Thursday, August 23, 2007

Warner: Start Bringing Troops Home By Christmas

I know the theme of the Astute Bloggers is that we give decisive, and concise opinions on the issues of the day, but I'll be honest; I don't know where I come down on this one:
WASHINGTON - Sen. John Warner, a prominent Republican on military affairs, urged President Bush on Thursday to start bringing some troops home from Iraq by Christmas. Such a move would send a powerful warning to the Baghdad government that time is running out, said Warner, R-Va.

Warner said the president next month should announce the withdrawal of a certain number of troops to send a "sharp and clear message throughout the region and the United States" that the commitment in Iraq is not open ended.
The only opinion I have, and this is kind of a half-assed opinion, is that it seems to me the Iraqi government truly have not shown us the gratitude we deserve. And, I think al-Maliki is a snake.
I think Warner has a bit of a point when he says that, perhaps, we need to send the Iraqi government a signal. But likely, there is a better way to do so.

Thing is, it's easy to give up, but doing the right thing is almost always the harder choice.

RELIAPUNDIT: I have no problem calling Warner what he is: A TIRED OLD SACK OF SELF-SERVING, ENEMY APPEASING CRAP. And by enemy I mean al Qaeda, Iran and the Democrats.

He also said (SAME LINK AS ABOVE):
"We simply cannot as a nation stand and continue to put our troops at continuous risk of loss of life and limb without beginning to take some decisive action," he told reporters after a White House meeting with Bush's top aides.

Warner's new position is a sharp challenge to a wartime president that will undoubtedly color the upcoming Iraq debate on Capitol Hill.
SINCE WHEN IS RETREATING "DECISIVE ACTION"?!?! And to come out and say this now - before Petraeus has reported - and while we are making TONS of progress, militarily - is asinine.

Warner is an ass. I wish he'd retire.

If you want to learn what we must do in Iraq and why, then read and listen to Bush's speech before the VFW. IT WAS GRRRRRREAT! (LISTEN HERE.)

Bush gets it. Warner and the Defeatocrats he imitates do not.



Punditarian said...

I don't know what you mean by showing gratitude. The only meaningful gratitude would be getting a stable government going. I don't think fawning over us and giving us shows of gratitude are really needed. Although I thought his speech to the US Congress wasn't bad.

Pastorius said...

Sorry I'm not totally with you guys on this one. But, my job is to call 'em de way I sees 'em.


I'm glad you cut in though, Reliapudit, my man.

Punditarian, did you get my apology?