Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Peak Oil?

Oooops. That title is for the peak oil folks. It looks like all that has peaked is the "easy to get" oil.

Evidently there is a new abundance with current technology - and prices.

You can get the details at: Peak Oil?

Reliapundit adds: Great link! I added the pretty pictures to help dispel the notion that opil rigs are bad. And I want to remind everyone that not a single oil rig caused any environmental damage as a result of Katrina: THEY ARE CLEAN AND SAFE.

And pretty.


DavidCyrus said...

Yes, the rigs are relatively benign- they all have shut-off valves that limit spills. It was the six million gallons of oil already pumped that harmed the environment. But the rigs were no part of that (except of course, that's where the oil came from...)

Here are some links describing the environmental danage cause by oil spills from Katrina:

Oil Spills Mount

Massive Spills Stain Louisiana

Katrina's Environmental Damage

Reliapundit said...


do you or do you not support more drilling off shore?

and in anwr?

katrina - and the uk's experience in the north sea --- and canada's in the great white north -

all inform me that we can safely drill for oil off shore and in anwr.

and we should be.

only the left - the dems - prevent this.

and in so doing increase the strength of foreign oil.

DavidCyrus said...


By combining some simple conservation methods, and heavily funding R&D of alternative sources, we could wean the US off foreign oil in ten years.

Our attempts to compete with the vast Middle East reserves has done nothing for us.

Is off-shore drilling the only solution you can come up with to our nation's dependence of foreign oil?


Reliapundit said...

1 - we do not need to heavily fund R&D of alternative sources.

we can let the market do this.

2 - why not let usa drill in the usa?

you admit it is safe and clean to drill there, no!?!?

it makes no sense NOT to. no one else will if we don't.

BTW: at the current price for a barrel of oil PRIVATE companies are investing BILLIONS in coal-to-oil (or diesel?) plants and shale oil in edmonton is profitable etc.

REPEAT: why give away taxpayer money to the energy corps!??!?!!?

we have posted on the coal conversion stuff a few toimes here.

ALSO: as a floridian, dave... do you oppose off shore drilling off the coast of florida? as teddy opposes wind farms off the coast of nantucket?

if you do then you are as hypocritical as he is.

and edwards and gore and the whole lot of the AGW nuts.