Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Ex-Powell aide is back again, criticizing the Bush Administration. TODAY... he's whining about detainee policy. WASHPOST/AP:
In an Associated Press interview, former Powell chief of staff Lawrence Wilkerson also said President Bush was "too aloof, too distant from the details" of postwar planning. Underlings exploited Bush's detachment and made poor decisions, Wilkerson said. ... Wilkerson blamed Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and like-minded aides. ...


... Wilkerson, who left government with Powell in January, said he is now somewhat estranged from his former boss. He worked for Powell for 16 years. Wilkerson became a surprise critic of the Iraq war-planning effort and other administration decisions this fall, and he has said his Powell did not put him up to it. ... On Iraq, Wilkerson said Powell ... was convinced by then-CIA Director George Tenet and others that the intelligence behind the push toward war was sound.

... Wilkerson also said he did not disclose to Bob Woodward that administration critic Joseph Wilson's wife worked for the CIA, joining the growing list of past and current Bush administration officials who have denied being the Washington Post reporter's source.

This is the FOURTH time in recent months that Wilkerson has gone out of his way to be critical of Bush. More HERE and HERE and HERE on those instances. Like Michael Scheuer, Joe Wilson, Cindy Sheehan, George Galloway, Jim Moran, David Duke, and Ray McGovern- Wilkerson blames the Iraq War on NEOCON efforts to protect Israel, and asserts that the war was not in America's interest. These days, when you scratch a dove you find an anti-Semite. (And often a wacky wacky anti-Semite who in addItion to believing that Bush is in Ariel Sharon's pocket, ALSO believes that Bush is a puppet of the House of Saud!) Their anti-Semitism proves that they really aren't pacifists or anti-war; but for the other side. They would ALL sacrifice Israel as Chamberlain did the Sudatenland. In a heartbeat. And of course, by calling for withdrawal from Iraq, they prove they would abandon Iraq the same way, too. Just as they did South Vietnam and the Contras. (More HERE.)

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