Friday, July 15, 2005

JIHADI OWNED GAS STATIONS? Some conjecture, or gaming a "nightmare scenario"...

I live in the Mid-Atlantic part of the USA. I have noticed - for a number of years - that more and more of the gas stations I go to are operated - and might be owned - by Muslims, mostly Central Asia (Pakistani) Mulsims, but also Arabs.

Is this a hidden potential problem? Are our nations gas stations, and our national gasoline distribution system network a prime target for jihadoterrorist attack? Here's why I think it might be:

On May 15 this year [2003], there were minor explosions caused by timed explosive devices at 21 gas stations in Karachi, which are also attributed to these Pakistani organisations.

If Jihads here target our gas stations, and destroy many of them, it would be very destructive: it might kill a lot pof people, create a lot of fear, destroy a lot of wealth and wipe out weeks worth of our gasoline supply. So, it's a huge potential target and a real problem. Why is it a problem? Because, according to some estimates (this one from a PAKISTANI/American web-site): "The majority of Pakistani businessmen [in the USA] own grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, video stores and gift shops. IOW: owning a gas station is one of the most prevalent businesses for Pakistanis in the USA.

Now, there are, by some estimates, around 140,000 gas stations in the USA. Many of them (if my experience is any indicator) might be owned and operated by Pakistanis - or other Muslims from other countries which are terrorist havens. Even if it is only 10% - well, that would be 1400 gas stations - and most of them might be in major cities or by major highways. Now, even though most of these gas stations might be owned by Pakistanis who are law-abiding, some might be owned by Pakstanis who are NOT, or who are as law-abinding as the fish&chip store owner who was the father of one of the 7/7 perps; therefore, a relative or employee of an honest law-abiding owner might be a terrorist plotter.

In other words, I am asking if maybe we have we been way too lax regarding our domestic gasoline supply and distribution system? Terrorists might have been planning - long-term - to use gas stations in major American cities as incendiary bombs. Terrorists might be planning a coordinated strike exploding hundreds - or even thousands - of gas stations nationwide in a single day, just as they did in Karachi in 2003.

Maybe we should be doing a background check on EVERY gas station owner? After all: if the Jihadists did it in Pakistan - where the 7/7 perps got indoctrinated and trained - then they could do it here. This scenario is conjectural, but maybe the FBI and DHS should check it out BEFORE the Jihadists DO "do it"? After all, the 9/11 perps spent years prepping to use jets as air-borne incendiary bombs. Gas station explosions could be just as destructive. I REPEAT: This is pure conjecture. Maybe there is no problem here. But then again, maybe there is one - or a potential one which should be checked out. Better safe, than sorry. (MORE HERE.)


Anonymous said...

Good point. It probably should be considered a potential tactic given what seems to be a surprisingly high number of stations owned or operated by certain groups. It would seem to be an odd tactic, however, to attack Americans by having people blow up their own property. If you had a thousand terrorists ready to blow up gas stations in America, wouldn't it be easier and cheaper to have them attack multiple stations belonging to average Americans and big companies rather than buying and operating those stations for years themselves? If there's a terrorist connection, I might focus more on where the money from those stations is going. For example: back to Pakistan?

Reliapundit said...

access to the underground storage tanks is easier for owners.

and a nationwide coordinated attack simultaneous on hundreds/thousands easier, too.

thye are in effect pre-positioned.

funk said...

another point is that these owners have access to the large tanker trucks that deliver the gas to the stations....if they were "hijacked" at their station by suibombers then detonated in high density neighborhoods, well they'd still have their assets. doesn't seem to farfetched after the latest reporting on fuel truck bombing and the devastating results. takes a lot less planning too.

Aca Judi said...

I have been telling everyone that the gas stations should not be
owned all over America by the same people who want to kill us. Personally I feel gas stations have been outsourced and Indian etc. are paid to come here and run them to keep from hiring Americans. I have stopped driving and I am using a bus pass. No matter where I travel in America, Muslims own the gas stations and Koreans the Beauty Supply Shops.
Our leaders have sold us out.

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Anonymous said...

Also notice the pervasiveness of Chinese restaurants. Are we under threat of some sort of "Manchurian Candidate" plot to brainwash americans into accepting communism?


"Today's mighty oak was yesterday's nut that persisted"

Anonymous said...

Man some of you hit the nail on the head with me. Not only i have noticed the increase in ownership of gas stations, hotels and convenient stores by arabic nationalities . It makes me wonder. Lets just say one day we all wake up to an event such as 10% of our nations hotels, Gas staions and othern establishments to be blown up our such. it would be absalutly devistating to our country. I personaly will not support that kind of establishment not due to rasisim but id rather give my money to an american.

Cassandra said...

I have said since 9/11 that our gas(or thiers)stations are the weapons of mass destruction! I also will not go to an arabic doctor. I work in America and choose to keep my money in America.

Leo Yost said...

Interesting point but gas stations are slowly disappearing from city centers are usually in cheap property suburbia