Sunday, November 12, 2006


Let's forget the players for the moment, and look at the map for the result of 2006 and compare them to the map for 2000 & 2004.

What we see is that the GOP slipped badly in three key states -states the GOP MUST gain back if they are to win in 2008: Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. The inability of the national GOP to overcome state party problems is very troubling, and means that the state parties in these essential 3 must be revamped... NOW.

In Ohio, Taft is a corrupt moderate, who REALLY hurt the party. Now that the state has a Dem guv, the GOP there must get it's act together and propose MAJOR tax cuts - and find a charismatic spokesman for this effort. And he or she should have nothing to do with the state's to AWFUL/wimpy US Senators: DeWine (who is exiting) and Voinovich - the crybaby who dissed Bush by initially failing to support Bolton.

In Florida, the state GOP failed to get a good Senatorial candidate to oppose Nelson - even though it elected a GOP guv. This shows that FL voters know how to split their tickets, and that the state GOP is incompetent. Florida is a must win state for ANY POTUS candidate. Senator Martinez AND Jeb Bush MUST take control of the state machine and be held repsonsible for recruiting good candidates for 2008, and getting an advantageous referendum on the ballot, too.

In Pennsylvania, the state GOP failed to get behind Santorum - who got behind Spector - (and also Spector, the ungrateful s**mbag - failed to get behind Rick), and the state GOP also nominated Swann - who proved that a novice with name-power is NOT always the way to go. Former guv Tom Ridge should step to the fore, become state party chair and get this state's GOP apparatus together.

ALSO: I'd make Michael Steele and the RE-ELECTED MID-WEST guv Tim Pawlenty the GOP Co-Chairmen and have them assign the best operatives to these three states - NOW.

Time is a wasting... In addition to the great Mitch McConnell in the Senate (and hopefully Pence in the House), we need these two visible and credible GOP chairs to be the NEW face of the opposition, ASAP! The fight is on. The battlefield is bigger than before and the opposition stronger. We need to formulate an aggressive platform of lower taxes (smaller government), a more assertive and forward-leaning foreign policy, and conservative judges. FASTER, PLEASE!

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