Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Signs are mounting that al-Qaida terrorists are setting their sights on Israel and the Palestinian territories as their next jihad battleground.

Israel has indicted two West Bank militants for al-Qaida membership, Egypt arrested operatives trying to cross into Israel and a Palestinian security official has acknowledged al-Qaida is "organizing cells and gathering supporters."

Al-Qaida's inroads are still preliminary, but officials fear a doomsday scenario if it takes root.
I predicted this in September of last year. (And updated it HERE and HERE.) THE REASON?! The closer we get to defeating the jihadoterrorists (al Qaeda in Iraq, and Syria and Iran in the UNSC - for starters), the more desperate they all become and as a result they try desperate attacks to attempt to divert our focus and diminish our resolve - hence the Egyptian beach-resort bombing, the wedding bombing in Jordan and the recent mosque bombing in Samarra.

One of the last "trump cards" that al Qaeda, Syria, Iran and their jihadoterrorists (Hizballah and Hamas) think they hold is instigating a Holy War/Pan-Arab war against Israel - either by carrying out a major WMD attack there, or by blowing UP the "al Aksa" mosque. STAY TUNED...


Pastorius said...

Do you think this might also have something to do with why the Left has been getting so heavy on Israel lately?

Honestly, I think things are going to get much worse, before they get better.

I like your forward motion approach, RP, but we are having trouble as a nation, remembering, what our principles are.

I think that means we are going to be tested. It will be a trial by fire. I don't say this out of any metaphtsical b.s. ideology. It's just the way the world works.

If you don't know what you stand for, you will be tested, and you will either stand or fall on your own merits.

Bush, thus far, has shown great clarity on the Israel issue, but that isn't the whole of the problem. Human rights for the swarthy people of the ME is just as important. If he doesn't stop it with the confusion on that issue, we're screwed.

You can't b.s. the reaper.

Pastorius said...

By the way, do you dig Lester Bowie? That's what I'm listening to right now.

Reliapundit said...

pasto -

you wrote: "Bush, thus far, has shown great clarity on the Israel issue..."

well... i think his bottomline is roght on, he ahs made many errors.

the biggest one was twisting sharon arm to allow hamas on the ballot BEFORE they disarmed.

blair had always made IRA disarmament central.

but this is just a tactcial error.

we need to keep the pressure up and keep turning it up on assad and iran.

right now, the best thing we need is a unity govt and new PM in iraq.

then tough res's out of the unsc on iran and assad.

Reliapundit said...

i know david bowie and les brown
and sam bowie and lester young
but not les bowie.

i find some mp3 sample and check him out.

Anonymous said...

if Al Q were to blow up the Temple Mount it would be part of g-ds plan...

Pastorius said...

Sorry, I meant the Iran/Israel issue. Of course, we have done things wrong with regards to Israel from time to time. No question.

Lester Bowie was the trumpeter for the Art Ensemble of Chicago. His style was a combination of Miles Davis and Thelonius Monk, with a lot of Avant Garde thrown in.

Tremendous player, but not recorded much. Died too young.