Sunday, November 27, 2005


I went to a party tonight in upstate NY. It was filled with old friends - Leftist/anti-Bush/anti-Iraq war old friends. Almost all of them believe that the Iraq War is going badly and that it was a huge blunder. They believe this because this is all they read in the NYTIMES and the New Yorker and see on CNN.

Based on my reading of their current mind-set (which shows no signs of changing - not now, and not in the last 30 years!), I predict that on the day when we have withdrawn our last combat troops from the democratic republic of Iraq (probably in the first half of 2007) that the Left and the MSM they still dominate, (and al Jazeera) - will declare that Bush and the neo-cons were DEFEATED and that this defeat was a good a well-deserved chastisement of "pax Americana."

The Left will declare that this was a defeat for the HAWKS and for interventionism and a victory for the DOVES and MULTI-LATERALISM, IN SPITE of the fact that we will probably leave behind the first fully functioning constitutional Islamic democracy in the Middle East, a democracy which can defend itself and will be defending itself from the ongoing assaults of islamoterrorists.

[ONE LEFTY PARTY-GOER - a talented artist (moving to PARIS!) said he felt that the USA shouldn't ever even try export democracy to Iraq because it's foreign to the Iraqi culture. He said this IGNORANT of the FACT that 40% of the Iraqis have been practicing democracy effectively for NINE YEARS.... THE KURDS! He said this without the slightest awareness that his utterance (an utterly common one from the Left) is SIMPLY RACIST, and that it bears a striking resemblance to KKK pronouncements that said that blacks were unfit for democracy, and with Nazi pronoucements that said that Slavs and Gypsys were unfit for membership in the Reich and that Jews were unfit for life. The post-modern concept that values are culture-specific and not universal has really entirely POISONED the Left.]

The Left argues that the USA is being utterly defeated in this "blunderous war" in spite of all the ancillary gains we've already made: the withdrawal of Syrian forces from Lebanon, the pacification of Kaddafy, the elections in the Palestinian territories, the liberalizaton of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.

I guess what I'm saying is that I am coming to believe that these folks of the Left are lost causes; after all these people still believe that we were defeated in Vietnam and that THAT defeat was good thing, too.

HOW CAN THEY BELIEVE ALL THIS BS? It's simple: They are habitually misinformed (because all they read is the NYTIMES and the New Yorker - media outlets whose star-reporters, Johnny Apple and Sy Hersh, reported that we were LOSING in Afghanistan and that we could never win!), and because they are "morally relativist cultural relativists" who think, if the USA only stopped policing/bullying the world that the thugs would just go away.

Which makes them as naive and as gullible as the folks who praised Chamberlain when he signed the Munich Agreement with "Herr Hitler."

In other words, the Left is inconvincible when it comes to the practiable goals and real achievements of the GWOT. This is why they're a perrenial Fifth Column, and why they cannot be counted on to support the USA and our allies in the coming tough times ahead.

AND BELIEVE ME: the toughest time are ahead. Just as in WW2 (and most other wars), the closer we get to the end-game the more desperate and brutal our enemies will become; the worst battles are ahead because the worst battles are the ones fought closest to victory. When we engage Syria and Iran and North Korea in end-game battles the Left will attack us in ways that make Cindy Sheehan and Michael Moore seem like Florence Nightingale and and Ernie Pyle.

In my humble opinion, Bush knows that in 2008 - out of fear or exhaustion, or out of plain old electoral cheating (ya know: dead-people voting!) - the Democrats MIGHT win the Congress and/or the White House. And because that is a POSSIBILITY, Bush knows that he has a moral duty to do whatever he can to win the GWOT BEFORE 2008. That's why I think that 2007-2008 will be pivotal years for the GWOT, and very VERY active. Brace yourselves.


Gandalin said...

As you know, in the summer and early autumn of 1864, when it looked as he he would be defeated for re-election by the appeasing, slavery-condoning, peace-at-any-price George McClellan, President Abraham Lincoln instructed his cabinet that they would need to develop a strategy to win the war before Inauguration Day, in March. As it happened, thanks in large part to the absentee ballots of soldiers in the field whom the Democrat Party was unable at that time to disenfranchise, President Lincoln was re-elected. But the war was still won by the end of March, just as the strategy had demanded. (I wonder, however, if the election had gone the other way, if the morale of the troops would have been sufficient, or if the defeatism and near treason of McClellan and his party would not have dragged them down.)

Pastorius said...

Very good post. I agree. Here's some evidence to support your prediction. Ask a leftist what it was that led to the demise of the Soviet Union. They may tell you that the economy of the Soviet Union couldn't sustain their empire anymore, but more than likely, they will not be able to give you an answer. Some will even give credit to Gorbachev, as if he gave up his empire out of interest in Human Rights.

But, you will not hear them credit Reagan.

How do I know this? Because, just four years ago, I was a leftie myself. It took some major introspection, and re-examining of my long-held beliefs for me to be able to admit that Reagan was right, and that we did win the Cold War, and that pulling out of Viet Nam was one of the worst things we had ever done, and that Jimmy Carter was the worst President in U.S. History, and that many of my friends were anti-Semites.

Very hard to come to grips with all that. You lose a lot of friends, and you end up talking to people on the internet instead.


Anonymous said...

Very astute. The left is morally bankrupt. They are not trustworthy. They accept lies as truth and call truth lies.

I predict: there will come a time when Americans will hunger for freedom, for the liberty that has been systematically stolen by the left. What freedoms? Ask yourself this, are you as free today as the day you were born? Then ask yourself why not? Then do something that will tend to restore your lost liberty, because once it's all gone, how will you then get it back?

Think FEMA, Homeland "Security", HMO, and every other assault on your freedoms. That's the battle that the left is winning, to the tune of HUNDREDS of new laws and regulations in the Federal Register every day. Almost every one of them reduces the degree of liberty you were born with, the liberty you were endowed with. Think on these things. And resist them, if you love liberty.