Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Dr. Sanity has a brilliant post up analyzing the basic "anti-Iraq War" position of most leftists. IT IS A MUST READ!

Failure to appreciate the liberation of millions of men, women and children, who for the first time in generations have the potential to live their lives in freedom is an incredible denial of what the Left has always claimed to stand for (is "liberation of the oppressed" one of their memes?). The proponents of doom and gloom would maintain that it is Bush who is in denial (or people like me). How does one tell who is correct when both are claiming the other side is in denial?

I once saw a remarkable patient with arelatively rare neurological diagnosis. He had suffered a stroke and now did not acknowledge that the left side of his body was physically a part of him. It was an astonishing conversation our team had with him. "Is this your arm," the neurologist would ask him, pointing to the patient's left arm. "No, it's not mine," would be the reply. The neurologist would then take the man's arm and show him how it was connected with the rest of his body. The man would watch this, then shake his head and emphatically tell us, "No! I see that it is connected. Someone must have connected it when I wasn't looking. But it isn't my arm."

The evidence that it was his arm was before him. Because of physical damage to his brain, this gentleman was never able to be convinced that the arm on the left side of his body belonged to him. Likewise, in the case of psychological denial, the individual is also not swayed by repeated attempts to point out the obvious.
She then goes on to show the Left how the Iraq War is NOT at all what the Left claims - IN OTHER WORDS: how their arms are connected to their bodies!


As a former Lefty, I feel that the real reason most current Lefties are in DEEP denial is because their ENTIRE ideology has been UTTERLY discredited. They must put their finger in each and every hole in the dike, so-to-speak. And Iraq is just one little hole in the dike.

It's not only that - in spite of their RAVINGS and obvious mendacity - the Iraq War was and remains a just war, but that: welfare as we knew it was ended - successfully; the USSR fell; reaganism and Thatcherism produced growth and jobs and prosperity; free trade hasn't caused a giant sucking sound ANYWHERE; tax-cuts didn't bring on a great depression (contrary to the ravings of Krugman!); the population explosion did not cause mass starvation, etc. etc. etc. and so forth and so on.

For the Leftie holdouts, admitting they were wrong on ANY ONE of these issues threatens to bring down the ENTIRE obsolete edifice that is Leftism. And that's why I think their reactions are so wacky and extreme - as in BUSHITLER/ASHKKROFT/Blood for Oil, etc.

Their hysterical histrionics are so hyperbolic because they're not just defending one foreign policy position; they're defending their mistaken committment to Leftism.


Anonymous said...

Great Addition to the article you posted.

I am an ex liberal as well.

Love your take on issues!

Keep up the great work!

Reliapundit said...

thanks noble. hey: get me another scoop!

Anonymous said...


How can I get your direct email?
I've got something I'd like to share with you.

Reliapundit said...


Anonymous said...

Your analysis is intreaging but I must say I think you've formed the wrong Idea of the lefts position on the war

They don't hate the fact that those people are free and a brutal tyrant is now on trial

they hate that they were lead into a WAR based on FALSE pretences

WMD's Found them yet?

and Im not talking about the gass he used on the Kurds that wasn't a weapon of MASS DESTRUCTION, while it killed alot of people it pales on comparison to what a real W.M.D can do.

Didn't even find them when I was fighting there in 91. We found evidence he was developing a small atomic weapon back then, but the U.N quickly shut that down after Desert storm.

what the left wing wants now is to star pulling troops out, and let the Iraqies take care of their new government on their own, President Bush said it himself their military is growing to it's former strength, it's time to de-crease the garrison there.

Reliapundit said...


is pure bullshit.

HAVE YOU EVER EVEN READ UNSCR #1441?! Or the Ciongressional Jojnt Res. 1412 which authorized war versus SaddamQ?!@?

I doubt it.

WMD is one of a DOZEN reasons Congress authorized war - adn NOT EVEN THE FIRST!

Sparty: a mind is a terrible thing to waste!

so is my time with you!

Anonymous said...

Don't insult my intelect it makes you sound like a child.

And yes I have the resolutions many times, and they are irrelevent, as is this conversation. But that is not the point, the point isn't he mislead congress into the war, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE were mislead into war.

Watch clips from the president fro 2002 and 2003, he give one reason and one reason only to go to war, Weapons of mass destruction, he used that word repeadidly, and he was carefull to keep repeating 9/11 and Saddam hussaine in the same speaches, it's a classic psychological tequniqe. Take a corse on psychology, it's been scientificlly proven that the more you repeat somthing the more likely people are to believe it, especially if you use fear mongering.

I have yet to see any military report showing evidence of an atomic or massive biological weapon capable of harming the U.S or it's allies in the possesion of Saddam Hussaine after the Gulf war.

now, as I have stated before this is irrelevent because we're there now and we need to start pulling out, this is what the Lefties want, it's not cut and run as you like you say, it's "take care of yourselves damn it"

The president said it himself the Iraqi military is returning to it's former strenght, it should be up to them to take care of the insurgency now.

You wouldn't want a country like germany or france sending over police to control riots over here would you? No, we can take care of ourselves and so should the Iraqies, Im not saying pull out completly, keep some troops stationed in saudi arabia or Kuaitt on the horizon in case things get out of control, but it's time we let them take care of them selves and focus on the real war on terror which is being fought in afganistan, and should be fought in pakistan and saudi arabia since thats where the maority of Al qeada traning camps are.

Anonymous said...

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