Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Bush's poll numbers and the poll numbers on Iraq have steadily eroded - due primarily to the nightly onslaught of bad news from Iraq, bad news the MSM focuses on TO THE EXCLUSION of reporting the good news: good news from Iraq and good economic news from the USA.

And, it ain't just me and the blogosphere complaining, either: Many people notice the anti-Bush/anti-war bias of the MSM - AP:
Another standing ovation was prompted by a woman who asked Bush what could be done to keep the press from ignoring progress in Iraq.

"Our major media don't want to portray the good," she said. "If the American people could see it, there would never be another negative word about this conflict." Bush declined the opportunity to tell the media what to publish.
The WH doesn't seem to have any surrogates who can adequately carry the message OVER THE HEADS OF THE MSM; only the POTUS seems to be able to do it, and he's currently on ANOTHER of those PR swings, and he's doing a fine job of it, too. I think his poll numbers next week will reflect that - and he will get another boost when the Iraqis announce their unity government and NEW PM.

I seem to remember that there was time when Bush had a lot of good PR help and his poll numbers - and the poll numbers for the Iraq War - were higher then. The help came from CHRENKOFF, whose monthly dispatches collecting the GOOD NEWS from Iraq and Afghanistan was a staple of the blogosphere which seemed to help keep the entire nation's morale UP.

Bush's numbers only really started to go south after Chrenkoff retired his blog (last fall). (Poll data here.) [LINKS TO ALL 35 "GOOD NEWS "DISPATCHES HERE.] YUP: IT'S CHRENKOFF'S FAULT!

CHRENKOFF: COME BACK! YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU! (OK: it's not your country; you're an Aussie). SO: CIVILIZATION NEEDS YOU! I mean it, ARTHUR: Either start running the dispatches again, or get a job at the WHITE HOUSE!

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