a ball of fire down the elevator shaft and into the lobby. She spent three months in a hospital burn unit and was permanently disfigured.

There are countless harrowing stories like this—of death, destruction and heartbreaking loss. More than 3,000 children lost parents. Eight young children were killed on the planes. Recovery personnel found 19,000 human remains scattered all over lower Manhattan from river to river, including on rooftops and window ledges. Victims’ remains were still being recovered years later by utility workers and construction crews. Some families received so many notifications of remains that they couldn’t take it any more and asked for them to stop. More than 1,100 families received nothing. Their loved ones went to work that morning and disappeared.

The attack brought down our nationwide aviation system, shut down the New York Stock Exchange for days, destroyed or rendered uninhabitable 16 acres of Lower Manhattan including underground subway and commuter train lines and destroyed a section of the Pentagon. Rebuilding at ground zero is still incomplete, and U.S. troops are still in Afghanistan.

On Jan. 6, Congress resumed its session that evening.

It is deeply offensive and sad that the brutal and harrowing memories of the worst terrorist attack in American history are being deployed by political partisans. They are using 9/11 not as an example of what the American people endured and overcame together, but explicitly to divide, to stoke hatred and to further a political agenda aimed at stigmatizing the other party and marginalizing ordinary Americans from participating in the political process. That is the real threat to democracy.

It should matter that the vast majority of the people who went to the Capitol protest that day didn’t believe they were there to overthrow the U.S. government, or, it must now be said, to kill anyone.

There have been real terrorist attacks on the Capitol. But those must be forgotten because they came from the political left. In 1971 the Weather Underground, a Marxist-Leninist terrorist group whose goal was the overthrow of the U.S. government through violent, armed revolution, blasted a hole through the ceiling on the Senate side of the complex. It also bombed the Pentagon in 1972 and the State Department in 1975.

In 1954, four Puerto Rican nationalists opened fire with automatic weapons from the House visitors gallery with members in the chamber for a quorum call. Five representatives were wounded, including one, Alvin Morell Bentley of Michigan, who was hit in the chest. The perpetrators received sentences ranging from 50 to 75 years; one was released in 1978, and President Carter granted clemency to the others the following year. One week after the shooting, the House was back to business as usual. That was a time when more members of Congress had served in the military, and with the world still recovering from World War II, one doubts that anyone likened the attack to Pearl Harbor or the Battle of Iwo Jima.

We are living in perilous times. When a modern democracy deploys forces of intimidation—whether government, corporate media or cultural institutions—to promote the ruling majority’s propaganda, it is time for good people to stand up and object. The world-changing attack of Sept. 11, 2001 shouldn’t be used, either as precedent or moral authority, to create a commission whose sole purpose is to turn a straightforward law-enforcement failure into destructive political theater.
She did the right thing to point out how the political left - whom the Democrats represent - is given a free pass for many of the most horrific moments in history. And then, these same people have the blatant gall to make absurd comparisons at the expense of actual victims. All without doing anything to solve the problems that led to them, including, but not limited to, Islamofascism and desensitization to violence.