Wednesday, October 26, 2005


There has just been a jihadoterrorist "islamikaze-genocide" bombing inside Israel - in the north, on the coast in the city of HADERA - NOT FAR FROM Hiz b'Allah's stronghold in southern Lebanon.



Not content to help jihadoterrorists SPREAD havoc in Iraq, NOW - in a desperate attempt to foment ENOUGH regional instability (the kind of chaos in which he might survive) - Assad is, IN MY OPINION, stirring up trouble INSIDE ISRAEL in an attempt to start anoither Arab-Israeli war - during which Assad would even try to REOCCUPY LEBANON!

Iran, Syria and Hiz b'Allah (and Hamas and the PFLP and other jihadoterrorist groups) have all wanted Israel to be destroyed anyway - (the president of Iran just reiterated this in an interview; more HERE). Assad's crisis and the impending defeat of the "insurgency" in Iraq) is making these evil-doers MORE DESPERATE: Assad is barley holding on to power, and Iran KNOWS it's SURROUNDED.

SEVERELY COMPLICATING MATTERS: Putin has announced that Russia will BLOCK any sanctions against Syria! This means we will have to find OTHER MEANS to topple Assad - probably using border skirmishes and Iraq infiltration as an excuse - (maybe even getting the Iraqi parliament to declare war on Syria).

WHY IS PUTIN PROTECTING SYRIA AND IRAN?! IMO: Because Putin is a LEFTIST - as are Assad's Baathists and Iran's mullahs. And because they are leftists - like most leftists, and LIKE THE FRENCH - they want to diminish the power of the USA ABOVE ALL ELSE. The Left thinks they are using the islamists, and vice versa. ALSO: they are united by a deep and abiding ANTI-SEMITISM. WHAT IS MORE: leftists and islamists are "kindred souls": they each have a deep affinity for strong states that tyrannize individuals, and neither loathe or fear or see as foes nations ruled by tyrannical governments; in fact, they BOTH advocate elitist government in order to implement "utopianist" policies. They are two sides of the same coin: STATISM (politically) or TYRANNICAL ZEALOTRY (ideologically). UPDATE: The SANCTIONS being proposed by the USA and the UK and france are targeted against the perps and NOT the nation, so Russia MAY be forced to abstain! STAY TUNED!

For liberty and peace and prosperity to flourish the Axis of Evil must be defeated.

Lebanon is facing an "increasing influx of weaponry and personnel from Syria" to Palestinian militia groups, a United Nations report said yesterday. The report, the second of two United Nations investigations into Syria's interference in Lebanon, said there had been a remarkable turnabout from Syria's long domination there. Damascus removed its troops last spring after 30 years of occupation following mass demonstrations and international pressure over the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Still, the report says, Lebanon has not achieved "tangible results" in disarming the Palestinians and the Shiite Hezbollah militia or in exerting full control over its territory. The situation remains "volatile," the report warned, citing "a number of worrying developments affecting the stability of Lebanon, particularly in the form of terrorist acts and the illegal transfer of arms and people across the borders into Lebanon."
The Axis of Evil doesn't just want to use these weapons against the anti-Syrian Lebanese; they're also to attack Israel. Stay tuned! Tick... tick... tick....


Anonymous said...

Putin is just trying to schmooze a client state...

when push comes to shove the ruskies don't have the ability to project power in the middle east...

but of course they'd love to sell weapons...only half of what they sell to arab states ends up in their own backyard.

this is no time for gwb to get shaky in the knees.

the house of cards is ready to fall:

McCoy said...

” IMO: Because Putin is a LEFTIST - as are Assad's Baathists and Iran's mullahs.”

This illustrates the problem with relying on a simplistic dichotomous division of the political spectrum.

Putin’s alliance with Syria and Iran most likely has more to do with material import/export issues than it does with ideological congruency. And the notion that the borderline theocratic tendencies of Iran and the social policies of the Ba’athists qualify as ‘leftist’ is preposterous. This theory of yours that ”leftists and islamists are "kindred souls"” fails to consider some rather relevant points of divergence with respect to social outlooks, rights, secularity, equality, representation… need I go on?

It might suit your purposes to vilify your ideological opponents with an overtly crude “Eveyone who isn’t ‘A’ is ‘B’” division, but I think the ridiculousness of such two-dimensional reasoning is self-evident.

I’d also like to remind you that many Political Scientists and philosophers might consider some of the very policies that you’ve advocated on this very board (particularly with respect to the tyranny of majority) would qualify as Tyrannical Zealotry. I’m no fan of Putin, the Ba’athists, nor the Iranian mullahs. However, your criticisms of them would be much more credible if they were accurate, consistent, and not an obvious attempt at well-poisoning.

reliapundit said...

hi mccoy.

you wrote:

"And the notion that the borderline theocratic tendencies of Iran and the social policies of the Ba’athists qualify as ‘leftist’ is preposterous."

you are ignorant. why not google batthism and actually read about it. it is a SOCIALIST party. always has been.

you wrote (quite IDIOTICALLY!):

"It might suit your purposes to vilify your ideological opponents with an overtly crude “Eveyone who isn’t ‘A’ is ‘B’” division, but I think the ridiculousness of such two-dimensional reasoning is self-evident."

I do not lum people in only two groups, in fact, this post lumps the left and the ismalists ionto the same group! and i do so becasue BOTH are STATOIST.

this is irrefutable. both rely on a strong state to run roughshod over indidivduals ewlse their programs cannot win. that's why they oppse democracy and liberty.

or do you claim that putin and OBL love liberty!?

you are an idiot.

nothing i have ever advocated has ever neen statist - let alone tyrannical. you are an idiot. i am a liberatiran /inidividualist. i oppse all statists - baathists like saddam and assad and leftists like arafat and stalin and castro and mugabe and hitler and mussolini. all leftists/statists.

yeah: i know that the traditional political spectrum puts hitler on the extreme right and stalin on the extreme left, BUT THAT IS WRONG.

nazi = national SOCIALIST party. literally and figuratively. anyone who has read mein kampf or ther nazi promer knows that hitelr was a socialist. hitler was NOT a marxist. marxism is a subset of socialism.

in the traditional spectrum, the elft is commie and the right fascist/nazi. and the dems/reps in the middle. but in this scheme there is NO LOGOCSL place for ANARCHISM.

in a truer more accurate more logical spectrum, all statist ideologies are left, and anarchism is extreme right. then it is logical to put democratic republics in the middle.

in this schem it become obvious that putin and iran and syria 9and other statist nations) have more in common than not.

and it becomes clear why they have an affinity.


McCoy said...

Namecalling doesn't make an argument, whether it is done in capitalization or not.

I realize that the Ba'ath party has roots in socialism. What I said was that its social policies of the Ba'ath party do not reflect those of contemporary progressivism. The Ba'athist concept of "freedom" is not representative of "the left", despite its affinity for socialism. As I pointed out above, dividing the political spectrum into simplistic groupings fails to reflect these rather relevant differences. While the reason that you're doing it is obvious (well-poisoning), that doesn't make it any less disingenuous. The "left" that you continuously rant about is nowhere near as homogeneous as you would like to portray it as.

Socialism and "Statism" are not synonymous, nor is socialism the dominant ideology of the contemporary left. Suggesting that Putin or Osama bin Laden are representative of todays "left" might appeal to the same audience that Coulter does, but that certainly doesn't make such a claim accurate. "Statism" also does not fall solely into the domain of the left, (You might consider recalling some of your own comments regarding state intervention into the Schiavo situation).

As for 'tyrannical zealotry', I'm certain that Plato, Madison, and de Tocqueville (just to name a few) might consider some of the commentary that you've devoted towards "democracy = majority rule" as falling into that category.

Putin's interest in Syria and Iran has likely little at all to do with shared views on "statism", and much more likely to be been motivated by material assets.

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