Friday, December 22, 2006


Oh My News/KOREA:
According to rumors, the IAEA had already identified the source of the polonium as a nuclear reactor from Moscow. On Monday, the deputy director of the Kurtchatov nuclear research institute announced the shutdown of 6 nuclear reactors in the Moscow area.
RTWT. Here're my thoughts:

I am leaning toward the theory which blames Putin. It's the simplest explanation. REVENGE. A RUTHLESS MUDER WITH A RADIO-ACTIVE MESSAGE.

BUT... Litvinenko - the dead Muslim former KGB agent - is directly linked to Zakayev the Chechen rebel refugee living in London, and both are directly and financially linked to Berezovsky - a major foe of Putin's. So... MAYBE... Berezovsky was financing the construction of a nuclear bomb (or several dirty bombs) for the Chechens? Maybe Berezovsky saw it as a way to topple Putin, (and reneter Russia)? Maybe Litvinenko died while making it - (them)?

This theory - the LZB Theory - is the only theory which explains eveything - the cost, the connections, and the frantic Berezovsky post-Litvinenko-death "anti-Putin" PR effort.

BILLIONS and BILLIONS of oil-dollars are at stake in Russia - (Putin just took over Shell and BP's operations in some oil-fields). Maybe Berezovsky wants back in!? And maybe he thought this was his ticket? In this case, then, the bomb would have been intended for use in Russia, or Chechnya.

BUT... MAYBE IT WAS TO BE USED IN ENGLAND!? Maybe this planned attacked was at the center if the recent jihadoterror warning that the UK government has just issued yesterday?

Maybe Litvinenko and Berezovsky got the Polonium from sources they knew and knew they could buy? And maybe this explains the involvement of the other Russians. Maybe they were free-lancing for the money.

ALL I KNOW IS: This is some freakin' mytsery. I hope it doesn't blow up in our faces.

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