Saturday, November 11, 2006


All five Shia Muslim pro-Syrian ministers in the Lebanese government have resigned, Hezbollah has said. They include two Hezbollah members and two from the Amal movement, its ally. In multi-party talks, Hezbollah had asked for cabinet seats that would give it and its allies power of veto but the majority group in parliament refused. Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora said he refused to accept the resignations but the five say they will stick by their decision.

The resignations came just two days before the government was due to discuss a draft UN document on a tribunal for those suspected of killing former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri last year.
The tension in Lebanon has been building since this summer's war between Hezbollah and Israel and ahead of the formation of the tribunal.
As a result of the Hariri murder investigation and the recent indictment of former Iranian president Rafsanjani, things might soon be getting very interesting. It will be hard for the Lefties to argue that terror is "merely a law enforcement problem" - (one made worse by Bush) once these indictments and tribunals have been shown to be utterly USELESS - which is inevitable since neither Rafsanjani or Assad will ever agree to be tried in any court of law. So perhaps the Left will be smoked-out on this issue - and be forced to admit that the GWOT is a real global war - sooner than we think.

****11/12/06 UPDATE: We beat LGF by a full 12 hours on this story folks, proving once again you all should make TAB your first stop for news and analysis! AND TELL YOUR BUDDIES!


Pastorius said...

Now come on, do you really think there is a chance of that?

I am incredulous.

I think that is the lifelong Democrat in you talking. You and I both want to believe that they can still make sense. Hey, i get nostalgic and maudlin about the Dems too. I understand.

Reliapundit said...

maybe. but there could hardly be clearer proof that the law enfoircement model can't work in the gwot than the failure to bring assad or rafsanjani to justice.

indictments which go unenforced as the indictees continue other crimes.

this failure proves - to all rational humans - wht we must fight them with both broad and focused kinetic energy.

this rpoof will peel off some independents and some more mod dems - like harmon and hoyer and lieberman.

it will not make leftie doves into hawks. but it will shift the power back to us. i hope.

Pastorius said...

Well, I see what you mean. Certainly, I was quite the liberal, and even a bit of a dove, prior to 9/11. So yeah, of course people can change.